Bush Regime Working Out Procedures For Postponing November Election

The Bush regime is now working out procedures for postponing the coming November general election. This is totally unprecedented — even in 1864, in the midst of the Civil War, the Lincoln vs. McClellan presidential contest took place according to the schedule established by the Constitution and relevant statutes. This represents further planning for a cold coup designed to perpetuate the power of the current gaggle of discredited neocon ideologues and their Wall Street backers.

In a shamelessly partisan move, Homeland Secretary Ridge today announced that al Qaeda has advanced its preparation for a terror attack in the US designed to disrupt the Democratic process. One wonders how Ridge is able to know so much about the specific intent of the terror attack he says is coming, in particular the part about the intent to disrupt the election. Ridge said during his press conference that we are now in a “post-Madrid” atmosphere. He also confirmed that planning for postponing the general election is now in full swing.

Ridge’s press conference marked a crude new low in the shameless terror demagogy of the Bush regime. Even Democratic politicians and CNN talking heads were able to surmise that this outing was largely aimed at deflating the five-point approval bounce which Kerry had acquired by naming Edwards. It is clear that the Bush campaign will rely on a relentless pounding of the electorate with terror warnings, alerts, and alarms over the next four months — in the first place as psychological warfare to strengthen the regime. At a deeper level, the option of an actual ABC/WMD terror attack at least one order of magnitude greater than 9-11 must be reckoned with, possibly as an October Surprise, or perhaps sooner.

Finally, the Congress is looking into the June 9 incident in which a small plane lacking a transponder caused the panicked stampeding of the entire US Congress, including Senators, Congressmen, and staff. This was a transparent ploy to terrorize the Congress, where both parties have lately been giving Bush some embarrassing moments over Abu Ghraid, the national debt, the budget, and related issues.

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