Candace Owens: Being Called a Racist is Living

Candace Owens – YouTube Sept 10, 2020

7 responses to “Candace Owens: Being Called a Racist is Living”

  1. Candace Owens is an UBER Zionist.
    She is NOT what she comes across as.
    She is completely controlled by the (((authorities))).

    See an early reply, from a previous article here, on Candace Owens


    I’m perplexed? Why do you continue to promote this asset? She is clearly 100% controlled opposition. She is being groomed for politics and lined up to be a black senator for the republicans (even though she’s left wing) and possibly a future president.

  2. She talks like a machine, seems programmed.

  3. Senator Cyntha Mkinney was a black senator who cared for ALL people back white yellow nd brown and we loved her
    she refused to sign an israel first oath
    so the banks would not advance her the money to run again for office

  4. Harbinger, all the points you said, also concern Trump

    Angela, she is not programmed, its common conservative talk. She is a promising conservative candidate, but unfortunately for her, she is talking to little too late

  5. The only meaning here is that Blacks hear the message. Whites should never need a Black spokesman. It would mean we are feeble.

  6. Israel Goverment ran a investigation about how some leading Zionist used Americans such as Ultra Zionist Cock Sucker John Hagee milions of $$$$ to the evangelical Spokesman to spread Zionits propaganda/I and slso smear many a good Americans that spoke out against Zionist operation inside America.
    Did this John Hagee register with the Foreign Age Registration ACT in the USA. I doubt that.

    Candace Owens whilst i like her and she seems like a woman on the rise I have my suspicions that she is a Zionists. As long as she is Registered i dont see any problem. She is a gpod role model for other Black woman.
    I dont see her wanting to tear down anyone just good old fashioned Speaker.
    Cardi B is just doing what she has been told.
    She has also been very vocal in her disdain for Trump and Supports Biden, whom doesnt support her.
    Cardi B has admitted drugging and robbing her Male clientele whilst she was a stripper.
    She is No singer has Zero talent so when you have Zero talent you Go into the Category of Shock Value and Cardi B is #1 Shock Value for her Management.
    The record label Atlantic was founded by Herb Abramson & Ahmet Ertegun sounds like Irgun. Atlantic is with Warner.
    These Record Labels are the ones responsible along with the entertainment industry for giving the Music fsns such poor quality in Singers. Cardi B i wouldnt want to be in a million years wouldn’t want any of her rumoured $ 100 million dollar fortune. Is poisoned that loot.

    Apparently this Tall Jewish man was responsible for Americas Rap industry make what you want about that.
    I Believe after WW2 Zionists chose America as the next country to destroy. America has been on the spirtual, mentally, emotionally, financially decline and that has been accomplished through the Media and its pupoets in Industry.
    I so miss the music of the 60’70’80 and some 90’s.
    You dont hear Power ballads anymore.
    Music to me has died.

  7. I never pay any attention to e lucubration from a bimbo !