Joe Biden’s Mental Deterioration Grows More Obvious

Kelb Hull – Twitter Aug 31, 2020

8 responses to “Joe Biden’s Mental Deterioration Grows More Obvious”

  1. Joe Biden has a long history and in his youth was quite popular
    but like many powerful men was a womaniser and sexual adventurer.
    Joe Biden is a Trojan horse
    Kamala Harris is a NWO apparatchik and is unelectable
    but the plan is to get joe elected then he has to retire and his running mate kanala harris takes over, she is a DLJ which is a facebook code word for a Dirty little Jew
    God help america

  2. This little story is doing the rounds currently in Washington.
    Joe Biden Obama and Hillary Clinton are all on a private plane going to Epsteins pleasure island, when a technical fault means the pilot says they are going to drop into an active volcano.
    QUESTION who gets saved ?

    ANSWER america ha ha

    Not much to report
    a man was fined £1200 for sending a banana across a restaurant to a noisy black man
    while black BLM rioters burnt their way across london and rioted and looted across the UK, with not one arrest.
    The Monthly Heralds investigation said that the numbers of underage and vulnerable British girls raped and in some cases killed in the North of England by Muslim men was in the thousands.
    Why was this allowed to go on for years ?
    Why was Greville Janner allowed to take hundreds of under age boys from Care homes for abuse by him and fellow jews ?
    Why did police not act ?
    We learnt that while UK citizens, e g English Scots and Irish live on the streets, 400 illegal migrants were allowed into the UK in one day to be put up in luxury hotels,
    why is nothing being done.?
    Why have petitions with over 5 milion signatures to stop these people coming here been ignored ?
    Shops in every High St across the UK are closing due to the Corona virus panic
    my own high st now has 14 charity shops, these kill the real shops and pay no rent or rates.
    When a real job was advertised this week it had 1000 applicants.
    NHS figures now show far more foregn nationals in the UK than our own people,
    Enoch Powell warned that we would become second class citizens in our own lnd, he knew the NWO agenda.
    This Corona nonsense has cost the UK one third of its Financial reserves, but that nice Mr Rothschild said he would loan us £100 million to tide us over, just lucky he has that in his back pocket, all at high interest of course.

  4. Bankster jews who run politics clearly want Trump re-elected. Banskers would run a strong electable candidate instead of a senile idiot like Biden if they wanted Trump to lose.

  5. Useful Idiot Warriors unite in their cognitive dissonance. A Harris-Biden administration,
    whether it be with mandatory masks, mandatory vaccination (not of Trump), mandatory gun buybacks by Beto , will NEVER enslave US! They won’t have to.

  6. Its all a joke. The FED-CIA-MOSSAD have already chosen whether Trump or Biden will be the next puppet Prez. All these major elections in these ‘democracies’ are prearranged & fixed by the Jewish Overlords, yet the goy voters believe they have some ‘power’.

  7. See the videos: The always try to hide the top of the flagpoles. A spear meaning under militairy rule(if not martial law) and a phoenix, symbolising the temporal power of the Papacy

  8. This has been painful elder abuse at least for a year.