COVID 19- The Motive for a Monumental Scam — Sept 16, 2020

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“How can we explain that nearly every so-called sovereign country – most claiming to be democracies – obeyed the command to lock down the entire country at the drop of a word from an international health agency… Without consulting its own population or making its own research and deliberations about the tremendous long-term consequences and mind-blowing costs that they are causing. Is that proof that we already have a covert world government, and WE THE PEOPLE haven´t even noticed it?”

What the Covid-19 Agenda is Designed to Achieve

By Jens Jerndal, ex Diplomat — (abridged by

We now know that in some countries, especially Italy and America, the health authorities have ordered doctors and hospitals to declare Covid-19 to be the cause of death of patients, even if it was obvious that they died from another cause.
It’s important to understand that the tests used are simple Antibody or PCR tests with an acknowledged error margin of up to 80%. The test will react to a previous, overcome infection with Covid-19, and it will also react to many infectious agents other than the Covid-19 virus. In other words, the tests are useless for identifying Covid-19 from other similar infections.
In the US, hospitals and physicians have even been paid large amounts of money for just writing Covid-19 on the death certificate. And yet, even with this documented massive over-reporting, the actual death figures this year for all causes have turned out to be within the same low range as most previous annual flu seasons, when no panic was created, and no lockdown, nor any other disruptive measures were undertaken.
Do you really believe those who ordered the world closed down, did it to postpone the death of a few very old and very sick people for a matter of months or even years? – As if they could care less! -They want most of us dead anyway. And the fact is that the lockdown is causing far more deaths than the virus ever could. Now you see it, now you don´t. It’s called “sleight of hand” – or simply deceit!


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  1. Kevin Boyle:

    “It’s important to understand that the tests used are simple Antibody or PCR tests with an acknowledged error margin of up to 80%. The test will react to a previous, overcome infection with Covid-19, and it will also react to many infectious agents other than the Covid-19 virus. In other words, the tests are useless for identifying Covid-19 from other similar infections.”

    This article has jumped the gun in many ways.

    Sure, there is a NWO deep state agenda, but, & its a very big BUT, China did not seek or play any role that would damage, destroy its masive export markets.

    Russia did not seek to weaken its oil and gas markets by reducing demand when the prices were already very low. The Russians (Putin) have ZERO interest in damaging their population in any way shape or form… Putin has made great efforts to increase the birth rate and has even offered FREE land to immigrants (many Ukrainian), providing they farm the land for 5 years.

    The EU did not seek to devestate two of its largest member states who have fundamentally weak economies… even though deep state players fudged the infection rates and attributed normal deaths as Covid deaths.

    The US under Trump did not want Covid during election year… sure, the deep state, NGOs, big pharma and the hospitals love Covid and the risks it poses for Trump… remember, Trump doesn’t agree with the inflated cost of medications.

    It is my belief that most Western countries were pre-protected from Covid… this explains why the UK regime doesn’t want widespread testing, because it now appears that Covid, or some form of the Covid bioweapon has been around for a very long time. So they don’t want this to be a major known factor. Given the fact that Brexit, in a stand alone context, is a massive disaster… no comprehensive EU trade deal, no deal from China & under Trump, no decent trade deal… maybe no decent trade deal under the Democrats given the power of the US Irish lobby. Then we have the Covid timing…. the crashing banking system in early 2019 that led to the US Fed pumping $100 billion into the banks EVERY MONTH! Remember, there are no borders or checkpoints in the world of finance, so the City crime cartels are just as at risk. When you look at the timing, motives and risks from the bonkers Brexit strategy, just so the UK corrupt elite could keep their off shore banking & trust system, & avoid new EU tax system, it is easy to see why MI6 would use the Porton Down made Covid bioweapon to degrade the global trading system so the UK would have better post Brexit position & lets keep in mind that the UK and US have been destroying the global trading systems since 2008, with currency wars, illegal sanctions and trade wars… Brexit is a trade war with the EU.

    I believe Covid in China, Iran and many other parts of the world was real, in the sense that these countries were not pre-protected during the first wave. Early on in the crisis we were fake news messaged that Covid was stable and only made slight mutations… now the narrative is that Covid is mutating fast & the mutations are bigger. Is this true, or are we seeing slightly different releases of the Covid bioweapon?

    The next bif of evidence that Covid is a bioweapon made in Porton Down, is the fact that Russia has two cures for Covid & while they are still being tested, Putin has said these cures have been give to many people, including his own family members and they are safe. Now, I know the Russians are a clever people, but how did they achieve this so quickly? There is only one logical answer to this question. The Russians have a mole in Porton Down & maybe Fort Detrick. Not only did the Russians have the Covid design (remember, the Russians would just have this as intelligence, it would take time to connect the dots & not many in Russia would know the details) and they would have the cures ( I don’t want to called them vaccinations), because Porton Down wouldn’t develope a bioweapon without antidotes.

    Massive significance in this Russian revelation, but the best the West can say is that they are skeptical. Many countries have ordered the Russian cures. But the question remains, if the Covid bioweapon mutatates by design, or do the just release more leathal virsions of the Covid bioweapon? If Covid runs for 2/3 years, what follows? How many more bioweapons?

    So if we go back in time, Israel & apartheid South Africa were working on genetically selective biological weapons and not that long ago Putin was furious that US military was caught collecting Russian DNA. About 24 years ago (from memory), the BBC Today ‘show’ had a UK professor demanding an international treaty to regilate biological weapons & speciffically genetically selective weapons. This professor said that about 9 countries & nine corporations were working on this type of weapons research… 24 years ago! After 9/11, the deep state using the fake news mesaged the sheeple for weeks, months, that the ‘terrorists’ could have biological weapons… not only that, but these terrorist labs could be set up in a flat for next to no money and wait for it…. a MEDIOCRE student would have no trouble making a deadly biological agent….

    …. in 2002/3, we had SARS, this (so say) virus, which some researchers admitted they could not isolate, infected only Asians. There were two inceidences out side of Asia. Two Chinese airhosteses went ill in Sydney, they recovered and no one on the plane caught the bioweapon. About 14/15 Asian medical workers who all worked at the same Canadian hospital went ill, all recovered. The Moscow-Beijing railway didn’t close, no infections in Russia, despite genetic crossover.

    We could list H5N1, MERS, new EBOLA, & Swine flu (not a full list) as all having man made origins, as in, designed in the lab… by very clever people, mediocre not required.

    Are they planning to substantially cull the sheeple population? Probably, but over a 20 year period. This won’t be an across the board cull. No, this will be age related, but more specifically, eugenics will be the overiding background. I would suggest they want the best sheeple to be intergated with AI. These lockdowns are providing vast data sets on the required numbers to keep things together. Such as power systems, nuclear stations, military & support industries, medical care for those that deserve it… call 111 if you think you’re having a heart attack so you can book an appointment. lol lol This policy alone should have people hanging the elite, but resistance is zero.

  2. Here in Western Europe, supposedly sovereign nations are ALL planning to restrict travel from 18 september onwards. The last week all of a sudden “contaminations” are on the rise. One source mentions: “Europe and Israel(?) seem suddenly nervous about Sep. 18, needing to go into a second draconian lockdown by that date.”

    If there is a rise in contaminations why wait till Sept. 18?

    The source also mentions Israel(?) is planning to declare the whole country a “red zone” limiting peoples movements to a 500m. radius from home, closing all businesses. Also set to effect 18 sept. at 6am local time. (What has Israel to do with W. Europe?)
    The source mentions that an international group of astronomers has decided to educate the public about an coming event before panic can set in. (It was in the planning but they decided to preempt the date). It states ” It is being used to control the populace for the panic that the establishment fears is coming when the public becomes aware of Nibiru”
    Just thought i mention it here.

  3. Take away the printing of fraudulent money from the franchisees.
    End fractional reserve banking.
    Return to god-based money.
    Indict criminals regardless of putative race.
    Jail/execute where appropriate.
    No passes for contrived or for past victim hood- perhaps our greatest problem.
    Equality of treatment and access, not outcome.
    Acknowledge that the judges and courts are mostly corrupted.
    Return to the tenets of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
    Acknowledge the complete corruption of the medical establishment and institutions.
    Obliterate the mainstream media.
    Allow freedom of choice and complete freedom of expression.
    Allow competition.
    Break up the Tech Companies.
    Sue the fraudulent into submission.
    Acknowledge/teach that wealth is created from only three activities- making things, growing things or pulling things out of the ground or from the sun.
    For a start.

  4. This is nothing new, since 1945 the Jewish Overlords have overtly/covertly controlled all ‘nations’ of the world.

  5. Here’s a list of the USG financial support given out for each COVID-19 patient:
    Alabama $158,000 Alaska $306,000 Arizona $23,000 Arkansas $285,000 California $145,000 Colorado $58,000 Connecticut $38,000 Delaware $127,000 District of Columbia $56,000 Florida $132,000 Georgia $73,000 Hawaii $301,000 Idaho $100,000 Illinois $73,000 Indiana $105,000 Iowa $235,000 Kansas $291,000 Kentucky $297,000 Louisiana $26,000 Maine $260,000 Maryland $120,000 Massachusetts $44,000 Michigan $44,000 Minnesota $380,000 Mississippi $166,000 Missouri $175,000 Montana $315,000 Nebraska $379,000 Nevada $98,000 New Hampshire $201,000 New Jersey $18,000 New Mexico $171,000 New York $12,000 North Carolina $252,000 North Dakota $339,000 Ohio $180,000 Oklahoma $291,000 Oregon $220,000 Pennsylvania $68,000 Rhode Island $52,000 South Carolina $186,000 South Dakota $241,000 Tennessee $166,000 Texas $184,000 Utah $94,000 Vermont $87,000 Virginia $201,000 Washington $58,000 WEST VIRGINIA $471,000 Wisconsin $163,000 Wyoming $278,000.
    Excellent financial incentive to gin up the Covid numbers!