Is This Conclusive Evidence of a Directed Energy Weapon Being Used in California?

Activist Post – Sept 13, 2020

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At the very least, it’s bizarre and interesting. According to researcher Dutchsinse, he witnessed a clear beam of directed energy in real-time on September 7th. We know these weapons exist, but is this the best evidence yet of their use?

Dutchsinse states:

This is a real life example of something beaming from somewhere very strange (Malheur or above it in space) to another location hundreds of miles away in California, beaming directly into a fire…

High power microwave can show up on IR. So can high power IR lasers. Both could theoretically cause fires.

The first video is not enhanced, but this is followed by a color enhanced version.

Best view of the beam seen in full HD 1080p at 11:34 or so. another good view at 13:20 or so… In a very strange turn of events, upon the upload and premiere of this video on youtube.. almost all shots of the beam are hard to see only on youtube (you can see just fine on twitch for instance). You literally cannot see the beam in the half video here on youtube that was seen live by my audience just fine over on twitch.

Nonetheless you can view pretty well in 1080p HD using a laptop , maybe turn down the lights and look close. The live links are provided for you to see on your own instead of having to watch this video.

Here is a brightened and color saturated version of the same beam event:

Dutchsinse offers the following additional research links to investigate for yourself:

Close up beam going to fire in California –

Close up beam going to Malheur Oregon –

Near Infrared view –

View the beam coming from / going to Malheur here –

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13 responses to “Is This Conclusive Evidence of a Directed Energy Weapon Being Used in California?”

  1. Nonsense……these fires are being started by people with a political agenda….to create chaos etc.But the controlled media is not cooperating…..because FIRST the general public has to be be made aware of what is going on…..and that would cause alarm amongst the public….
    It is possible the fire starters will give up on this eventually…..that’s what the authorities will be hoping anyway.
    Notice how Trump is deliberately exacerbating a bad situation by making pronouncements about running for a third and illegal term.
    Just imagine what America would be like WITHOUT the infestation of Jewish elites….a darn sight more peaceful that’s for sure.
    IMAGINE….two seventy year old fossils competing for office……its like the USSR before Putin took over.
    JFK was a young dynamic president with vision…..OF COURSE THEY MURDERED HIM!…..after all he said he was going to break up the CIA into a thousand different pieces…..they murdered his equally capable brother with a convenient Palestinian sucker….THIS fact alone tells you WHO was behind the assassination.

  2. These raging fires have been a feature for the past few years and in other countries too like Australia. I’ve thought since long before Covid that they’re being set to destroy cover and food supplies for people like survivalists and militia who would have fled into the forests when the NWO makes its move. Millions of dead animals are a food source wasted, as well as their pelts and bone tools etc, while others know the uses for different plants and trees. Ash and runoff will probably pollute rivers too. Nature’s bounty mostly destroyed now.

  3. Not really conclusive – could be fabricated – or an artifact of data management/gathering, perhaps.

    If it’s real, it may be – beyond creating exploitable chaos – a way of trying to convince Americans of “God’s wrath” in a stealthy way.

  4. Why would people not be using weapons Tesla offered ” the West ” in 1916 for use against Germany?

  5. Soros funded terrorist cells like ANTIFA and BLM have been caught setting fires so many times that there is no mystery at all about who is starting the fires.

    Terror is what jews bring whether in the form of fires, riots, wars, bombs, arson, explosions, fake racism, fake anti-semitism, sex trafficking, slavery,, immigrant invasions, covid, abortion, child pornography, etc.

    At the same time Jews inflict these terrors on us, they use their jews media to portray jews as innocent victims and other groups as the evil perpetrators – in accordance with Saul Alinski’s advice to accuse your enemies of the evil that you do yourself.

    The jews media portrays Russia, China Germany, Iran, Muslims, Christians, white people, as the source of jewish evils. Good they call evil and evil they call good, as prophesied.

  6. California is burning due not only to the heat and drought, but due to subduction of the Pacific plates under California.
    According to this source the MIMIC satellite recorded these electromagnetic flow lines. The microwaves recorded by this satellite flowed from hotspot to hotpot on Earth’s surface. The plates are stressed,squeezed and emit electronic screech. The San Andrea fault line crosses from land to ocean in the location where the brief red line touched, and Faultlines under water always arc easily. This was an arc, known to occur from one electrical field to another, recorded by the satellite.

  7. I saw this a couple of days ago and find it very interesting. Space lasers or DEW. If it was an aircraft directed laser you’d think it would be closer to the target, I am pretty sure a 747 at max altitude would not even be able to see the fire target from that range. If it is from space they need to replenish the chemicals or fuel for the laser which is not easy to do, unless it was alien.

    Vespasian’s comment is correct: “these fires are being started by people with a political agenda”. The start location of the Almeda fire was in Ashland, Oregon very close to the Ashland Dog Park on Almeda Street. You can go to Google or Bing maps to look at this yourself. You must understand that Ashland, Oregon is not like other Oregon towns except for Portland. Ashland is full of sex weirdos, trannys, gays, pervs, new age writers, left wing radicals, antifa, BLM and Jews of every stripe,

    The town sports BLM posters by the thousands. I know as my South Oregon business takes me around the town frequently. Nearly every house or front yard has some stupid political poster. This is not normal for Oregonians, who are mostly conservative gun owners, fisherman, hunters, etc. Most people who live in rural areas are very conservative but politics in this state are controlled by the sex weirdos in the big cities of Salem and Portland. Governor Kate Brown is a proudly admitted Bi-sexual Lesbian.

    Railroad park in Ashland (you can google it) has the world’s biggest BLM display. I am not kidding, these idiot left wing white liberals put up t-shirts with all the dead niggers on them and huge them on a chain link fence. This railroad park is NEXT to a radical JEW SYNAGOGUE. NO ACCIDENT as the Jews are directing BLM to silence whites.

    You can go to google maps, type in Ashland Oregon and synagogues. Check it out for yourself. Havurah Shir Hadash is a radical extremist Israeli first operation spitting distance from Railroad Park where the BLM display is. AND the fire started just a few hundred yards away – the conditions were perfect, high northbound winds, super low humidty, high temperatures.

    What did the one Rabbi say to Antifa radical at Ashland Synagogue? “It would such a terrible tragedy if a fire started and burned all the Goyim houses downriver”.

    BTW I am not racist, but in lawless Amerika, violent blacks are called Niggers by other Blacks. If you don’t live here you simply have no idea how Amerika is still the wild west. It is normal for blacks to steal everything – just walk right into a store grab some shit and run out. Normal behavior in crazy Amerika – where the experiment in freedom went awry when they imported mixed races to white society.

    Most of the time the one’s killed by black and white cops got into it resisting arrest. They basically did not do what the cop ordered and got gunned down. I am also a very sane non-violent anarchist who doesn’t believe in external authority to self – just read my essays. I do not like and I do not approve of policing as it leads to abuse by the state. Police are called pigs for good reason, they are taking a fatty paycheck in Rothschild Notes to force us to the State Agenda.

    Cops are the most immoral people when they use deadly force to get us to kneel down to the monetary overlords. That is the real problem, the Constitution has been usurped by the money power. Since the nation is deep in debt and people struggle to survive to pay all their inflated bills, some choose to become cops, and get a big paycheck and brand new car and nice house at the expense of everyone else’s freedom. That is the reality of central banking insanity, which I named my latest blog after.

    And let med add some more reality to your morning coffee – Christians are ordered by the Bible (Romans 13) to obey the state. Well if God wrote that then God must be really evil because the State is Evil. Is it moral to follow the dictats of criminals, scoundrels, money thieves, Jews, Rabbis, Israeli firsters, genocidal maniacs? No? The why the f-ck are you a Christian following the Jew Bible?

    The bottom line is the Amerika is JEW INFESTED. JEWS ARE THE PLAGUE ON THE WORLD. WE ARE IN THE APOCALPSE, THE GREAT UNVEILING WHERE WE COME TO KNOWLEDGE AND CONSCIOUSNESS OF OUR FAULTY BELIEF SYSTEMS AND RELIGIONS WHICH HAVE BETRAYED US. The tragedy of sinking Titanic Amerika is going to go on for decades, maybe a world war or two before this is over. The only thing that matters is that the radical Jews are rounded up and bombers are put over Israel.

  8. Ignore anything written by Paul. Jesus warned about “the leaven of the Pharisees”. His message differs depending on to whom he speaks. Jesus’ simple message gets turned back into obnoxious legalisms and a continuing Jewish grip on power, a huge damage-limitation exercise.

  9. “Christians are ordered by the Bible to obey the state”

    I am not a puritan but most used Bible is the King James Version the same Bible as is present in every masonic lodge. Mastered by a occult magician named Sir John Dee, a Mercer, who signed of with 007. This was the real James Bond. The reason why so many Christians were slaughtered/genocided in France by the papacy was because they were in possession of the true Bible the Geneva Bible 1560/99. It contains all the footnotes that warns of TPTB.

  10. @Yukon Jack

    Yes Romans 13 does instruct us to obey the state because you get punished if you are lawless but this is a relative commandment whereas the instruction at Acts 5 verse 29 is absolute it says ‘we must obey God as ruler rather than men’, it was said to the High Priest who had the apostles arrested for preaching and teaching the good news. So we obey the law but only up to the point where making disciples becomes forbidden, in that instance we disobey as God’s Kingdom is more important than any secular human states’ laws.

  11. @Erik Blessing

    The King James version is mostly made up of William Tyndale’s translation. Tyndale was executed by the Catholics for translating the Bible into English so that even a ‘boy that pusheth the plow’ could get to understand God’s word. I heard on a Radio 4 programme about him that what got him into trouble were his footnotes which criticized TPTB. Perhaps publishers should stick to footnotes which provide insight on the wording of the verses and let any political interpretation be in the minds of the readers.

  12. In the early hours of August 17, a tremendous lightning storm, producing little to no thunder and little to no precipitation, began and raged for hours across most of Northern California, at least (I live in the SF Bay Area where I was awakened at 3:15 am by very strange powerful winds, resembling low-power hurricane, to see the midnight sky lightened in every direction by lightning of the intensity that simply never occurred in California, traditionally. Certainly not absent of precipitation or thunder!
    There is no way in the world that these spectacular and devastatingly damaging ‘lightning storms’ were a natural occurrence!
    Just by coincidence, all of California’s forest in the northern half began to burst into flame over the following days. We in the Bay Area have had exactly 1 1/2 days since August 17 when the air quality was not ‘unhealthy’ or ‘very unhealthy’.
    There will certainly be more fires. After all, it was October of the last 2 years (traditional ‘fire season’ in California) which say deadly fires across much of both northern and southern California, very much in keeping with projections referred to as goals within Agenda 2030 materials.

  13. @Henry h.

    Really? Tyndale created NOTHING, he was such a devout Christian, he would not even dare touch the Bible. He translated the Bible in English for the common man. The King James Bible was first published in 1611 and was wholly created by Sir John Dee. The footnotes you mention are the footnotes Tyndale truthfuly translated from a original copy of the Bible. These are left out on purpose by Sir John Dee and that’s why they call it the King James Version. So now you know that the King James Version has nothing to do with Wiliam Tyndale since he was not the author of the Bible. You see my friend, thats why i usually do not reply but trust mostly on my own research and understanding.