Larken Rose Leave Audience Speechless

BitChute – May 20, 2020

4 responses to “Larken Rose Leave Audience Speechless”

  1. USA is not going to fare better than the rest of the world. Their people are as likely to starve to death as everyone else.

  2. Clearly the covid pandemic is fake. There is a reason why social distancing is being enforced on Christians to prevent them from going to church while social distancing is not enforced on people who riot, loot, burn, and destroy.

    Covid is a pretext for other measures such as social distancing that prevents people from meeting, organizing, and forming resistance movements against the PTB, bankster jews who control the leadership positions of governments.

  3. Most of us tend to miss the obvious.

    Jeff Berwick in the headline in a posting today said, “A Virus So Deadly, The Government Has to Test You to See If You Have It” Most of us say, “Oh yeah, I didn’t think of that.”

    This posting the speaker says with the graphs that Social distancing and shutdowns are intended to spread out the rate of transmission of the virus and has no effect on the number of people affected, meaning that the government measures are ipso facto completely useless and totally unwarranted. The obvious is that the government knows this but is implementing a lock-step agenda working together over 170 other governments of the world onboard with Agenda 21/2030 to grossly expand government powers and controls over us. The last thing they wanted was for the virus to spread rapidly to immunize the public everywhere, and they are obviously trying to extend the life of the virus, with the socially restrictive measures like distancing, masks, home confinements, lockdowns etc. until the next flu season when they are obviously hoping more people will die and they can really clamp down. Without these controls they obviously believe that the radical Great Reset measures in the works which will turn our lives upside down would be vigorously opposed by the people. This is now OBVIOUS to anyone following all of these events.

    Apart from the planners and those behind all of the Agendas the real enemies of the people are all of our governments and all of the major political parties, none of which has advanced any real opposition to what is going on. If it all ends in rebellion and a revolution, we know that most of us who are not already being targeted by the government twerps and perps will be targeted regardless of what we do. On the other hand we know who they are and they will never, ever be free again from what they have done. We understand that this virus was most likely “released” by the planners, and if they plan on more to die, or release a more potent version of the virus, or plan on using a vaccination to make us more susceptible or to make us infertile, we have no option but to defend our families, our friends, our futures, and our nations, from these insane monsters.

  4. Fred:

    That is the reason I think has the solution to all our woes. Self-government. All 50 State Assemblies are assembled. Check out the info! Do you want to be a U.S. Citizen and get the COVID vaccine???