Cuties and Useful Idiots

Amazing Polly – YouTube Sept 16, 2020

7 responses to “Cuties and Useful Idiots”

  1. This film is dangerous to our mental health
    Part of the training of health professionals who look after abused children
    are pedo films homo/snuff material and in ckass many were crying or being sick t watching what is done to these kids.
    in the USA 600,000 go missing each year, some are found but many end in caged in israel for pleasuring tourists.
    Jew see nothing wrong in sodomising kids as long as they are not jewish.
    Satanic rites are often employed as told by occult writer Denis Wheatley
    who said when the children were evacuated to the UK country areas in w w 2
    large nmbers of mainly boys were never seen again
    Aleister Crowley and Winston Churchill were both known to use the jewish rites as told in the old testament to sacrifice boys to Satanic gods

  2. The late Michael Aydinian was the author of the great exposure site The coleman experience. Many people with much knowledge and info contributed to the site
    greville Janners visits with Yuri Geller to boys homes were fully documented and may have been behind them dashing back to israel.
    We also learnt of young teenage boys being forced to act as naked waiters at parties run by Vannesa Feltz and Maureen Lipman, with times and photos
    Feltz is as evil as they come and even after exposure kept her job at the BBC.
    Its not all about under age girls by any means, under age boys in this age of homosexuality are as much at risk

  3. Is it just me, or is it getting crazier out there?

  4. Who founded the Porn industry within America.
    Start theyre and then Move forward.
    It makes perfect sense that after WW2 Zionists chose America to thrust theyre ideas on just like they did in Germany.
    Berlin was the Sin capital of the world in 1917 now 100 years later Which country is the Sin capital of the world you Guessed it
    America Beverly Hills, Los Angles. Sin City. Las Vegas.

    Make No Mistake this is a war between Good Vs Evil.

    Imagine what kind of society we would have if we accepted that Pedofiles, Murderers, Rapists, Child kilkers were scrubbed out ASAP and given No opportunity to be rehabilitated.
    Thats whats wrong the bleeding hearts thinkijg they can save just one person out of 1000, in the meantime 999 have been put back into society thus creating a victimization society.

    Society would be very healthy if we just accpeted and lived a life of obedience to God.

    I know with God in my life i dont have to look over my shoulder or worry ab oiut anything.

  5. The veil has been lifted. We now see it all for what it is. It seems the truth has been well and truly hidden and, we have all been knocked side ways.
    I think we have one hell of a fight on our hands.

  6. Destroy your TV and Netflix accounts, TODAY.

  7. Congrats to Truthseeker for putting up a video from Amazing Polly. She produces some good videos, seems on the level, is smart, and presents well.

    Polly appears to be jew-wise but she seldom uses the J word, maybe to avoid being censored by jewtube, paypal, farcebook, jew controlled institutions.

    As Slobadan and ‘no name’ point out, jews created the porn industry, ie Hugh Hefner the father of pornography in the USA. Google “jews created the porn”