Netflix’s “Cuties” is About Normalizing the Sexualization of Children. And Nothing Else.

Vigilant Citizen – Sept 15, 2020

“Cuties” was praised and defended by countless pundits in mass media. Here’s exactly what they’re praising.

When the promotional poster of Cuties was released, it was met with varying degrees of shock and horror. Proudly promoted by Netflix, the image featured four 11-year-old girls in skimpy outfits posing in all kinds of sexual positions. The fact that the word “Cuties” was printed in large letters underneath the picture did not help.

Netflix also provided a brief summary of the movie … and it sounded like the description of a cable softcore p*rn movie.
“Amy, 11, becomes fascinated with a twerking dance crew. Hoping to join them, she starts to explore her femininity, defying her family’s traditions.”
Right away, calls for the removal of this still unreleased movie garnered major support. Netflix then apologized, changed the poster, and even submitted a new description.
Once the movie was released, several mass media sources immediately vehemently defended the movie stating that the poster did not properly represent it.

A movie review from The Independent by some guy who really loved seeing children twerking. Click to enlarge

Others attempted to defend the movie by stating that it was created by a black female director as if that fact changed the actual contents of the movie. Finally, in an apparently desperate attempt to defend this movie, some particularly toxic articles found a way to make this movie a “liberal” vs “conservative” issue. However, it is not.
For instance, representative Tulsi Gabbard – a Democrat – published a scathing tweet denouncing the movie, even calling the movie “child p*rn”.

Those defending the movie say that the critics simply did not take the time to watch the movie and understand its message.
So I watched it. I shouldn’t have. Nobody should. I did it because my job is to analyze popular culture.
Throughout the years, I’ve watched my fair share of highly toxic and sickening movies and music videos but none of them caused me to physically cringe and recoil in horror the way Cuties did. At some points, I’ve even found myself pondering thoughts such as “humanity reached a new low”, “we’ve strayed away from God” and “what is wrong with these people?”. The fact that this thing exists, that a bunch of people actually worked on it, that it is part of “popular culture” and that it is even praised by mass media is as alarming as it is mind-boggling.
Because, for one, that first poster promoting the movie absolutely represented it. That’s what the movie is about. The lewd dance scenes are the “action scenes of the movie”. The rest of the story consists of weak, flimsy “messages” meant to justify the degeneracy we see on screen.
But this movie is not merely about young girls dancing. It is a crescendo of increasingly explicit scenes that appear to be specifically crafted to excite pedos. At the same time, Cuties will probably be watched by young girls who might identify with and even idolize the “Cuties”. In other words, this movie is about bridging the gap between children and “child lovers”
With that being said, a picture is worth a thousand words. And this movie needs to be dissected because its true nature needs to be exposed. It is about normalizing the sexualization of children (elite’s secret obsession) and making it part of popular culture.
So here’s a look at Cuties.

Traditions Bad

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7 responses to “Netflix’s “Cuties” is About Normalizing the Sexualization of Children. And Nothing Else.”

  1. This was spoken of by George Orwell, its part of the Protocols
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  4. Amazing that all the movie filth that comes out of Hollywood is damn near every time from Jews/Israelis.

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  5. Is it just me, or is it getting crazier out there?

  6. To be fair, go to any upscale shopping mall in Asia on a weekend and you will come across ‘talent shows’ where 5-year-old girls dress and dance like Vegas strippers to some raunchy James Brown tune — all the while getting cheered on by their upper-middle-class Mummies.

    Today’s Facebook-obsessed generation of parents somehow got it in their heads that “expose your children to the world” means “parade them naked for all the world to see”. Sheesh.

  7. Innocence lost to lust. What is more precious in this world than the brief moment of childhood where the new person lives in a glorious world of wonder and innocence, knows nothing of power, sex, intrigue, etc?

    We grow up to fast, and pushing sex down into the young ages for the pervs of our society, it is just disgusting beyond belief, and what is wrong with Netflix management where they think this kind of shit is acceptable to broadcast, are they insane? We should be protecting children’s innocence, not shredding it.

    Amerika has fallen into the demonic Jewish pit, and Trump has given the key to the nation to Netanyahu – the architect of 911. Everyday with a new outrage. I wonder if the human race is sane.