How the Govt is wading into the swamp of despotism – one muzzle at a time

Peter Hitchens – Daily Mail Sept 12, 2020

The Government has no legal right to impose the severe and miserable restrictions on our lives with which it has wrecked the economy, brought needless grief to the bereaved and the lonely and destroyed our personal liberty.
This is the verdict of one of the most distinguished lawyers in the country, the retired Supreme Court Judge Lord Sumption.
He said last week in a podcast interview: ‘I don’t myself believe that the Act confers on the Government the powers that it has purported to exercise.’

Lord Sumption’s intervention is, of course, so huge and important that the media of this country have somehow not noticed it. So, as has been the case from the start, you have to get it from me

He was referring to the Public Health Act of 1984, the basis for almost all the sheaves of increasingly hysterical decrees against normal life which the Health Secretary Matt Hancock has issued since March. I promise you that it is not usual for a retired senior judge to use such language in public.
This 1984 Act was drawn up mainly to give local magistrates the power to quarantine the sick.
Nothing in it remotely justifies these astonishing moves – house arrest, travel restrictions, harsh limits on visiting family members, interference with funerals and weddings, closure of churches, compulsory muzzles, bans on assembly and protest.
English law just does not allow an Act of Parliament to be stretched so far.
Magistrates are never given such powers. It is a principle of our law that fundamental freedoms cannot be invaded or overruled unless the law specifically allows it.
As he is one of the most distinguished legal minds of our time, Jonathan Sumption’s opinions on this matter are surely important.
Let us hope that the Courts of England, which have so far been content to let the Government do what it likes, will listen to what he says when they look at the matter again later this month, in the case brought by Simon Dolan, a businessman who is seeking a judicial review of the Government’s policy on Covid-19.
It is extraordinary for such a person as Lord Sumption to go public in this fashion. And he went on to say another astonishing thing.
He pointed out that powers do exist – in the shape of the formidable Civil Contingencies Act – under which the Prime Minister could do all the things he has done. But the CCA requires regular parliamentary scrutiny and renewal.
The Government’s team of lawyers must know this. So why wasn’t the CCA used? We can only guess that the Prime Minister and his Health Secretary feared that if they had to keep coming back to Parliament, even the dim, slumbering and gullible MPs we have nowadays would eventually have spotted, and halted, the immense power grab now under way.
Lord Sumption’s intervention is, of course, so huge and important that the media of this country have somehow not noticed it.
So, as has been the case from the start, you have to get it from me. But believe me, it is an indication of just how deep into the swamp of despotism this Government has already waded.
Let us escape soon, before we are so far in we can never get out again.

Bare-faced state bullies

The most terrible warning of what lies ahead of us – if we cannot smash the Government’s lies – is in Melbourne, Australia, where a vain little despot called Daniel Andrews has locked his subjects in their homes, banned demonstrations against this policy, and unleashed heavy-handed police against protesters and dissenters.
At this rate, Melbourne will soon be twinned with Minsk, capital of Belarus. The treatment of protesters on the streets of both cities is remarkably similar. I was most struck by what happened to a young woman demonstrator at the hands of Melbourne police, after they had grabbed and restrained her, so that she was powerless.
An officer actually put a covering over her mouth. It was not the only such incident that day and it explains, to those who object, why I call these things muzzles.
They are there to humiliate, to cancel individuality and to indicate assent – forced or otherwise – to the crazy policy of trying to treat a virus with naked state power.
If US police forced handcuffed Left-wing protesters to wear Trumpoid ‘Make America Great Again’ baseball caps it would be about the same.


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  1. Many say Orwell was a few years out with 1984 but there are two events that support him. There is this Public Health Act 1984, which I was unaware of, but one thing I did notice in 1984 (November I believe) was Barclays Bank was the first High Street business in the UK to install CCTV cameras to monitor people entering its premises. He was spot on there.

    Had Orwell used his own name Eric Blair we wouldn’t talk about the Orwellian future but the Blair future, and we sure got that with the dreadful Tony Blair. He brought in some very authoritarian laws which later Tory governments built upon to get us where we are today. And then he went on to become the biggest war criminal still alive. Orwellian in deed.

  2. Of course the government has NO RIGHT, whatsoever, to do what it’s doing.
    In fact, everyone has every right to do whatever they so choose to do, but no right to impose them upon others who do not consent.
    This concept of ‘God’s laws’ is 100%, bonafide BS.
    If a man (or woman) wants to steal from, beat, rape, enslave or murder another, then that’s his (or her) choice to do so. It has NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with another, other than the victim/s and their families. I am of course speaking about the state.

    Of course, the ignoramuses on here will instantly shout out “but this is what society is. Laws are created to protect people by governments created by the people.”

    These idiots completely fail to see that the MINUTE you create ANYTHING and give it power over others IT WILL BE COMPROMISED. Ergo you should NEVER, EVER, EVER create any from of government whatsoever. Governments create police and armed forces who EVENTUALLY are used against the people. Politicians USE the vast income, they draw from public taxes, to better their lives and enforce THEIR will upon others.
    THE LAST THING YOU SHOULD EVER DO IS GIVE POWER TO ANYONE WHO SEEKS IT – and that’s every politician and policeman/woman out there.

    And because of this, we have the hell we now have. We have a police state. We have tattooed up thugs, bullies who get off on abusing the public. What happens if you actually know the law? What happens if you tell the law to these police? What happens if you remind them that they are breaking the law and behaving no differently to thugs? I’ll tell you what happens – you’re arrested, forced to the ground, handcuffed, thrown into a police van, taken to the police station, charged with breach of the peace (for starters to be followed by a whole string of other recently created public acts), taken to a cell, stripped completely naked and left there.

    This is a case of US vs THEM.
    They have the power. They have the tasers, the pepper spray and the guns. They have a judiciary that will imprison the people they’ve just abused, who have committed no crime at all, but courtesy of police lying (they do a lot of that), you will be found guilty of something. And don’t look to legal aid to help you. They’ll play ball with the courts and they will not fight your case. People are incapable of understanding that solicitors rely on the system for their income. If they DON’T play ball, they get disbarred.

    But the real questions are; “how on earth did we get here? How on earth did we get to the hell we’re now in?”
    We (collective term, but most certainly not me) got here through willful ignorance. We got here through people not educating themselves, who happily took the bread and circuses given to them by their slavers. While they worshiped the god in the corner of the room, they gorged themselves on a diet of soap operas, game shows, talk shows, comedies, sport, movies and music. They ignored the man behind the curtain who took away all of their freedoms. They did nothing when the governments removed public execution, poured millions of immigrants into their countries, legalized deviancy and degeneracy, gave those deviants and degenerates positions of power and authority. The people turned away from their nation. They destroyed their communities. Their selfishness saw them chasing the money, caring only for themselves and their loved ones. While their society fell apart, they couldn’t care less. While the despots created more acts of Parliament (not laws) they couldn’t care less as they were making more and more money, getting their nest egg to be able to retire with. And because of their selfishness now the economy’s about to crash, with it the currency and thus all the money they have made null and void. It’s a poetic irony that has given them their comeuppance for their selfishness.

    The nightmare, Orwellian reality we’re now in (just ask the Aussies, with us in the west following suit) is 100% a result of the people. And ironically, when I try and talk to people, asking them “don’t you remember Orwell’s 1984?” they reply they always meant to get around to reading it…..the football was too much of a draw for them to actually be interested in stopping hell from coming into their land.

    The people are 100% responsible for the creation of the monster that now rules them. Their apathy, their accepting of political correctness, their accepting of homosexuality/transgenderism & 60+ different genders, their inability to educate themselves, their not uniting to stop mass immigration and non indigenous being allowed to stay here and grow up with their children, their CONTINUED voting for people who should NEVER be anywhere near politics…..all has led to the mess we’re now in.

    As the saying goes – “people deserve the society they live in” and it’s incredibly true. The good news though is that come the flu season millions will die because they’ve happily complied to mask wearing. Even better billions more will die from the mandatory vaccinations. Do not pity these fools. They brought in this nightmare, but more so, the way I look at it is, the (((elites))) have actually done all the awake a great favour because in removing all of the ‘profane’ and ‘useless eaters’ they have removed a major obstacle, that is, those people who would have become their civilian police force, who would have spied for them, called them up if they’d seen someone breaking their Orwellian lock down rules.

    People warned of cracks appearing in the dam a LONG time ago. No one listened. They told them the cracks were getting bigger. No one listened. They told them the holes started letting in water. No one listened. Now there’s no dam and people aren’t interested. You don’t bother with people like this. You ignore them. You leave them to wallow in their own ignorance and stupidity. You cannot help them because they don’t want to be helped. They are, what I call, the walking dead. They’re zombies. They are of no use to anyone.

  3. Exactly as Greville Janner said ” we the jews own this country, so your laws will have to coincide with ours”
    We should have listened to Adolf Hitler when he offered Chamberlian the chance to take our country back as Germany did.

  4. The “freedom” discourse has never been quite right. The word belongs to criminality. Somebody wants to pursue pleasures of the ego. The discourse should surround the error of letting someone else eg a gov. minister commit the sin of self-aggrandisement.

  5. A good article, and I agree.

  6. W.H.O. exposed:

    How health body “Changed the pandemic criteria” to push agenda.

    THE WHO’s investigations into the Swine Flu pandemic of 2009 have since found that the virus was largely overplayed, with many questioning whether it was foul play to push H1N1 onto the global stage as a serious crisis.

    By Joel Day

    Swine Flu guides ‘had to change to declare pandemic’ says expert.

    The 2009 Swine Flu Pandemic (H1N1) swept the globe, lasting some 20 months. It was the second of two pandemics involving the H1N1 influenza strain, the first having hit during 1918-20 in what is now known as the Spanish Flu pandemic.

    In the years following the pandemic, the World Health Organisation (WHO) faced fierce criticism over its handling of the situation.

    Some medical experts doubted whether the H1N1 outbreak was really a pandemic at all.

    “The WHO can operate in a very clandestine fashion.”

    Further reading:

  7. OK. But why is it that retired generals, judges, etc, that “speak out”. Why don’t those still in the game speak out ?

    The military abuse the serving men, but the serving men today may be used to enforce injections. (To say nothing about the murder of Iraqis and Syrians etc. ) It’s no good doing the work of the devil then thirty years from now complaining about it all. The time to make a difference is when one is employed as an agent of this or that; not when one has retired.

  8. Shills for the jews are put in positions of power because they are shills for the jews, ie Blair, Clinton, Trump, Merkel, Daniel Andrews, Nasty Pelosi, Obama, etc.

  9. Lords are to be mistrusted, I agree with the comment before, it makes a difference when one speaks out in office and doing something about it. The other day I saw a defected 32 degree mason speaking out. They only exist hanging dead on door knobs or in a ditch with a bullet in the head. The UK is fully under the thumbs of the City of London Corp. Tony Blair is a knight of Malta(crusader) so are his bosses in the City. His wife is a Booth, family of John Wilkes Booth. Lincolns murderer. Boris Johnson is a psychopath who is a passionate admirer of Winston Churchill. I believe he is a Mercer(worshipful company of Mercers) What can the UK expect with a fascist government run by the city of London?

  10. I’m afraid that Mr Hitchens is not aware of the REAL AGENDA… of which the illegalities that he refers to are merely the first signs – the swaying palm trees – of an incoming off-the-scales storm that will rip everything up by its roots… and smash it to smithereens.

    Yes – it’s what’s called “The End Of An Age”… and it’s gonna blow everything – including YOU! – away.

  11. First they came for the nazis, but i didn’t defend them because i am not a nazi

    Then they came for the revisionists, but i didn’t speak out because i am not a revisionist

    Then they came for the conservatives, but i didn’t speak out because i am not a conservative

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

  12. Both America and the UK are ruled by subhuman Satanic Ashkenazi Bolshevik Khazars. There is only one major difference…………Americans are NOT helpless and disarmed as are the Brits.

  13. We humans are finished! It’s over guys and girls. We are being Frog !marched into a Global nightmare of epic proportions.
    Im hoping the cancer im battling finishes me off sooner or later. I have lost the will to live, Im not the only one going through this Global Reset.
    No matter where you look or go its all negative.

    Above people have written about 1984.
    This is not Living this is existing.
    Thsts all Folks over and out.
    God bless and Good luck to all.
    Im done im out.
    Its been one hell of a ride.

    God take me home Im ready.
    Humans have wrecked the earth.
    G o ds creation has failed Big time.
    Just End our misery Now

  14. Tony Blllllllbbbpppair’s real name would have been Parsons but the name he took is relevant in satanism, according to James Shelby Downard.

  15. Don’t give up and lay down and die. That’s not the human race. How will history judge us as weak and cowards we must leave more of a legacy then that. Die if you must but die fighting. That is a death to be proud of.