I’m Back! (September 6th 2020)

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSC FRSA – Brand New Tube Sept 6, 2020

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  1. AS some one with former intell connections
    I have to add to Dr Coleman
    All supermarkets in the UK are all jewish owned, they are not in competition but are one big cartel
    as far as i know rothschild loaned the money for each of them to start up in business
    Tesco is rotten to the core it gives money to the IDF and defends them for their crimes
    in Paestine.
    Moishe solomons in a radio prog said that there are 50 carcinogenic additives in supermarket foods, he said it wont afect us as we eat kosher.
    This is why people now buy from farmers markets, its fresh locally grown and no additives.
    They do intend to starve us, grow your own every space you have, window boxes etc, grow your own

  2. A window box can give you about a 3000th of your food. Look at the acreage of farmers’ fields.

  3. Shut them down.

  4. Judaism is AFRICAN religion.

  5. Law suit and defiance. Uprising will really start when some of us face the EVIL and are willing to die. It will never happen to me. I have not put one on period at any time. No comprise.

  6. Mystic and Yogi

  7. Anyone know what happened to the You Tube site “swilliamism”…this guy used to walk around London with a video giving interesting insights into various bizarre statues and what they really stood for etc.
    He sort of vanished from view without any explanations???.

  8. Vegetarian,

    I used to watch Swilliamson. I eagerly awaited his new videos. He would wander around London, telling people history of buildings and events that took place in London (he was a tour guide) as well as explain all the symbolism in and around Greater London and the City.

    Yes, he vanished and I reckon that he was not only booted off of JewTube, but warned by the police. There is one video, in particular, where he defended a man, who was chased by a pair of specials, trying to fine him for dropping a cigarette. He told him his rights and then as he was clearly gaining the upper hand, a long came a pair of policemen who got heavy handed and not interested in listening to the truth. They just kept telling him to go away and that this has nothing to do with him, as they handcuffed the man, who dropped the cigarette and arrested him.

    His channel disappeared a while back.

  9. I don’t know about free ice creams but I got a “free” cryptocurrency miner that tried to hijack my computer when I visited brand new tube. Firefox blocked it, luckily.