An OBVIOUS Crime Against Humanity

Kevin Boyle – YouTube Sept 12, 2020

Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.

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  1. Kevin, neither you nor I know what Covid is. IF its a virus as commonly described & this so say naturally occurring pathogen has undergone even the slightest Porton Down/Fort Detrick modification, then it’s a bioweapon. If we look back at H5N1 bird flu, the Indonesian government openly accused the US of tampering with the H5N1 virus and they refused to share their H5N1 samples with the US. We had H5N1 infections in shed based UK, French, and EU flocks of birds, We even had the occasional wild bird infection… the BBC had a webpage that was up for over 1 year which stated that H5N1 bird flu could not have traversed the globe via wild birds… so the inference being that all these H5N1 infections were done deliberately, manually infected.

    I can’t understand why this community uses the language and superstitions used by the fake news and regime? I’m pretty sure that Trump knows MI6 wanted his presidential run blocked in 2016 & I am confident that Trump also knows that Covid is a bioweapon and was released to harm his reelection chances & much more, as I’ve explained in many previous comments. Timing, timing & motive. And let’s not forget that MI6 failed to assassinate Trump on a Scottish golf course. They tried to take out Gordon Brown & Richard Branson at LHR while waiting to take off on BA38 bound for China, but a last-minute flight control change meant that inbound BA38 lost all flight deck power and even the INDEPENDENT flight deck power system… a statistical impossibility. As we see with the current regime, the UK has no interest in success based on legitimate business practices. Apart from the fact, the deep state wanted Brown & Branson gone, they did not want better trade with China & this is supported by the deep state and regime actions since then.

    The City crime cartels and Wall Street mobsters have been systematically destroying the global trading systems since 2008. They used currency wars, illegal sanctions, and now trade wars, of which Brexit is a trade war against the EU. So if you can’t see how Covid fits into the MI6 agenda, then there is no hope (I hate that word).

  2. The masks were forced on people to get them sick from people dropping and touching their dirty old mask and dirty old gloves.What is this thing of wearing rubber? Police do it all the time.This is Eyes Wide Shut.
    Do tests on every person with a dirty mask, and definitely no shopping with a dirty mask.
    You can not clean them, as the second it is on it gets moist and full of sour breath.

  3. At last, a clear easily understood and cogent exposition of the situation,brilliant.

  4. Thanks, so very obvious. So many still believe authorities would not behave like that.

  5. A most interesting video.

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  6. Stop paying taxes. It is voluntary!!!
    Spiritual warfare. They cannot win this.
    Fear is their weapon. Do not be afraid to die.

    Mystic and Yogi.

  7. An international criminal investigation for MURDER.

  8. Trial should not be for treason or conspiracy

    They should be accused of discrimination,

    discrimination of maskless people, discrimination of non-vaccinated people , discrimination of dissisents

    By the law, discrimination is punishhable by death (public death penalty)

  9. The Covid virus as a war weapon was made in the Pirbright Labs outside Woking. The MOD gave it to the Wanks, they gave to Das juden in tel aviv. They added the AIDS virus to it, then spread it all over Iran ! (But look how many juden have the virus there ! AIDS stops the immune system working, so it is a deliberate WAR weapon ! Where is the International Criminal Court with the prosecutions ???

  10. carl Jones,
    we can know COVID is not a virus is the commonly understood sense. No such virus has ever been isolated in human samples. What is called a virus is the RNA excretions of the cells of our own body. These particles have recently been convincingly identified as exosomes, sent out by cells to deal with the disturbance of the body that caused its destabilisation.
    Just because labs have played around with creating illnesses that our bodies struggle to deal with does NOT mean those labs are manufacturing viruses or germs. These do not cause illness. They can only be manufacturing deadly poisons that can kill if ingested in small quantities.
    Poisons in sufficient quantity to overcome the bodies own created germs (bacteria) and viruses (exosomes) can kill. The so-called “germs” and “viruses” are defenders of the body not its attackers.
    Lots of real science (experiments) demonstrates this, not least the experiments carried out during the Spanish Flu that proved the Flu was NOT person-to-person contagious.

  11. Kevin Boyle: No Kevin, exosomes are produced by the body in response to any infection/pathogen, not just the so say viruses. This is why they get away with saying so many sheeple are asymptomatic.

  12. Well-stated by Kevin Boyle.

    The main thing we need to be aware of now, for the predicted “second wave” planned for some time in September (any time from the 18th) are CHEMTRAILS. We don’t know what’s in the spray now, and they could easily add something deadly from the 18th.

    Bill Gates has threatened that we WILL notice this one.

  13. Carl Jones,
    “exosomes are produced by the body in response to any infection/pathogen” YES (that’s what I said in other words) … “not just the so say viruses” NO. The say so viruses ARE the exosomes..

  14. If it’s a bio weapon. Carl Jones, then it’s not very good, is it?

    I just dismiss anyone still claiming it’s a bio weapon as controlled opposition or a 77th brigade stooge.

    There is NO virus.

  15. Greg: Grow up. Are you suggesting China locked up a huge section of its economy for a fake bioweapon or virus? Are you suggesting that Iran kiiled many of its establishment figures just to play along with MI6? As I’ve stated many times before, selected countries were pre-protected from the worst & this is why the UK, US and most EU countries have exagerated their infections and deaths attributed to Covid. They never set out to kill huge numbers of people, at least not in the first wave, but these are still very early days and if you listen to the politicians and fake news, there is going to be a second wave.

    We could have two years of Covid & then they’ll roll out new bioweapon-viruses. They haven’t ploughed all this money into a 2 year Covid jolly.