BLM’s War on the Deplorables

Mike Whitney – The Unz Review Sept 19, 2020

Let’s assume that Black Lives Matter is not a “social justice” movement, but a corporate-sponsored public relations vehicle that’s being used to advance the agenda of elites? Is that too much of a stretch?

And let’s say that the massive protests that erupted across the country were not random or spontaneous events as some people seem to think, but part of a broader strategy to control the headlines by shifting the dominant “narrative” to race. The death of George Floyd fits perfectly with this “broader strategy”, as the incident took place 6 months before the general election, which (conveniently) gave the Democrats enough time to mount an effective attack on Donald Trump using an issue on which they feel he is particularly vulnerable. (Race)

Was it all a coincidence?

Imarn Ayton (pictured), a prominent organiser of the Black Lives Matter protests in the UK believes the group has been hijacked by far left radicals. Click to see linked article

Maybe or maybe not. But it’s certainly worth investigating, after all, we’ve just endured 3 and a half years of relentless fabrications connected to the Russiagate scam, so the idea that this latest headline-grabbing fiasco might be, well, fake, is certainly within the realm of possibility.

So, let’s see if we can figure out “why” wealthy elites and their giant charitable foundations would choose to dump millions of dollars into an organization that claims to be Marxist. Could be that….

  1. They are genuinely committed to social justice for black people?
  2. They think “racist” cops are the Number 1 problem facing black people today?
  3. They think the massive protests are raising consciousness which will have a transformative effect on the country?
  4. They need a flashy social justice organization (BLM) to divert attention from widening inequality, spiraling unemployment, ballooning poverty, shrinking growth, and the savage restructuring of the economy that is creating a permanent underclass forced to scrape by at food banks, homeless shelters and tent cities that are sprouting up across the country but which are religiously ignored by our prostitute media?

If you chose Number 4, you guessed right. The protests, demonstrations and riots are all part of a spectacular “Product Launch”, the most impressive Madison Avenue-type extravaganza of all-time. BLM has exploded onto the scene just months before the election eliminating all of the 10 Top issues listed by Gallup that voters really care about, and skillfully shifting the public’s attention to race, race relations, social justice and cops. What an astonishing turnaround! In the old days we would have called this the “old switcheroo”, an art-form that has been perfected by BLM (and their Democrat handlers) who have turned the election on its head by burning down half the country, then claiming they are the victims. How’s that for twisted logic?

So, what can we say definitively about BLM? What does the group really believe and what is it trying to achieve? Having spent a fair amount of time on their website, I’m still puzzled. The website contains a number of emotive videos with pulsing background music and lively narration. But–like everything else with this shadowy group– there doesn’t seem to be much substance. The emphasis seems to be on appearances rather than policy, slogans rather than remedies, and catchy monikers (Black Lives Matter) rather than thoughtful recommendations for real change. So, where’s the beef? Who is Black Lives Matter and what do they want?

Are they a civil rights group in the tradition of Martin Luther King?


Are they a black power group in the tradition of Malcolm X and the Black Panthers?


Are they “Marxists” like they say?

Of course not. Have you ever heard them talk about “historical materialism”, “social relations”, “capitalist accumulation”, or any of the other concepts that are central to Marxist ideology? No. Heck, they don’t even talk about the glorious “revolution” that’s supposed to topple the capitalist system and pave the way to “socialist utopia”.

Why would anyone call themselves a Marxist when they never talk about revolution, wage-labor or class struggle? Why?

Because it’s a silly affectation that appeals to leftists, that’s why. It’s like wearing a beret to an art exhibit, it’s a meaningless display of ideological conformity. The Marxist label is a glitzy designation that is intended to mislead the public about who runs the group, how it is organized, what its leaders believe and what their true intentions are. The idea that a “trained Marxist” –who wholeheartedly believes that society is broken into “classes whose interests stand in irreconcilable opposition”– would create a group whose views are entirely shaped by race and race relations is patently absurd. It is a contradiction in terms. These are not Marxists leaders and this is not a “social justice” movement. So, what are they?

They’re an NGO, a non-governmental organization which provides services to its members and its patrons. Like many NGOs, they have won the public’s trust, which makes them a useful proxy for stakeholders who remain largely in the shadows. In short, BLM is corporate-funded, agenda-driven franchise performing the tasks that best promote the interests of its deep-pocket contributors. The grassroots social justice stuff is mostly baloney.

And who are the contributors? Check out this excerpt from an article at The Unz Review:

“In the wake of the racial unrest which followed Freddie Gray’s death in Baltimore in 2015, George Soros’s Open Society Institute donated $650,000 to Black Lives Matter...According to one watchdog group, “In 2016 organizations in the Black Lives Matter movement received $33 million in grants from the Open Society Foundations, founded by Hungarian hedge fund manager George Soros in 1993, and the Center for American Progress, founded by former White House chief of staff and Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta in 2003.” According to the Washington Times, access to Soros money insured another $100 million from “a series of wealthy liberal foundations including The Ford Foundation, in addition to $33 million in grants from the Open Society Foundations, with additional grant-making from the Center for American Progress.” (The Invisible Man at the Race Riots, E Michael Jones, The Unz Review)

Is it safe to assume that the money flowing into BLM from these uber-Capitalists is not being provided to support a “Marxist” revolution?

Yes, that’s a fair assumption. Big donors don’t hand out millions of dollars to groups that want to overthrow capitalism and redistribute their wealth to the struggling proles. That’s NOT why they’re funding BLM. They’re funding BLM because it is an effective vehicle for achieving their political ambitions while hiding behind the fig leaf of “social justice”. That’s what’s really going on. BLM is just a mask behind which the elites operate.

And what do these donors get for their money?

They get a logistically-sophisticated, well-trained, fully-mobilized domestic insurgency which is capable of inflicting massive damage on cities or towns across the country at a moment’s notice. They also get an activist militia that uses military-type tactics while taking advantage of a highly-developed social media infrastructure which is second to none. Finally, they get an experienced band of street-smart hooligans capable of prosecuting a hybrid war on the state, the objective of which is to undermine confidence in government institutions, roll back critical civil liberties protections, plunge the country into a protracted, fratricidal war, replace the existing Constitutional Republic with a new authoritarian order and spread social unrest and mayhem from sea to shining sea. If you are a foreign oligarch who wants to transform America into an impoverished Third World Shithole, BLM is not a bad place to put your money.

Of course, according to Wikipedia, there are no “Financial transparency issues”. Take a look:

“Some observers have stated that the Black Lives Matter nonprofit does not adequately disclose what their financial contributions are spent on. Executives from Black Lives Matter have denied that it uses ActBlue to donate to the Democratic National Committee. In an AskReddit thread, Black Lives Matter indicated that their expenditures include “… civic engagement, expansion of chapters, Arts & Culture, organizing and digital advocacy resources and tools.” (Wikipedia)

“Civic engagement”?!?

Is that like ‘burning down a furniture store in Kenosha’ or beating a 70 year-old Asian woman to death with a 2×4? The group needs to clarify.

The funding issue is not going to go away nor should it. The American people need to know who is providing the resources for the massive rampage that took place in over 700 cities across the country. As yet, not one US corporation has withheld donations pending an investigation of whether BLM was responsible for the damage or not. Why is that, do you think?

Is it because these foundations and plutocrats are getting exactly what they paid for?

Uh huh. What we know for certain, is that the riots were the worst in the nation’s history and that the insurance payouts already exceed $2 billion. Check it out from RT:

“The tidal wave of arson, vandalism, and other property crimes that swept across the nation in the aftermath of the Floyd killing left between $1 billion and $2 billion in damages, as measured by insurance claims paid out by the industry….

While that figure represents only the damage done between May 26 and June 8 – meaning the real figure taking into account the destruction in cities like Portland and Kenosha is likely much higher – it still represents the worst riot damage in insurance industry history, according to the report. Previously, only natural disasters like hurricanes and floods had resulted in over $1 billion in damage claims.” (“George Floyd riots cost insurance companies as much as $2 BILLION – more than any in HISTORY, industry claims“, RT)

We also know that BLM was at the center of the action despite the pathetic coverup by the Democrat-owned media. Here’s more background from an article at The Federalist:

Contrary to corporate media narratives, up to 95 percent of this summer’s riots are linked to Black Lives Matter activism, according to data collected by the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project (ACLED). The data also show that nearly 6 percent — or more than 1 in 20 — of U.S. protests between May 26 and Sept. 5 involved rioting, looting, and similar violence, including 47 fatalities….

Of the 633 incidents coded as riots, 88 percent are recorded as involving Black Lives Matter activists….BLM activists were involved in 95 percent of the riots for which there is information about the perpetrators’ affiliation…

…the data shows just how widespread the summer BLM-linked rioting has been. It has not been limited merely to anarchist strongholds such as Portland, Oregon… but has stretched across both major and minor U.S. cities and included dozens of locales with no violent police incidents this summer. (“Study: Up To 95 Percent Of 2020 U.S. Riots Are Linked To Black Lives Matter“, The Federalist)

See what I mean? So, don’t be confused by the media’s obfuscation. These riots have BLM fingerprints all over them.

Fortunately, 50 House Republicans have asked Attorney General Barr to investigate this summer’s riots and determine where these groups are getting their money. In their letter to Barr they said:

“It is clear that these individuals are well-funded and supported by a national network of left-wing activists committed to perpetrating violence and furthering anarchy in our streets… As such, we urge you to immediately open an investigation to identify and prosecute all individuals and groups responsible for funding and organizing these terroristic acts that are wreaking havoc on our nation.” (“House Republicans Demand DOJ Investigate Organized Riots”, The Federalist)

It’s clear, that the Republican congressmen are referring to Antifa and other Black Bloc groups, but it probably won’t matter. Once the investigation begins, BLM’s finances will come under greater scrutiny and we’ll finally see the source of their funding and how it filters through the organization. I’m not at all convinced that BLM is the leaderless “non-hierarchical” organization they pretend to be. That’s another “leftist” fable. Large piles of money are not handed off to clerks in the back of the plant. They are given to trusted leaders who distribute the loot in a way that meets the requirements of the donors. BLM is not a charity, it’s a franchise, which means it’s probably run like every other top-down business.

The most damning critique of BLM appeared in an April, 2017 article at the World Socialist Web Site titled “Black Lives Matter cashes in on Black Capitalism”. The article is an excellent investigative piece that provides essential information for understanding how BLM is set-up, who provides the funding, how the group has aligned itself with elite organizations, and how it is being used to splinter the working class consistent with the Democrats “divide and conquer” political strategy. Here’s an extended excerpt from the piece which is “must read” material:

“Last summer, the Ford Foundation, one of the most powerful private foundations in the world, announced that it was organizing to channel $100 million to the Black Lives Movement over the next six years… In a statement of support, Ford called for the group to grow and prosper. “We want to nurture bold experiments and help the movement build the solid foundation that will enable it to flourish.”…

From the beginning, the “mothers of the movement” Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi…specifically opposed uniting blacks, whites and immigrants against the brutal class-war policies of the capitalist state. Instead, the group did its best to confine anti-police violence protests within the framework of the capitalist system and push a racialist and pro-capitalist agenda.

Even prior to 2013, however, all three of t he cofounders had developed close ties to corporations, foundations, academia and/or government-sponsored agencies. Tometi, in particular, was a well-known quantity in these circles. She had spoken at the UN … had been to the White House and met with Obama liaison Heather Foster, and addressed the Aspen Institute, a high-level think tank associated with the US military and intelligence community….

The real substance of the group’s policies is the unremitting injection of racial divisions and animosity into the movement of opposition to police violence. It aims to update the age-old tactic of divide and conquer, seeking to prevent the unity of the working class—black, white and immigrant—from challenging the capitalist system, the source of the deepening social and political oppression.

…..The Ford Foundation—with its long history stretching from its CIA fronts in the 1940s and the promotion of black capitalism in Detroit in the aftermath of the 1967 riots—provided a financial anchor for BLM’s expansion.

The Ford Foundation enlisted other such “philanthro-capitalists”: the Hill-Snowden Foundation, Solidaire (Ford Foundation and Leah Hunt-Hendrix, granddaughter of the oil and gas tycoon H.L. Hunt), the NoVo Foundation (started by Warren Buffett’s son Peter and daughter-in-law Jennifer Buffett in 2006), the Association of Black Foundation Executives (Kellogg Foundation and JPMorgan Chase and its Black Organization for Leadership Development [BOLD]), the Neighborhood Funders Group–Funders for Justice (also funded by Ford), among others.

The media and the state

While spontaneous protests began to adopt the #BLM hashtag as opposition to police violence developed, it was the promotion by the bourgeois media that brought #BLM into national prominence…. As data accumulated by and other news media sources underscored the fact that police killings were directed against poor and working-class whites as well as inner-city blacks, the issues of social inequality, poverty and class began to take center stage. The more universal slogan “All Lives Matter” came into wide use.

BLM denounced the specter of growing class unity and decried “All Lives Matter” as illegitimate and even racist.

BLM personnel meanwhile were being groomed for top-level official positions. Leading Black Lives Matter spokespersons made repeated trips to the White House in 2015 and 2016 to hold meetings with President Obama and his representatives. The Democratic Party was conferring official authority upon the group.
Later in July, at a separate meeting with Obama, Mckesson and Packnett agreed that Packnett would serve as an official representative on Obama’s Task Force for 21st Century Policing…

These remarkable meetings of top Black Lives Matter associates with the US president and his top police agencies demonstrated that the group had no objection to being incorporated into the state apparatus. Indeed, a “seat at the table” was their aim….BLM’s hostility to the working class and reactionary rhetoric play an ever more dangerous role in the current political climate, dovetailing with the extreme right wing and legitimizing racialism.

Their assessment of the election of Donald Trump demonized the white working class, a view also promoted by Hillary Clinton, the New York Times and other pro-Democratic Party media. Utterly hostile to the unification of the working class against the class-war policies of the new government, BLM sees the possibility of “opportunities” under the Trump administration. Vowing to train 300 black leaders to take positions on “school boards, city councils, neighborhood councils, and every branch of government,” the group looks to a further political future within the Democratic Party.”
(Black Lives Matter cashes in on black capitalism, World Socialist Web Site)

Does it sound like BLM is a cog in a much bigger corporate-political-elitist machine?

Yes, it does.

Does it sound like they are being used to fragment and suppress the emerging populist movement that supports Trump’s nationalism over the Democrat’s globalism?

Yes, again.

Then, what can we glean from this article in the WSWS?

We can assume that BLM is largely an invention of ruling class elites to divert attention from the collapsing economy and the unprecedented human catastrophe that will follow shortly after the election. The plan involves shifting public attention to divisive racial issues that put working people at each other’s throats while concealing the vicious class war that is being prosecuted behind the shield of a fake social justice movement.

Bottom line: BLM is not the friend of working people, in fact, it is funded by their sworn enemies. They are the footsoldiers in the War on the Deplorables.



An Amrican writer who runs his his own landscape company in Snohomish, Wa, U.S., Mike Whitney regularly features on ukurnet and other websites

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  1. BLM, terrorist groups, Antifa, rent-a-riot groups are funded by George Soros. The terror is intended to make us hate our governments so we will gladly exchange them for a global government, a Jew World Order, JWO, secretly controlled by bankster jews.

    The covid scam is another terror being imposed on the world to make people hate their governments so they will be eager to subordinate their government under the world government, UN, JWO.

    Bankster Jews documented their plans to use terror, riots, subversion, wars, and various evils as tools for building their Jew World Order as detailed in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion –

    As plan after plan in the POZ became reality after reality over the past 120 years it showed beyond any honest doubt that the POZ are real.

  2. Mike is a smart guy, but he fails to mention Soros is Jewish and desires a One World Government. A lot of smart commentators won’t go to the “Jewish” thing, on a practical basis, understandable.

    For people who watch the Dana Coverstone videos at this website, if I remember correctly Coverstone mentions in his dream the people in a boat responsible for destroying the Statue of Liberty (symbolic of what happens to America), I think in December or early 2021,did it for money, this seems to somewhat fit with Mike’s view of the BLM and the people who control it.

    If I remember correctly Coverstone also mentions riots, violence and destruction and extreme anger (with symbolism) from protestors as well as from politicians (extreme anger) in October. I wondered why this would happen in October, before the election, but now with the death of Supreme Court Associate Justice Ginsburg and the highly likely possibility Trump and the Republicans in the Senate get her replacement approved in October, before the election in early November, the mayhem makes some sense.

    I believe most things happen for a reason in this drama on earth (Karma); it’s possible a Soul (perhaps his Spirit Guide and not the Higher Power), provides Coverstone with a view of the future (perhaps accurate, perhaps not).

    The amazing Edgar Cayce (who had access to the Universal Mind, thus access to the Spiritual Truths and everything that ever happened on the earth and more) had mentioned while experiencing an out-of-body experience his glimpses of the future were based on the most probable future based on what was happening on earth at the time of his out-of-body experience, but Cayce mentioned things can change or the Higher Power can prevent things from happening or delay them.

    I’m a skeptical person, but I think Coverstone is sincere, so we will see what happens.

    By the way, the classic book Many Mansions by Gina Cerminara, based on the Edgar Cayce readings, is a great book.

  3. Americans, by now you should have at least one AR 15 type rifle (two is better) and 2,000 rds of 5.56.
    Or, maybe you do not want to survive.

  4. Dana Coverstone predictions are in line with my expectations. Whatever political climate or the outcome of the elections, the U S will be destroyed before februari. No infrastructure+ no shipping=no food. Simple. It will only be about survival. It has to do with the geological make up of America, a compressing of the Pacific and the stretching of the Atlantic, its going on for aeons of time and shaped the world. The coastal areas of Europe and the UK will be affected too. I dont know how many Americans read here but if i was there i would leave the city and form a survival group with like minded.

  5. The post-mortem on Georgr Floyd found no evidence of asphxyia. These are clearly seen in true cases of asphyxias rupture of small blood vessels
    Lethal amounts of drugs such as Fentanyl were found in his blood.
    It reflects very badly on the media that thes facts have not been made public
    Theyseem to be inciting race hatred

  6. Caucasian civilization eventually implodes upon itself whenever mongrel Jews & bipedal apes are imported into it & their population increases beyond control or management. Now is that time. Both are allies cooperating toward the same objective: Aryan destruction.

    Moral of the story: Never allow Jews or bipedal apes into your nation.

  7. None of those sentences that end with “…lives matter” is true, they are just loose opinions hanging in the air like untied shoe-laces.

  8. As good as this article is on the factual side, it doesn’t go far enough in its analysis or conclusions.
    The important fact it brings forward is that funding for BLM by the “elites” (the usual suspects) well predates the rise of Trump. So what’s BLM to Soros and company?
    Diversion, for sure, noise, theater.
    Diversionary from what? Surely not the greatest power grab in human history, the LOCKDOWN and the VACCINATION!
    It may even be that BLM’s purpose is to get Trump reelected. It is certainly having that effect as indicated in recent polling.
    And why would the elite not want Trump for another term? In the space of six months he has doubled the wealth of various billionaires such as Bezos. Trump and Bezos or Trump and Soros are portrayed as opponents. Why? Ha, ha, ha, what a joke.
    What the elites want is to be rid of us little people, Black, White, Jewish, it doesn’t matter. I’m not talking about the connected Jews, that’s a different matter.
    It is too obvious to me now that Unz Review, is part of this process of misdirection. Unzy is just another card-carrying member of the chattering class.
    A set up job, we the people are being led down the primrose path to the abattoir of no return.
    Our real leaders are people like RFK Jr, or Joseph Mercola, MD, or Scott Jensen, MD
    Our real enemy is that seventh of a ton turd who revealed his “Warp Speed” project last May in the White House rose garden.

  9. BLM is a well funded Terrorist organization ready to be unleashed on any country that is against, LGBTQI agenda, illegal immigration, Pedofillia.

    Make No mistake about it folks the media are embolding Black people to bully and subjugate White people to the point of total Silence and obedience to the black man.

    Its happening in work places.

    This will not end well for anyone.

  10. @John Kirby,

    Yes, the Jewish controlled media in the USA hides various types of facts about Blacks, Hispanics and Whites to incite race hatred against Whites in the USA and to create a vast number of self-hating liberal Whites.

    Elite Jewish extremists see Whites as the enemy preventing them from complete control of the USA and Europe.

    In the future, Whites will probably not have a majority in any country thanks to elite Jewish extremists.

  11. I was born in W W 2 and i remember at school the first black people coming into the UK
    This was difficult for us as in both world wars the government taught us to hate foiregners
    and to defend our country against them
    I befreinded the newcomers to Britain at school and found thema curio.
    The BBC would put on shows like black and white minstrel show, and as there were still so few black people here, white actors would have to black their faces.
    TV Soaps are full of back people now, these are subliminals there to alter our views on outsiders. Many are good people such as some of my neighbours
    but they can never be British, ifa dog is born in a stable it will never be a horse

  12. As good as Mike Whitney’s article is (BLM’s War on the Deplorables) on the factual side, it is hopelessly inadequate as analysis and draws wrong conclusions.

    Facts it advances are that in 2015 George Soros’ Open Society Institute donated $650,000 to Black Lives Matter; that in 2016 organizations in the Black Lives Matter movement received $33 million in grants from the Open Society and by others, such as the Center for American Progress (founded by former White House chief of staff, John Podesta) and, then, topping all, the Ford Foundation was “organizing to channel $100 million to the Black Lives Movement over the next six years.” You can buy a lot of diversionary mayhem with that kind of money.

    So what’s this all about? I’d suggest diversion, not diversion for diversion’s sake, rather diversion from the greatest power grab in human history, the freedom-destroying, economy-destroying covid 19 lockdowns instituted by a tyrannical medical regime, which looks increasingly inclined to mandate vaccination if there’s to be a “return to normal.”.

    Mike Whitney writes: “we’ve just endured 3 and a half years of relentless fabrications connected to the Russiagate scam, so the idea that this latest headline-grabbing fiasco might be, well, fake, is certainly within the realm of possibility.”

    Yes, indeed, Mr. Whitney,, just as fake and just as likely to fail. So here’s the kicker, the BLM’s real purpose by those funding it, is to get Trump re-elected. How so? By underwriting something so over-the-top ridiculous in its violence, that they make Trump look good by comparison, such that suburbanites are now swinging to Trump, not because they are racists, but because they hope Trump will stop the chaos.

    Why would the elite not want Trump re-elected? After all, in the last six months he has vastly increased their wealth beyond all measure. The real fakery is Trump versus Bezos or Trump versus Soros.. What is it that these elitist swindlers don’t like about Trump? Ha, ha, ha, it’s all a big joke. All three of them, Bezos, Soros, Trump, are Zionist swindlers, working together to swindle the rest of us.

    The joke is on us, the little people, Black, White, Jewish, it doesn’t matter, all of whom value their lives, who love their families, who love their neighbors, none of whom want to see all that they value threatened by BLM violence.

    Following Whitney’s reasoning to its logical conclusion, we should vote for Trump but herein lies the fallacy in this, we are all far more endangered by Trump and his “Warp Speed,” DNA-altering vaccination program than we ever were by BLM. No one is more sold out to the pharmaceutical industry than is Trump, unless it is the Democrat Party.

    BLM is merely a noisy pony engine, the purpose of which is to rev us up for the big engine of distraction, the election, Who in their right mind could take seriously this gaudy, ugly show?.

    Based on previous articles I’ve seen of his over the years, it’s not obvious to me that Mike Whitney is a witting participant in a deception. As for his publisher, however, The Unz Review, it is obviously srving the Deep State as an organ of disinformation.. I’ll tell you how I know this. Earlier this month (September 7, 2020) The Unz Review published the most scurrilous, overtly racist article that I’ve ever seen on any news-aggregating web site. The article I’m referring to, by Fred Reed, starts by saying::

    “A (very) black man walks up to a white five-year-old

    and shoots him in the head with no apparent provocation . . .”

    “A (very) black man, Emanuel Deshaun Aranda, throws

    a white child of five from a rooftop café for no reason . . .”

    “Four black teenagers kill a white girl of seventeen,

    Veronica Lee Baker, for no plausible reason.”

    Why the overt references to color above? This is not an indictment of BLM, rather, it is an indictment of a race. Confirming this, the article reads:

    “We say we have a “race problem.” No. We have a black

    problem. Calling it a “race problem” attributes culpability

    to the alleged racism of whites. This absolves blacks of

    responsibility for their behavior. It also allows the media

    to avert their gaze from the endless horrific crimes by blacks

    against other races. The alleged racism of whites does not exist.”

    Really? Such racist drivel as this serves no purpose except to create racial division. It is as incendiary as anything BLM does. That’s its purpose, to get the races at each other’s throats. “Let’s you and him fight,” as the elitists say.

    We need Black leadership. We need Louis Farrakhan. As good as anyone alive, he names our oppressors. We need Stella Immanuel, MD, the frontline doctor from Houston. We need Robert Francis Kennedy, Jr, or Joseph Mercola, MD, or Scott Jensen, MD or Judy Mikovits, MD, just to name a few.

    What we don’t need is that seventh of a ton turd in the White House and his “Warp Speed” vaccine project. What we don’t need is Harvard lawyer, Dershowitz, who’d have a needle forcibly plunged into us. .What we don’t need is Ron Unz.

  13. The word “racism” is from the Jew Commie enemy. He wanted the White lower classes to destroy their ancient leader class who understood geopolitics. They still say “class war not race war” to leave Whites rudderless.