Belgian Medical Profession Demands a Halt to Covid Pandemic Propaganda

Paul Craig Roberts – Sept 18, 2020


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It has been apparent from the beginning that Covid-19 was being used for agendas unrelated to public health.  Big Pharma and its associates—WHO, CDC, NIH—used social media and the presstitutes to control the explanations given to the public and to censor dissenting medical professionals.

More people died from being denied successful and completely safe treatment by hydroxychloroquine, zinc and azithromycin and from ventilators than from the virus itself. Public health and the economy were sacrificed in order to create chaos and fear that would make possible mass vaccination and billions of dollars in profit for Big Pharma.  Democrats and the presstitutes used Covid against Trump by ridiculing his recommendation of the HCQ safe and effective treatment and ridiculing his attempts to reopen the economy, which never needed to be closed.

Read the report from the Belgian medical profession.  Here are some excerpts to whet your appetite:

“There is an affordable, safe and efficient therapy available for those who do show severe symptoms of disease in the form of HCQ (hydroxychloroquine), zinc and AZT (azithromycin). Rapidly applied this therapy leads to recovery and often prevents hospitalisation. Hardly anyone has to die now.

“Survey studies on influenza vaccinations show that in 10 years we have only succeeded three times in developing a vaccine with an efficiency rate of more than 50%. Vaccinating our elderly appears to be inefficient. Over 75 years of age, the efficacy is almost non-existent.38

Due to the continuous natural mutation of viruses, as we also see every year in the case of the influenza virus, a vaccine is at most a temporary solution, which requires new vaccines each time afterwards. An untested vaccine, which is implemented by emergency procedure and for which the manufacturers have already obtained legal immunity from possible harm, raises serious questions. 39 40 We do not wish to use our patients as guinea pigs.

“On a global scale, 700,000 cases of damage or death are expected as a result of the vaccine.41

“If 95% of people experience Covid-19 virtually symptom-free, the risk of exposure to an untested vaccine is irresponsible.

“Over the past few months, newspaper, radio and TV makers seemed to stand almost uncritically behind the panel of experts and the government, where it is precisely the press that should be critical and prevent one-sided governmental communication. This has led to a public communication in our news media that was more like propaganda than objective reporting.

“The official story that a lockdown was necessary, that this was the only possible solution, and that everyone stood behind this lockdown, made it difficult for people with a different view, as well as experts, to express a different opinion.

“Alternative opinions were ignored or ridiculed. We have not seen open debates in the media, where different views could be expressed.

“We were also surprised by the many videos and articles by many scientific experts and authorities, which were and are still being removed from social media. We feel that this does not fit in with a free, democratic constitutional state, all the more so as it leads to tunnel vision. This policy also has a paralysing effect and feeds fear and concern in society. In this context, we reject the intention of censorship of dissidents in the European Union! 43

“As doctors and health professionals, in the face of a virus which, in terms of its harmfulness, mortality and transmissibility, approaches the seasonal influenza, we can only reject these extremely disproportionate measures.

  • We therefore demand an immediate end to all measures.
  • We are questioning the legitimacy of the current advisory experts, who meet behind closed doors.
  • Following on from ACU 2020 46 call for an in-depth examination of the role of the WHO and the possible influence of conflicts of interest in this organisation. It was also at the heart of the fight against the “infodemic”, i.e. the systematic censorship of all dissenting opinions in the media. This is unacceptable for a democratic state governed by the rule of law.43


Paul Craig Roberts is an economist, commentator and former Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury

6 responses to “Belgian Medical Profession Demands a Halt to Covid Pandemic Propaganda”

  1. It is time to pick up guns and arrest the the criminals in office. Take back your birthright. Criminals in charge. Use your constituition for what it worth. This is a fight for life or death you chose.


  3. The psyop planners must be seeing serious credibility cracks appearing in their dam to hold the truth. This will be like a bomb going off right in the heart of the EU. The IMF and the World bank will no doubt be showering more dollars on the media and our governments to discredit this information and to enforce compliance to their social isolation and economic destruction protocols.

    The hand of both these banks has been exposed. We know about their billions in bribe money offered to Belarus to impose all of the restrictions which was rejected by Lukashenko, and now it is coming out that the same cartel actually successfully bribed numerous nations which accepted the money. Italy was one of the first nations to accept their big money, then a host of third world nations. Most of our “first world” nations with “sounder” or more solvent banking systems were simply given the license to follow the US Fed and print gobs of money out of nothing.

    This is further proof of what a number of us have been saying since March that it is only the international banking cartel which could possibly have the sway for so many nations, many of them at each others’ throats, to cooperate in “lockstep” with the 2010 Rockefeller Coronvirus pandemic scam. No other international body, not even the UN, would have such sway or the power. That power simply hinges on the ability to create money out of nothing through the vast network of central banks which are overseen and controlled by the cartel, and not by our governments as we think. In fact the cartel by virtue of control over finances and currencies control our governments and all of the major political parties pretty well everywhere, and that is exactly the reason why we are not seeing any official opposition political party anywhere challenging the government Covid repressive measures. As for the UN, he UN Agendas and the World Economic Forum and their Great Reset – same story. These organizations and their aims are mostly funded and controlled by the same cartel.

    These facts should reveal something else about the actual purpose of all of the restrictions to usher in the UN Agenda goals and the Great Reset. Because of the deliberate efforts of this cartel over the years to weaken the stronger nations economically and to make them debtor nations, and their deliberate attempts since starting the pandemic to totally scuttle our economies, the primary goal of the cartel is global economic hegemony with centralized, technological control of world currencies, trade and our economies. The “leveling” they are planning in 2021 will surely cause great upheaval and that is the main reason for the present isolation and control measures being run out now under the cover of the pandemic.

  4. “Paul Craig Roberts is a former Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury”

    The US Treasury is one of the 2 evil twins through which bankster jews create US dollars from nothing, the other evil twin being the Federal Reserve Bank.

    PCR’s affiliation with the US Treasury helps explain why he avoids the J word. PCR had to be a jewish controlled puppet to be allowed among the big wigs of the US Treasury.

  5. The balance of Title 42 section 1981 of the Civil Rights Code states “citizens shall be subject to like punishment, pains, penalties, taxes, licences, and extractions of every kind”
    Now how do not voluntary gain and benefit allowing the Crown to say you did it on your own without them?
    Also remember please for the love of life, A deed warranty doesn’t exceed a land patent it cannot stand against it. Tort Law governs grievances where no contract law is in effect and you’re contracted as a franchise while have status of a corporation but you cannot be involved in the loss of another corporation under the balance of Title.
    The bill of rights is viewed by the Crown as a “Bill of Benefits” conferred to us by them in anticipation of reciprocity.
    Everything here is the means for freedom(stealing from the Crown) but you have to work out what’s worth stealing. Good luck.

  6. Please remember the declaration of independence was signed has no Lawful effect when both parties who signed it were agents of the Crown making it an internal memo circulating among members of the Crown.