COVID-19 Vaccine. The Imposition of Compulsory Vaccination with a Biometric Health Passport?

By Dr. Pascal Sacré – Global Research Sept 17, 2020

The COVID-19 vaccine…

Is this THE final goal of this crisis, to impose a compulsory vaccination on everyone, with a biometric health passport and without it, the impossibility to move, to buy, to eat?

The near future will tell.

With time, the accumulation of side effects, the testimonies of more and more doctors, vaccination has become a subject of controversy, often passionate, sometimes violent.

This is not just a question of being for or against vaccination in general.

It is about being vigilant in the face of enormous pressure from companies and governments to inject billions of healthy people with a hastily manufactured product, using immature technologies such as DNA manipulation, with as yet unknown side effects.

The cure should not be worse than the disease.

Given the fear, the terror in people’s minds, given the enthusiasm of certain leaders and given the power of the vaccine companies and manufacturers, will we, as ordinary citizens, be able to resist, keep our cool and prevent these people from playing with our health?

Do you know what the marketing of vaccines brings to the pharmaceutical companies?

References on the Statista website, figures for the year 2019 [1] :

  1. GSK (GlaxoSmithKline): more than 8 billion euros.
  2. Merck: €7.3 billion
  3. Pfizer: €5.9 billion
  4.  Sanofi: €5.8 billion

Billions, in a single year!

Do you think that the conservation of such gains would not motivate the transgression of limits by sweeping away everything in its path, all scientific ethics, all moral values?

As Emma Kahn [2] stated to the AIMSIB (International Association for Scientific, Independent and Benevolent Medicine) website, May 3, 2020:

“Strangely enough, the three vaccines in clinical trials in the West (excluding China) against COVID-19 are being developed by start-ups and not by Big Pharma (the nickname of the pharmaceutical industry). Why haven’t the big companies (Merck, GSK, Sanofi, Pfizer) launched any clinical studies? A first reason is worrying: … industry experts already know that coronavirus vaccines are too risky, they induce facilitation and immunopathological phenomena. The phenomenon of facilitation of infection by antibodies” is crucial to understand.

Vaccines too risky!

Facilitation and immunopathological phenomena!

This is not conspiracy, nor the elucubrations of a quidam [dictionary]. It is published data, well known to scientists, virologists and published in many journals.

These facts are particularly relevant to the coronavirus family and SARS [3].

With vaccines,

the biggest problem is the fear of an ADE (antibody dependant enhancement, facilitation of infection by the vaccine, mediated by antibodies induced by vaccination): facilitation of the penetration of the virus into cells by the receptor for the Fc fragment of immunoglobulins” [4].

On March 5, 2020, Peter Hotez [5] (vaccine expert) warned the U.S. Congress about the facilitation of antibody infection and its relationship to vaccination [6] :

“We must be very careful and go slowly with clinical trials, animal trials have shown facilitation”!

So Big Pharma is cautious. This confirms the credibility of this information.

Not only will this vaccine not protect you at all or not enough, but it can make things worse by facilitating your infection with COVID-19!

The phenomenon of facilitating viral infection by antibodies (ADE or antibody dependent enhancement) has been known for a long time and exists for many viruses.

Antibodies of this type have been demonstrated in vitro in the case of SARS-CoV-2 and candidate vaccines would only aggravate this immunopathological effect!

This is even more likely if we skip the steps.

Journalist Céline Deluzarche, in an article on Futura Sciences (Futura Santé) of March 19, 2020 reviewed on June 15, said :

“Coronavirus: the dangers of a hastily developed vaccine.

Faced with the urgency, scientists call for speeding up testing procedures and dispensing with the usual animal tests. A laudable strategy, but one that could prove to be at best counterproductive and at worst cause deaths” [7].

“Normally, it takes between 15 and 20 years to obtain an effective, non-toxic and usable vaccine. The first step is to develop a formulation with the chemical and pharmaceutical prerequisites, conduct immunogenicity studies [8] in animals, evaluate the toxicity of the vaccine [9] in animals, then in humans, and finally test its effectiveness on a large scale.”

Yet some people are putting pressure on, invoking urgency.

Why do they do that?

They exploit fear to get reach their goal. It’s never good to decide anything out of fear.

What dangerous game are these people playing?

The Europe Union (EU) in particular, and its new president, Ursula von der Leyen, after organising a world telethon to fund research for a vaccine [10], is trying to impose the idea that only a vaccine can save us.

“… in the face of urgency and pressure from governments and health authorities, some are calling for the procedures to be speeded up. The president of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen said Tuesday that she hoped for a vaccine against the new coronavirus before the autumn.” [7].

One has the feeling that all this was planned in advance, when one knows that Brussels, today, has been working for a long time on a “vaccine” passport in order to put the population under total surveillance and control [11].

Is COVID-19  just a pretext for imposing totalitarian measures which would otherwise have been impossible to accept?

I ask the question.

We find Peter Hotez [5], who advises us to be very careful:

A vaccine is not insignificant: it is most often a deactivated or weakened virus, and in some cases it can aggravate the disease it is supposed to prevent. Peter Hotez, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, who worked on the SARS outbreak in 2003, found that some vaccinated animals developed even more severe symptoms when exposed to the virus because of a weakened immune system. This is called “antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE)” [7].

The work and research on vaccines against CVDO 19 in Cambridge, Oxford, sponsored by the NIH (National Institute of Health in the United States, Anthony Fauci, Donald Trump’s anti-COVID czar) does not reassure me at all, and should not reassure you either [12]!

These same people are behind one of the worst vaccine and medical scandals of the last ten years by wanting already, in 2009-2010, to vaccinate the entire population for a fake pandemic (H1N1) [13-14-15].

A survey in France reports that nearly a quarter (25%) of the French population do not intend to accept the vaccine against COVID-19 [16].

I understand them and even find it surprising that this figure is not higher.

These vaccines are a race for profits [17], huge amounts of money!

Even independently of plausible and frightening ideas such as the association of the vaccine with GMOs [18], with a puçage and tracing of the population [19], the inherent danger of any vaccine and the specific danger of an anti-coronavirus vaccine (facilitation of viral infection by antibodies – ADE or antibody dependent enhancement) should make all citizens think about accepting such a measure without flinching!

Through the fear instilled by our mainstream media, fear maintained by the experts of our own governments, people would be ready to accept remedies as dangerous as they are ineffective.

Like Tony Carlucci says:

“While Covid-19 may be a true pathogen, evidence suggests it does not justify the overreactions we’ve seen around the world. Covid-19 hysteria has – by far – a far more devastating impact on humanity than the virus itself. In the midst of this hysteria, the greatest real threat to human health – a corrupt pharmaceutical industry and its partners in government – are on the verge of increasing both their profits at the expense of the public and their power over the public.” [20]

Citizens should no longer take everything they are told at face value, even, or even more so, if it comes from the official media or governments [21].

Their health, mental and physical, is at stake.

As for the vaccine, the mere fact that it can itself facilitate coronavirus infection and aggravate symptoms should put a stop to any craze for it.

The loss of time and money in the search for this vaccine prevents the population from turning to other, healthier and more realistic solutions:

  1. Return to a healthy social lifestyle with an acceptable compromise between imposing targeted and limited quarantines (for really sick people and not just RT-PCR positive), and allowing the virus to circulate among those least at risk (healthy youth and adults) protected by their healthy immunity.
  2. Give greater preference to effective NPIs (non-pharmaceutical measures) such as hand washing, physical distance and ventilation of confined spaces, rather than continuous mask wearing, which is more harmful than beneficial.
  3. Allow front-line physicians to freely prescribe hydroxychloroquine and zinc early enough at the onset of symptoms of COVID-19 under medical supervision to minimize the well-known cardiac risks of HCQ.
  4. Give priority again to the recovery of the economy, of social activity, because today, the solution against the problem of COVID is worse than the problem itself (by far).
  5. Remember that we have immunity! Innate and cell specific immunity, not just antibody-mediated immunity! That the best allies of these immunities are our lifestyles (diet, physical activity, stress management, mental management). Everything should be done, today more than ever, to improve this.
  6. To deal with the immense fear and post-traumatic stress that have been generated in recent months by the media and by our governments.

This fear alone makes us more vulnerable both to illness and to totalitarian abuses.

Provided that we wean ourselves from fear, lies and illusions, everyone can regain power over their health, their society and their lives.

Dr Pascal Sacré


10 responses to “COVID-19 Vaccine. The Imposition of Compulsory Vaccination with a Biometric Health Passport?”

  1. If a vaccination were to become compulsory, for me, at least, life wouldn’t be worth living. So I’d sooner be dead than be a zombie! I just hope I don’t reincarnate back on Earth.

  2. If the sheep want to get vaccinated let them get vaccinated.You must be an complete idiot to get vaccinated having countless virologists and doctors warning that this would be a grave mistake.Its a push by the elite to turn the world into a global technocracy and reduce the population. This vaccine is a tracking and mind control device.Thats why DARPA is involved and the millitary will be rolling it out at gunpoint.Geneticly altering dna vaccine,nanochips and luciferase quantum dot tattoo perhaps with the ability to allow them to remotely terminate you at the push of a button..Saying no won’t be an option but many sheeple will gladly accept becoming a genetically modified product owned by Gates.The rest will have to put up a fight.If many people become aware and resist it will slow things down.However I don’t see this stopping the process from happening as 60% will take it without question.Very dark days ahead.This whole bussines is the most depressing event for some people like me that is happening now.As it literally means the end of life as we know it.The end of freedom.The end of everything.

  3. Terrorize the goyim with a hoax virus, while contemporaneously instituting a new global Judeo-Communist digital police state. Its that easy. The masses meekly submit to it because: ‘its not who populates a nation that determines its destiny, but who controls/governs it.’

  4. This is going to sound very drastic but, if ever it was was the case that you weren’t allowed to eat unless you took the vaccine the vaccine that would turn you into something else alien to who you were with great suffering then the world as we know it would have to be eliminated that is the only way you will be able to finish this madness once and for all. Who or how that would be done no one can know but this world can not go on with this crazy insane ideology and monstrous lie that their is a pandemic circulating this planet .
    The whole lot of these lunatics then would be no more as would the human race but, if you are going to live in a hell where you are picked off at any time because of the vaccine changing your DNA then why would you want to suffer something so hideous and live in such fear knowing death is stalking you all the time and be snuffed out if and when it chooses these evil soul sellers. It seems there will be no room for the aged or impaired they will be the first to be picked off . This situation is not going to get any better we will never go back to being normal the dye has been cast and most people believe that being good and locking down even knowing their jobs and livelihoods will go still actually believe it is to protect them and nothing it seems can move that idea.
    The only answer I can see is extinction. If we cant have our planet to live on why should they.

  5. Matthew 7:13-14

    Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few.

  6. from Spangler’s 1978 book, Reflections on the Christ:

    “Lucifer comes to give to us the final gift of wholeness. If we accept it then he is free and we are free. This is the Luciferic initiation. It is one that many people now, and in the days ahead, will be facing, for it is an initiation in the New Age.”

    Covid19 lockdown and vaccination is the Luciferase quantum dot innitiation.Luciferian induction process.You do not enter the NWO without it.

  7. The world is a strange place and no one person is the master of this world planet Earth.
    It lives and breaths as we humans do and it knows more then we could ever know.
    Our planet is alive accommodating and giving and we humans were chosen as the custodians of earth and we are not doing a very good job of it . If and when Earth decides, it will terminate itself and all on it. It happened once before and it will happen again. Evil has no place anywhere.

  8. The American “right to bare arms” is making an awful amount of sense today.
    Just look at the pricks on their podiums all sporting pathetic masks in America.
    Meantime in the real world Swedens infection rates are BELOW a whole host of countries who have stolen the freedoms of their citizens and implemented “lockdowns”…..
    The founders of the USA could not have foreseen such a situation arising….since modern technology did not exist BUT THEY HAD THE FORESIGHT TO REALISE THAT WHEN PUSH COMES TO SHOVE ARMED CITIZENS WOULD BE THE GUARANTOR OF FREEDOM…..NOT CORRUPT BILLIONAIRES BEHIND THE SCENES.
    If only people could see the performance of the NZ Prime Minister (former employee of Bliar and the recipient of a Freemasons scholarship).
    She takes selfies surrounded by happy jovial immigrants SHE has brought into the country….there are precious few people who were actually born in NZ.
    EVERY evening she appears in adverts for the coming election…..smiling her goofy smile….. she is an utter lightweight who has NEVER been put under proper scrutiny by the controlled media…..its sort of a replay of Obama’s time in office….A FREE RIDE….

  9. The truth. It cannot get better than what is written. A great knowledge base.

  10. Great article, and thanks for your bravery in speaking against the mainstream bias narrative. One thought I had this morning was that the people who are not going to take the vaccine will be the ones who do not take the mark of the beast during the coming tribulation period. They may not yet have received Jesus as their Saviour, but I do believe that they will have eyes and ears open to the Word of God and the only solution to death that is Jesus Christ.

    Mask wearers seem to be spellbound by fear. I wish I knew the right word to say to bring them out of their fear state. I think Dr Vernon Coleman is right. If the Government told people to sleep in face masks, many would.