British Army Could Help with Covid-19 Mass Vaccinations

Army could be drafted in to deliver ‘moonshot’ vaccination drive at empty NHS Nightingale hospital sites – as government’s screening advisers say they’ve NOT been consulted

  • Officials say soldiers are needed to dish out the tens of millions of jabs to public
  • Troops may be deployed to the NHS Nightingale hospitals and other public sites
  • NHS bosses have been tasked with creating vaccination plans by end of October
  • Government screening advisers say they’ve not been consulted over ‘Moonshot’

James Gant – Mail Online Sept 12, 2020

Waiting for a second wave. One of the Florence Nightingale hospitals that were set up in Britain to deal with an expected throng ofcoronavirus patients but which have remained almost empty. Click to enlarge

The Army could be drafted in to deliver a ‘moonshot’ vaccination drive at empty NHS Nightingale hospital sites, it has emerged.

Officials believe soldiers are needed to dish out the tens of millions of jabs to the public when a vaccine is ready.

Troops could be deployed to the makeshift hospitals – which have been empty since the first Covid wave ended – and other public buildings.

Health service bosses have been tasked with creating these vaccination plans by the end of next month in case a vaccine is ready in the winter.

It comes as the government’s screening advisers said they have not been consulted over Boris Johnson’s ambitious Operation Moonshot.

The Prime Minister is hoping to carry out ten million tests a day by early next year including DIY pregnancy-style kits which turn around results in 15 minutes.

Sources told the i GPs and chemists do not have the resources to hand out the huge number of vaccinations that will be needed to tackle the coronavirus.

But it is believed the NHS would thrash out a Military Assistance to Civil Authorities (MACA) to the British Army to get help.

Soldiers would also be needed to assist with moving vaccines across the country, as well as refrigerating and storing them an potentially defending them from sabotage.

And army medics could also work with NHS nurses to administer the jabs, which is a harder task than the current Covid-19 swab test.

It would not be the first cooperating between the military and NHS during this crisis as the Army was deployed for the setting up of the NHS Nightingale sites in March.

There are plans being considered for a ‘dry run’ before a vaccine is found, where soldiers would assist with the dosing out  of the annual flu vaccine.

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9 responses to “British Army Could Help with Covid-19 Mass Vaccinations”

  1. I have only read a selection of the reader comments to the Daily Mail article. It is heartening to find that virtually every comment I read is scathing and suspicious of this vaccination plan.
    One comment asked “why the hurry?”. I can only think that the hurry is to get us all tagged
    – a long-term goal of the so-called “Elite” who must be salivating at the thought that soon we will all be their slaves.

  2. I don’t take any vaccines anymore since the first one I ever had sent me into anaphylaxis shock which nearly killed me and later i believe gave me bouts of Rheumatism which i have had ever since.
    When I started to research the contents of different vaccines I was shocked what I found. To all those that shout conspiracy they obviously do not take these vaccines in fact I am almost sure they or theirs do not. I have seen lately a certain soul seller on a morning news program call a lady who is an ex nurse at the forefront of trying to enlighten us on what is really going on a fool , a conspiracy theorist, mad bad and dangerous, the soul seller saying how important it is for us all to take the COVID 19 vaccine, but what for a virus that has never existed. Soul seller knows that I’m sure but, he likes his nice life style even more so will do and say anything like many to keep what they have. When this so called vaccine is rolled out those that refuse are going to take quiet a beating one way or the other. It will not be nice but I would rather that then have a toxic cosh of deadly diseases pumped into me however I will not go down without a fight.

  3. Hospitals closed , never been used. Boris now considers bringing in the military to administer vaccines by the million at these closed hospitals. If this pandemic is at all genuine then why are these places closed and if this virus is as deadly as our medical professors claim where are all the funerals taking place and where are the thousands of dead bodies , if the numbers are so high then one might think that the crematoriums across the country would be working 24/7 but they are not. This whole exercise by the WHO is a con trick from day one, the figures which are released from week to week are inconsistent and have never had any clarification, they are in short there to cause massive confusion and panic which has been the intention from the beginning. The government’s are guilty of lying to the public via the media which is as we all are aware a tool to distribute their false information.

  4. All the brains in Britain, where computers were invented just for WW2 and then destroyed for secrecy, somehow fail to solve cancer in a century, because it is really an instrument of euthanasia and murder, which can, as it happens, be administered by gov’s beloved vaccination scam. A false problem and a false solution unite.

  5. ”Troops could be deployed to the makeshift hospitals – which have been empty since the first Covid wave ended – and other public buildings.”………………………..Surely you mean since the HOAX that is covid ‘STARTED’

  6. & I am positive that all Brits having a COVIDIOT jab, injected by the Army , will be humming very loudly..
    Rule, Britannia! Britannia, rule the waves!
    Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.
    & then after this.
    Land of hope and glory, mother of the free
    How shall we extol thee, who are born of thee?
    Keep your upper lip stiff !

  7. Over the past few decades the quality of British army recruits has fallen. We still have some top soldiers of course, the top level hasn’t changed, but the lower grade of soldier is getting lower still. I’ve seen photos of new recruits passing out with the Guards who look rather untidy, something that would not have been tolerated just twenty years ago. And this new 77 Brigade which is a propaganda outfit, their operatives can be reasonably identified by their poor spelling and their atrocious English grammar. The British army has fallen far.

  8. Perfidious Albion to stab own population in back.. with a needle.

  9. do NOT join the armed forces you will be fighting for isrel often against your own kind
    sorry rothschild we want our country back