Masquerade around Madness: Now is the time to deal with 9/11 and the Globalist Agenda

Ian Fantom – Sept 11, 2020

Even the most ardent believers in the anti-COVID masks believe that things aren’t making sense. That varies from country to country, but it seems quite general throughout the anglosphere and NATO countries. In my part of England everyone is saying it, though people in the South East of England might think that’s ‘not nice’. Believing two directly contradictory things at the same time is what George Orwell called ‘doublethink’.

The Mad Media

Udo Ulfkotte. Click to enlarge

Belief in the Mad Media must be at an all-time low in the UK. In Germany they call the Mad Media the Lügenpresse – the Lying Press. This term has historical roots, but it’s being massively revived today. I found a nineteenth century compilation of European proverbs and sayings which contained the expression ‘Lying like a newspaper’. I suppose we could now say ‘Lying like a churnalist’, or ‘Lying like a Prestitute’. I sent out a number of review copies of the book ‘Presstitutes: Embedded in the Pay of the CIA’ by Udo Ulfkotte, which is the English translation of the German book ‘Gekaufte Journalisten’. A great review appeared on 28 July in The Morning Star under the heading ‘Shills for sale’.
Now another great book has been published, and it is literally a ground-breaking book, because it presents a convincing case that the three towers of the World Trade Centre were brought down by nuclear devices. I’ve been working with a web television team in producing a video, introducing the ideas, and explaining how virtually all of us had failed to see the obvious, when distracted by a series of partial theories. They are planning to launch that on the 19th anniversary of 9/11 this month in three languages: English (, German ( and Esperanto (
The English title is: ‘9/11: A Nuclear Meltdown?’ and the Esperanto title is ‘9-11: Nuklea Disfandiĝo’. Kla TV is a fantastic voluntary organisation based in German-speaking areas, which produces current affairs current affairs videos that challenge the Establishent in 71 languages. Their founder is Ivo Sasek, whose motivation comes from a religious spirituality, but he doesn’t impose that on others, and he keeps that separate from the web TV work. Their last physical conference, in Switzerland, was attended by 3 000 people. I have to say that this is quite a find. I was introduced to it by their Esperanto editor in France. These video links need to be tweeted and retweeted round the world on 11th September, because things that were once considered way out are now very credible, given what most people now know about the ‘Lügenpresse’ / ‘Mis-komunikiloj’ / ‘Mad Media’.

Journalists beware

There are now very few journalists left in the Mad Media that the Brits were once so proud of, when they believed the UK to have a uniquely free press. George Orwell warned that the press was in too few hands. The uniformity of the national press puzzled me in the 1970s when I was leading the Press and Public Relations in The British Esperanto Association. I didn’t think then that it was coordinated, but the extreme uniformity nowadays is blatantly obvious to all. The National Union of Journalists held a conference at their London headquarters just over ten years ago on the truthfulness of the press. I went along. On the bookstall at the back were two new books. The newer one was A Century of Spin: How Public Relations Became the Cutting Edge of Corporate Power by David Miller and William Dinan. The other was by Guardian writer Nick Davies, and was calledFlat Earth News: An award-winning reporter exposes falsehood, distortion and propaganda in the global media’. I purchased both, but read only the Nick Davies book, because it was about more immediate things. The book was in a way an eye-opener, but it criticised everyone other than The Guardian. There were also no references. Many now regard The Guardian as the main source of fake news in the UK’s printed media. This was I think the beginning of the phone-hacking scandal, in which Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World was closed down. The other book is more academic, and is mainly about corporate media takeover of the press. That now seems much more relevant to today’s situation.
Everyone in that NUJ room – and it was full to capacity – was well aware of the distortions that were appearing in the press. They were saying that they didn’t have enough time to check the facts. The term ‘churnalism’ was introduced. One lady from the BBC even told us that they had been given specific instructions not to check the facts if they came from official sources. If that is the case, then it explains everything: The BBC is a propaganda wing of the Establishment. One of the speakers was BBC journalist Alan Johnson, who had been constantly in the headlines, reportedly kidnapped in March 2007 and held for 114 days. I asked him how he knew his kidnappers were Palestinian terrorists. He replied “I, too, have heard conspiracy theories”. I replied, “I haven’t”. I said I was just asking the obvious question. Make of that what you will, but I would have expected my question to be followed up by professional journalists, who should have been asking that question, too.
I see that the NUJ has been talking about the Julian Assange case, but it seems a bit half-hearted to me. An article of 20 February 2020 is headedAssange’s treatment should be fair and humane, and it states: “That Assange’s plight is not eliciting more concern among the UK’s journalists is troubling. If his deportation to the United States is successful, the implications for media freedom are profound. The US Espionage Act, offences against which Assange is charged, is little tested. Indeed, no journalist or publisher in the US has ever been successfully prosecuted for the act of publication. Much of the legal process in this case also falls below minimum expectations of justice”. Well yes – so why aren’t the journalists writing about this in the national press? Why is The Guardian not more supportive, when at one stage they were the newspaper publishing information from Wikileaks? A colleague of mine went to the court hearings, but could not get in. He told me that only the first four in the queue were allowed in. Of course, there’s no way of knowing whether those four were genuine or whether the were placed there, but my colleage said it was a ‘kangaroo court’. Outside the court on the first day veteran journalist and campaigner for a free press John Pilger addressed the crowd. He calls it “the political ‘trial of the century’”, and he published his text on his website under the title ‘THE STALINIST TRIAL OF JULIAN ASSANGE. WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON?’. I traced the US documents to references 159, 161 and 161 of the Wikipedia entry for WikiLeaks, but all three links were broken.
The Guardian reported on the second day, saying that an interjection by Julian Assange could not be heard properly by journalists because they were in a separate room watching by video link. They reported that the judge told Assange that if there were any more interjections he would be removed from the court. According the The Guardian Julian Assange probably commented, “this is nonsense”. Of course, I have no way of knowing whether this is a fair report, or whether they have made the whole thing up.
As I write a conference is in progress in London under the heading ‘Imperialism on Trial – Free Julian Assange’.

Government by decree

The announcement for the Julian Assange conference states that tickets are limited due to Covid restrictions. Even so, they may find themselves in breach of the law, because the law seems to keep changing arbitrarily. The capacity for that venue is 600, but only meetings up to 300 are allowed. As I write the government is announcing a new change, to be brought in on Monday 14th September, which places a limit of six people for any meeting other than meetings for work or school. Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matthew Hancock, explained on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme on Tuesday, 8th September, that he was saying this to make it very clear, and to remove the confusion. However, the wording hadn’t so far been published, and so it remains far from clear. What is clear is that any political groupings, or protests groups will be verboten. What does it mean to ban meetings of over six people in a pub? Does it mean only six people in the pub, or no more than six people who know each other. We’ll perhaps find out when we read the decree.
I was encouraged the following day to hear that the Speaker (Chairman) of the House of Commons had repremanded Matt Hancock for first making that announcement through the media rather than to the House of Commons, where MPs would be able to question his statement. I’ve never known a Speaker of the House of Commons to get so angry. He asked for an apology from Matt Hancock, but I don’t know whether he got one. That may be the beginning of a return to some sort of parliamentary democracy.
The government was also in trouble when Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis stated that unilateral changes to the Brexit agreement with the EU, previously approved by parliament, broke international law. The Independent reported: “Theresa May warned her successor that other countries might think twice before trusting the UK in future, while other MPs from Mr Lewis’s own party accused the government of putting Britain’s honour up ‘for sale’. I was told at primary school in the 1950s, “An Englishman’s word is his bond”. They didn’t tell us that that was just for ordinary people, and that the high-ups had a reputation in diplomatic circles of ‘perfidious Albion’. I first heard that expression years later in Dutch. In reaction to Brandon Lewis’s statement, Irish MEP Martina Anderson told the European Parliament: “Britannia will always, always waive the rules. So my final warning to fellow MEPs is: Beware of Perfidious Albion – a country that you cannot trust and never keeps its word. Britannia will always, always waive the rules”. So what MPs are saying about Britain’s reputation abroad looks as if it’s for our consumption, and the government is trying it on because they think they can get away with it under the present state of government by decree.
On 29th August two big demonstrations took place, one in Berlin and one in London. In Berlin Robert Kennedy spoke to three to five thousand demonstrators. The press had been putting out that he would be speaking to several thousand Nazis, but he said now he was talking to the opposite of Nazis. He stated: “Seventy-five years ago Hermann Goering testified at the Nuremberg trial, and he was asked, ‘How did you make the German people go along with all this?’, and he said, ‘It’s an easy thing. It’s not anything to do with Naziism. It has to do with human nature. You can do this in a Nazi regime, you can do it in a Socialist regime, you can do it in a Communist regime, you can do it in a Monarchy and in a democracy. The only thing a government needs to make people into slaves is fear, and if you can figure out something to make them scared you can get them to do anything they want. Fifty years ago, my uncle, John Kennedy, came to this city. He came here to Berlin, because Berlin was the front line against global totalitarianism. And today again Berlin is the front line against global totalitarianism. When my uncle came here, he proudly said to the people of Germany, “Ich bin ein Berliner”. Today, all those who are here today can proudly say once again ‘Ich bin ein Berliner’, because you are the front line against totalitarianism”.

Anti-lockdown protest in London recently. Click to enlarge

In London the number of people gathered in Trafalgar Square was reported that evening as between a few hundred and a few thousand. The videos show Trafalgar Square to be full, which some say would put the numbers at 35 000. Piers Corbyn’s account was that as organiser they had negotiated with the police, and everything was cleared to go ahead. Then at the end another lot of police officers came in an arrested him and give him an on-the-spot fine of £10 000. I was amazed at that; I hadn’t heard of any law that would have enabled that. He explained this in an ITV interview with Piers Morgan. However, he was constantly talked over, and although he retained his composure, it sounded like a shouting match. At the end of the interview they put their medical specialist on, a Dr Hilary. I wrote to him, challenging him on one point, and he replied with utter incoherent nonsense.
Peter Hitchens, one of the few journalists left in the Mad Media, wrote a piece in The Mail on Sunday titled Protest against our new State of Fear is banned… by order of a Dead Parrot Parliament’. It began: “We have ceased to be a parliamentary democracy. There was no military putsch. Nobody passed an Enabling Act allowing rule by decree. But the House of Lords and the House of Commons are now the Dead Parrot Parliament. They are dead because they do nothing to hold the Government to account. The most shocking instance of this so far was the £10,000 fine imposed on the eccentric weather forecaster Piers Corbyn (brother of Jeremy) for his part in organising a protest in London. They are parrots because, when asked, they obediently confirm decrees Downing Street put into effect, sometimes weeks before. We used to jeer that the so-called parliaments of Communist and Fascist states were mere rubber stamps. Well, we cannot jeer now. The most shocking instance of this so far was the £10,000 fine imposed on the eccentric weather forecaster Piers Corbyn (brother of Jeremy) for his part in organising a protest in London. That protest has, in my view, been wrongly portrayed as a mass of weirdos and conspiracy theorists. No doubt such people, and worse, were there. But many went to it out of a feeling their liberties are fast disappearing under a strange new regime based on fear and panic”.
He then quoted from a lawyer, Matthew Scott: “But what Mr Scott says is deeply worrying. The regulation used to fine Mr Corbyn – 5b of the Coronavirus Act – ‘was hastily made law the day before the demonstration was held. It was introduced under an emergency procedure and was neither debated nor given even the most cursory scrutiny by any parliamentary process. ‘It permits the most junior Community Support Officer in the country to issue a Fixed Penalty Notice to the suspected organiser of a political event, demanding £10,000 to avoid prosecution and consequent financial ruin”. I found Matthew Scott’s article in The Spectator.

How the Masquerade has prepared people for 9/11 truth

People are coming to realise that there is something wrong with our supposed democracy. They don’t identify with the ‘truth movement’ as such, but they have their own specific issues. Whenever I talk to local people I find they are now susceptible to the idea that they were lied to over 9/11, just as they are now being lied to over just about everything else. The lockdown has focussed their minds, and once that happens they start to see things they would otherwise have dismissed as unlikely. They can, however, fail to see the obvious when their minds are focussed just on details. Sometimes things are just too big to see, or to talk about, as people look at detail. There’s an expression in English ‘the elephant in the room’, which Wikipedia describes as “a metaphorical idiom in English for an important or enormous topic, question, or controversial issue that is obvious or that everyone knows about but no one mentions or wants to discuss because it makes at least some of them uncomfortable or is personally, socially, or politically embarrassing, controversial, inflammatory, or dangerous”. 9/11 is such an elephant as far as both chambers of the British parliament are concerned.
The organisation Transport for London issued a press release in 2008 announcing their latest safefy campaign ( “Adverts carrying the stark message ‘It’s easy to miss what you’re not looking for. Look out for cyclists’, will play before some of the autumn’s most hotly anticipated films …”, the press release stated. As part of that campaign they issued a video ‘Test Your Awareness: Do The Test’, with the explanation “How many passes does the team in white make? Test your awareness and Do the Test! TFL cycling safetly advert! Count the number of passes the White team makes. Do you see the Moonwalking bear?”. Yes, there was someone dressed up as a bear, doing a ‘moonwalk’ dance. I’ve seen various versions of that idea. That is how distraction works in propaganda.
A variant on that idea, which I have noticed, is that the person does initially notice the moonwalking bear – or whatever it is in real life – but quickly forgets about it when something shocking happens immediately afterwards. That’s how it was with me, and probably millions of other people, when I saw the Twin Towers collapse, followed by the realisation that a massive human tragedy was unfolding. My immediate reaction to the first collapse was: “Is that possible? If it’s not I’ll soon hear about it”. That ‘soon’ was five years. I did, however, hear murmers on the BBC of some people in New York suggesting that the US government had known about it in advance and let it happen. I dismissed that as unlikely, because of my ingrained expectation that they wouldn’t do that – would they? In February 2006 I took a covert sound recording of my last committee meeting in Esperanto Association of Britain, in which they rounded on me and started shouting at me. They passed a nonsensical resolution calling for my immediate suspension. It was nonsensical because they didn’t say on whom they were calling, and in any case there was no-one there that could have immediately suspended me. I remembered all that. But the following day I played back the recording of the first half of the meeting, and found that I’d forgotten about most of the detail. That contained the incriminating details that quickly led me on to figure out the plot, going back to the early 1970s. That is what led me to contact dissident former MI5 officer David Shayler, to ask him whether MI5 had penetrated the Esperanto movement, and that is what led me to 9/11 truth.
Now something similar is happening to whole populations. The expectation of ‘They wouldn’t do that, would they?’ is now not so strong. The expectation that governments don’t lie on such a grand scale is also greatly weakened. Lots of ordinary people understand that there’s a mighty power struggle going on, with the purpose of gaining more and more control over the people. If their attention is now turned to 9/11 they will now have a good chance of seeing the ‘moonwalking bear’ or ‘the elephant in the room’.
Another psychological technique is what I call ‘reversal’, in which the propagandists accuse others of what they are doing themselves. I was already aware of that before I started my research in 2005, but what amazed me was how consistently they were doing it in the Esperanto committee. They were effectively telling me in enigmatic code everything I wanted to know. It wasn’t difficult to break the enigmatic code, because I was better at that game than they were. I just wasn’t so arrogant. In the case of 9/11 Bush and Blair were putting the blame on 19 Muslim Arabs, who had supposedly flown airliners into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, all directed by another Muslim Arab from a cave in Afghanistan. Anyone who doubted this story was likely to be called ‘antisemitic’, as David Cameron was later to make clear in his speeches to the UN when he referred to “The peddling of lies: that 9/11 was a Jewish plot or that the 7/7 London attacks were staged. The idea that Muslims are persecuted all over the world as a deliberate act of Western policy”. In fact, Arabs are Semitic and the idea that Jews are persecuted all over the world is being promoted by the Zionists, such as Conservative Friends of Israel, of which David Cameron was a member.

So what did happen to the WTC Towers? – Unmasking the decoys

WTC collapse. Click to enlarge

The group Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth has been doing a good job in making people aware of the third tower to fall in 9/11, which was not hit by an aircraft. They also managed to establish a research project at the University of Fairbanks Alaska, which showed that the third tower could not have been brought down by fire alone, as had been claimed. They were also instrumental in the setting up of a Grand Jury in the US, working with Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Truth, and there are legal proceedings against the FBI, taken by 9/11 family members and advocates.
The question of what didn’t happen on 9/11 is easily resolved. The third tower, Building 7, didn’t collapse through fire alone, and the Twin Towers didn’t collapse because of two aircraft hitting them. Most people that I meet can now easily accept that. That leaves the question of what actually did happen.
The first scientific paper on the destruction of the Twin Towers was Professor Steven Jones’s ‘Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Collapse?’, which he published after giving a talk at his university, Brigham Young University. The university put him on paid leave and then fired him. I read an offprint of the paper in December 2006. It also appeared without the pictures in the book ‘9/11 and American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out’; I have the 2007 Arris Press edition, edited by David Ray Griffin and Peter Dale Stott – the original edition was in 2003, before Steven Jones wrote his paper. The Preface sumarises his paper, saying: “He points to many features of these collapses that cannot be explained by the official theory, according to which the collapses were caused by fire (and in the case of the Twin Towers, by airplane damage). He then shows that it is more probable that the buildings were destroyed in controlled demolitions, triggered by pre-set esplosives”. I found the physics of that convincing, in showing that the towers could only have been brought down by explosives. I thought that the weakest point was the sourcing of the dust samples, which were analysed for traces of thermite. I knew about thermite from school chemistry; it is an incendiary, rather than an explosive. Our teacher demonstrated that in the school playground.
I quoted the paper in an article for the current affairs magazine MONATO, which appeared in April 2007 under the heading ‘Kial vere kolapsis la tri turoj de MKC?’ [Why really did the three towers of the WTC collapse?] ( Only when I saw the photo on the front cover, with the top section at a 15 degree angle to the rest ( did I realise that that paper had left out vital information. The angular momentum of the top section would have made the rotation unstoppable, and so if the tower really did fall onto its own footprint, then the top section would have had to have exploded into dust. Simple controlled demolition could not fully explain the collapse.
In 2009 a paper appeared in a peer reviewed journal, The Open Chemical Physics Journal under the title ‘Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe’. This provided a chemical analysis of various dust samples taken from Ground Zero. There were nine authors to the paper, but the key author was the chemist who undertook the analysis, Professor Niels Harrit. He found very tiny particles of thermite, known as ‘nano-thermite’ in all of the samples. This is not just an incendiary, like thermite, but is also highly explosive. In a 2009 interview he suggested that perhaps 10-100 tonnes of the material were in the three WTC buildings ( He cautions that nanothermite may not have been the sole cause of the collapses, but he wants to know how it got there.
As far as I can tell, the chemical analysis looks good, though I studied only first year university level Chemistry as a subsidiary subject in Physics. I think, though, that the paper had too many authors. This has been common practice in recent decades, perhaps because that gives scientific papers more authority, or perhaps because of previous complaints by PhD students when their professors took all the credit. In a police detective department one would expect the forensic examination to be carried out by scientists, and the checking of the sources of the samples to be carried out by detectives, who would consider whether there could have been contamination before or after collection of the samples. At the end of the paper there was a suggestion that nanothermite gel could have been painted on the walls, but there was no analysis of this. I’ve seen no analysis of that possibility elsewhere. It seems that a mere suggestion by the chemist involved escalated in subsequent discussion into a theory for the collapse of the towers. A separate study would be needed for this. My first reaction to this was to wonder whether nanothermite would have to be painted on just one side of a wall, or on both sides of the wall, in order to pulverise it.
The idea that the towers were brought down by nanothermite still ignored vital evidence. Other buildings were damaged, and there was evidence of radiation damage from ‘toasted cars’ and people trapped in the towers stripping their clothes off, a known result of Active Denial System (directed energy weapons as used in riot control in the US). These use microwaves of around 100 GHz. This was amongst the evidence presented by Professor Judy Wood, who also was presenting photographic evidence of wider damage in the World Trade Centre. In 2009 she published a book, ‘Where Did the Towers Go? Evidence of Directed Free-energy Technology on 9/11’. The first several chapters presented photos and other data that appeared to go against the idea of controlled demolition by explosives. But then she proposed a theory of some unknown ‘directed energy’ from the sky, which had ‘dustified’ the towers, claiming that there were no high temperatures involved, and invoking a ‘Hutchison Effect’, which is unknown to Physics. Judy Wood’s book dismissed nano-thermite as consisting of elements that would have been present anyway, and she dismissed a nuclear reaction in one page, saying that there was no evidence of radioactive fallout. However, there was no analysis, and no consideration of types of nuclear device: whether fission or fusion, above-ground or below-ground, tactical nuclear weapon or nuclear meltdown.
I studied the first chapters of Judy Wood’s book, and checked the calculations. There were a few minor points, but in general they seemed correct. Her claim that the Twin Towers collapsed too quickly for controlled demolition ignored the fact that the top parts of the towers exploded, and so she should have taken the top point as the highest point that wasn’t seen to explode, rather than the tops of the towers before explosion. However, her mysterious ‘directed energy’ which didn’t bring about any heating of the towers, made no sense to me. I have to say that her supporters seemed very dogmatic in claiming that book to be the authoritative account of the event, and suggesting that anyone who contested it was a gatekeeper.
In the meantime, a former Soviet citizen, who had been part of a secret military unit responsible for detecting nuclear explosions, Dmitri Khalezov, was developing the idea that the towers of the World Trade Centre could have been brought down by underground nuclear explosions. Moreover, he testifies that he knew about an in-built ‘emergency nuclear demolitions scheme’ of the Twin Towers as long ago as back in the ‘80s – as a serviceman in the Soviet Special Control Service. In 2010 he published a book, as a pdf in draft form, now in its fourth edition, in Russian and various other languages, proposing his theory of underground nuclear explosions. At the time his theory seemed way out, and was dismissed by more well-known investigators. His book was little known in the West, and somehow he ended up in prison in Thailand.
A few years ago I was interviewed by Professor Jim Fetzer, when he suggested I look at the possibility of nuclear energy bringing down the towers. I put that on my to-do list, and there it stayed until eventually I came across trained nuclear physicist Heinz Pommer in Germany, and invited him to give a presentation to Keep Talking. He studied underground nuclear tests, and came to the conclusion that such a nuclear device could indeed explain most of the unexplained phenomenae in 9/11, though there were one or two problems. He later modified the theory, proposing not a nuclear explosion as such, but nuclear meltdown. This, it appears, would account even better for the lack of radiation signature in the air following 9/11.
Nuclear meltdown had been explored in the 1960s for purposes of nuclear landscaping. The Soviet Union had been creating massive reservoirs using ‘nuclear landscaping’. Further development in the West would enable the cutting of deep channels through mountains for motorways or railway links. One aspect that researchers were working on was the reduction of radioactive fallout following such a blast, and that could account for the low-level traces of subsequent radioactive materials following 9/11. Another concern of the developers was public perception, and so such research was kept relatively quiet. It would, of course, have been known in the nuclear industry and academia.
Heinz Pommer presented his technical data on his website, and he has given public talks during this development ( Now he has published a ground-breaking book in English, with contributions from several other physicists, under the title: ‘The Ground Zero Model’. The very term ‘Ground Zero’, he points out, is a technical term from nuclear engineering. In fact, Dmitri Khalezov’s book contains a very detailed explanation of the term ‘Ground Zero’.
“On the right scale everything becomes simple”. This is Heinz Pommer’s central idea, which he promotes in his book. “On the right scale we can see the major connections which go as far as nuclear blackmail against a civil society”, he writes. The book introduces the development of nuclear landscaping, and shows how that would match the traces of radioactivity left at Ground Zero. He also shows how nuclear radiation would account for interference in some of the videos taken at the time, and why paper survived, but iron didn’t. He goes into some detail on the model itself, with slow-burn underground nuclear reactions, leading to high-temperature winds gushing up the lift-shafts, and pulverising much of the building materials. He writes, too, of the “spineless universities” which have turned a blind eye to the evidence. I fully concur on the ‘spineless universities’. I’ve written about them in my previous newsletters. Why aren’t academics doing proper research into areas of vital public concern? I’ve been writing about medical ‘research’ in relation to COVID-19, and about psychology ‘research’ in connection with so-called ‘conspiracy theorists’. For long I was unable to accept that the physics community in universities could get it so wrong on climate change, until I invited Piers Corbyn to talk to Keep Talking about his work.
Yet the answer all along was hidden in plain sight. Whilst I was wondering where the term ‘Ground Zero’ had come from, and presuming it must have been some US term, or a term used locally for the World Trade Centre area, every active nuclear physicist would have known that it was specifically a term from nuclear engineering.
But even more spectacularly, Heinz Pommer includes in his book a picture of a monument, known as The Sphere, placed directly above the very point where he considers the nuclear device have been planted at the time the World Trade Centre was constructed. Some of us have come to expect in any big terrorist event some enigmatic clue suggesting that the event had been preplanned, as for instance in the case of the 7/7 London bombings of 2005, in which the bus that was blown up carried an advertisement worded: “OUTRIGHT TERROR… BOLD AND BRILLIANT”. So what did The Sphere symbolise? The sculptor, German artist Fritz Koenig, called it ‘Die Kugelkaryatide’ – the Spherical Caryatid – designed to promote a vision of the World Trade Center as an engine for promoting global peace. But what would the planners have had in mind? Fritz Koenig wouldn’t have been in on that, but to me it looks as if those who commissioned it would have had in mind ‘Globalisation’ in all its senses: a global takeover by a power capable of holding the world to ransome with global nuclear devices.
That thought is horrendous. It means that if Dmitri Khalezov and Heinz Pommer are correct, then the whole world could be being blackmailed into submission by some nuclear force stronger than the US government. It could explain the submissiveness of nearly all governments on earth to the demands of the corporation-controlled World Health Organisation. It could explain the bizarre behaviour of governments in claiming ‘Science’ to be behind their demands for their citizens to wear masks that don’t work, and are increasingly seen not to work, to protect them from a virus which has never been shown to cause the mysterious illness, which somehow is causing many thousands of deaths without pushing up the excess death rates.
Any government which steps out of line may be subjected to such a nuclear device. The UN’s Agenda 2030 makes it clear that no government will be allowed to step out of line. Now we know what means they have to control governments. Whatever the solution to this problem is, it has to start off with a better public understanding of the linguistics of propaganda and brainwashing that we have all been subjected to all our lives. The enigmatic code has now been broken, and ‘The Sphere’ may now become the icon of the Globalists agenda.
LATEST: I’ve just seen a preview of the video I’ve been working on with Kla TV. I provided the text, and a team of dedicated truth campaigners worked on the production. I found their efforts very impressive, and I have to agree with Robert Kennedy, that now Berlin (being symbolic of the German-speaking people) is now the front line against totalitarianism. See the video in English , German and Esperanto. The intend to go public on 11 September. I have just come across a video in which Professor Jim Fetzer interviews the publisher of Heinz Pommer’s book, Jeff Prager, on 9 September 2020). This gives interesting details and insights into the development of the nuclear theory of 9/11. Like Dmitri Khalezov, they suggest or imply that Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth are gatekeepers, because of their support for the nanothermite theory. I don’t quite go along with that. I think every group will consist of genuine people and of gatekeepers. The usual issue is how to proceed without causing a schism, which would disable the whole project. Richard Gage has done marvelous work in bringing about a wider understanding of the contradictions in the collapse of Building 7, and together with others in bringing about legal proceedings. Niels Harrit was undertaking specific forensic work. There is now a danger that a schism would jeapordise those efforts. I think, though, that they now need to acknowledge the seriousness of the nuclear theory, and to talk about that, too. After all, it’s the purpose of the legal processes to collect and assess such evidence on what happened, once those legal processes get underway.

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  1. Like the “fake moon landing” conspiracy….IT DOESNT MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE IF IT WAS A CONSPIRACY OR NOT…..
    It doesnt make any difference WHAT explosives were used to bring down the buildings….They were blown up.
    The conspiracy is WHO and WHY….

    There is a consensus forming that this was the work of the Jewish elites in America and Israel…..which makes COMPLETE SENSE.
    (see the attack on the USS LIBERTY…..same people,same objective…..covered up by Johnson the crypto jew president)

  2. The videos at are a little delayed. It’s been a really high-pressure job to get these out on time, but the English one should be out this evening. Keep trying!

  3. We have been lied to, realistically, throughout our life.

    The government have, pretty much, always been controlled one way or another, whether by the monarchy or the bankers.

    The msm that we looked to, to tell us the truth have lied. They have failed in their duty to investigate corruption within the government, now a wing of government propaganda.

    Academia has lied to us. It’s indoctrinated our young with Marxist ideals that have resulted in the destruction of families and the hatred for their nation. They are a wing of government propaganda.

    The judiciary, there to uphold the common law of the land no longer do so. It’s an exclusive club, that protects the guilty and persecutes the innocent. It is a giant cash black hole, enforcing the law of the sea on the people of the land.

    The police, have always been the enforcers of the state, created by the state to protect the elites from the public. All people, who graduate as police are already guilty of treason, guilty because they know that they are about to start enforcing law of the sea upon them, using doublespeak to entrap them. This is greatly wrong.

    And of course all swear fealty to the crown (Rothschild) with the figurehead of the Rothschild created Windsors (Saxe-Coburg-Gotha) criminals. To add, all in charge are high ranking freemasons. And yes, there are a hell of a lot of Jews within the elite ranks as well, alongside their shabbos goy.

    So in a nutshell.
    The government do not govern.
    The msm does not inform.
    Academia does not educate.
    The judiciary do not uphold justice.
    And the police do not protect the public.

    The system is not working for the people as it was created not to.
    You either destroy it, or take control of it yourselves.

  4. “Now another great book has been published, and it is literally a ground-breaking book, because it presents a convincing case that the three towers of the World Trade Centre were brought down by nuclear devices.” – NO. I like Jim Fetzer, but he’s wrong on this.

    Judy Wood is a false trail also. “Toasted cars” arose from acidified air saturated with dust.

    Thermite !!! These particle have been discovered in WTC dust. Firefighter witnesses and others give testimony to control demolition as well as our own eyes.

    I don’t believe Architects and Engineers for 9/11 are gate keepers; that’s not to say the intelligence services won’t have tried placing people in amongst them. Personally I believe those putting forward the more exotic theories deserve closer scrutiny from a disinfo point of view.

  5. The controlled demolition , after permission of the Port Authority of New York, was achieved with a combination of conventional explosives as well as Maser Microwave technology to achieve the dusting of the Twin Towers. Far in advance of the much talked about thermite explosive. WTC 7 was demolished by conventional explosives. 9/11 was ordered trough the Rothchild family and freemasonry out into the Postal Service into the Militairy powers of Israel, Britain, Canada, France, NATO and the U.S. Department of Defence and U.S. Treasury. The French were documenting the days events just like Mossad were and two DSGE agents were the Naudet brothers. Who controls the Postal system of the world? The Postmaster General of the World. That’s were the orders came from.

  6. Isn’t there something about underground bombs in that infamous forgery disreputed to be the minutes of a meeting of the old lunatics of conspiracy theory?

  7. Fear, when unfounded, is very close to one side of the dirty triangle Whinge-blame-swagger because it’s close to the first one. On 9 11 the perpetrators soon organised blame and swagger, where a popular degenerate like Howard Stern is on to torching the Middle East on the same day, for example, with no thought for the ramifications.

  8. Alan Sabrosky listen to what he has said about 911. A brave sane Jewish man whom was silnced.
    Fir all you Jew haters this one is man of integrity.
    Look him up.

  9. A problem the lying media and elites will bring upon themselves is once people realise this Covid is serious BS, they’re going to ask what else they once believed is also BS? They disparage “conspiracy theories” whenever possible but today in the Daily Mail comments linked-to from another alternative-news site today (about UK Covid marshalls going round enforcing distancing) some people are saying the conspiracy theorists were right.

    And they’ll discover a lot of people involved in these scams have names ending in -berg and -stein and -mann etc. People will come to their own conclusions about how much Zionists are responsible for so much trouble, and with little need to mention the J-word.

  10. John Kennedy said: “Ich bin ein Berliner” and the entire of Germany fell about laughing as the term refers to a type of Hamburger in German.

  11. “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” -William Casey CIA Director

    “The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media.” -William Colby CIA Director

  12. WOW, 19 years since the Israeli and Bush II administration attacks on America. If I had been told in 2003, or 2004, that there would still be people in America in 2020 who believed that Osama bin Laden and Al-Queda did 911, I would have called them a liar.
    But, here we are, 19 years later, and the TRUTH of 911 remains hidden. Yes, the US is totally ruled and controlled by Jew Satanists. America is NOT the home of the free and the brave. America is far worse than the USSR. At least in the USSR, the people could see and define the EVIL. Here in America, there are hundreds of millions of FOOLS who can not find the truth, and do not want to find the truth. Israel did 911. Several good books are available from Thorn and Bollyn. Just look at the hole in the wall of the Pentagon on 11 Sept 2001 before the outer wall collapsed. There is NO wreckage of a large commercial airliner. Look at the alledged crash site of Flt 93 near Shanksville PA………NO wreckage of a large commercial airliner. EVERY member of the US Congress who served from 2002 to today has lived the 911 LIE. Based on the 911 LIE, the US has slaughtered several millions of innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan. If Christianity has any meaning at all, and I believe it does, those who have lived the 911 HOAX since 2001 must burn in the depths of HELL for eternity.

  13. Moishe Solomons interviewed one of the dancing israelis on radio it was on youtube but kept being taken down
    Rothschild said he would punish us for leaving the bankers EU
    While all this covid nonsense has been going on Palestine has been eradicated in secret it no longer exists, get ready for another wave of refugees as the jews push them over to europe to claim all the land for the road map.
    Jews are evil we must start by burning down all synagogues
    How i wish we had an Adolf Hitler who tried to save us from the jew

  14. The wildest conspiracy theory of all is the theory that there is no conspiracy.

    Trump talked about exposing the truth about 9/11 when he ran for prez the first time, but that turned out to be just more of his BS. Is there anything more naive these days than believing a politician during an election campaign?

    The bible mentions lots of kings who were overthrown by conspiracies. Julius Caesar was assassinated as a result of a conspiracy. History shows there have been lots of conspiracies over the ages, some successful, some not.

    The USS Liberty was attacked and bombed by Israel military forces as the result of a conspiracy planned by banksters and executed by leading politicians of Israel along with US President LBJ.

    Lots and lots of documentaries have been shown about JFK on the Discovery channel, PBS, TLC, History channel, ABC, NBC, CBS, and the rest o the jews media. Lots of different explanations have been presented as disinfo to confuse and mislead.

    When the jews media tries to kill a story they always call it a conspiracy theory. If they are obsessed with killing the story, they make up several alternate explanations for what happened and broadcast all the different explanations except the true explanation.

    The one explanation the jews media never presents is that bankster jews had JFK assassinated – which is a big clue in itself.

  15. According to the Bible, Boaz and Jachin were two copper, brass or bronze pillars which stood on the porch of Solomon’s Temple, the first Temple in Jerusalem. They are sometimes used as symbols in Freemasonry and Tarot.The twin towers Boaz and Jachin was a symbol of sacrifice and destruction of the old order and the birth of a new order.The mossad did it with nano thermite cutting charges cutting steel beams at 45 degree angles hence a molten pool of steel found at the base of the twin towers demolition.A massive underground bomb created an underground crater in which the towers disappeared into.Agents of Freemasonry the CIA and Mossad where directly responsible.This was a sacrifice to their Masonic God the Rothchilds and a means to use the war on terror to create a greater Israel.The Rothchilds attended this event and ex CIA operative Osama was blamed as a smoke screen.Simple as that no book needed.Jews made a killing on the insurance adding acts of terror months before the attack on the towers.

  16. I woke up this morning thinking that our problem is duplicity. Then the first thing I read was this posting by Fantom on TS, and media and government “double speak”. All corruption and dishonesty involves some kind duplicity, usually with one’s self. Duplicity means double dealing and apparently the word “”comes from a Latin word meaning “double” or “twofold,”” When people wear masks because they think they are protecting themselves or others they are not duplicitous, but if they do not believe there is a contagion out there but say they wear them out of respect for those who do believe, then in my view they are duplicitous, because they are compliant with a mass deception upon the public which they ought to know is far more harmful than any alleged disrespect they could muster by not wearing a mask.

    That we have a completely duplicitous media, government, and politicians, most of us would agree. But a public which will not wake up to the truth because they do not like cognitive dissonance, because the truth disturbs their comfortable fantasy, that is also duplicitous. Perhaps all of us are in a habit of being duplicitous.

    When it comes to any truth or view which does not conform to our interests we often just turn away from it. As for the media what we see is people digesting a series of assertions which only mirror interests of the media network cartel owners and the national spy agencies running them, they allow to mold and determine their own interests. Surely most people ought to know by now that what they hear and see on the mainstream media on any important issue is clearly a distortion of reality and usually just blatant lies. Unfortunately, as obvious as that may be to some of us, going against the grain and tuning away from the lies into the actual truth networks springing up everywhere on the internet just causes them too much discomfort. They fear they may be considered too odd, or that it may disturb their fellowship with their peers so faithful to the establishment doublethink. So they fall into lock step and become completely duplicitous, mirroring with their masks the duplicitors behind the media and their governments, and of course the the grand duplicitor of all – the devil.

    “Here, Eve, is an image of yourself to overrule your conscience which has been impressed by that silly old command of your Creator. You, your ego, can be swelled up to God-like equality, and you can be free and independent.” So Eve tasted that pleasing but forbidden fruit and then went and tempted Adam in the same duplicitous way.

    If your are using a computer for research or doing any kind of coding you will know what the term “garbage in and garbage out” means. If you put any kind of garbage into it, you will only get garbage out of it. That is the same with our own minds. If we are to be true to ourselves we are going to be much more careful that we do not put unexamined alleged facts from the media or from anywhere else into our minds.

  17. Bollyn discusses 9/11 and previous Israeli false flag terrorism. Very good documentary:

  18. Pat O Riley I you insane. You want to exterminator the whole Jewish race because of a handful of lunatic devil worshipers. What does that say about you. I am not a Jew but i am offended by your comment. Get a grip two wrongs never make a right. Those that are responsible for all these carnages must be dealt with but properly otherwise how will history judge us I think as no better than those who one day will be hunted down for the destruction they have caused. There are many soul sellers in our midst in high office who help carry out the orders of those that wish to keep us in fear. Many none Jews who are traitors who are committing treason against their own people. We must make sure when the time comes that those who are responsible and only those are challenged.

  19. On the 19th Anniversary of 911 ( God Bless those First responders) whom died trying to save people trapped. I was in Hospital when this Terror attack went down. 19 years have flown.

    But it was not all good in America ipon the 19th Anniversary, the NFL gane between the Kanas Chiefs vs Houston were meet with BOOS shortly before the game started as the NFL went political and the Kneeling was on full display. Only 12% stadium capacity of fans out of 60,000 seats. If it was full they would have herd the Boos in D.C.
    The media are openly flanning the flames and the idiotic BLM/Antifa i hold responsible.

    America needs ro get off its knees.
    Isnt it funny that the BLM are toppling statues and then forcing people to kneel. Ill say it once again Civil war is starting to look like the only option.

    Although i do beleive that if Certain powerful players were arrested like George Soros and this Lincoln Project for open Treason plenty of Evidnece.

    Ill put my money where my mouth is and say if Donald J Trump is re elected in 2020, Big Moves and are going to happen.
    Has anyone seen the new gardens at GITMO.
    Its called and its called EMOHWEN SETASPEED Gardens. Flipped spellls Deep state new HOME. I looked it up and Google and its been removed although plenty of pics from reddit i found.
    I dont like how the plans are published.
    A supposed list of people has been published and spruiked by various YT channels ( Why announce the plan it gibes these perps ample time to EUN )
    Trump must be relected! The alternative is so much worse.
    Say what you want about Trump he is Zionist owned ( Get over it ) I dont like them myself myself but i am not calling for them to be dragged into the streets just yet. Plenty of other reasonsthat tells me Trump knows what they are about, and if Person can real them in its Trump.
    Trump has built a Cult like FOLLOWING some say Good/bad I agree.

    He has said many times THEY are not after him they are after you, I AM JUST IN THEIR WAY. Who is Them?
    Trump said he wants to end Endless Wars, Eisenhower Warned about the MIC in farewell speech. Trump comes out and says it Media SAY he HATES the Military.
    Yes Trump says some really Stupid things at tiimes. But Someone is telling him or Trump is more smarter then you think. Trump plays the dumb card and honestly its fucken brillant.

    If the Democrats only could look at the damage tbat they are doing and decide for the sake of America come together and UNITE America would be so Strong it would be beyond terrifying.
    A united country is very hard to destroy. The deception peddled daily by the Media can be best summed up as Treason.
    I said when this whole COVID 19 started the Powers at be are creating conditions that borderline Torture, despair. Tapping into this and trying to induce mass HOPELESSNESS potentially leading to suicdes.
    Im more concerned about the affects these lockdowns are having on peoples mental health.
    When i go out I see so many long faces, frustration, anger, arguments, fights over trival stuff like food, essential items.
    Dont get me started on social media i dont use any platform like twitter Fuckbook, Gab. Zilch nothing was banned and am happy at that. I was a angry person No two ways about it. I was humbled through my own stupidity said some very stupid stuff that i totally regret and have to appoligise for my actions.
    Its the rght thing to do. So after this is will be apologising for that. If im forgiven so be it if not thats the way the cookie crumbles.

  20. Most Jews are very ignorant of what their synagogues are up to, they worship go home and earn a living like everyone else.Those running the synagogues own Israel and the USA, well they a different breed they lie to their own and manipulate the world.Most NWO planning and scheming takes place in synagogues where elite Jews plan together.We follow.The lower down the ladder Jews are oblivious of anything going on.This has been going on for centuries.They are oblivious to what their rabbis are doing in secret on a global scale.And a very few of the chosen temple elect are in on it and they are power brokers.Judges,Politicians, Media moguls etc.It all starts at the synagogues.The centre of NWO control.Synagoges are central in NWO power.ALMOST INVISIBLE.

  21. All NWO plans are hatched in Synagogues worldwide by temple elite then passed on to the Rothchilds who enforces it through their goy Masonic networks globaly.

  22. The Rothchilds are the expression of the Jewish collective brain it cannot and will not dictate to the Jewish body, it is but a means to an end.Ultimately the Rothchilds rule through a process of chaneling the Jewish will to dominate as a species.So far they have been very successful.Jewish world domination is feit acompli.Incredible for such a small nation.Pity, it could have been for good and not evil.

  23. Species separate yes.Descendants of Cain.Caaninites.Not human at all.More deceptive, cunning, domineering, intelligent, more evil.Masters of us all.Hell bent on world domination.Jesus was a Nazarene not a judaic Canaanite.He called them serpents.They crucified him.

  24. U of your father the devil.The devil’s offspring.

  25. Well.. It’s very simple ..They go to university (arts only) & look for the biggest lying, narcissistic psychopathic faggot/dyke , & they offer him/her a minimum six figures salary, on condition that she will say & do what will be asked of her, without questions !
    Then he/she will become a “respected” media personality ?
    e.g. see the faggot/bulldykes @ CNNNBCCBCBBCABC ect..ect..

  26. First they give us hope us and then they scare us. They tell us (on Yahoo!) corvid-19 could be ended by 2021. Then they tell us corvid-19 could go on forever. And then it goes back and forth. I think they are playing with our heads by giving us deliberate confusing information, hoping people will get tired of it and switch off and accept what’s coming. I think it’s called psychological warfare!

  27. Fred B, I think most people are wearing masks not because they are being duplicitous but because they don’t want to get penalised, punished, arrested or fined £100.00, over and over again, like some unfortunate people are. And also they don’t want to be barred from going into a shop, or incur the wrath of the authorities and the police, etc. In other words, they are scare/worried and don’t know what else to do! They just want to get on with their lives as normal as possible!

  28. The Orthodox Jews are despised by the Zionist Jews as they refuse to acknowledge the existence of Israel neither to they participate in the Idf.Idf soldiers despise them and push them around there is a chasm between true Israel and those imperial Zionist Jews who are Satanist Cabalists and not true descendants of Abraham.They occupy Palestinian territory and kill and harvest Palestinians for there organ trafficking.They are the perpetrators of 911 and covid19.Orthodox Jews aka true Israel has absolutely nothing to do with the devil’s children who worship the Rothchild insignia the star of David.Zionist Jews need to be brought to Justice for massive crimes against humanity.Asap.

  29. You ain’t going to get them on 9/11 unless you can get the president to admit Israel has nukes. That simple.

  30. Good piece here. The author stated, “so if the tower really did fall onto its own footprint, then the top section would have had to have exploded into dust”. Much of the buildings were turned into “dust”. Really, I would describe it more as a strange powder. I was there, you see, playing a role in the initial rescue effort for a few days starting on 9/12. I experienced “ground zero” with all my own senses and I know what I saw did not correlate with what the legacy media was spouting. I personally had to look into the desperate eyes of family members and loved ones of the murder victims as they waited on the perimeter with their hand-made “Missing” flyers of their loved ones, grabbing us as we would try to go by, pleading for any information on their cherished missing person. I will never forget the looks on their faces, the desperation in their eyes. And I will never forget what I saw with my own eyes, and inhaled with my own nose and mouth, and heard with my own ears. I, and my others who were there, KNOW those building were blown up and brought down with some sort of controlled demolition, possibly a combination of certain techniques, but I know thermite was certainly in the mix. I saw some of the steel columns, cut like a hot knife through butter, long before the legions of metal workers poured in to start cleaning up the site.

    I saw with my own eyes those mysteriously burnt-out vehicles. Dozens upon dozens of them transported and stored temporarily under the elevated FDR Drive expressway along the East River. Stacks of burnt vehicle stretching all the way up to almost 14th Street.

    As for those who try to claim no planes hit the 2 towers, that it was some sort of projection or hologram, beware those people for they either know not what they speak or they are intentionally trying to pour more mud into the water. My girlfriend at the time, a Manhattanite, worked on 5th Avenue and clearly saw with her own eyes the planes slam into those buildings as she was about to go into her office that day. If the “attack” happened on a Thursday instead of a Tuesday, she would have been in one of the towers, as she was a fitness instructor on the side and led a “boot camp” class on Thursday mornings to Cantor Fitzgerald, a firm with a large office in one of the towers, and a firm who had dozens of employees murdered that day. My girlfriend personally knew approximately 50 people slaughtered in NY on that morning. She also knew what she saw with her own eyes, two planes slamming into the towers.

    I. Was. There. And I KNOW the masses have been lied to in a deception of shocking and outrageous proportions. Jews DID 9/11, with invaluable help from some accomplices in NY and DC. No doubt. May they all rot in hell.