Holocaust Survey Among Younger Americans: Shock Findings

Introduction – Sept 16, 2020

Plaques commemorating Auschwitz deaths: before and after the total number of deaths were amended. Click to enlarge

It seems that Schindler’s List and countless movies and TV dramas about Jewish suffering during WWII have failed.
Younger Americans don’t seem entirely convinced by Hollywood’s attempts to persuade them about the primacy of Jewish torment.
Of course that is not to say that the Nazis didn’t kill hundreds of thousands and maybe even millions of Jews. It just didn’t happen the way the Holocaust Industry would have us believe.
This will undoubtedly dishearten many hardcore Zionist but they have only themselves to blame. They have been so relentless in portraying their version of events, even criminalizing and imprisoning those who dare question their version of history, that they may have to rethink their strategy.
And if they do and they embark on renewed efforts to convince us that six million Jews really did die in gas chambers they may find their arguments fall on deaf ears. Indeed they may  encounter cynicism and even outright hostility.
For many younger people the Holocaust is already ancient history; a distant episode that is fading in comparison to subsequent Holocausts in Cambodia, in Rwanda, in northern Iraq and in contrast to the ongoing slaughter in Palestine. Ed.

First-Ever 50-State Survey on Holocaust Knowledge of American Millennials and Gen Z Reveals Shocking Results

Disturbing Findings Reveal Significant Number Of Millennials and Gen Z Can’t Name A Single Concentration Camp Or Ghetto, Believe That Two Million Or Fewer Jews Were Killed And A Concerning Percentage Believe That Jews Caused The Holocaust

Claims Conference – Sept 16, 2020

Gideon Taylor, President of the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany (Claims Conference), today announced the release of the U.S. Millennial Holocaust Knowledge and Awareness Survey, the first-ever 50-state survey on Holocaust knowledge among Millennials and Gen Z. The surprising state-by-state results highlight a worrying lack of basic Holocaust knowledge, a growing problem as fewer and fewer Holocaust survivors – eyewitnesses to a state-sponsored genocide – are alive to share the lessons of the Holocaust.

Nationally, there is a clear lack of awareness of key historical facts; 63 percent of all national survey respondents do not know that six million Jews were murdered and 36 percent thought that “two million or fewer Jews” were killed during the Holocaust. Additionally, although there were more than 40,000 camps and ghettos in Europe during the Holocaust, 48 percent of national survey respondents cannot name a single one.

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24 responses to “Holocaust Survey Among Younger Americans: Shock Findings”

  1. Freedom of information requests have revealed that 4 and a half million jews
    emigrated to the USA during the whole w w 2 period.
    This has been a national secret and these folk were included in previous counts of missing jews.
    Dont forget what jews did to Germany, we are starting to witness this now in the USA
    jewish bankers starved German folk, they forced the german people to take action.
    A recent survey by Cambridge magazine on the Holocaust shows 82% of intellectuals did not beleive the official story
    Dr David Cohen has said many times that the Holocuast wasa hoax but at that time jews felt they needed to do the hoax

  2. Of course its a hoax,
    the shrunken heads as table ornaments
    the human skin as chair backs lampshades and wallets for SS men
    human fat being used to lubricate the Berlin tram system
    jewish bones being ground down for dog food its all bullshit.
    Th Germans were excellent keepers of records
    there are no records on any of this a sit did not happen.
    watch Graham harts hoax train here

  3. I don’t believe they wanted the Holocaust narrative to be assimulated 100% by all the sheeple. We all know the sun will rise tommorow, so theres no ground for friction, you can’t achieve any objective usung a debate as to whether this sun will rise tommorow. It is vital that all contentious issues remain contentious & most contentious issues are framed to be so. I think Jews & Zionists will be very happy with these finding. More Holocaust industry funding, more bullpoo fake news stories, & the BBC Today ‘show’ will double the number of Hollocaust guests & stories. The Holocaust is dead, long live the Holocaust… not my personal position.

  4. As David Irving stated, it takes approx 35 to 50 kilograms of coke to incinerate a body. The British had high definition photo’s of all the camps and none show massive piles of coke.
    Bletchley Park who were aware of all camp correspondence, not once came across any info regarding deaths other than was normal!

  5. When that Khan chap became London mayor we all breathed a sigh of relief that he was nota jew
    but the first thing h did when he became mayor wa go and pay homage at a holocaust memorial
    he wanted a huge meororial beside the thames but the outcry was vast and some SAS guys said they would blow it up so the plan was dropped

  6. How can people believe it when even jews now are saying it never happened.
    where are the bodies ?
    Extensive searches have revealed only the remains of a large dog.
    Prime Minister Harold Macmillan said ” of course there will be no bodies found, as the devil took them straight to hell”
    about right if you ask me

  7. It is sad to me, as an American, that so many FOOLS over the decades since the end of WWII, have believed in the HoloHOAX. The Holocaust is a HUGE LIE. The number of Jews who died in the German labor camps in Europe during WWII is about 271,000 according to the IRC. Remember the Jew lies of shrunken heads and lampshades being made from JEWS?? Scientific analysis proved these items were not made from humans.
    The lies of Jews have destroyed America, from the deliberate and repeated attacks on the USS Liberty to Jews doing 911. And, today, the JEW Federal Reserve has totally destroyed the middle class in America, while NYC JEWS have gathered billions and hundreds of millions of dollars. So, if you believe the holocaust is real, you deserve the harsh and cruel fate the JEWS have arranged for you. By the way, the diary of
    Ann Frank is a lie too. Otto Frank arranged for a JEW man to write it.

  8. Jews are obsessed with playing the victim card, portraying their victims as aggressors and themselves as victims, while committing so-called anti-semitic acts at the same time they falsely accuse their victims of doing it.

    The Jew Michael Kadar is just one example of many. Jussie Smollett who became infamous for his fake racism scam has a Jewish father. Jews portray themselves as victims while they victimize those they falsely accuse of anti-semitism, racism, hate, and so on.

    Any holocaust acts of anti-semitism were committed by Jews themselves. Bankster agents and handlers used anti-semitism in WW2 as a way to scare Jews into leaving Europe for Palestine to create the Jewish state Israel. Bankster Jews explicitly documented their need for anti-semitic acts in their Protocols of Zion long before the myth of the holocaust –

    Lasha Darkmoon has a relevant article at this link –

  9. Jews are the only people who want to be the deadest as well as the richest.

  10. The jews brought imprisonment upon the,selves
    They knew that working against the Germ,an government would get them locked up
    Also when hitler brought in child and animal protection laws,
    many jews were homosexuals, that is they preyed on young men and boys
    so they wet into the camps.
    But many jews supported germany a lot even went into the armed services. when the world was threatening Germany.

  11. With all the child abusers we have now walking the streets
    i wish we could adopt Hitlers methods of locking them up
    so many parents take their kids to school until they leave at 15 years of age
    and worry continually for their safety, this did not happen in Germany

  12. ‘Holocaust Education
    A consistent bright spot across all the survey findings is the desire for Holocaust education. 64 percent of all U.S. Millennials and Gen Z believe that Holocaust education should be compulsory in school.
    80 percent of all respondents believe that it is important to continue teaching about the Holocaust, in part, so that it does not happen again.’

    This claim is an outright lie!

  13. “Young Americans, young Americans, she was the young American…” who might also believe that two planes literally pulverized three skyscrapers. Should you venture into online Holocaust debates you’ll need an encyclopedic knowledge of documents, dates, times, arrivals, departures, etc. And it’s nauseating discussing these phantoms from the past. It will remain written in stone, and within the books of law within certain countries.

  14. There were not even 6 million of the FILTH in the whole of Europe in 1940. And there were more juden in Germany after the war than before it !
    Go and look at Red Cross Figures !

    It’s all FILTH LIES !

  15. “The technique of infamy is to invent two lies, and then get people to fight over which one is true” – Ezra Pound.

    I believe that that is what we are dealing with here, and that David Irving gets it right when he says that about 3 million jews were killed.

    Most likely, those would be in the main sincerely religious, peaceful, honest jews – whom the non-sincere element regards as competition and tools.

  16. Too bad it wasn’t true.

  17. Census figures show that there were more Jews after WW2 than before WW2. The Jewish population didn’t drop by 6 million plus. Instead the jewish population increased.

  18. As with COVID no Jew could die in WW2 without it counting as a Hollocks death–93 year olds and alcoholics and non-Jews were counted, and those who fled. Ungrateful Jews protected by flea powder rebrand it as a means of massacre of themselves, and evacuation to safety as a ticket to death. As usual East Europeans were the workers and Jews the bosses. Auschwitz had been a base for Jews to pimp European girls before the war. It is all satanic reversal.

  19. I think there’s a sense of being hoisted by one’s petard about all of this. The interest group that has promoted all of this relies on a minimal level of educational literacy to spread and enforce the lie. When that same interest group willfully zombifies a population, that minimal level of literacy of required to preserve the lie can’t be met.

    And that’s what I can’t understand about the NWO. Civilisation has, through iterative investigative processes, improved the understanding of the world we live in by experiment. It has improved our living conditions informing the engineers and builders who make life more differentiated than lives experienced by the beasts of the field.

    Yet, not only do we have lies about history, but lies about the present. These lies are based on what the political powers must know are often outdated paradigms. Paradigms however – just like organised religion – that carry with them preferred political causes and outcomes. Truth is not circumscribed by reason but circumcised for the benefit of outcomes.

    But, the problem is, ALL PEOPLE benefit from the old fashioned notion of progress. The global governance lot can’t know how well off they would be in their entirety if the human race was unleashed in order to pursue truthful science and engineering. If you have a group of people whose sole purpose is to take control by lies what can be the outcome?

    THEY have enough money to enjoy life, but what they seek is pure (transitory) power. They are complete psychopaths and spiritual dunces.

  20. From reading the numerous responses above it’s clear the Holocau$t hoax is falling apart and deservedly so. The Jews did far more harm to Germany and indeed the world from being partly responsible for instigating two world wars, Hoaxes of WW2, the USS Liberty, 9/11, Cultural Marxist brainwashing, convincing countries to let in 3rd world invaders, on and on, it never ends.

  21. The self absorbed spoiled snowflakes don’t care about other people’s past, they only care about themselves.

    Pity the poor Jews, they have caused so much harm to the world, and caused so much suffering that people simply don’t care about their fake suffering in the work camps.

    Suffering people don’t dwell on some groups past suffering, so the Holocaust propaganda campaign is failing, Abe Foxman is crying crocodile tears, Oh vey, the Goyim are not beeleeving our Jew lies anymore, vaat are we do to do?

  22. @waw

    You are correct about Otto Frank. He was sued in a New York court by a jew writer called Meyer Levin because Frank did not pay him for writing the book. Also, dont forget part of the book was written in ball point pen, which were only invented after the war.
    Shameless is the jew.

  23. The world recognised top expert on the Bollocaust is David Irving
    dont forget contant threats to kill him meant nothing to Davd, but when they said they would get his daughter and she would get what the jews did to Lindbergs daughter, he gave in and then said yes many jews did die in the wartime camps.
    Kapows or those who minded the prisoners in the work camps were jews themselves and some of these trustees were vicious, you dont hear abut that do you ?

  24. repeat a lie often enough and people will start to believe it.