Letter From Carol H. to Her Family and Friends

Steve Quayle.com – Sept 13, 2020

I read this article then listened to you and Dave Hodges. I knew I had to write a definitive letter to family and friends; one letter which sums up where we are-what will be happening and the decisions we will be forced to make.
So many….claim they will not take the vaccine – easy to say when you’re home on the computer. I will start sending this out to my family and friends tonight. “A Letter to My Family; A Letter to My Friends”

Transhuman ethos. Click to enlarge

I can’t say this enough. These co-vid vaccines are designed to destroy human DNA, to transform people into AI robots; half human, half machine. Cyborgs who are controlled by a micro-chip implanted in their once-human bodies. Micro-chips
controlled by computers. Kiss your life, your humanity, good-bye.
Deagel Report states: By 2025 America’s population will go from 356 million today, to 99 million people. Massive population destruction is the UN Agenda 2030 stated plan. 250 million Americans will be dead by 2025.
Why else is ‘demon of death.’ Bill (and Mel) Gates involved?? People will also die of the vaccine. That’s a given.
Those of us refusing,will be shipped to FEMA Camps or possibly killed immediately. If you think you will gain a few years of your earthly life; that things will ‘get better or get back to normal’ if you take the vaccine, you are fast-tracking on drugs, ready to crash, on the Yellow Brick Road.
There is NO MORE NORMAL AMERICA. America is gone. Finished. Make up your mind how important eternity is to you. How real is it to you? Does it matter what you do Now? Yes! I plan to NOT take any vaccine. They will ultimately take my life. But . . . because I have accepted eternal life by the grace of Jesus Christ, I will go to my Lord when they kill me. He took my place on the Cross; He died willingly for my sins – and yours. This is a phenomenal gift of Grace! I repent and accept this extraordinary Gift!! Thank you, Lord Jesus!
Don’t kid yourself that you can ‘have your cake and eat it, too.’ Au Contraire. If you become injected with the A.I./nano-particle vaccine, you will be on your way to becoming A.I. No longer fully human. When this happens, you give up any thought of eternal life in Heaven. Jesus did not die for the sin of A.I./humans. Jesus died for mankind. Remember, we are created by God, in the Image of God. (Genesis 1:27). With the A.I.vaccine, we will be created in the image of satan. And as such, we will fry with him – forever – in hell.
Take your choice. Either Jesus or the vaccine. Life is fleeting. Communist demons have already made life so unbearable, what is there really to hold on to?? A house, a car, food . . . a vacation???? Is any of that more important than eternity, in paradise, with Our Lord, the God who created each one of us??? Talk with your family.
Prepare your children, and . . .
“Choose ye this day whom you will serve.”
Carol H.
“What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and lose his soul?” (Mark 8:36)



25 responses to “Letter From Carol H. to Her Family and Friends”

  1. Anyone who consents to being vaccinated with an untested vaccine containing unknown toxins is taking an enormous risk. Given the speculations of what might be the agenda with these vaccines, and the fact that Governments have given medical immunity to the manufacturers it seems like a no-brainer -the answer is NO THANK YOU. And of course, there is the fact that CV19 is not life threatening to 99.98% of the public.

  2. I look outside my window and see the majority of people walking up and down the street with their mask on. They’ll happily take the vaccine and of course, courtesy of the cancerous, aborted fetus cells within, will get cancer and die. Then of course, the wearing of the masks has obliterated their immune system. Come flu season – bye bye.

    For those of you thinking you can leave your country/head off into the country and live ‘off grid’ think again. It’s only a matter of time before the police/armed forces come around and either kill you or throw you into a FEMA camp. This will play out throughout the western world. The whites are lined up for extinction. You have been betrayed by your own. They’ll be the police and the armed forces who’ll impose this upon you.

    Deagel report shows virtually no change in population in Russia and China. These two countries are to take over as the new superpowers. Pakistan, India, South America also have little change. They are going to be the slave nations. The enemies of the Jews are to be wiped out.

    I’m 49. I always said I’d never see 50. I’m fit, healthy and like my Viking ancestors, of old, will most certainly not see old age. I have no desire of growing older and losing bodily functions, especially in this society, when hospitals are death rows and doctors nothing but drug pushers for big pharma.

    My harbinger days have now come to a close. I tried my best to wake up people, to avert the nightmare that is now here and although I most certainly succeeded in waking up many, I didn’t wake up enough to bring about the numbers needed to beat the system.

    To my fellow posters, those whom you know I have a great deal of respect for, I hope the only suffering you have is to suffer other people’s ignorance and stupidity. To Rixon, what can I say but you’ve been a shining beacon of light, who’s guided many people to enlightenment with your efforts.

    There is nothing more needs be said.

  3. What does it take for people everywhere to stand-up and say loudly: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! This isn’t about health safety, it never was! This is the enemy’s attempt to usurp himself over God’s Creation!! Most of those so-called Health, Medical and Science experts are Atheists and God Haters, a product of the Educational System. They prostituted themselves to serve the dark side, either willingly or out of deliberate ignorance. The ultimate goal is to go after the young and innocent, our Children and their future. They know, if they go after them, their future will be in the enemies hand. This is really a spiritual battle that is played out in the physical realm, Here and NOW! We, who are still believe in God, Creator of us all, must take a stand against those, who want to take our hearts and minds to the dark side of humanity. YES: “Choose this Day whom you will Serve”! That decision will impact your and your children’s children Future! There is NO middle ground!

  4. The problem is…this comes from Steve Quayle’s site, which has been a “preppers” doom-gloom paradise since its inception. His site is emblazoned like a NASCAR vehicle championing everything from colloidal silver, night vision goggles, and freeze dried foods. Fair enough.

    “With the A.I.vaccine, we will be created in the image of satan. And as such, we will fry with him – forever – in hell”.
    But so will a non-vaccinated Hindu, Sikh, Taoist, Buddhist, etc. Evangelize any Jews lately, Carol? Of course you haven’t.

  5. @ Harbinger, don’t give up please, your comments are thought provoking and you are young, keep a healthy diet – plenty of organic fruit and veggies, a little exercise and you’ll stick around without needing hospital ‘assistance’ for a long time.

    God is merciful, he will fix even those forced to take the vaccine. after all he was able to bring the dead to life, a far more challenging miracle. As for other religions, he is able to assess all human hearts i.e. our deepest motives, and allow for those who love him regardless of belief to be saved.

  6. @Harbinger

    Don’t give up, man. Even if the whole world lets go of truth and honour, that is no reason for you to do so. Take care of your own soul, at least – you’ll be needing it for your next life (which may be somewhere else than Earth – who knows?).

    Best wishes

  7. The patent number is of course 060606 and it utilizes Luciferase – the bioluminescent dye that allows detection of your COMPLIANCE (i.e., submission/surrender). Really that’s all you need to know about the vaccine.

  8. Take your choice. Either Jesus or the vaccine

    Hmmm, I think I’ll pass on both. Thanks, all the same.

    @Harbinger. Party hard in Valhalla, fella.

  9. Never give up. My guts tell me we live in very interesting times. It wont be long. It might even be so that we were born on purpose in this time to experience something very special.

  10. @ Harbinger.
    For heaven’s sake – get a grip. There aren’t enough of us to allow melancholia and despair to tremour our ranks. When you sober up, I hope that you recognize that a tragedian’s valediction is unbefitting to our times, however pleasing it may be in a moment’s
    chiral melodrama.
    This is a war and it has only just begun. We need everyone to task. We need YOU – so brace yourself, Harbinger, dear fellow because it all begins again tomorrow. Our enemy seeks to dispirit us. Know their wiles. Keep attentive. Be fearless.


    My dear friend and kindred spirit, I understand your feelings however have you considered that you are pretending to being a limited being with limited persepectives, a limited future and limited power?
    Do you not know that THIS IS A CRIME AGAINST THE UNIVERSE in which you have the powers of a god?
    YOU ARE GOD . The ancient texts say we are made IN THE IMAGE OF GOD.
    This is not a religious thing. It is a part of the experience of being in the universe.
    You came to this planet as a spirit having a physical experience.
    Of course it follows you have the power to end it at any time.
    Equally you also have the power to continue it.
    As a spirit you can realise visions, achieve happiness and live gloriously.
    The choice is yours.
    You can accept responsibility.
    Or abdicate it and pay homage to a scapegoat.
    Live well.

  12. I’m 56 and all my life I never thought I’d see 60. And now I’m convinced I won’t. The Deagel.com projections have remained pretty constant for several years now, it’s the lunatics telling us what’s coming, as they apparently must do. Yes Russia and China don’t take a hit yet Europe and USA get devastated, so it can’t be a war, and after the uk goes down to 15 million they’ll import huge numbers of 3rd world parasites to live in the empty cities. It doesn’t matter which way I look at things, there’s no way out now. The masses will not rise up, they are literally spell-bound or hypnotised and believe the fairy story even in the face of clear contrary facts. So I say fuck them. They voted for these politicians over and over, they loved their £99 flights to Spain and 50” LCD tvs, they liked shopping all day Sunday and taking 5 layers of plastic and card off a ready meal cos they couldn’t be bothered or know how to cook. Lazy arrogant ignorant fucks. Goodbye.

  13. @ Peter
    Like Harbinger you seem to be having a bad day!
    Cheer up, there is no need for the masses to rise up for you to live beyond 60.
    On the contrary with your wisdom and perception you have the power
    to see 90.
    Be well my friend.
    PS By the way, it has been said that dogs are angels sent to care for our spirits and that we should look after them. If you do you may discover at least one reason why you are here.

  14. Hey Harbinger I read your post everyday like I do many others and i have learnt so much by reading you all but you Harbinger are not finished yet you have much more to say and you wake up more people then you will ever know know so don’t break ranks now that’s a sign of weakness and that is not you, so stay and shout even louder. Things are beginning to change people are waking up and yes we will win. STAY WITH US

  15. Harbinger is, alas, correct. I’ve prepared my will and detailed instructions for my beneficiaries. This last 6 months was decisive; we might have had a chance, but it’s squandered for sure now.

  16. You are not created by ‘god’ in his image and Jesus did not die on the cross for your sins. You are delusional and a fool. I know what I am talking about when I say that. I spent almost all my life being a staunch Christian myself. I studied hebrew / Aramaic script (so that I can read the original texts) – Cuneiform books in the Nineveh (Mosul) Museum and travelled extensively around the middle East (Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, etc). Everything in the new testament and old testament is A BIG LIE. The Jesus on THE CROSS you and all the past Christians and all the Christians who are alive today they believe in a fictitious Jesus. The Torrah is a BIG FAT LIE. Islam that is based on the old Bible is a lie too. These are the remnants of a superstition created mainly in Egypt after the ‘deluge’ about 12,000 years ago that traumatised mankind to its core.

    We are geneticallly engineered from the beginning anyway. We never had freedom whilst in a biological body. This is an illusion. A bit of tampering with a chip won’t matter at all. Nobody will lose their ‘HUMANITY’. Humanity does not lie in the biological body. The biological body is fundamentally and for all intents and purposes DEAD. It is the spirit that quickens it and gives it life. Answer me this what is the difference between a bilogical body a few seconds after death and a few seconds before death. They are exactly the same – biologically. What makes the body alive is not chemicals and solid electrons and atoms. It is what the religions call ‘SPIRIT’ for luck of another word.

    Relax and don’t worry. Do not be afraid of those who can kill the body. They cannot touch the spirit. That is where humanity lies. The spirit is UNIVERSAL and ONE. It is the only truth in this world we live in. We and all living things are one with GOD the FATHER. All things that we see and those we do not see are living. GOD is the GOD of the living not of the dead. GOD is ALIVE. Nothing in GOD is DEAD. The SPIRIT is ETERNAL. The material world, what we call material follows the law of the ENTROPY. From dust to dust.

    De-humanisation of the masses was tried before, in the previous epochs of human existence on this planet we call earth. It failed miserably. There is something fundamentally odd about our planet. We are not privy to this knowledge. But you should know this. The FATHER is always in control and nothing is left to chance. Trust HIM. if you don’t, it doesn’t matter anyway. What will be will be. The only difference is that if you trust GOD you will be at peace with yourself and the world around you and you will be able to understand and love all living things. That is when GOD becomes love in YOU

  17. @ Harbinger Much love and respect to you, brother. Your posts have always typically been spot-on and I have admired your candor, analysis, intellect, and spirit. Keep fighting the good fight, it’s not over yet.

  18. @Peter

    You too should take heart. Don’t give up. You are not this mortal coil of flesh, but a spiritual being.

    Best wishes!

  19. @Peter
    You too, never give up. I told you before it wont take long now. They are running out of time. See you soon.

  20. A consultant brought me cancer and AIDS and the offer was silently declined. Life is not fleeting, only the bent Church created a no-reincarnation policy, centuries after Jesus. Like end-of world talk it is meant to have people give up, and perhaps hand over their dosh to the pastor.

  21. Thank you Ioannis,The spin doctors did their rewrite before the library fire in Alexandria?Jesus Christ was also a tradesman[Tradie in Australia] and liked fishing with his mates and organised wine.[That also sits well with Aussies] Good will prevail!

  22. @Harbinger et alia — from The Drifters, no grifters they! This stuff is real.


    Don’t go (Please stay)
    Don’t go (Please stay)

    If I got on my knees and I pleaded with you
    Not to go but to stay in my are-arms
    Would you walk out the door like you did once before?
    Or would this time be different, would you sta-a-ay?

    Don’t go (Please stay)
    Don’t go

    If I called out your name like a prayer in the night
    Would you leave me alone with my tears?
    Knowing I-I, I love you so-o, would you still turn and go?
    Or would this time be different in some wa-a-ay?

    Don’t go (Please stay)
    (Please stay)

    You took me away from the rest of the world
    When you taught me to love you like this
    Now I hang by a thread in the canyon of doom
    But I still can be saved.. by your kiss

    If I got on my knees and I pleaded with you
    Not to go but to stay in my are-arms
    Would you walk out the door like you did once before?
    Or would this time be different, would you sta-a-ay?

    (Don’t go)
    (Please stay)
    (Don’t go)
    (Please stay)
    (Don’t go)
    (Please sta-ay-ay-ay-ay) (ay-ay-ay-ay) (ay-ay-ay-ay)

  23. To Mr. ‘O’, is that for OBAMA, listen big O, oh mighty pooh-bah… this women is 100% on the money and you post a ding-a-ling comment… this notifies all people what will happen if they take the vaccine… where is your warning, o mighty one. Very arrogant and shows no humility.
    I am not a fan of Steve Quayle, the Rapturist, or his friends but this lady has nailed it. It is a shame that many Christians have bought into the Preterist and the Dispensational thinking and cannot understand the plain english that Jesus speaks… Noah was left the others taken, Lot was left and the degenerates were taken… so we ain’t going no where! Jesus come once to set up his kingdom on earth… not 2 or 3 times…

  24. Ioannis Demetriades, who are you trying to convince? Us or yourself with your diatribe. Your tree is not showing any fruit that would be of interest to me… God does not justify himself to you or me… his is and that is that.

  25. The world to come will surely look back on Gates and his entire Microsoft empire not as discoverers but mainly as avaricious fools with a god complex. Bedazzled with unlimited possibilities in a vast horizon of new AI discoveries, all of which they no doubt lay claim to as Microsoft owners, they are now plotting to subject as many and as much as they can to their own limitations and exclusive interests. In this respect Gates is very much akin to Balboa who struggled across the Isthmus of Panama with his rag-tag band of Spanish gold plunderers, to become the first European in recorded history to see the Pacific Ocean – from the east side. Instead of being satisfied with the honor of such a discovery and such a vast horizon open to everyone, he had to make an eternal fool of himself and claim that vast Ocean and all the lands of its shores for Spain .