Her Name Is Wilma Hochstetler

White Woman Murdered by Group of Blacks In Indianapolis; Young Son Says, ‘I Wish They Didn’t Shoot My Mommy’

Paul Kersey – VDare Sept 19, 2020

Amanda Blackburn.
Nathan Trapuzzano.
Both victims of brutal black on violence in Indianapolis.
Names you’ve never heard, drowned out in the cacophony of “Justice for George Floyd,” and “Black Lives Matter.”
Her name is Wilma Hochstetler. Yet another white woman murdered by blacks in Indianapolis.
I wish they didn’t shoot my mommy’: Woman killed, husband injured with young son in car, Indy Star, September 17, 2020
A woman died and her husband was critically injured in a shooting on the west side early Thursday, police said.
The Marion County coroner’s office identified the woman as Wilma Hochstetler, 40, of Worthington, Indiana. Jonathan Hochstetler was shot in the upper neck area and transported to an area hospital, according to loved ones.
Jonathan Hochstetler is conscious and was able to speak to his parents at the hospital. He has broken bones in his neck and jaw and went into surgery Thursday afternoon, according to his father.
Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department spokesperson Samone Burris said officers found the couple suffering from apparent gunshot wounds at about 1:30 a.m. Thursday near the 3000 block of North High School Road.
Police have not yet released additional information about the shooting or a possible suspect
Sam Hochstetler, Jonathan’s father, said his son was at a work site — he owns a roofing and gutter company — on the west side of Indianapolis at around 7 p.m. Wednesday. A tire on his trailer had blown out.
Jonathan Hochstetler sent two workers with the truck to Worthington, about an hour and a half from Indianapolis.
Wilma Hochstetler then drove to Indianapolis with the truck, a spare trailer tire and the couple’s 6-year-old son.
“It got after midnight,” Sam Hochstetler said. “They fixed the tire, they’re ready to leave and then the running lights of the trailer didn’t work.”
As the couple was fixing the trailer lights, two men walked up to them, pulled out guns and took the couple’s money and Wilma Hochstetler’s cellphone, Sam Hochstetler said.
“Jonathan told us that (the robbers) turned around and started to walk away,” Sam Hochstetler said. “All of a sudden, they just turned and shot. His wife was instantly killed. Jonathan was hit through the neck.”
Jonathan Hochstetler eventually got up and walked to the car, where his son handed him a phone to call the police.
Sam Hochstetler said his son was taken to the hospital and his grandson was taken to Child Protective Services. The child is now with family.
“He said ‘I wish they didn’t shoot my mommy’ as soon as he got home,” Sam Hochstetler said. “(But I think) he is still oblivious to what happened.”
The Hochstetlers also have three other children, aged 16, 13 and 10.
‘I wish they didn’t shoot my mommy’.
There’s nothing else to say. A white woman was murdered and her husband was shot through the neck, and her young son said, ‘I wish they didn’t shoot my mommy’.
The most revolutionary act you can do in 2020 America is simply state White Lives Matter Too.


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  1. Human lives matter! If anybody disagrees with that statement, perhaps they are not human!

  2. Nothing will change up and until the Jewish elite which rules the US is overthrown…..simple.
    THEY would prefer if conflict broke out between other groups infact they actively foster this….for obvious reasons.

  3. America will never be free unless ALL of the Bolshevik Ashkenazi Khazar Satanists are run OUT of the country. These Ashkenazi Satanists are behind all of the evil of the past of America from assassinations of Presidents to WWI and WWII and 911. Israel did 911!
    And, of course, the JEW Federal Reserve has destroyed the nation with monetary policies that have decimated the elderly and savers, while enriching the JEW banks of Wall St and the top 1 percent. Americans, your national Representatives and Senators do not represent YOU, they represent the evil Satanic Ashkenazi Khazars.

  4. Our language is very ambiguous but if you say “all lives matter”, that is obviously wrong. Some “lives” are spent planning their next torture-murder of a child. These lives score less than zero on the mattering chart. Our governments protect them thanks to the upside-down morality of the Enlightenment and all the “human rights” talk. In the old days sadists got proper punishment.

  5. Jews are empowering Blacks to attack Whites with Black Lives Matter movement. The purpose of BLM is to divide the nation down racial lines, silence and kill Whites. The only solution to this violence is to bring the hammer down on the Hebrew Hellions and make them pay. God’s chosen ones are the source of all the strife in the world, what a wonderful world this would be if the world would deal with the Jews, and it could start by some brave airman dropping a mega nuke on Tel Aviv – or even better Jerusalem – ending the center of the Abrahamic hell religions for all time.

    You should consider losing your faith and start taking action against the agents of hell, those that subscribe to the God of the Bible, and I am talking to these writers on this site who think God of Christians is some good god. What right does any human have to possess or follow the Bible? It is a terrorist manual that programs the subconscious to wage terror in the name of the Lord. Why is this one Jewish terrorist textbook celebrated as the “word of God”?

    I do not understand why anyone gets inspired reading the Bible. The book is a disgusting tales of lustful tribal genocide in the name of god. What kind of sick mind is inspired by this revolting evil text of murdering whole nations of other peoples because they worship a different god? Why isn’t this book banned as hate literature?

    The New Testament is no better, you are told that you are going to hell unless you believe and repent to this one Jewish man. How insane is that? How is it any European, who has nothing to do with the desert demon literature, believes that nonsense? NON – SENSE because there is nothing in your senses that validates the claims in that book.

    Prove that God is like what the Bible says. Prove that we have souls that go to an afterlife. Prove that heaven or hell exist. Prove that when you die you get judged. Please prove to me any supposition in the Bible is real. Prove that Jesus existed, prove that this Jewish man could walk on water or raise the dead. You can not, you must take all those ideas in and hold them as an act of faith – and you do it for the selfish reason that if you belief you can also beat death – when you have no proof that anyone can.

    I am saying to you that it is a fatal mistake to believe in Jesus. Yes fatal. You have committed intellectual, moral, emotional suicide. That is just one reason why some patriot writers are calling Christianity a “Death Cult”. The other reason is that when you are so focused on the afterlife you sacrifice living in this life. That is what death cultists do, they refuse to live in the now as they are fixated on the future “after” life of which they have no proof.

    When you see a person die, what do you see? They are dead. They quit moving, they stiffen up and few days latter they will rot unless buried. The life they animated is gone. That is what your senses tell you. What does a death cultists believe. They have put a myth in their mind that says they don’t die. They are denying the reality of death for a fantasy of afterlife. Why do humans act this way compared to other animals? Because they have big brains and egos that don’t want to die.

    So because humans have this capacity to engage in wishful thinking, they have created these huge religions to deny death. Whole theologies were created to justify the belief. The soul was invented, in some religions reincarnation was invented. They invented these ideas so that your comprehending mind could believe the claim of afterlife. These beliefs are sustained by the emotion of fear and the wantingness of survival. The belief is not real but wishful thinking made real to your mind.

    It is laughable insane to think Jesus can save you when Jesus – a made up fictional character – sacrificed himself to Jewish power – and became the role model for White Europeans to become gentle lambs programmed subconsciously to lay down arms and allow Jews to roll them. How is this Jesus belief working out? Just look at how western societies are being taken down right in front of your eyes and white people DO NOTHING! While you await the savior return (ain’t going to happen because it is myth) your entire society is being shredded.

    Can you see why some of us – who have transcended our fear of the unknown and afterlife concerns are trying to wake you up? Why do we call Christianity “Christ Insanity”? Are we trying to mock you or get you to snap out of your faith and get your balls back? We are being lined up in front of the trench for a slaughter, there ain’t much time left for you to decide, are you going to get armed and get ready to fight the Jews and their minions to the death?

    In my estimation it must get much worse before any armed uprising confronts Jewish power, as people are so hopelessly dependent on the system and they will submit to almost anything before they fight back. Where I live I witnessed Talent and Phoenix Oregon get burned to the ground. No one is talking about this as a deliberate attack by the Jews on white society. In Ashland Oregon the university, the high school, the middle school, and the grade school, plus most of the Christian churches have Black Lives banners proudly displayed.

    Who are these BLM supporters? They consist of a couple of imported blacks and 99% wealthy white liberals and they are being orchestrated to commit race suicide by the Communist Jews by making them feel guilty for slavery – and none of the whites demonstrating had any slaves, nor did their families.

  6. How’s that including violent criminally insane bipedal apes into your society & living among them working out for you?

    But don’t do anything about it, because Jesus said: ‘Love your enemies’. (Matt. 5:44)

  7. Quran 5:32

    “That is why We decreed for the Children of Israel that whoever kills a soul, without [its being guilty of] manslaughter or corruption on the earth, is as though he had killed all mankind, and whoever saves a life is as though he had saved all mankind. Our apostles certainly brought them manifest signs, yet even after that, many of them commit excesses on the earth.”

    I suggest you read what comes after and before that verse… Indeed the STRONGEST sentence in favor of life is in the verse above, indeed whoever kills a man unjustly is like as if he has killed all mankind and whoever saves a man is as though he has saved all mankind. Can anyone come up with a stronger pro-life sentence?! Try if you can… However the next verse is very harsh in contrast for those who spread corruption on earth and prevent people to reach God’s way (these are not petty crimes/sins) and they don’t repent. I can’t accept Jesus ع would love the enemy of mankind and God. (Matt 5:44)

  8. Neo and YJ are exactly right if we are speaking of mainstream Christianity. Mine is very different but unique to me. Teaching it would be a much bigger task than developing it. Jews reject wise teaching because they are waiting for their tyrannosaur Messiah that is never sent. Chr. is the same as anything else–the Jews make it theirs.

  9. “The most revolutionary act you can do in 2020 America is simply state White Lives Matter Too.”

    Unfortunately western liberal-market democracies have produced extremely conservative people who can’t stand change, these people can’t create revolutions neither for good nor for bad. They just like to get back to the previous shitty conditions that they were used to. For this reason if Trump or anyone were to ONLY restore peace and remove social distancing and face-masks they would be “content”. As if they have forgotten the real problem all along! We have been observing the westerners they just can’t make revolutions. Look at the Yellow Vests!

    “Greed is bad! Don’t be greedy and be content with what you have! So what? Satanists control the world and have all the wealth, they will burn in hell… you should not be evil like them!” Satan in religious robe

    “For God sake grow some greed! You have nothing at all… greed is bad only when you want a lot of the same crap. Why are you so content with the nothing that you have!? Help me convince God that you will strive for something greater!” Jesus in bloody rags

    One of the qualities God hates and is probably the greatest sin is to become content with whatever you have and stop moving, changing, growing and become a conservative (not just in the political sense) as opposed to a revolutionary.

    What is the main function of Imam of Time or God’s chosen representative נָשִׂיא “Nashi” in Hebrew? Is he a messenger who brings a new divine design or is he a prophet who predicts future? No… he is a future maker! To make the new future according to the divine plan one has be constantly in the state of revolution and improvement… this change needs to be both at personal and collective levels. The Imam of Time is the divine leader of change and revolution… those who resist change and are content with what they have (the miserable situation of humanity) will end of on the side of Satan. Change is hard… you have to move from the current stable condition that you are used to!

    Why should God take you seriously? You are happy and content!!! There are people out there who are revolutionary and working on God’s plan. Satan told Adam to approach the tree of immortality so that he could keep all he had, note that God had already gave him knowledge… it was not the tree of knowledge. The weak point in Adam from which Satan deceived him was his desire to keep what he had. God expects you to trade with him, you have to give something back and in doing so trade with God, if you don’t, the temporal world is designed to take everything from you anyway. And yet you have only heard of Satan who buys souls of people… you ignore the chief trade God himself. If ever you figured out the truth of it and decided to trade with God for the eternal hereafter, you would be adviced to follow Imam of Time, this will exponentially increase your gains in your trades!!

    Don’t waste your time with soothsayers and dreamers who try to predict the future… they are the food for Satan and his army of Djinns. Djinns has been into prophecy and dream business throughout history. God respects his best creation, the idea that he has to become a “conduit” and utter cryptic words and see slideshows and dreams to discover what God wants…. means one has utterly failed understating anything at all of any of the religions.

    “And We wanted to confer favor upon those who were oppressed in the land and make them leaders and make them inheritors” Quran 28:5

    There is a difference between an oppressed man who is content with his ow chains and man seeking the highest stations in the heavens.

    my two rials

  10. Some good comments here.
    When the Federal reserve was being set up by the jews
    everyone opposed was given a free trip on a new luxury liner to change their minds,
    Very nice except that luxury liner was the Titanic, and purley accidental of course there were half the number of lifeboats there, just enough to take first class women and children
    The Titanic did not just hit an ice berg, it was driven at full speed into one.
    Robert Ballard who examined the titanic and brought up a lot of things from the wreck said the huge safe where passengers jewelry and money was kept was empty
    so the jews not only sunk the liner they robbed the passengers first
    just like america really

  11. Here is my opinion why belief in Jesus is a fatal mistake fully developed in an essay:


    There is a reason why Christians are not fighting back, it is that their belief system has paralyzed them.

  12. @Yukon Jack

    The late Ron Wyatt found the Ark of the Covenant which was in a cave under the Crucifixion site, on its cover was a dried dark substance. He scrapped off some and took it to a lab. When tested it was found to be human blood but it had the 23 chromosomes of the mother but only 1 chromosome of the father. On his website he shows the test certificate. All the lab technicians, who were Jewish converted to Christianity. His website is Arkdiscovery.com. Is that the proof you need?