What are You so Afraid Of? [You Were Born for This] — Max Igan

Max Igan – BitChute SGT Report Sept 16, 2020

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgPHJJ03gJU&feature=youtu.be

5 responses to “What are You so Afraid Of? [You Were Born for This] — Max Igan”



  2. The technocrat is the mind of man, chosen by Jefferson and The Enlightenment over Jesus. Instead of following His advice they yearn for freedom, like all criminals. Instead of (their) freedom let us look for the confinement of gov. MSM, police, AI etc. operatives.

  3. When they have taken your guns away from you, take theirs. Guerilla warfare is then all that is left for you. Quiet ambush with a blade, bat, homemade spear. It doesn’t matter what. The man with military skills, the veteran, can place the knife in the kidney, machete to the cervical spine, whatever! Take their weapons and hit them quickly and devastatingly over and over again continuing to take theirs. Ain’t nobody slipping off of this mortal coil alive so go out on your feet, not on your knees.

    Salute to Max Igan. Love that guy!

    Sometimes you have to speak even if you’re only speaking to the choir.

  4. Shutting down dissent on the internet was discussed in Event 2001 last October in their final exercise for the plandemic which they were launching at the same time. They cannot handle the truth or any real free speech.

    Resist with all your got all of their vaccinations!!

  5. After all is said and done. I still fear my mum most of all, and she is long dead. We have the best resistance fighters in the world showing us the way in the ME with the great Hez, SA known as SAA, the Iranians but haughtiness won’t let you fools learn from them.
    Circles you will keep traveling in unless you can get with reality and the times. Idjuts.