Just in time Satan answers my prayer

Irish Savant – Sept 19, 2020

Some time ago I issued a heartfelt plea to the Lord Of Darkness. He has answered my prayer. RBG now resides in the Seventh Of Hell. Now let’s make sure Trump gets a suitable replacement.
When is that evil witch Ruth Bader Ginsburg going to do the decent thing and croak? Well considering she’s never done the decent thing in her whole life I don’t suppose she’s going to start now. And few have been more evil than she. Few have done more to destroy the foundations of Heritage America, helping to turn it into a disintegrating degenerate Brazil del norte in waiting.
Just a few examples of her malevolence:

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She’s called for the legalising of sex for children as young as 12 years. She’s argued for legalising prostitution, bigamy and interstate sex trafficking. She has worked tirelessly against sexual dimorphism, ruling for the forced integration of the Boy Scouts and the Girl Guides, college fraternities and sororities, women in the the armed forces (with the proviso that they must benefit from affirmative action), quotas for women in jobs….even finding that Fathers’ Day and Mothers’ Day to be, yes, offensive and possibly Unconstitutional. She claimed that the concept of husband-breadwinner and wife-homemaker “must be eliminated from the code if it is to reflect the equality principle”.
While she claims to be a Constitutional scholar she has flouted and mangled that document to the point of national scandal. First by her blatant partisanship, threatening to leave for New Zealand were Trump elected, her open and unprecedented canvassing for the Sotamayor SCOTUS appointment. Such partisanship on the part of a Supreme Court Justice represents grounds for removal from the Court. The Senate has that power. But can you just see them use it?
And here’s the reverence for the document she’s sworn to uphold. In a 2012 interview on Al Hayat she stated that she would not look to the U.S. Constitution if she were drafting a constitution in the year 2012. “I might look at the constitution of South Africa. That was a deliberate attempt to have a fundamental instrument of government that embraced basic human rights, have an independent judiciary. It really is, I think, a great piece of work that was done.” She also believes that taxpayer-funded abortions should be a Constitutional right. I’m sure that very thought was uppermost in the minds of the Framers, as of course was same-sex marriage. If we’re to believe what this witch says.
So come on Satan. Be a good little devil. Cut off this demon’s supply of children’s blood and welcome her to your fiery abode.


20 responses to “Just in time Satan answers my prayer”

  1. The Supreme Crap is grossly over represented with Jews. Will bankster puppet Trump replace the jew Ginsberg by nominating yet another jew ? Like Obama, Clinton, and previous puppet presidents, Trump has appointed lots of Jews to key positions in government.

  2. Yep, this is an excellent example of the so say ‘liberal left’ who are not liberals and they are not left-wing. Sure, there are left leaning sheeple out there, but they aren’t holding positions of power, they don’t have any influence. The idea that non Republican sheeple are the liberal left is a big fat lie. Its like establishment SIR Kier Starmer is the leader of Britain’s left-wing party. Of course, this is utter bollox. SKS might one day become PM, but don’t be fooled that he has the sheeple’s interests at heart, just as Labour Mayor of London Sadiq Khan is a technocratic toss pot who believes: “Terrorism is a normal part of big city life.” This is the Mayor who hangs with Obama’s mates in the Chicago mob!

    There is an undeniable truth, the political systems in the US and UK are totally fake and all the top positions are held by fascists who have absolutely no interest in improving sheeple living conditions. There are nearly 200k sealed indictments in Amerika. We have no idea how many are related to the swamp/deep state or if Trump will actually do anything to drain the swamp.

  3. Ginsburg is now in Bolshevik Khazar HELL.

  4. Yowsah !!!

  5. I thought she really died a few years ago. Maybe she’s just stopped moving?

  6. Michael McNulty: RGB has been fighting various cancer battles since 2009, if memory is correct. If Clinton had won in 2016, she would have retired in 2017, but was forced to stay on with Trump in office.

  7. RBG was an extremely ugly Jewish woman. Her face says it all. Ugly. Why? Because of what she believed, what she allowed to be her reality. A woman’s face can be be a source of inspiration in the divine, a woman who is connected to God and spirit can be a thing to behold, beauty of love and peace.

    Not the angry Jewish woman face that is revulsion to one’s senses. Why she didn’t age well is not discussed. It may be the genes, but more likely the memes. What she believed and represented was Jewish power to dominate the Goyim, very ugly indeed, and that ugliness possessed her and it became her.

    I hope some Jews read this comment, what you people represent is hell, you bring hell to this place, and you people are ugly like the devil because of what you believe. You ain’t fooling anybody with your social domination and control of the media, we know what you are and you Jews are shit and we can see it in your eyes, face, words, concepts, actions. Please go back to hell and leave us in peace.

  8. How’s that allowing mongrel maniac Jews to rule your nation/world working out for you?

    Don’t do anything about it, because Jesus said: ‘Salvation is from the Jews.’ (John 4:22)

  9. You only have to look at this disgusting old crone to know she was evil as hell.
    The media were all in agreement though..Ginsburg was a wonderful human being….well they would wouldn’t they…the Jewish fiends own the media….duh.The problem is most Americans dont know this…BUT….this is changing.Thirty years of the internet has seen to that.
    Thanks to the internet much of the British public is aware that these grossly overpaid media celebrities are 9 times out of ten Jews.
    Lineker, Ball,Bruce,Lawley….all Red Sea Pedestrians,just like Johnathan Woss….who interviews them.

  10. Incest makes the Yid females look like men and so they start resenting the two-sex norm

  11. Ginsberg will probably be replaced by judge Amy Barrett. The presidents present first choice.

  12. Non-stop, main-scream BS media in Canada about what a wonderful champion of lustice, I mean justice, she was. Her corps-like image and deeds get to share the sage for a day with reporting on the ongoing ravages of the alleged “killer virus”, while her broom-like body will be laid to rest beside her chryo-preserved brain while it remains plugged into the worshiped Gates-Microsoft AI grid, various witch covens, and Zio-Marxist-Leninist groups throughout the land, in order to guide them in the legalization of child sacrifice, free access to adrenochrome, and the compete destruction of Western civilization.

  13. The memes would be more hilarious if they were not so accurate….God help us all.

  14. A lot of the NT is fake. If Jesus said “God could make sons of Abraham out of these stones” He could not care less about the claims of Jewish chosenness.

  15. Neo: What Jesus really said: “Salvation is from Judea”, not from “the Jews”. Jesus foretold of his mission and his death. It was changed later by translators who wanted to put the emphasis of Salvation on the Jews. Just like those, that emphasize Jesus was one of them, a “Jew”, which of course he wasn’t. They were the ones who wanted Jesus death. Therefore disguising his execution on the Cross as “one of our own”, by deflecting their guilt.

  16. Pick up stms and change it. You have that birthright.

  17. Spirited and Neo. Salvations is from the Judeans. [20-24] Salvation is of the Judeans (“Jews” is a mistranslation) (v.22): The Lord affirms that true revelation/salvation comes from the Judeans. The term “Judean” derives from Judah, the son of Jacob, from whom king David came. Jesus, as human, is the descendent of king David of the tribe of Judah. Thus, as a Man, Jesus is a Judean; and as divine, the Son of God.

  18. Despite the listing of her evil in this article, and there’s a lot of it, the networks, indeed the media in general and not just in the U.S., is tripping over itself in praise for the witch. Proving once again the media is bought and paid for. But remember Ginsburg is the Witch of the East, her possibly more evil accomplice is The Witch of the West – Hillary Clinton.

  19. Jacob started as they meant to go on, stealing from the brother in a deception of the father. Jesus has no real connection with the sly vermin and their mafia handbook. The real God intervened.