Covid Loss of Sense of Taste and Smell Explained

Kevin Boyle – YouTube Sept 18, 2020

Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.

6 responses to “Covid Loss of Sense of Taste and Smell Explained”

  1. Somebody said it earlier. A cold can rob you of your taste and smell and Covid is a cold.

  2. In Turkey they swab your nose and mouth with normal length swabs. Here in the UK and other scam onboard countries use sawbs that reach the very back of the nasal cavity… whats going on here? How does Turkey test using swabs half the length that we use in the UK?

    The next point, Iran, North Korea & many other countries don’t have 5G, so these countries are being targetted with 5G type frequencies? Again, I doubt Iran and North Korea have been subjected to chemtrail spraying like we have in the West.

    I think this idea is a goer, but I think there is much more to it & I think that first level Western countries have been preprotected and this is why they’ve needed to rig the infection and death data.

    I agree with the metals in chemtrails, but why not vacinate & chip the sheeple the same way? If you can put a chip in the needle of a vaccine, then then they are small enough to be in the air, in the water & in the food we eat. It has been reasonable to believe for some time that they have already released nano robots.

    I believe Covid is just the start of a protracted period of time & while we have some good ideas about their multiple agendas, I think it’s too early to go down the rabbit hole this early. Covid is a stone which has been thrown in order to hit many targets. It’s funny that the Daily Fail runs story about strong will nurse who sides with Icke and Piers Corbyn, but the same fake news won’t connect the dots, banking collapse in early 2019, the fact that the US/UK has been destroying the global economy since 2008 & the fact that Brexit is a trade war against the EU… & lets just remember, trade wars always lead to hot wars & Covid is conditioning the sheeple to accept war time controls… WW2 rationing in the UK didn’t end until 1954! All sorts of things could be on the horizon… conscription, food rationing, end of cash, limits on how much you can spend, stealing your (banks) money and draining your pensions… why do you need a pension when they pay you basic income paid on the understanding that your vaccinations are upto data.

    Like some of the contributors on this site who are, or were, until recently, obssesed with one event 20 years ago. Covid is just one small part of their overall aganda, so it is vital not to focus on just one aspect so we miss the entirity of the picture, it takes a lot of pixels to make an image.

  3. We are sprayed with chemicals on a regular basis, about 1 day in 5.

  4. The long Covid testing swabs reach the thinnest bone in the skull, adjacent to the brain and where the olfactory nerves pass through. This bone is about 1mm thin. Many people are sore long after the test. Could this area be stressed or cracked from the pressure of wiping the swab forcefully around back there? Would that open the brain to future infection from unsanitary mucus and phlegm that collects or passes this part of the sinus passages? Why not swab the nasel area with a normal q-tip, or swab the inner cheek, as in taking a dna sample?

  5. Maybe the long swabs have a chip on the end and also the swabs that are pushed down the back of the throat, because their is no need for such an aggressive swabbing . I have read this could be the reason as some have reported having headaches and sore throats long after the swabbing had taken place. Can we ever really trust anything or anyone in the medical profession now. Its all gone so weird and crazy that we are having to look over our shoulder all the time. There are so many arrows flying everywhere that its getting tough to be able to dodge them. Where do we go and what do we do the mass seem to have been hypnotized into accepting all that is being thrown at them. Its all just one big head shaker.

  6. In Trafalgar Square Icke got a lot of people chanting the word “freedom!” which has been the wrong thing all along. As a general principle it is freeing tyrants and criminals as much as anyone else. Words like discipline and service and the restraint of politicians are needed more. Freedom is close to criminality and makes our predatory countries what they have been. Atheistic and Enlightenment thinking are still the big protectors of the predator.