‘Australians must know the truth – this virus is not a pandemic’: Alan Jones

Alan Jones – YouTube Sept 16, 2020

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  1. Not just the Australian people who should know and be allowed to speak the truth but the whole world. This Draconian Zionist attempt at global control by heir devious methods must be exposed and destroyed . This trial run imposed on the Australian people will fail and fail miserably, if the government of Australia chose to use their national police service to force these measures upon their own people then the Australian army should carry out its sworn duties to protect their country and its people’s against those who wish to force unacceptable levels of democracy upon its citizens. Come on you diggers , come be the men your father’s were, you have every right to fight for justice and your lawful right to remove a bad government. Up the Diggers.

  2. Is it possible that Sky Australia is slightly more honest than Sky UK?
    Is Jones pushing the envelope?

    I want the vulture capitalist, satanic scum to forget about their vaccine.

  3. Dr Sanjeev Sabhlok is a very principled and courageous man.

    The Australian Government is obeying orders from “above” . It just shows how much power the international elite have over the countries of the world. Pratt Hand-cock is also a mindless puppet.
    I remember Paul Burrell (one-time butler to Princess Diana) saying that the Queen once said to him “there are powers of which you and I know little”. I always wondered what she meant by this. Now I know.

  4. @John

    Here’s a quote from Benjamin Disraeli who was very close to someone called Rothschild.
    “Governments do not govern but merely control the machinery of government for the hidden hand, which is the real ruler.”

    I’ll leave it to you to determine who the hidden hand really is.

  5. As an Australian, nothing the government does makes an sense. The borders are closed, yet 4,000 a week fly in from overseas. The state borders are closed, yet permits to cross borders are obtained on line, no doctors or tests. Footballers can travel between states but pregnant women needing medical help can’t. We can have a protest, but only a few people to visit homes. One could go on about the inconsistences forever. This is NOT about the virus, it is about scaring or forcing people to accept the vaccine.
    So you have to say the job losses, bankruptcies, destruction of overseas tourism, overseas students, removal of backpacker labour, destruction of super funds, to name a few are planned. Yes this destruction is planned. But what is still to happen under the plan?

  6. @Jones
    Nice to hear some opposition mounting, but it still sounds like someone pushing the envelope. Dr. Sabhlok must have a great deal of integrity to go against his government at this time of extreme repression, but one does not have to be an expert in anything to see very clearly that the oppressive measures are there for reasons than protecting the people from any real risk from the virus.

    What is needed are true whistle blowers to confirm what the archives of this site have confirmed, which is that the entire pandemic has been planned over many years to engineer top-down global controls of our lives. Anybody out there with a shred of decency who is privy to the ruling elite forcing our governments to take such measures ought to simply spill the beans and expose the actual reasons. It is better to let the people weigh the pros and cons even if half should go one way and the other half the other, rather than to lose the trust of the entire race forever.

    Right now the leading suspects behind the entire global charade are all the backers of the World Economic Forum in their current launching of the “Great Reset” promising to give us a “greener, smarter and fairer” world, which apparently requires all of the economic shutdowns and social control measures for the resets. According to their announcements over the past year, this Great Resent is simply the carrying out of UN Agenda 21/2030. Then we have the undeniable fact of the 2010 Rockefeller Foundation documents providing a blueprint for the exact same Corona virus pandemic lockstep shutdowns in order to usher in the same UN Agenda goals.

    Notice how obvious the connections are with these facts and the present pandemic and how obvious it is that none of the government measures are justified for the alleged threat of the virus. We have to ask if the human race is really that dishonest, stupid and insane not to see us and to let this go on. Perhaps those who are honest, intelligent and sane in positions of authority have given up on the rest of us or are just too frightened to speak out.

    All the nations participating in the Covid psyop are signatories to UN Agenda 21 in 1992 and then also to the first-stage goals in 2015 called “Agenda 2030”. Where all such nations can agree to cooperate to eliminate starvation and abject poverty, and some of the other humanitarian goals of the these UN aims, nowhere is it written or found in any of the UN documents that our representatives to these UN conferences have agreed to a “Great Deception” or a “Great Oppression” to bring about any of the planned Great Resets. Obviously, all of the elites, all of our governments, are locked into a very “Hidden Agenda” to Reset things in ways to which we the unwashed, unconnected, and unimportant people of Planet Earth would not likely freely give our consent if the beans were freely spread around for us to peruse.

    The UN goals are replete with references to justice and equality. So where has there every been any justice in the world without access to the truth? And as for equality, that is clearly not something to be shared with us as far as the elites are concerned. Rather that appears now to be very much like it is something to be imposed on us most likely by economic leveling, mass migration on a global scale, and gender rendering. We never agreed to any of this stuff. Nor did we agree or get a say on the “greener” aspects of their plans which we find now entirely rest on the laurels of about 30 years of fake science telling us we were headed to extinction by man-made, global warming. And as for a “smarter” world, what do we find but universal compliance by our governments to place all of us in an electronic technocracy to completely track and control everything we think, say and do. That is the New World Order formula for justice, equality, and freedom.

    All of our governments and political leaders in the know being instruments of this top-down grid, for very obvious reasons are unable to blow the whistle and expose the true reasons for the Covid measures, which we know have nothing to with the virus except for its being a pretext for our complete subjugation. Obviously, they must fear that either the people would lynch them for their participation and perpetuation of the massive deceptions, fear mongering, and harms, or they fear they and their loved ones just may disappear if they betrayed their true masters. Their fears are clearly forcing them to double down in carrying out faithfully each step of their Gates, Ford, Rockefeller Foundation, and international banking cartel Orders.

    Hence, non-compliance and insurrection remain the only refuge “we the people” will have from the ramped up tyranny of this New World Order, which coincidentally happens to be made up from the same families and organizations who have been running the Old World Order, pursuant to:
    – their unchanging adherence to the unjust and oppressive principle of might makes
    – their continued utilization of heinous and sociopathic methods of mass fear and
    deception to attain their ends,
    – their unchecked creation of monopolies and cartels to for hegemonic control over
    resources and industries, and
    – their flagrant making of money out of nothing and directing it further to their exclusive

  7. End all this Corona-madness with one word: SWEDEN…
    Sweden starts @ 53:30
    SkyNews deabte with Sweden’s Health Minister @ 59:07
    Orignal Highwire Episode 159 April 16: