Jessica Krug: The Date From Hell

‘I have never met anyone more racist than her!’ Musician reveals he went on a ‘Tinder date from hell’ with race faker Jessica Krug who spewed her hatred for white people and attacked him for being ‘passive’ in the ‘war’ on gentrification

  • Musician Ken Pazn, 30, matched with race faker Jessica Krug on Tinder and met for a date in Manhattan in February 2018
  • Krug began boasting of her hatred of white people and attacked him for being too ‘passive’ in the ‘war’ on gentrification 
  • ‘I have never met anyone more racist than her,’ Pazn, who is Afro-Latino, told in an exclusive interview
  • Pazn said, ‘It was all F whites, F the police, F capitalism, all of that stuff. You could not believe the look on her face when I revealed I had friends of all races’
  • He said he was so despondent after he got home from the disastrous date that he decided against further Tinder dates
  • Last week Krug, a white Jewish woman, revealed that she had been pretending to be black and said her life was ‘rooted in the napalm toxic soil of lies’
  • She resigned from her post as a professor of African American and Latin studies at George Washington University

Ben Ashford – Daily Mail Sept 10, 2020

Jessica Krug (left) from the 1998 Barstow High School yearbook and her profile page from the George Washington University website (right). Click to enlarge

A Tinder user has revealed how bogus black professor Jessica Krug spewed anti-white hate and lectured him for hours about systemic racism on a ‘date from hell’.

Musician Ken Pazn, 30, was expecting an afternoon of flirty fun after he swiped right on Krug’s profile and suggested a romantic stroll in Manhattan.

But he was soon regretting the February 2018 hook-up after Krug began boasting of her hatred of white people and attacked him for being too ‘passive’ in the ‘war’ on gentrification.

‘I have never met anyone more racist than her,’ Pazn, who is Afro-Latino, told in an exclusive interview.

‘It was all F whites, F the police, F capitalism, all of that stuff. You could not believe the look on her face when I revealed I had friends of all races.

‘I feared she was ready to fistfight me if challenged any of her views. I would have liked some physical action – but not that kind.’

Ken Pazn. Click to enlarge

Pazn votes Democrat and says he’s a believer in the principles behind Black Lives Matter but not the violence and angry rhetoric adopted by some protestors.

He wondered if 38-year-old Krug was a little too political for his tastes when he came across her profile in which she begins by describing herself as a dancer and historian living in ‘El Barrio’.

‘Please be about something larger than yourself. I am all about surviving pending revolution,’ Krug goes on.

‘Your passion for moving our people forward together will hook me; paving your way to other countries will not. Upwardly-mobile bougie types, swipe left.’

Pazn changed his tune, however, when he randomly passed by Krug in the street and noted how attractive she was.

‘She had said some pretty wild things when we began talking so I backed off a little bit,’ said Pazn, who performs under the moniker King Pazn.

‘I think it’s a little hypocritical when people resent individuals for being a different ethnicity. They throw around terms like white privilege but I myself feel very privileged to be Afro-Latino.

‘To be honest her opinions are pretty standard in the New York arts and music scene. I don’t agree with them but these are the sorts of people Tinder routinely matches me up with.

‘When I passed by her in person, I thought wait a minute, she is very fit, she has a great figure. I thought why not her send her a message and see how things go.’

Pazn said settling on a venue was far from straightforward as Krug refused to go to ‘gentrifier spots’, warning him in a message that she wouldn’t deal with ‘stupid nasal voices talking about how edgy our hoods are.’



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  6. It’s easy to see why people like Jessica Krug, Rachel Dolezal, Vitolo-Haddad, et al, would want to escape being white by lying about what race they are. It’s not so easy to see why jews media outlets like the Daily Mail, CNN, NBC, et al, report on this instead of hide it.

    If you are white you are not eligible for EEO, AA, and racial preference. If you are white you are stereotyped by the jews media as racist, privileged, full of hate, guilty of all wrongs that non-whites may or may not have suffered in past centuries.

    By passing as non-white Krug put herself in the privileged class instead of the persecuted class. Krug wouldn’t have been eligible for the cush African American Studies position she held at GWU as a white person.

    But Krug is a Jew which brings far more privileges and perks than being black or latino. If Krug simply wanted to escape being white, why did she choose to be black instead of Jewish ??

    Jews Media articles about Krug being busted for passing as non-white go out of their way to describe Krug as a white jew instead of just a jew. When a Jew does something rotten the jews media describes him as white. When a jew does something good the jews media describes him as jewish.

    Rather than admit that white people who try to pass as non-white are simply trying to escape the persecution that comes from being white, mass media tries to hide that simple truth in their reporting on Krug.

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    Now that Krug got busted for trying to pass as non-white / ethnic fraud, the jews media is trying to cover up the truth about it. The Daily Mail article reveals that Krug the Jew spewed hateful talk against white people.

    Institutions of education like universities are controlled by Jews. In all likelihood Jews planted Krug at GWU in African American Studies for the purpose of teaching brown people to hate white people.

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