COVID-911: From Homeland Security to Biosecurity

James Corbett – The Corbett Report Sept 11, 2020

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  1. The building of the WTC at an architectural value of zero was the big crime. A second crime is to use an adjective as a noun (“normal”). A third is to self-aggrandise by gratuitously controlling people.

  2. Americans are mentally slow

  3. The most powerful nation in world history takes the prize for all time in being the most corrupt, and that corruption means that the entire nation is floating on a sea of BS. There is not one thing the US government without either being covered with a thick layer of the stuff or being entirely made up of it.

    How can anyone believe the coming election is not a complete charade. Thump and staff are completely up to their ears in the Covid scam as all of those with the Dems. If they can create such a giant global psyop as the plandemic it is no choir to fix an election.

  4. WRONG! 911 is still the driving issue. 911 ruined America. 911 destroyed America. There will be no recovery of any sort until the TRUTH is told about 911. The truth is very, very difficult to swallow. 911 truth is that America is under the total control of pure Satanists. That has been the case for probably a hundred years. Yet, in the past, nothing as monstrous as 911 was tried. Today, the completely evil Christ hating Satanic Khazars have now caused the virus scam and, on top of that, led the BLM/Antifa destruction of American society. There is nothing exceptional about America. It is no better than the days of the Cheka and NKVD in the USSR. Most in America simply have no connection to the TRUTH! They actually think what they see/hear on Jew TV is real and true. Israel and the criminal Satanists in the GW Bush administration did 911. The evidence is overwhelming.

  5. Corbett is a journalistic genius. I’ll cut him some slack on his omission of the Jewish Question. No one’s perfect…

    It’s amazing isn’t it ?

    The internet has been around for nearly thirty years. I first surfed the web in around 1995. One of the first sites propounding controversial views was the

    Then a few years past. 9/11 had happened and around three years after or so, I became convinced that it was an inside job. I’ve known stupid people – whom I try as much to avoid as possible – and intelligent people; people who are professional and love and look after their families. But people do not love truth enough. They already lived in their own personal/family/corporate bubbles before the scamdemic kicked off.

    There is still no general realisation that 9/11 was an inside/Israeli job. And it’s not hard to discern. An individual with an open mind could watch three or four of the main videos, taking up half a day of their lives and KNOW this. But they don’t. They carry on in their bubbles.

    And I think it is how far an individual tries to apprehend truth that is a real measure of their humanity. What we really lack is human beings.

  6. If you can see the 9/11 lie it’s probably because God has made you see.