America the Blight : The Method to the Madness (2020)

Dayz of Noah – Brand New Tube Sept 18, 2020


3 responses to “America the Blight : The Method to the Madness (2020)”

  1. The Jewish media is going mad praising Ruth Ginsburg after her expected croaking.
    “Well they would wouldn’t they”….shes a fellow tribe member.
    Okay….pause for a moment and take a close look at the hideous old ZIO-CRONE….does that face suggest a decent person??….
    Now switch your attention to the politically corrected television programme “CIVILISATIONS” plural….a remake of Kenneth Clark’s CIVILISATION…singular.

    This remake is nothing more than a globalists effort starring the horrible little rancid jew Simon Schama.
    Read between the lines of his commentary and it is nothing more than European civilisation BAD and everything else good.
    Once again look closely at this jew…..he is OBVIOUSLY a nasty specimen….but his commentary is couched very carefully to avoid complaints.
    Needless to say there is a parade of crypto jew experts putting in their penny worth.
    Sorry but you wont be seeing any more Kenneth Clark’s presenting TV documentaries…the BBC has been completely taken over by Jews….the new head of the BBC is a crypto jew.Currently he is fending off questions about the ludicrous pay received by the likes of Lawley,Linker and Ball…..ALL CRYPTO JEWS.

    Look put it this way…when jews took over Russia in 1917….it heralded upheaval and death and it is only now entering normality…BUT the Jews retain their stranglehold over the country.
    This PC stuff is once again Jewish garbage and immigration has the potential to drive European civilisation into the ground…..
    Theyve got their own country now…but you’ll notice they are not going to live there….this too was predicted.Instead the fiends concentrate on stealing wealth from the West to keep the shitty little dump afloat.
    This includes Johnson,Raab,Corbyn,May and Cameron not to mention the one eyed temporary Labour PM Gordon….and Bliar of course….all crypto Jews.
    IS Rees-Mogg a Marrano…..probably.

  2. The goal of A.I. & transhumanism is simply where the mongrel maniac Jews (Gates, Musk, Kurzweil, Brin, Zuckerburg etc) coerce or convince the goy morons to accept being injected with nano/bio tech material so the Jewish Overlords can have total control over their minds/bodies. That’s all its about.

    But that’s what you get, when millions of white Christian-Communist Allied idiots wage a world war (WWII) so these pathological Jews can rule the world.

  3. Old hands at the BBC told new arrivals all about Savile probably in the hope that they would do something. All we got was Frankie Boyle saying the word paedophile a few thousand times. He then focussed his misanthropy on White people for his career, and is as bad a Race traitor and Jew-slave as you can find.