Australia Goes Full Fascist: State Issues First Ankle Tracker for Quarantine Violator

21st Century Wire – Sept 13, 2020

This week, Australia took its burgeoning fascist police state to a new level, with officials in Western Australia now issuing electronic ankle bracelets and forced isolation in specially designated hotels to anyone it believes has violated the new raft of controversial new ‘COVID laws.’

A 33-year-old woman from Perth in Western Australia has become the first person to be fitted with the state’s new electronic monitoring bracelet, after allegedly violating new COVID quarantine rules imposed on the population.

According to police reports, the woman arrived home from New South Wales state on September 1st, and was then directed to ‘self-isolate’ in her Perth home for 14 days as part of Australia’s new mandatory quarantine system.

She was then caught by agents working with the state’s newly deputised COVID enforcement force known as the “Self-Quarantine Assurance Team.” Agents claim they were only conducting a “routine check” when they discovered two men visiting the woman at her own house. Agents then raised the alarm to central office who then promptly ordered the woman be removed from her home and placed in a specially designated hotel which is being used by the state as a makeshift isolation facility where she would be tagged and surveilled for a period of two weeks.

On top of the forced detention, the woman was issued with a punitive $1,000 AUD fine for interacting with the two men during her initial home quarantine order.

According to the official police statement:

“After careful consideration of the circumstances of the breach and the woman’s previous history, the State Emergency Coordinator formed a view that it was necessary to monitor her location during the quarantine period.”

“The monitoring device, attached to the woman’s ankle, will remain in place until the end of the woman’s quarantine period.”

The 33-year-old woman becomes the first person in Western Australia to be fitted with the new electronic monitoring tag introduced under the COVID-19 State of Emergency laws.

This latest draconian move by Australian officials has raised new fears that the country is now being turned into a full-blown police state, as officials claim the country is in the midst of a ‘pandemic’ following a supposed ‘surge’ in the number of people testing positive PCR tests for coronavirus, even though overall hospitalisations and deaths have been relatively nominal.



10 responses to “Australia Goes Full Fascist: State Issues First Ankle Tracker for Quarantine Violator”

  1. Only in the lucky country mite.

  2. This is what is coming next in the UK for sure . This is clown world on steroids .

  3. The first mistake is to get into a conversation. When it acts like a machine don’t treat it as a human. It has not earned the status that belongs to human interaction.

  4. @Peter Gar
    “Only in the lucky country mite.”

    What in the hell does that even mean?

  5. I don’t know if this will happen here in U.S. But I believe is the direct result of giving up your firearms.

  6. Headline should read: ‘Australia Goes Full Communist’ not Fascist. The white goy morons still don’t realize that Fascism actually represents the liberation of the white goyim from Jewish political control/power (Communism/Democracy). That’s why the Jews hate that word & have distorted it since 1945, because its the only historical political movement (Fascist Italy/Germany) that has successfully combated & defeated Jewish Communism-Democracy. Yet the majority of white gentiles are Christianized imbeciles & reject & despise Fascism.

  7. @ Neo
    Doesn’t natter what kind of socialism it is, national socialism like fascism, or universal socialism like communism, it is all totalitarian state control. The NWO is clearly a combination of both forms of socialism, and the reason why Aussies are so pathetic in their resistance is the same reason why we are. Our demographically decimated and fragmented younger generations see no threat from the NWO to anything they really value, mainly because they see little hope and not much to lose with the passing of the older institutions. Fewer of the younger generations despite what they really want think it is possible to have material prosperity or real lasting love let alone happy marriages and well-adjusted families, and many seem to have settled for the limbo of a technocratic virtual reality of materialism and hedonism for the rest of their lives.

    The big trade off which the older generations bought into with the media and entertainment brainwashing as far back as the 1960’s was a false sense of freedom based on a materialistic view of everything including the human person – the true end of human life being one’s fulfillment through sensual and physical pleasures and material prosperity. That was the time when free sex, abandoned marriages, and a great deal of selfishness became politically correct. That tradeoff became the substitution of the family by the state as the center of our civilization, and what we are witnessing in the present is the monstrous offspring of a marriage between international socialism (communism) and the oligarchic corporatocracy of the West (fascism), blessed by the omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent international banking cartel, which monster child they have recently christened at the Vatican, naming it the ‘New World Order’.

  8. You should know that Australia is a country made up of independent states which all act independently. Victoria has full lock down in Melbourne, while New South Wales is almost back to normal. All the states are doing different things for there own political reasons, nothing to do with health. Mean while the national government is not doing anything to stop this madness. Too many layers of government each looking after themselves and their mates, not matter what damage they do to the people.

  9. If “the” United States of America Corporation is bankrupt and liquidated and under receivership and all its assets passed onto POPE’s other corporation- The Territorial Govt services Corporation ( overseen by QE11) and that too is bankrupt. The Municipal Govt Corporation is almost defunct…how can federation of VICTORIA AUST still continue. You may argue Australia is tied to British parliament and Westminster system …All Admiralty Laws and Lawyers Politicians have sworn an OATH to the British CROWN…..but the new KING JOHN 111 has declared they are NOT FIT to govern anyone since he has proof that QE11 was a drug mule carting heroin all over world. That QE11 was a fake Royal a batard that was never a queenand that this whole network web controlled by ROTHSCHILDS was an International Drug trafficking..child trafficking ..human organ trafficking MAFIA CABAL. network. They are illegitimate…they are under arrest (most of them ) and the unsealed TRUMP indictments are unfolding daily. ALL LAWS TREATIES CREATED BY CRIMINAL FRAUDSTERS ARE NULL AND VOID

  10. @Fred B…Fascism is pro-white. That’s all that matters. It represents the socioeconomic/racial interests of white gentiles over all others. History has shown its the best political system to profit white gentiles in all sectors of society. Whether its ‘totalitarian’ or not is irrelevant.