Mounting Tension Near Russia’s Borders

Introduction – Sept 20, 2020

Western military activity near Russia’s border has increased dramatically in recent weeks. This has occurred in the run-up to military drills involving Chinese, Russian and Iran forces in late September.
The increased Western military activity prompted the Kremlin to warn NATO on Friday:
“We are alarmed by such actions US and their allies in NАТО who declare their desire to prevent incidents during combat training, but in practice continue to conduct provocative and dangerous military activities in the Black Sea region.
“Under the guise of threats from Russia, NАТО brings its military activities closer to our borders.”

RAF and navy goad Russia with ‘ferret missions’

Tom Ripley – The Times Sept 20, 2020

RAF Typhoon and a Russian Su-30. Click to enlarge

RAF fighters and Royal Navy warships have dramatically increased patrols around Russia’s borders and coasts in an unprecedented operation to put Moscow’s military on the defensive.

Twenty-eight RAF aircraft have been sent to Russia’s borders on the Black Sea and off the coast of the Kola peninsula in the Arctic since the last week of August, involving formations of as many as five British aircraft at a time. Typhoon fighters and Voyager refuelling tankers, as well as Sentinel, RC-135 and Sentry E-3 Awacs (airborne early warning and control system) spy planes, have joined the long-range missions.

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Russian military says US flights near Crimea fuel tensions

Vladimir Isachenkov – AP Sept 18, 2020

The Russian military on Friday accused the U.S. and its allies of provoking tensions in the Black Sea region with a sharp increase in the number of bomber patrols and intelligence flights.

Col.-Gen. Sergei Rudskoi, head of the Russian General Staff’s main operational department, charged that the U.S. and other members of NATO have significantly increased the scope of their military activities in the region.

“The U.S. and its NATO allies will carry the full responsibility for a possible escalation of the situation in the region,” he said at a briefing.

Rudskoi pointed at a series of flights by the U.S. B-52 strategic bombers in August and September over the Black and the Azov Seas, alleging the missions were intended to simulate missile strikes at facilities in southern Russia. He said the bombers flew as close as 11 kilometers (less than 7 miles) to the Russian border.

After flying three B-1 heavy bombers over the East Siberian Sea last week, the U.S. military said the ongoing exercises were meant to show the Air Force’s “ability to continually execute flying missions and sustain readiness in support of our Allies and partners.”

The Russian general noted that the U.S. and its NATO allies also have intensified their intelligence flights near Crimea, which he said increased by 40% compared to the last year. He added that on one occasion on Sept. 4 five NATO reconnaissance aircraft were buzzing the area near Crimea at the same time.

Russia scrambled its fighter jets to intercept and escort the U.S. and NATO bombers and reconnaissance planes on 27 occasions this month alone, Rudskoi said.

He added that NATO warships were also spending longer stints in the Black Sea this year.

Russia-West ties have sunk to their post-Cold War lows after Russia’s 2014 annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula.

Russia has bristled at the deployment of NATO forces in the Baltics and charged that the alliance maneuvers near its borders posed a security threat. The alliance and Moscow also have increasingly often traded accusations over military flights.

Rudskoi charged that Russia has proposed to NATO to reduce military activities alongside the border and discuss additional measures to help prevent military incidents, but the alliance has stonewalled the proposals.


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  1. Perfidious Albion – aka The Yapping Poodle – about to get its ass kicked to Kingdom Come

  2. Fools taunt the Russian Bear. With a Defense budget under $100 Billion, Russia has developed the best fighter in the world, the SU 57, which is far superior to the doggie F 35 waste of America’s money. Add in the soon operational S 500, the Avangard system and the Kinzal missile, just to name a few, and Russia will never be defeated. The US and Nato militaries, with their military industrial complexes, are just a gravy train for private investors. America is past bankruptcy because of the waste of money for private profit of military equipment manufacturers. Russia is returning to Christianity after the Jew Bolsheviks killed 66 million Russian Orthodox. America and Europe are firmly under the control of SATANISTS. Americans, do you want war or peace? Vote OUT all in the US Congress.They all live the 911 LIE.

  3. I know Putin and the Russian military are shrewd operators, but the envitable is coming & its pointless to engage with two mega bankrupts like the US and UK who face the economic abyss. On the other hand, we have China, Russia and most of Europe seeking greater economic cooperation across the Eurasian land mass that sidelines the US and UK (51st state).

    Russsia and China might as well start the WW3 that the City and Wall Street wants. As I’ve stated many times in pervious comments, the US and UK have been destroying the global economy for the last 12 years with currency wars, illegal sanctions and trade wars. Brexit is a trade war against the EU. Norde Stream 2 will be completed… all German regions have said this, it’s out of Merkel’s hands. As a sideline, the UK gets 17% of its gas from Russia. Officially this is 3%, but it is 17%. No doubt a US trade deal with the 51st state will see the UK source its gas at great cost from the US, because at the end of the day, the UK regime & its deep state handlers don’t care about its sheeple or the economy. The UK, & US have long pasted the point of being viable stable economies and this is borne out by their constant war mongering and the fake news and the truth movement are silent, totally silent.

  4. Germany was build up to bring about WWII. Russia is build up and will be instrumental in bringing about WWIII. Iran is also instrumental in bringing about WWIII. So is Israel. They all have their role in this endgame.

  5. The Russians can deal. More alarming to me is US sending bradleys to Syria. What are “we” doing? GTFO of Syria, “we” shouldn’t be there, period!

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    This Belarus Colour revolution is missing the Hillary Clinton element, We Came We Saw he died regarding Mr Gaddafi. Gaddaffi death is now called The Lybian Model. John Bolton let the cat out of the bag.
    This has NATO Fingerprint all over it. Remember the Cauldron in Ukrraine when the Separatists ( Ukraine farmers, miners, shop keepers, teachers ) wouldn’t accept the overthrow of Government Prime Minister and mercisly surrounded the Ukraine Army and could hsve5 potentially slaughtered 10,000 Soldiers yet didnt.
    This is what Belaeus will face. The opposition is demanding Lukashenko step down.
    Just because you lost doesn’t give you the right to demand anything.
    Belarus aint No Ukraine, Russia will not allow Belarus to fall.
    It will be all out war and be over quite quickly.
    NATO can push all it wants.
    Maybe just maybe Belarus will give NATO a Black Eye.
    One things for sure Globalist are keen for war with anyone.

  8. People forget that “defence spending” means nothing unless you know what the spending bought and who got paid. America gave 67 million dollars to Cheney or Rumsfeld to move some materials in Iraq. On paper it would look like American strength.

  9. FREEDOM from the ocultists :

    Thanks, I really appreciate this kind of trolling. We didn’t lose the vote. 44 million voters, only 14.4 million voted for Brexit. Where was the reasonable winning post? We constantly hear how upset David Pigs Head Cameron was about losing, but the truth is, he called a referendum because the EU would not give the UK a veto of City regulation. Morons like you think its about taking back control… we are now controlled by the US. I actually think its very funny. I mean, take Covid, lets just imagine that Covid disappeared tomorrow, there’s no chance the UK can recover, we don’t make anything & this is why Covid must be dragged out and why the regime wants wars, big wars & yes, the UK will break up & when that happens, the UKs credit rating will fall through the floor.

  10. Only time. War on the horizon. Do not trust the western nations. Sneak attack coming.