A 350 Ton Bomb destroyed the WTC • Netanyahu on NBC, 09/13/2001; Silverstein gets all the money

YouTube – Sept 16, 2020

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  1. there is nothing lower than Netanyahu that crawls on this Earth, he has fooled Nobody.

  2. “Money doesn’t talk, it swears.” — Bob Dylan, 1964

    Neither Ben nor Larry cares about the 3000+ dead or the fact more are still dying from the residue and the wars this event started. Nope. It’s about the loot.

    Worse yet is the fact that large number of people never believed the official story including tons of experts in steel, explosives, demolitions, architecture, and so on. No matter what they say nothing can change. Large numbers of New York citizens know it’s all a lie too.

    So — citizens, taxpayers, professionals — as powerless as Medieval serfs. The point of civilization is sooner or later you get infiltrated and betrayed.

    We can’t even emulate Robinson Crusoe and skip off to a deserted island. Taxpayers in First World nations paid for the trap we now find ourselves in.

  3. Jewish criminals in action…….pure evil….and they control the West lock stock and barrel.

    They OWN the media….

    Currently Laurence Fox the actor is pretending to be “white”…..and also a renegade against PC.
    The Fox family going back to the actor who played the assassin in the original Day of the Jackal….are all crypto Jews….infact the surname Fox is usually a crypto Jewish surname.

  4. The Jew collects a million for every person killed.

  5. This is such old news that has subsequently rendered every President and every corporate media whore since then as complicit in the event.

    “Hi! I’m an Amurhican who believes in the flawless implosion of three skyscrapers through the asymmetrical means of two aeroplanes, and if you don’t like it you can kiss my phuckin’ ass!”

    Now go to your room and put that goddamn mask on!

  6. Moishe solomons on his radio show inetrvewed one of the dancing israelis who explained why the jews bombed the twin towers

  7. i would not beive one word from this mans mouth
    hes a jew after all

  8. Without rehashing all the factual evidence, it is very clear that Israel and the Bush administration criminal Zionists actually did 911. If you live in the USA and have an IQ over 35, which eliminates the war criminal GW Bush, and you believe the official 911 story, you are pure evil. 911 DESTROYED America. Ever hear of Suter, or Urban Moving Systems,
    or April Gallop???

  9. 911 the result of the NWO Deep State & Ultra Zionist Factions.

  10. The Silverstein video looks very odd to me.

  11. He is to just toooo stupid to pull this of.
    Royal Canadian Airforce, the US Airforce, Mount Weather, NATO, Bombardier Mastertrust, ministery of Defence UK, various Worshipfull Companies like the guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators, Insurers, Mercers and Master Mariners (Prince Philip), CIA, various Orders like the Knights of Malta(their war machine) Jesuits, Rothchilds, DSGE agents, Mossad of course. The City of London UK where it was all planned, not ordered. The Port Authority NY, the commandstructure of the NYFD, the list is endless. Only a few who were involved.

  12. What do you get when millions of white Christian-Communist idiots obey their Jewish Overlords & obliterate pro-white Germany in WWII so a cabal of pathological mongrel Jews can rule the world?

    You get what you f****ng deserve.

  13. He is just a regular lying Jew just like all Jews not to be trusted they are as convincing as Tony Blair and the epitome of professional victim syndrome the homo’s and the black live who give a fuck about have copied their system, but anyone who has two brain cells working in unison can see these cunts for what they are.

  14. The person that made the most out of the 911 Atrocity was that piece of joooooooooooooooooooooooooo FILTH,
    rudy Giuliani. He knew that bush was going to authorize it and he along with cheney,leibermann, silverstein, Rumsfeld bought and insured the buildings ! But Giuliani got the biggest cut. And you gutless yanke shits let them all away with it. None of you have any SHAME ! What is going to happen to you, you deserve !!!
    And bush, the half black president Faggot soetoro, Clinton and tump have covered it all up and do nothing about it !! And it was Das juden and the cia that murdered JFK !! (Watch the guy in the passenger seat !!!)

  15. Some brave journalist needs to ask Bibi Netanyahu this one question.

    Why was 9-11 Good for Israel?
    What d8d that Mean Mr Netanyahu?

    Also Larry Silverstein spoke is Israel and said they had plans for a NEW WTC design in 2001 in April. A full 5 months before the event took place.
    5 Dancing Israelis Where in N.Y to document the event.
    70 Polish students rounded up and quietly allowed back to country if Orgin.

    This attack just like the attack on the US Liberty in 1967 and the consequences for all is PTSD.

    Israel is No friend of America quite the opposite.
    Americans know whom attacked thrm on 911, The US Military know.
    Allan Sabrosky said it best.
    Im againat Zionism not against Jewish people, some of the collest and nicest people I have meet are jewish.
    Its truly a sad world when One country attacks its very own Allie its strongest Allie and then blamed on Muslims all for the sake of War.
    That tells me society has become Hostage tp utter BS in the form of Terrorism.

  16. He’s talking about the explosive planted in one of the towers in the previous attempt to damage or destroy it. Stop blaming Jews for the terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre. Islamic terrorists hijacked passenger jets, and flew them into the towers…Enough of the conspiracy theories please…its time to grow up and face the truth.

  17. Neary,
    I had a good laugh at your JOKE! Thanks!

  18. Taxes are voluntary. Should I say more and what to do.

  19. Austin Neary.
    I love your funny sarcasm. Keep it up.

  20. Jews bombed the king david hotel and killed many british folk and tried to bame the arabs
    israel must be bombed soon please god

  21. Austin . . . Austin my boy . . . I have SUCH a deal for you . . . waterfront property in Arizona!