Military lasers that can melt cars (2012)

Richie From Boston – Sept 13, 2020

4 responses to “Military lasers that can melt cars (2012)”

  1. He has some good points and in general I think he makes a lot of sense. One thing, though: there are many tree species that can survive fires. Ever tried burning some wood you just felled?

  2. A weapon for melting and shrinking vehicles was used in the second Gulf War. A bus would end up the size of a VW Beetle.

  3. Wood burns at a certain temperature, not hot enough to melt iron. But if you deliver enough oxygen like in a cokes run melt oven a car will melt down and molten iron runs away just like alu rims, glass and radiators. Considering what’s happening in a firestorm like Dresden and other German cities in a firestorm, the last years heavy winds compared to those in the past, generated the oxygen needed to melt iron. This can be very local, more like streams of fire, green bushes next to a molten car. It does not have to last long.

  4. Hi Lewis,
    That shrinking weapon you mention was first witnessed being used in the (illegal) invasion of Panama. I remember reading about it way back then.
    BTW at least 15,000 civilians killed just to arrest GB the Elder’s ex-business partner,