‘I challenge the Government to back up their belief there will be a second wave.’

talkRADIO – Sept 11, 2020

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  1. Clearly there is no scientific evidence or scientific precedent to suggest that any mutation of any such Corona virus causing a “second wave” would have any different or worse symptoms than the first wave, or would even continue to strike again. Also, novel Corona viruses in the past did not produce any second wave as Dr. Yeadon says.

    The planners are clearly trying to prolong the alleged presence of the first wave until a second wave of something. Either they are planning another season based on fake science and fake news with the Covid19 virus popping up here and there, or they are planning a more lethal variation of the present virus from one of their labs. This broadcast is highly relevant, and like a move on a chess board, with a reputable news person and an seeming independent scientist, actually taking the side of the unrepresented people for a change, they are in fact “challenging” the government to do some explaining and to come out with their basis of saying there will be a second wave, which clearly they cannot do. This challenge is happening right now before any such second wave making an appearance, and in doing this it makes it far more difficult for the planners to release a different and more lethal virus with the opening of the next flu season in the weeks toe come. As well it makes it far more difficult for the government to continue with the charade.

    The evidence is mounting that Covid-19 is most likely a lab virus and, and based upon all of the evidence of the planning for this pandemic and all of the Resets which are coordinated with the government restrictions, this virus was deliberately released. Also, there are a number of convincing arguments to say that the planners planned on far more people to get seriously sick and to die. In any case, the entire scamdemic is a most despicable and ruthless operation being aided and abetted by our sociopath and corrupt governments, all of which are now guilty of mass deception, fear-mongering, and the needless killing of many vulnerable people, as well as being directly responsible for irreparable economic and social harm to millions of people.

    In fact, mass deception and fear mongering by the Western power brokers and our governments is the real “new-normal” and the exact pattern of how we are to be governed in their New World Order presently being launched throughout the entire world. Agenda 21 was kicked off with the raucous overture of deception and fear mongering with 9/11 in 2001, followed by a 20-year plan to scuttle the Western economy, all carefully conducted to coincide with Corona plandemic, completely deceiving and traumatizing the masses to become totally compliant with their new Order.

  2. Warning: talkRadio is dangerous to ones health. Within 40 seconds, this stupid bitch reveals her agenda by acting out the role of a grumpy I won’t wear a mask. I haven’t needed to protest in a grumpy fashion, I haven’t been protesting the fact that I won’t wear a mask… the fact is, I just said to myself, I am not going to wear a mask. I’ve not worn a mask in the UK & only one Lidl security guard made an issue of it and I politely told him it was none of his business & he could call the police if he wanted. Of course, Lidl doesn’t want the police. talkRadio & BBC Radio 5 Live are very dangerous sources of fake news media.

    Some of the NWO doctors are speaking ofa third wave after Christmas
    this is the big one which will they say make the real kill off
    this is the population cull of the useless eaters which communism has spoken of for years
    Constantin Volkov hada paper on it back in the 1930s

  4. i dont believe that china is responsible
    as Bill gates own the patent for this and other illnesses
    this shows the virus is manfactured
    why would china do something that benefits
    the USA and UK deep state ?
    would chine benefit from
    the coming sell off of the NHS to big pharma
    the collapse of the stock exchange
    the banning of cash money
    The gagging of the population
    the news that the tax payer will have a huge rise in taxes to pay for all this
    Rothschild agreeing to loan the British government £ 100 billion
    only benefits the NWO deep state e g run by the jewish banks
    this is exactly why Adolf Hitler put rothschild and the bankers in prison and the work camps

  5. We need to start by exposing the single BASE LIE on which all the other layers of lies are built, this being the fact that the entire “germ theory” is, and always has been, FRAUDULENT from it’s inception.

    The “invisible germ” concept is nothing but an updated version of the ancient voodoo theory in which illness was blamed on evil spirits sneaking into people’s bedrooms and making them ill.

    The truth is that “germs” and “viruses” as we’ve been programmed to believe in them DON’T EXIST as causative agents of disease.

    Medical experts know this, but most haven’t dared to throw a very lucrative career away by telling the truth. Politicians also know it’s a scam, like the “money as debt” scam they’re all afraid to talk about. They know better than to cross certain (((powerful scum))) such as the devil known as Rothschild.

    The real danger to Humanity if this “second wave” is to be made to seem real, comes from CHEMTRAILS and/or 5G. We’ve got no way of knowing what’s in the chemtrails, so it would be easy for (((them))) to add something immediately deadly rather than the slow poisoning we’ve had to endure since the spraying started, and we know the frequencies used for 5G are the same as the “pain ray” used for crowd dispersal.

    I’ve only read the first hundred pages (so far) of Arthur Firstenberg’s “The Invisible Rainbow”, but it makes a lot of sense to me.

  6. We knew from the Protocols that Jews would be injecting diseases into the goyim and that even their satanism is just a pathway to achieving their Davidic world rule. All that is needed is to treat any Jew with contempt.

    That while we defended our shores so well in 2 world wars your government says we cant do it now
    we have our folk sleeping in the streets and illegal migrants toerags crims and terrorists are put up in lxury 5 star hotels
    but…. our RAF some army and Navy personel are in Greece defending thier shores from migrants

  8. @ seemore

    the 3rd wave will likely be legit, caused by the vaccine itself.. actual impact will be hard to project tho..

    after xmas is a good time estimate, they wouldn’t want to ruin the holiday & lose all that profit

  9. Folks – look at the evidence and join the dots. This lockdown was the result of ferguson’s computer model that was subsequently found wanting. So why continue with lockdown.Then
    the nobel prize winning scientist who developed the PCR test kits being used has stated that the PCR tsst kits should not be used for testing for the c19 virus. It will test positive for chromosome 8 of a humans dna. Scientists using the tried and tested kochs postulates method have not been able to jsolate the virus. Thus c19 does not exist. An antidote exists which is the tried and tested over 30 years – hydroxycloroquin what does evidence – control and follow the money .

  10. Hey ellis taylor you nailed it here buddy i think the UK is the same as us Americans on this
    but bang on the button !!! well said

  11. Careful baby bears!
    While it is true that the COVID putative pandemic did not have any throughput, one is not out of danger. Calling bs on the agenda should raise flags- now is the time to be even more vigilant.
    If one connects dots with this madness, one finds that the original coronavirus 19 appears to be genetically engineered. That means, that it is/was likely not to have the throughput to go more than perhaps 10 generations without snuffing out as a natural occurrence- that and herd immunity brought this to a logical conclusion.
    Next up possibility- likely a newly genetically engineered respiratory virus which will be disseminated through geoengineering.
    Connect the dots of the smirking/cackling Gates and his wife/husband about the new virus that will get your attention.
    Then connect that admission with Gates’ involvement with geoengineering and the particulates which can be used to disseminate pathogens.
    Then get serious about what comes next.
    Yes, the first pass COVID (not to be confused with SARS, also a genetically engineered coronovirus) did not have the follow-through. And yes, we now see that the plan has gone awry. But as people wake up and see the theater of the first COVID for what it is, do they let down their collective guards for the second and far more perilous genetically engineered respiratory virus disseminated through what is otherwise known as chemtrails.
    Not the first to suggest such a possibility.
    Review the following. Pertinent allegations are made near the end of the video.
    All of life is theater, and this all could be theater but this one deserves some scrutiny and attention.

  12. Thank you, Fred B. Thank you, too, Carl Jones. I’d like to write you took words from my mind. You wrote yours better than i could. Certainly, though, your thoughts are my thoughts. Both of you said it well and succinctly. I appreciate coming to The Truthseeker and reading the posts and, especially, comments such as yours.

  13. Waves and waves of fake outbreaks and lockdowns till Gates gets his poison into every soul on earth.That is the plan.Governments worldwide are in lockstep.We the minority are baffled by the utter stupidity of the masses even now not waking up to the lies and deception.Utterly petrified of a virus thats been around for ages.Renamed covid19 but never been found or proven to exist.Just flu renamed as covid19 but still just seasonal flu.Nothing more.Wuhan was a smokescreen.Used to propel us into hysteria save us from the evil virus.Just like 911 was a catalyst used to push us into wanting to sacrifice our freedom for security against nasty arab infidels that want to kill us all, that never existed.Now we need to get saved from an evil virus that will kill us all if we don’t submit to further sacrificing our freedom and humanity.Clever plan.

  14. Thank God that I am all alone, unmarried, childless, never had what you might call a ‘career’, never hoarded material possessions, and now I live in an empty rental one-bedroom. (For the record, I have a PhD, I speak a dozen languages incl. Chinese and Russian, and once upon a time I scored 730 in GMAT.)

    My phone is 5 years old; my laptop is 10 years old (runs on Windows 7). Plus now that we have no access to healthcare anymore, I’ve developed osteoarthritis, hypertension and macular degeneration. So… I mean… What is the system going to do to me that hasn’t been done yet? 🙂 What is there to take away?