Poof! The Portland Riots Just Stopped. Why?

Victoria Taft – PJ Media Sept 15, 2020

Have Portland’s Professional Protesters™ been smoked out? Since May 29th, Portland has been the back drop of more than 100 nights of antifa, anarchist and Black Lives Matter, Inc™ terroristic riots. They set fires, looted, and intimidated people by threatening to burn them alive in their homes.

But after the millions of dollars of destruction, criminality and thuggery it stopped last week. Poof!


I certainly don’t want to tempt these thugs, but it can’t go without saying that Portland’s 100 plus days of riots appeared to end after Wednesday, September 9th.

That was the last time the Portland Police Bureau warned about protests.

The usual live-streamers decamped to other riots and fires.

By September 10th, the overworked cops from Portland Police Bureau were offered out to assist other agencies. Suddenly, instead of being required to work the riots lines, they were free.


On September 7th to the morning of the 8th, the Pacific Northwest experienced a major “wind event.” Winds gusted through Oregon and Washington at more than 60 miles per hour. Fires that had been allowed to crackle along, such as the Beachie fire, flared up. Power lines were downed. The fires kicked up.

And then came the reports. Clackamas County Sheriff’s officials reported that people had seen antifa protester types reportedly stashing gas cans, looting, and looking ridiculously out of place. They were taking pictures and giving locals grief for trying to keep them out of closed neighborhoods. Locals wondered if there was a connection between the fires and the sightings of these folks.

BLM was seen there. The original BLM, the Bureau of Land Management, not the group that borrowed the acronym.

And just as suddenly, such sightings and reports were dismissed as rumors and lies. Myriad law enforcement agencies begged people to stop sharing such stories, as I reported on PJMedia.

I reached out to the Portland Police Bureau for a comment on the lag in riots, but didn’t receive a reply before publication.

Riot-weary Oregonians aren’t necessarily mollified by the concerted effort to shut down these reports. Until last Wednesday night, they’d seen the antifa rioters and arsonists in action on the news every night in Portland. And now some of them swore they saw those people in Estacada, Sandy, Molalla and other parts of the burning Clackamas County.

Indeed, documents from the Department of Homeland Security show that whatever antifa rioters are doing, they’re doing in concert, organizing with other like-minded people.

The internal document leaked yesterday from the Department of Homeland Security reads:

According to this @DHSgov internal email, obtained @CBSNews, former Acting Under Secretary for Intelligence & Analysis Brian Murphy wrote colleagues on July 25th that the Portland violence was not “opportunistic” but “organized” citing “Anarchists or Antifa”

We can’t say any longer that this violent situation is opportunistic. Additionally, we have overwhelmingly(sic) intelligence regarding the ideologies driving individuals toward violence + why the violence has continued.

A core set of Threat actors are organized and show up night after night, and share common TTPs (Tactics, Techniques and Procedures).. Threat actors who are motivated by Anarchists or ANTIFA (or a combination of both) ideologies to carry out acts of violence against State, Local and Federal authorities..”

They’re organized, share the same tactics and talk to each other. Why are they so quiet right now?

Oregonians might well wonder that these “threat actors” are doing their arsons in the tinder dry woodlands of the state instead of nearby downtown Portland.

The riots have stopped. Did they go to San Francisco or Lancaster, Pennsylvania to raise hell? Did they stop because of the smokey skies and air quality numbers that are off the charts? It seems unlikely that a group that spawned a murderer, multiple arsonists and police assaulters would be dissuaded by smoky quality air. Is it because the media are busy covering the wildfires and there’s nothing in rioting for the terrorists? Or is it because of something else?

The riots are over for now. Why?

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9 responses to “Poof! The Portland Riots Just Stopped. Why?”

  1. Well, I did speculate that these riots/protests would just end. I did say by mid October, but all the same, this social unrest is helping Trump, and the DNC/deep state do not want a delayed election… so we move from one planned phase to another. And sure, there is still shed loads of potential trouble ahead with the election, the results and the deep state reaction to the result & what actions Trump is willing to enact. Just as Russia is difficult to invade and HOLD, due to the terrible Winter weather, the US also has pretty bad Winters which are not conducive to social unrest and revolution. But this is not to say that non of this is possible.

  2. Its stopping because several black religious leaders say they realised they were being used
    by jews.
    Goerge Soros and Sheldon Adelson are the main players in exploiting black people
    Many jews are sudenly getting out on New York as the black gangs with support from white communists and homosexual groups discuss attacks on Jewish owned businesses and homes.

  3. I think this is important. Why a lock down code red alert on 18 sept. in Europe and what has Israel to do with Western Europe? Also, since these riots seem to stop all of a sudden in Portland and here a lock down is planned, will there be an announcement, as this source suggest, by a group of astronomerss, is some sort of event expected? Do they want everybody at home at some point?

  4. They are not needed in the forests to start fires.

  5. And still this anarchist-Antifa terrorist group of dysgenic scum is not classified as a ‘terrorist group’ by Trump or the State, even though many smaller obscure ‘fascist/white nationalist’ groups are…That’s because Trump & Antifa are directed by the same Jewish Overlords.

  6. Thanks everyone for your comments and insights.
    Here is another possible reason the in-city fires either “stopped”, or are way down: Now, instead of later, the insurance companies are not going to be able to continue insurance payouts. The jig is up, perhaps? It always gets down to the money.
    It wasn’t too long ago I read how one of the “protest leaders” in Chicago was blatting on about how stores and shop owners would be covered by their insurance for all the damage that was being done….ooops!–kind of let the secret out of the bag, eh?

  7. They are “now” needed in the forests to start fires.

  8. It seems the (((vermin))) creating all this mayhem can only concentrate on one thing at a time. Here in the uk, they were alternating between the “global warming” scam and terrorist attacks by fake “vegans”, with an occasional “moslem terrorist” incident, and suddenly everything stopped and was replaced by 100% fear mongering over a “virus” which DOESN’T EXIST.

  9. It was all a training exercise for the planned election riots. Stock up on the necessities folks it’s not going to be pretty.