What the END GAME of this Entire “EVENT” Actually is.

Richie From Boston – BitChute Sept 13, 2020



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  1. Wow! Now THAT is really worth our time. Share it over and over again.

  2. Very very simple answer, stop using mobile phones

  3. so who should we vote for ????

  4. Thanks for posting this!!! Speaking of the nanotech that has gone into the “vaccine” I am afraid that the “chemtrail” program has been using this technology for many years. The strong possibility exists that we have already been ‘vaccinated’, just by living our daily lives.

  5. What do you get when millions of white gentile idiots obliterate pro-white Germany in WWII so a cabal of demented mongrel Jews can rule the world & vaccinate the goy morons with a nanotech vaccine?

    You get what you …. deserve.

  6. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-fox-friends-coronavirus-vaccine-matter-weeks

    President Trump in an interview on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday claimed a vaccine for coronavirus could be approved “in a matter of weeks.”

    “I’m not doing it for political reasons, I want the vaccine fast,” Trump said of the push for a vaccine, called “Operation Warp Speed. “You wouldn’t have a vaccine for years … I speeded up the process with the FDA… We’re going to have a vaccine in a matter of weeks, it could be four weeks, it could be eight weeks … we have a lot of great companies.”

  7. Technical problem, there are too many cows in the paddock, (People on earth) the paddock is becoming unprofitable. (The earths natural systems are failing). Tracking the cows as they starve to death (no feed in the paddock) is pointless.

    The highest priority is population reduction, everything else is just a distraction. The aim of the vaccine is sterilization. Vaccines have already been tested to sterilized in Africa. Do not be distracted, this is about population reduction, it is a long term plan.

    Do the math, you would need to kill 3 million a day for 3 years to make any real difference on the earths population, some one might notice but few will notice no birth rate.

  8. Dr Carrie Madej is elusional and a fool. I know what I am talking about when I say that. I spent almost all my life being a staunch Christian myself. I studied hebrew / Aramaic script (so that I can read the original texts) – Cuneiform books in the Nineveh (Mosul) Museum and travelled extensively around the middle East (Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, etc). Everything in the new testament and old testament is A BIG LIE. The Jesus on THE CROSS you and all the past Christians and all the Christians who are alive today they believe in a fictitious Jesus. The Torrah is a BIG FAT LIE. Islam that is based on the old Bible is a lie too. These are the remnants of a superstition created mainly in Egypt after the ‘deluge’ about 12,000 years ago that traumatised mankind to its core.

    We are geneticallly engineered from the beginning anyway. We never had freedom whilst in a biological body. This is an illusion. A bit of tampering with a chip won’t matter at all. Nobody will lose their ‘HUMANITY’. Humanity does not lie in the biological body. The biological body is fundamentally and for all intents and purposes DEAD. It is the spirit that quickens it and gives it life. Answer me this what is the difference between a bilogical body a few seconds after death and a few seconds before death. They are exactly the same – biologically. What makes the body alive is not chemicals and solid electrons and atoms. It is what the religions call ‘SPIRIT’ for luck of another word.

    Relax and don’t worry. Do not be afraid of those who can kill the body. They cannot touch the spirit. That is where humanity lies. The spirit is UNIVERSAL and ONE. It is the only truth in this world we live in. We and all living things are one with GOD the FATHER. All things that we see and those we do not see are living. GOD is the GOD of the living not of the dead. GOD is ALIVE. Nothing in GOD is DEAD. The SPIRIT is ETERNAL. The material world, what we call material follows the law of the ENTROPY. From dust to dust.

    De-humanisation of the masses was tried before, in the previous epochs of human existence on this planet we call earth. It failed miserably. There is something fundamentally odd about our planet. We are not privy to this knowledge. But you should know this. The FATHER is always in control and nothing is left to chance. Trust HIM. if you don’t, it doesn’t matter anyway. What will be will be. The only difference is that if you trust GOD you will be at peace with yourself and the world around you and you will be able to understand and love all living things. That is when GOD becomes love in YOU

  9. Dr. Carrie Madjez delivers an cogent and credible thesis concerning the end game about the Corona vaccination(s). However, I would caution her not to refer to “Social Credit” when alluding to the faux Chinese “Social Credit System” of universal State surveillance, rewards and punishments–which has nothing whatsoever to do with authentic Social Credit as developed and promulgated by the late British engineer Major Clifford Hugh Douglas from 1918 to 1952. Douglas presented a decentralizing financial policy as an alternate to the existing wealth- and power-centralizing Keynesian debt system which is current financial policy and which has brought civilization to its present disastrous condition.

  10. Misery Spread equally is the End Goal!
    The end Goal is death to all.

    The Georgia Guidtsones lays it out very simply.

    500,000 people only in balance with nature.
    So 7.2 billion must/have/will/need to die.

    Otherwise the Illuminati will achieve it through vaccinations, posioning, killing, civil war,
    Many ways to kill.

    Look how many people died In Indonesia when a mini Nuke was detonated in one of the treches.

    Its too easy to see the plans if you have been following things for a while.

  11. All life, throughout the Universe, is perfect imperfection no matter what mask it appears to wear (whether it seems to be ‘good, bad or ugly’), and it is there to be experienced by the only ONE in existence; it’s like watching a game or a movie – it’s like a vast computer hologram – ultimately, it’s just a dream! There is only ONE in existence – there can only be ONE – and that ONE is I. You are I; I am you! We are everyone; everyone is I, and yet we are no one at all! Time and space – each the measure of the other – are just an illusion, and therefore so is their ‘child’: motion! What we humans often inadequately refer to as ‘GOD’ is the only ONE, and that ONE has no ego. IT is unknowable, either to ITSELF or to anyone else. IT is incapable of sin. And IT can only seek to know ITSELF by creatative dreaming. IT cannot be measured or compared by anyone – for with whom can IT be measured and by whom can IT be compared? IT is both male and female, and yet neither, and neither anything in between. It is macroscopic and microscopic. IT is atomic and subatomic. IT is pure, vibrating energy. IT is absolute, deafening silence and absolutely NOTHING. And yet, IT is SOMETHING. For who can perceive NOTHING without conceiving SOMETHING? It is pure consciousness and unconditional LOVE and the mother of TRUTH.


    All that I am is that which I am
    And That which I am is I
    And whatever I am
    I will be what I am
    The Infinite eternal I

    Fear not; don’t be afraid; life’s just a dream. Just learn to love yourself and one another and love ‘GOD’. Let that be your true and only religion. And THAT which humanity calls ‘GOD will take care of the rest. That is the ultimate lesson in life!

  12. I have a question. How did so many people die at the beginning of the pandemic? Especially if you believe there isnt one. I saw alot of body bags being thrown in trucks in New York City and other countries had similar situations. Did these people really die from a disease or were they put to death purposely. Familys were not allowed in or even contacted for any reason or any communication. What really happened to these people? This is my big question. I seriously havent heard anyones analogy on it. I found it hard to believe that our Federal government were giving the hospitals $13,000 for a positive diagnosis and $40,000 for a vented patient. That made no sense.

  13. Body bags? Homeless people – did you really believe they’re all in the Waldorf?
    You saw them in NY – and ‘other countries’? What, were you traveling during the lockdown or you saw it on TV?