Sweden Parties While We Suck CO2

henrymakow.com — Sept 19, 2020


I asked our Sweden correspondent how his country evaded the #scadmdemic nonsense. He answered that resistance is growing there. The government has neither the credibility nor the means to enforce a lockdown.

By KMG — (henrymakow.com) 

The Swedish alt media has grown too powerful for TPTB and the criminal ghettos are too many and it would be impossible for the feminist Swedish police to enforce any lockdown here and then the whole world would be shocked to see Sweden and perhaps learn from Sweden – so TPTB didn’t dare to touch us at all I believe…
Imagine the other week when Danish (!) people came to a Swedish Muslim ghetto and burned the Koran in Malmo. Reaction from Muslims? “We will enslave the jews…” – the Muslims were singing songs against the jews… It’s true that these Muslims have understood more now than before and they (quite rightfully) blame things on the Swedish crypto jews after the Aschberg (Mossad) murdered Bechir Rabani.
So the situation is complicated here with the masses becoming more and more aware. Alt media channel Swebbtv has exploded in 3 years with 60 K YT subscribers (much more than our fake state television) and very powerful retired CEOs and stars openly supporting their channel  in very high-quality interviews (i.e. former Scania President Leif Ostling)
Youtube tried to shut them down but there were huge protests against the gov’t (also from inside the gov’t according to our sources) so they put it up again – imagine we can really stop the gov’t from shutting down alt-media channels. The socialist prime minister is now waving Swedish flags and complaining at our migrant hordes… Of course, he is trying to escape the coming judgment and trying to recruit nationalist supporters. Classic tactics.


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3 responses to “Sweden Parties While We Suck CO2”

  1. Sweden is fully integrated to globalist/socialist/NWO/EU agenda, with supression of free speech, discrimiation of dissidents etcs

    You should not trust sweden statistics anymore than chinas numbers

    it doesnt matter whether the numbers are good or bad, its from a unreliable source

  2. China and the Jews know that Moslems lower the strength of an advanced society because they cannot contribute much. Jews tell Whites that Blacks and Moslems make our society better, no matter how bad it gets. The dynamics are too complicated to govern because at least five groups compete for power, but we can see that, to Jews, Moslems are just another weapon to use against Whites. China and Israel go ahead with suppressing them.

  3. Swedish gov. may well have decided not to disturb the rape jihad with a lockdown.