Paris Hilton’s’s Astonishing Confession — Sept 15, 2020

Paris Hilton represents everything that is phony about popular culture.
Her confession that her “brand” is a lie is noteworthy.

by Henry Makow PhD

There is a touching scene in Alexandra Dean’s 105 min intimate documentary, “This is Paris” where Paris Hilton is seen in her room-sized walk-in closet.
Hilton confesses she hasn’t worn most of the hundreds of outfits and shoes on display. She doesn’t really care about any of them, and is lonely, miserable, and exhausted from the glamorous lifestyle she models for millions of fans.
Yet elsewhere, she confesses that she is addicted to money and won’t feel “free” until she makes a billion.
She is trapped.
She was the first celebrity famous just for being (beautiful) and famous. She gave millions of equally untalented young women the illusion that they too can be rich, beautiful, and famous merely by taking selfies.

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5 responses to “Paris Hilton’s’s Astonishing Confession”

  1. Vanity is a sin and a tautology. When beauty is declaring its beauty it’s ugly, and is likely to be a prostitute on a street corner, in effect. The pimp is still not absent. In this case it is the people who control politics in the world rather than locally.

  2. She was aggressively promoted on reality TV, that’s all there is to know. A massive platform for ‘programmed multiples’ – victims of child sex abuse and inter-generational trauma. In many photos, her left eye won’t open quite as much as the right one — some have pointed out that this is a common effect of frequent electroshocks.

  3. call me sceptical but this strikes as yet more narcissistic self promotion. She seems to be laughing and scornful of the screaming zombies who fall for her empty vanity. Maybe she’s not such a bad actress at all – many of you seem quite taken in.

  4. I think South Park pretty much had the measure of Paris. A very funny episode.

    Season 8 Episode 12 ‘Stupid Spoiled Wh**e Video Playset’

  5. she is really very pretty