Anti-mask protest in Montreal draws large crowd, propelled by U.S. conspiracy theories

Introduction – Sept 14, 2020

CBC puts the number of protesters at “several thousand”. While others have estimated there were as many as “40,000”.
We reserve judgement on the actual number of protesters. However, the Montreal protest follows similar demonstrations in London and Berlin and the corporate media sought to play down the scale of those protests. So it may be doing the same with this event too. Ed.

Anti-mask protest in Montreal draws large crowd, propelled by U.S. conspiracy theories

Jonathan Montpetit and John MacFarlane — CBC News Sept 12, 2020

Some demonstrators in Montreal on Saturday carried signs and wore T-shirts and hats denouncing what they called fear campaigns by the Quebec government, suggesting that the danger of COVID-19 has been overstated. Click to enlarge

Several thousand people gathered Saturday in downtown Montreal to hear speeches from conspiracy theorists and anti-vaccine activists, in one of the largest demonstrations to date against the Quebec government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The march began outside Premier François Legault’s Montreal office, and at one point stretched more than six city blocks. It attracted people of all ages, and from a wide-variety of mindsets.

Hare Krishnas marched alongside Christian fundamentalists and supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump. Others held signs about the 5G internet network, or perceived corruption at the United Nations.   

“I decided to come today to say ‘enough,'” said Montrealer Andrée David, 75. “We’ve been manipulated enough.”

The most popular symbols at the protest — be it on t-shirts, placards or flags — belonged to QAnon, a far-right conspiracy theory started in the United States that claims a satanic, pedophile cabal secretly controls the U.S. government, if not the entire world.

QAnon was labelled as a national security risk by the FBI in 2019 after individuals began committing acts of violence based on the mistaken belief the theory is true. 


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4 responses to “Anti-mask protest in Montreal draws large crowd, propelled by U.S. conspiracy theories”

  1. They hijacked the comorbidity deaths and morphed them into fake convid deaths while killing scores of elderly and sick. Every “official” recommendation to combat this invisible disease is EXACTLY opposite of how human immunity works. Dumbing down has worked gloriously, even to the point where so so many STILL, cannot accept the mounting facts about the scam of the all time. Here in the US of Amnesia, CommonCore in the public school system and STEM in the university education system has apparently sealed the deal. Critical thought has been eviscerated through such programs. STOP ACQUIESCING to TYRANNY!!!!

  2. I don’t care whether or not these mass demonstrations are controlled by the same people who enforce draconian anti-covid-1984 measures, and this is probably the case, ’cause y’know, Hegelian (or Pythagorean, if you wish) dialectic; but seeing this many people who genuinely question the “official” line is just soothing.

  3. Conspiracy “theories”? People who claim this are the True Conspirators trying to silence those that oppose this tyrannical scam, by those who support the NWO. Its time to call out these cretins, who they are, and arrest and prosecute them as enemies of humanity.

  4. Qanon, his conspiracy motto is: WWG1WGA “where we go one we go all”. Very fitting. The original conspiracy theory was a Hollywood elites, running child trafficking rings and that Donald J. Trump was working with the militairy to expose. The perfect anti thesis for antifa/BLM.
    The movement is deeply anti – semitic, anti government but usually pro Donald J. Trump and it’s rumoured that there are ties to the people within the government to expose the deep state. And I think this clean up, on the planet, is actually taking place and the connection with Donald J. Trump is also true. I personally have observed that somehow a lot of big international players of the ruling class who were involved in the aforementioned acts with children just don’t appear anymore in the spotlights, or not at all, as they used to be.