Adrenalized Blood Drinking Addiction Among the Global Elite

Kerth Barker – Thought Crime Radio Sept 19, 2013

Scene from the 2012 Grammy Awards that seems intended to recreate a Satanic ceremony that culminates in Human sacrifice

Members of Satanic cults like the Illuminati are subjected to brainwashing, and this is why some of them get obsessed with drinking human blood. Above is a link to an article that explains how to deprogram mind control victims. This is information you’ve never read before. It also talks about the CIAs MK Ultra research and Nazi connection. If you find the above article interesting make print outs and copies because it may be suppressed.
Unless you have been a vegetarian since birth, you have almost certainly eaten adrenalized meat. The adrenaline in the meat is like a drug that makes you feel stronger and powerful. The people who run the modern meat producing industry know this and deliberately design the packing plants so to terrorize the animals before they are slaughtered–creating adrenalized meat. People become addicted to eating adrenalized meat and buy more of it. But the practice of creating adrenalized meat is nothing new, in fact it is an ancient secret art, associated with the occult. When I was a child I knew a farmer who produced adrenalized goat’s blood–which generational Satanists like to drink. I drank some once, not in a ritual but just out of youthful curiosity. I took a long hike in the woods afterwards where I noticed that I could walk longer and faster than usual.
The man who harvested this goat’s blood like to mix it with wine and herbs–calling it mysticated wine. The members of his coven believed that it gave them occultic powers and that they lived longer. I am not a Satanist, but I knew some when I was young and have had some contact with Illuminati insiders in recent years.
Something that I’ve known about, which I think other people should know about, is that among the generationally wealthy Luciferian aristocrats there is the habit of drinking adrenalized human blood. For these aristocrats, the ideal form of human blood is from a healthy child who is ritualistically sacrificed. Such adrenalized blood is really an addictive drug. The difference between the adrenalized meat that you’ve eaten and the adrenalized blood that the global elite drink is like the difference between chewing coca leaf and smoking crack cocaine.
Former FBI special agent Ted Gunderson, when he was still alive, often pointed out that the FBI kept exact records of every bank robbery in America but couldn’t tell you how many children go missing in this country. Ted Gunderson did extensive research on this subject and he estimated that about 2500 children go missing every day. This takes place every day, here in America! Mundane explanations can account for a small percentage of these–but most are being sold into sex trade, and some are sold to generational Satanists who ritualistically sacrifice them. In such rituals the abducted children are terrorized and tortured, which adrenalizes their blood. Then they are killed and their blood is harvested. This blood is given to wealthy Illuminati aristocrats who are addicted to drinking it.
Not all billionaires are blood drinkers, but some are. This practice has gone on in secret since ancient times and it stills goes on everyday. Welcome to the real world.
I managed to avoid being recruited into the Illuminati, and I’ve never drank adrenalized human blood. But when I was young I knew people who did, and I can tell you that it is an addiction, just like alcoholism. As I’ve spoken on the radio about Satanism and written on this website, I’ve had to think more and more about my childhood. Upon reflection it disturbs me that I’ve eaten adrenalized animal meat on such a regular basis over the years. Lately I’ve tended to lean in the direction of vegetarian foods. I’ve decided to stop eating adrenalized meat. Kosher meat is not adrenalized, and there are enlightened farmers who avoid adrenalizing their animals when they slaughter them. However, more than that, I pray for the children who are abducted everyday. I pray for their families. And I pray for the fate of humanity and this world. There is a prayer that says “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”
Unfortunately I don’t have the power to stop the horrible exploitation of children that takes place everyday. The truth is that we live in a world where many of the most powerful global leaders are literally addicted to drinking human blood. But I can talk about the truth of Satanic Ritual Child sacrifice. This isn’t some rare phenomena, but something that has gone on continually for thousands of years in secret cults. This will only stop when enough people start talking about it. Below is a a related video on youtube where I speak about how to defeat the Illuminati.



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  1. Surprised to hear that Kosher meat, obtained by cutting a conscious animal’s throat is not adrenalised.

  2. Meat from scared animals tastes foul. It especially ruins the taste of pork. Slaughterhouses try to avoid it, if anything.

  3. Kosher meat is not adrenalized because adrenalized blood gushes out of the severed jugular, in several spurts even after the animal is unconscious.

  4. All addictions are pathetic.

  5. No one can promise to clean up the child traffic and child sacrifice problem completely, but a taskforce of hunters screened and trained by competent and totally trusted directors with covert access to NSA records and proper funding could easily eradicate most of the problem.

  6. An awakening is taking place worldwide. The stupendously stupid lockdown and totallittarian measures taken by governments to protect citizens from a basic flu is cause for further investigation.Why
    now.These extremely hard measures is rediculous.What is really going on.Are the Elite using covid as an excuse to rollout a dictatorship worldwide disguised as medical intervention measures.Yes exactly that.Are they using covid as an excuse to get us all chipped for the NWO.For their new cashless society system.Yes exactly that.Resist now.We know the truth and the truth will set u free.

  7. The question is how does adrenochrome fit into the Illuminati.The serpentine race aka demons need the Illuminati to gain access to blood.Adrenilited.They feed off it.Hence the Illuminati provide them with their everyday sustanance.In return they the Illuminati is setting up their kingdom on Earth with demonic assistance.The Jewish King ultimately satanicly posesed, their chosen one, to rule from Jerusalem,greater Israel being setup now by the USA.The world ultimately ruled by Satan or Lucifer under the 5G 666 microchip plan.Aka covid19 proof of vaccination.Albeit short rule, unfortunately will and must happen to fullfil prophecy.However the plan can change if China deposes the Illuminati and sets up its own King.Kim Jong Un .. we’ll see how it turns out.

  8. Trump’s very cosy relationship with Kim lately could spell an omnious death to the jewish NWO, will Trump sellout to China to help crush his enemies at home.Chinese Us cooperation to erridicate Rothchild dominance worldwide could erridicate Jewish dominance globally but install a new Chino-US order that could be far worse than the Jews could fathom.If thats the route Trump is following it could work for his benefit.If Trump could get a powerful ally now before the election like China-Korea his enemies is toast.Trump is pro vaccination so the plan is going ahead.The Jews are replacable.Its the Vatican that calls the shots ultimately.

  9. Is it just me, or is it getting crazier out there?

  10. Complete nonsense. You must be an idiot to drink blood as the individual may be infected with some bacterium or virus – directly or through mother. Moreover, everyone has one’s specific spectre of useful bacteria necessary for digestion and metabolism. These bacteria can provoke a chaos in the metabolism of the blood drinker and black feces
    As regard transfusion of young blood, 100% sure they do. Young blood, particularly of very young chilren, has tumor supressing factors and it’s a possibility to delay cancer and several other genetic or autoimmune diseases. If most of the ‘elites’ did not have blood transfusion or organ transplantations they would be dead long ago.

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  12. U can survive the destruction of the FED if u opt for BRICKS.So Lets destroy the FED.They are behind 911 and covid scam.Their time is up.We have an alternative.

  13. Its not getting crazier its as in the days of Noah. Nothing actually changed besides some material progres. Everybody now is able to inform his or herself. With this covid scam awareness has risen considerably. The Qanon movement has spread to more than 70 countries . I think they are going to make a difference to bring mote awareness.
    I have not seen her for a while… but Queen Elisabeth II always looked suspiciously healthy to me considering her age. I bet they keep her on ice.

  14. Got my Crucifix ! Looking for my mallet & the wooden sharp stake !
    Van Hesling !! You are needed !

  15. Interestingly, the Rabbi stills the bleeding of a circumcised baby boy with the mouth – if that blood is not adrenalised i don’t know what is.