Anti-Lockdown Protesters Clash with Police in London

Anti-mask mayhem in Trafalgar Square: Police arrest 32 as conspiracy theorists clash with officers and hundreds rail against Covid restrictions in central London protest

  • Hundreds of anti-lockdown protesters clashed with Metropolitan Police at a mass rally at Nelson’s column
  • Army of police moved in on angry demonstrators defying Boris Johnson’s coronavirus restrictions today
  • Protesters carried placards warning ‘this is now tyranny’ and ‘plandemic’ while others called Covid-19 a ‘hoax’
  • Outnumbered officers were pushed back by the huge Resist And Act For Freedom Rally in central London

Hundreds of anti-lockdown protesters including conspiracy theorists have clashed with police at a mass rally in Trafalgar Square today organised by opponents of the Government’s coronavirus restrictions. Click to enlarge

Jack Wright – Daily Mail Sept 19, 2020

More than 30 people have been arrested after violent scuffles between protesters and police at a large anti-vax, anti-lockdown protest in central London.

Hundreds descended on Trafalgar Square on Saturday afternoon for a “Resist And Act For Freedom” rally, including some bearing 5G conspiracy placards and signs declaring Covid-19 a “hoax”, with police repelled by human blockades as they tried to clear the area around Nelson’s column.

Dozens of officers, including some on horseback and in riot gear, were pushed back by crowds who chanted and cheered, with some throwing missiles.

At least one protester was seen with a bloodied head while another was seen receiving medical attention on the ground, but the London Ambulance Service did not immediately have information on any injuries.

The London landmark was cleared of protesters after 5pm, and Scotland Yard said 32 people were arrested.

Anti lockdown protesters in Trafalgar Square, London, Sept 19, 2020. Click to enlarge

The force said the large crowds were “putting themselves and others at risk” just a day after Mayor of London Sadiq Khan warned it is “increasingly likely” restrictions will be needed to slow the spread of coronavirus in the capital, adding he was “extremely concerned” about the rate of transmission in London.

The number of cases per 100,000 people over seven days is reported to have increased in London from 18.8 to around 25.  

Police said they had to take “enforcement action to disperse” the crowds after officers who had attempted to “explain, engage and encourage them to leave” were met with “hostility” and “violence” from some demonstrators.

Traffic around Trafalgar Square came to a halt during the demonstration, with one protester seen apparently spitting through the open window of a taxi whose driver had beeped the horn in frustration.

The protest was advertised with an image showing a vaccine bottle and urging people to “Come together, resist and act”.

Protests are exempt from new legal restrictions introduced on Monday limiting groups to six, but only if it is “organised in compliance with Covid-19 Secure guidance”, the Government said.

 In other coronavirus developments today:

  • London Mayor Sadiq Khan held an emergency meeting about the ‘accelerating speed’ of Covid in the capital and said that extra coronavirus restrictions would be required; 
  • A further 4,322 confirmed cases were recorded nationally – the highest total since May 8 – with public officials warning that Covid-19 was ‘spreading widely’ around the UK; 
  • Official figures suggest the total has almost doubled in a week to around 6,000 a day in England alone;  
  • Local lockdown restrictions were extended to cover around 13 million people, with 3.5 million more affected in the North West, West Yorkshire and the Midlands;  
  • The Scottish and Welsh leaders, as well as the Labour leader, called for an emergency Cobra meeting;  
  • Police warned coronavirus remained a ‘deadly threat’ and called for compliance with the Rule of Six 

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25 responses to “Anti-Lockdown Protesters Clash with Police in London”

  1. Mark Windows of Windows on the World has some bad words for these sheeple, despite the fact that one of their leaders is Piers Corbyn, who regularly (maybe not anymore?) appeared on Mark Windows shows… Mark also says Trafalgar Square is an unlicensed 5G testing site. That would make sense and maybe they are also spraying the square for good measure?

  2. These Police clearly are scum of the Earth. We are supposed to be afraid because the cowardly police are going to lock anybody up for being innocent of this brutal pack of lies.
    The fine is 10.000 pounds, but in fact the police man should get the fine as he is committing loads of crime, and the police under the law are indeed terrorists under the 2006 terrorism act. Most people have been locked up and the first time it is real scary when they take down fingerprints and do a write up, and I myself have been in the drunk tank a hundred times, big deal, so what, and expect more.We all must get locked up as they will not stop this madness until we the people stop them!
    Listen to the Christie Moore song “Viva la Quinta Brigada” about the Spanish civil war against the Fascist Franco/Nazi. We need an International Brigade All races all creeds to stop these evil cowards.

  3. Now the authoritarian state has reached into our homes. Council workers who work from home have been told they can’t smoke at their desks. At home.

    People shouted Sieg Heil at each other last time such liberties were taken.

  4. this covid 19 scam is said to be the biggest fraud since the holocaust.
    i have just retired from my work in a world famous london cosmetic cllnic
    that speciaised in peoples fces, so i feel free to speak now.
    We had many famous people including that dreadful poof Cliff Richard
    any small line or crease had to be removed from his face a.s.a.p.
    Lord Boothby was another very vain man, he was Churchills secretary and shared boys with him.
    Ed Milliband came in and had a small op, he said he sounded too Jewish and
    had his palate altered to make him sound more English, it didnt matter as the voters gave the Millipede brothers a huge thumbs down.
    Rhinoplasty or nose jobs was very common, almost all jews who wanted to hide what they were. Barbara Streisand wanted her enormous hooter improved. but her manager refused and got a court order to stop her, after singer Tom Jones had his nose done and his voice was never the same.
    Many of the jews would have two names, the real jewish one and an Anglised one.
    Politician Michael Howerd and Time Team Chap Tony Robinson both used Anglised versions to hide what they were.
    They did not like English people or anyone for that matter who was non jewish.
    Glad to be away from it all,


    Daily case numbers in the European Union and United Kingdom this week reached record highs of more than 45,000 on a 14-day notification rate, according to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), and new restrictions are being imposed in places that were well into reopening. Leaders have raised fears over the pressure that hospitals could face in coming months and the looming prospect of new national lockdowns.

    The UK announced Sunday that anyone who tests positive for coronavirus or has been traced as a close contact will be required by law to self-isolate from September 28 or face fines from £1,000 ($1,300) to £10,000 ($13,000) for repeat offenders. Those with lower incomes will be supported by a £500 ($650) payment, according to a government statement

  6. The UK is now, and has been for 200 years, firmly under the rule of Khazar Satanists.

  7. WAW is right, the New World Order is communist and in the spanish civil war which was a war between the people and the communists, the jew run communists committed terrible crimes as they did in German before and after the war.
    Long live democracy and freedom, i hope we can have some for the UK

  8. Waw – corrdct ever since Oliver Cromwell allowed them back in.

  9. Khazars might be fake Jews but the rabbis taught them their conversion and Jews are fake humans anyway.

  10. The Trafelgar squ rally was a great success
    i am so pleased i went
    We all agreed on 3 things
    stop the covid nonsense now and let the country go back to work
    stop all migrant entry to the UK for the forseeable future Government must stop its racism toward its own electorate

  11. @karen cummings
    Just because more civilians were killed in the Francoists’ zone, does not mean that the Communists and their allies killed them. The Republican side definitely lost more soldiers than the Francoists (175000 versus 110000), meaning that the Francoists were good killers. No wonder given all the lethal equipment they were getting from Nazi Germany. And according to Karen Cummings, the people were all on the side of the Fascists. Anyone knowing Spanish people would find that very hard to believe! It doesn’t make sense anyway to judge these past wars by today’s categories, NWO etc.

  12. One of the great Lies is the Lie, the anti-Christ will come at the end time. Well, the anti-Christ is not a singular person, but all who deny that Christ, the Anointed Son of God never came! There is only one group that denies this to this very day. That is why those, that deny him, have such a hatred towards Jesus for even mentioning his name, except for using it to curse. Lewis jones and waw, you are right. Its time to expose these Charlatans.

  13. A great Man explains the Power of Republicans in a essay on you tube, and his name is Dara O Flaherty. Also recently falsely arrested by enemy combatants Europe Nazi Police,
    or I prefer to call them scum or enemy combatants.
    So in Ireland it has gone back to 1969, the start of “the troubles”. Good info out there about the traitors party Sinn Fein.
    If the British want to try it over in England they should stock up on body bags, because our British soldiers will switch sides, then they will mop up the so called Police (thugs).
    Remember only about 500 serious patriots held down the British Army for years in Northern Ireland. Do they really want a bloody slaughter of their illegal force Police in England?
    They wanted to arrest a Military Weapons Expert Mark Steele, a hero demonstrator in London.

  14. The Daily Mail is blatant in its propaganda. Headlines are carefully worded to get maximum effect. Assad, the leader who gassed his people. Putin behind the Skripal Fiasco, and the Novalny poisoning. Protesters are now conspiracy theorists. This label no longer washes. Virtually every conspiracy is conducted by the Cabal, enabled by the Intelligence Services.
    2020 is the year that the Globalists have thrown off the covers and highlighted exactly what their intentions are. The Covid hoax is merely the forerunner to the financial reset which is designed to enslave the public. Prepare for negative interest rates, digital currency, health passports and more draconian measure. They are telling us what they are going to do -this is the Satanist way. If we don’t object it is taken as a sign of acquiesence. The future is down to us.

  15. I wish we had an oswald mosley or some kind of honest politician who would
    work for us not the jews blacks or homosexuals

  16. Yes….despite his TV persona Tony Robinson is a jolly awful little shit…..a nasty piece of work.
    Obviously he has got the “right” contacts since the Zio-Queen knighted him…
    His trip to the cosmetic surgeon did not seem to have involved his Zio-Conk…..more likely his unearthly “eye arangement”…..
    At one point he was denying he was a jew,like Jerhymie Paxman….but he seems to have given up this masquerade….after all he would not look out of place bobbing up and down at the Vailing Vall.

  17. @Professor Susan Foster
    You have good information about plastic surgery and the “money mafia” that run the industry.Perhaps Truth Seekers should do a page on that stuff?

  18. @ Peter Gar,

    You have it completely wrong ,or, have deliberately obfuscated.

    Look at Spain 1936. The communist/bolsheviks employ the international brigade to carry out a revolution. Thousands of innocents murdered by them including many, many nuns and priests. The Falange were formed and won the fight. Afterwards Spaniards lived in peace, freedom and prosperity for many years under General Franco.

    We need a Fascist hero like Franco today to defeat the bolshevik/communists who want us enslaved or dead.

  19. Well done Brits. That us follow them into this Third World War against the common enemy now engulfing the world, which is the Nazi and Communist run State. They have used stealth, mass deception, terror, psyops and our money to seize the reins of power, destroy our basic rights, lock us down, take away our jobs, and to try to make us either their slaves or to disappear. We have no option but to fight.

  20. You have a 5ft nothing little madman calling himself the mayor wanting to lock everyone up and down with draconian laws imposed. A government who should have gone to the people in the first place back in March after all we are a sovereign democratic nation as are many others and yet they did everything behind our backs the only reason they gave was its a pandemic no looking into how or why this has happened how best to deal with it or giving the country options as Sweden did for that our government are in breach. Now we are so far forward in this nightmare hoax that we can’t get out and are now locked into this madness with a mass of our own only too willing to shop you regardless of the fate that is instore for you at the hands of this dysfunctional lot. A £10000 fine for wanting a bit of fresh air and normality, outrageous. Who will have £10000 after the lockdowns we will all be lucky if we have 10000 pence, so how will this draconian penalty be paid by being put in prison and maybe used as a lab rat for their evil vaccine.
    I do not like as most do not violence I believe in making the point in numbers and silent marches but i can understand the fury of those who were faced with their own police just waiting to collar as many as they could with anger and threatening behavior on the police’s part. This very big mistake by government will turn the people against them and the police and, when that happens their is no turning back.

  21. @ Ross

    You really have chosen your side. You love fascism as Franco practised it: support for the axis and autarky, later on a growth-orientated economic technocracy, not even a rubber-stamp parliament, censorship, Guardia Civil sniffing everywhere and arrests of everybody not convenient. Nuns and priest victims of Communism?, sorry mate, but lots of Catholics were victimised also under Franco because they did not go along with the personality cult he built around himself. Freedom, forget it? Prosperity? Spain was grey for many decades, and most people certainly did not enjoy living there and were relieved when Franco died. Peace? Lots of colonial conflicts, for instance in Morocco. Well, if Franco is up your alley, then you are probably quite happy about Covid fascism practised nowadays, social distancing, masks, lockdown of whole cities, shutdown of whole economies, GMO vaccines and insertion of chips in the human body, censorship of anyone who does not go along with that nonsense. Then why do you write here? Forget your fixation on Communism as a label for everything you do not like.Just live in fear and wait for the knock on the door. Aufmachen, Covid 19 Gestapo!

  22. “We need someone like Franco”….see above.A peculiar little runt with a high pitched voice…..with a Sephardic Jewish surname…who was protected by a Moroccan origin bodyguard.
    Britain “needs” a Franco like a hole in the head….The Jews were running BOTH SIDES of the Spanish civil war…the communists under the crypto jew Stalin and the other side funded by the London Bankers (jews)
    Spain’s gold reserves vanished into thin air….STOLEN….rather like Gaddafi’s gold reserves…NO PRIZES FOR GUESSING WHERE THEY WENT!.

  23. And the British/ English call this violence after what they’ve dished out over the last 150yrs at least and still want to go on with it. Yes, hypocrisy extraordinary. Comic hero’s never meet their hero’s.

  24. @Vespasian

    Just a,little known historical fact. The pilot who flew Franco into Spain to get the party started just happened to work for MI6. Nothing is ever what it seems. ZOG controls both sides in the dialectic. It’s the jewish way.


    Australia’s coronavirus lockdown strategy worked. Could this be a model for the US?

    …Victoria’s experience shows once again that targeted lockdowns are effective in containing the coronavirus. …This was first shown in China, where the government imposed an intense lockdown on Wuhan, the city where cases of the virus were first detected late last year. Wuhan spent 76-days under lockdown, which was finally lifted as the daily caseload slowed to a trickle. That was back in April, and now Wuhan is basically back to normal, even able to host massive water park raves without much concern. And the model has been successfully applied to other cities across China, including the capital Beijing, suppressing new spikes as they appear and keeping national figures down.

    But the situation in Victoria proves that the lockdown strategy does work elsewhere, and that, given the proper information and reassurances, people are willing to make the sacrifices required to contain the virus. … New Zealand too, which on Monday began reducing social distancing regulations after daily cases dropped to zero, has seen positive results from lockdowns, enabling the country to return to relative normality far faster than nations which did not take such measures.