The Phantom Pandemic: Does it Exist Only in the (Fiddled) Stats?

THIRD of UK Covid victims in July and August ‘died from OTHER causes’ – including cancer or being hit by a car – Oxford University scientists reveal

  • Covid victims recorded by the ONS may have actually died from other diseases
  • One in 13 deaths may not have been primarily from Covid-19, study suggests
  • Scientists say it is too difficult to determine if virus was the main cause of death

Ian Noble – Daily Mail Sept 19, 2020

A third of the people recorded to have died from Covid-19 in July and August may have actually passed away due to other causes, such as cancer or being hit by a car, Oxford University research has suggested

Experts at Oxford University have found that around 30 per cent of those included in the Office for National Statistics’ (ONS) coronavirus deaths toll over the summer actually died primarily from other conditions.

The data comes as the Government introduces its new Rule of Six measures to combat the further spread of the disease.

The study shows that people who may have died from cancer or who were run over and killed, but who had tested positive for coronavirus, were included among the virus deaths even though it did not kill them.

Figures revealed in The Telegraph state that approximately one in 13 people who were said to have died from coronavirus during the whole pandemic did not die primarily from the disease.

This means that 7.8 per cent (3,877) of those listed as Covid-19 deaths by the Government did not die due to the virus being the primary cause.

Dr Jason Oke, of the Centre of Evidence Based Medicine at the university, told The Telegraph: ‘The true death rate is important to know as it gives us an idea of impact.

‘Clearly Covid was having a massive impact in March and April, but we need to now know if the disease is taking the same toll as before. The impact now seems to be lessening and, if true, which it certainly looks like at the moment as there is not the same fatality rate, then that will guide decisions on managing risk, so it’s important to get this number right.’

During the period of July to August this percentage rose to 28.8 per cent of all deaths.

This figure would mean that Covid-19 was not the main cause of death for 465 of the Government’s recorded cases out of 1,617 victims.

The Government has added those who did not die primarily from Covid-19 to its official lists even though the World Health Organisation has said that even if coronavirus appears on a death certificate as a significant factor in the death it should not be included.

Officially during the pandemic 263,826 deaths were recorded in England and Wales with 218,143 from other causes. Using the university’s data this suggest that 45,683 died from coronavirus than the Government’s figure of 49,560.

The team from Oxford University is concerned that the over counting will get worse as the pandemic continues and that it will give a false representation of the true figure.

The information has led Matt Hancock to order an urgent review of the data and this led the Government to reduce its covid-19 death figure by 5,377 to 43,329. From now on only deaths of people who tested positive for coronavirus within 28 days of death will be listed as having died from the virus.

Paul Hunter, a professor of medicine at the University of East Anglia, said it was difficult to say how much impact the virus may have had on someone’s death.

He said: ‘It’s a difficult judgement call to make. Say for example you have a patient with leukaemia and they get Covid-19 and a couple of weeks later they die. There is evidence that they had got some degree of pneumonia but what do you put as the primary cause of death? The primary cause is leukaemia but they might not have died if they had not got covid-19.


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  1. Repeat after me: We are being conned. I just know you can say it!

  2. Over the last 12 weeks, total deaths recorded in England & Wales (ONS stats) have been 1.4% LESS than the average value of the previous five years.
    – If there is an pandemic it must be non-lethal.
    Government figures for ‘covid deaths’ are 0.07% of the total population, that’s less than one per thousand dying, over the course of this year. That’s just in the ball-park of a normal flu.

  3. Covid-19 is one of the biggest hoaxes , lies and psyops in the history of the world and is being perpetrated by the zionists and this is shown by the world wide roll out of this hoax and is being used to bring on UN Agenda 2030, which will be a satanic , demonic, one world government under zionist control.

  4. Fiddled stats in the UK, yes of course. Until the UK authorities pulled in their Coivd death horns a few weeks ago, their death stats were over 7 times the world average for their population, whereas a place like Germany was at the the world average with 1.07 the world average for its population. The US at the same time was 5.16 times the world average for its population. It was obvious as to what was going on in the US and a few weeks ago the CDC was forced to revamp its numbers from about 177K deaths to 10K deaths were they think the people (mostly very elderly) actually died of Covid and not of some other pre-morbidity condition which they likely would have died from anyway and perhaps the Covid flu just sped things up, and not all of the probably over 100K fake numbers where they were calling any death a Covid death. At the same time the crooked UK authorities revamped their death numbers down from over 7 times the world average (the highest in the world per capita) to just over the old fake US average to about 5.88 times the world average.

    However, to suggest that Covid 19 is not a unique flu bug because the stats can so easily be manipulated, is just further crookedness. It is because that with a sufficiently-high infectious dose relative to the strength of the immune system of the victim, it does disrupt and can shut it down leaving the victim vulnerable to a host of bacteria and other viruses, that it is somewhat more lethal than most Corona viruses, as it was designed to be. The WHO changing the definition of “pandemic” a few years ago such that there was no longer any real threshold regarding mortality rates or even morbidity rates to call some flu epidemic a “pandemic”, is just further evidence of the preparation and planning for the entire pandemic scam.

    Those who say it was all in the numbers and media hype and there is no real virus, are either very naïve or they are covering for the crooks and thugs running things who really did let this virus go. It is a lab virus and it did not just escape by “negligence”. It is all part of the planning. Why the WHO changed the definition was because the planners had no real basis of how many it would kill outside of controlled lab conditions. They knew it would hit the really vulnerable the worst and that it would be less significantly than 1% of the world population, but enough to call it a pandemic and serious enough such that the actual death toll would likely be around one million in the US. However, they had no way of gaging how fast it would dissipate with smaller doses to create herd immunity with immune systems even of compromised people easily fighting it off and becoming immune. These reason are probabilities based on the known facts and not on the standards of scientific proof which is fine for science but upon which the real world does not operate.

    Common sense tells us that the Diamond Princess was a setup for the modelling used by our governments to heighten the panic in a controlled nut-shell way. It showed a 1% death rate ( 7 out of 700 allegedly infected by faulty testing out of a compliment of about 3,600 onboard). The number of deaths after the limelight was off, I believe went up to 12, but at that time the faulty false-positive RT-PCR testing methods were exposed and so no one was saying that the mortality rate was 12 out of 700. The point is that in fact the Diamond Princess was deliberately used by our governments for modeling and to project high mortality and morbidity rates once adjustments were done regarding average ages on the ship complement.

    In the truther courts, our governments do not get off of the hook by claiming they were naïve as to the skullduggery going on behind the scenes just because they followed the commands of the planners and used the Diamond Princess setup for a key part of their stupid modelling. It is the fact that they followed such commands in the first place without doing any real investigative work on their own, which makes them culpable for the harms of the entire pandemic scam. There were other liners where the virus was present but there were very few reported deaths. The modelers had the Diamond Princess, some stats from South Korea, and some hype from Wuhan and based on that, they shut down the entire world. They did this not because they panicked but because that was the lock-step plan regardless of whether 1 million or 20 million in the world were to die.

    There are many smoking guns in the scam and the Diamond Princess is the one which focuses on the usual suspects when you determine the connections of the owners.

    The triumvirate of the US, the UK and Israel stand out at least to me as leading suspects, in all of this, but they are just the key puppet nations of the international banking cartel appearing to be mostly run out of London. There are particular families running things and right now and the Resets they have announced through their minions are part of their endgame for world financial hegemony and more control of over resources, trade and us, likely by way of continuing mass deception, plundering, ruthlessness, and fearmongering.

  5. Major banks supporting criminal organizations laundering trillions before the “Great Reset”. “Government in bed with the banks.” “Markets to take a big hit.”

  6. Daily Mail about 5 weeks behind the rest on the non trust worthy MSM but then again it’s new owner has alienated MOST of its readership with it’s zionist propaganda (Small Z meant despite google telling me that is wrong and only a capital Z will work)

  7. How to solve the issues. We know what wrong.
    Mystic and Yogi.

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    It is part of the WHITE SUPREMACY movement.
    Worst form of mental illness. Claiming to be an ethnic group. HOLOCAUST another distortion. You can only fool a fool. Mind control at work. The prize ???

    In time, we will shutdown the bull. All is mind, the universe is mental. Onelove !!! What created you, created me. Third eye.

  9. Puppet governments may use ‘covid vaccine’ for population reduction. There won’t be any survivors left to tell everyone that they were killed by covid vaccine. And the jews media would report that covid killed them.

  10. This bucket of tripe states, “This means that 7.8 per cent (3,877) of those listed as Covid-19 deaths by the Government did not die due to the virus being the primary cause.” XXXX you, Oxford, for understating the true number by an exponential degree. I think most of us here who aren’t mentally retarded are fully aware that well more than 90% of those deaths attributed to Covid-1984 were actually due to something else entirely.