Sweden: The Violence Is “Extremely Serious”

Judith Bergman – The Gatestone Institute Sept 8, 2020

  • “The police must ensure that the criminals are arrested and can be prosecuted. The criminals need to disappear from our streets and squares so that no more ruthless crimes are committed… We work intensively, around the clock, despite this, the severe violence continues.” — Sweden’s National Police Chief Anders Thornberg, August 29, 2020.
  • Gothenburg’s Ali Khan clan has been reported to the police more than 200 times but the police had to close almost all cases because the gang threatens the victims and witnesses to stay silent.
  • “This weekend, two boys were subjected to terrible atrocities in a cemetery in Solna for an entire night. On Tuesday, a teacher in Gothenburg was kidnapped and beaten after contacting the police. What we now experience almost daily is not normal… Sweden should start by making it a crime to be part of a criminal gang, in the same way that it should be a crime to be part of a terrorist organization.”. — Ulf Kristersson, leader of the opposition Moderate Party, Facebook post, August 27, 2020.
  • “Unfortunately, there is a grudge against Christian culture among certain groups and the Church of Sweden in Malmö cannot be passive while the Christian cultural heritage is vandalized” — Sweden Democrats Party, August 26, 2020.

In a riot that took place in Malmö, Sweden on August 28, an estimated 300 people burned car tires, shot fireworks and threw stones at the police. Video footage posted to social media showed the rioters shouting “Allahu Akbar” and “Jews, remember Khaybar, the army of Mohammed is returning.” Pictured: Rioters in Malmö, Sweden, on August 28, 2020. Click to enlarge

Things in Sweden have now deteriorated to such a degree that on August 29, the Swedish police published a statement titled “The trends in violence are extremely serious.” It said:

“Recently, there have been serious incidents and serious acts of violence linked to criminal networks, in which several people have been murdered and others seriously injured…

“In Stockholm, two people were murdered in the past week, and in Gothenburg, criminal groups have tried to demonstrate power by controlling vehicles entering certain districts. Earlier in August, an innocent 12-year-old girl was murdered… [during a gang incident], and in other parts of the country there are conflicts between various criminal networks and other ruthless crime, as well. On Friday night, a violent riot also occurred in Malmö where several police officers were injured…”

Sweden’s National Police Chief, Anders Thornberg, made what sounded like a plea for help from the rest of society: “Swedish police are in a tough operational situation. It is now a matter of society joining forces behind the police,” he said.

“We will continue to fight organized crime with all the tools we have available. Other good forces in society, everything from municipal officials and civil society to law enforcement agencies and not least the general public, also need to focus on facing the current situation. The police must ensure that the criminals are arrested and can be prosecuted. The criminals need to disappear from our streets and squares so that no more ruthless crimes are committed…

“The everyday life many police officers face when they go to work right now is worrying and very tiring. We work intensively, around the clock, despite this, the severe violence continues. The police are there 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We do not give up and we do not back down, but the situation is currently very stressful.”

The police statement did not mention that two boys were raped, tortured and nearly buried alive in a cemetery close to Stockholm. The atrocity added to the growing number of so-called “humiliation crimes“. These are crimes where the victim is not only robbed, but also violently humiliated to demonstrate the power of the perpetrator. Another such humiliation crime, for instance, took place in Gothenburg in October 2019, when a criminal gang forced their victim to kiss the gang leader’s feet, while they filmed him. After that, they stomped on his face until he lost consciousness.

“Sweden is losing control of its own territory,” Ivar Arpi, a Swedish columnist, recently told the Danish newspaper Berlingske Tidende.

“These heinous crimes and humiliations are connected to a ghetto culture… Journalists do not like to write about it, politicians do not want to talk about it and researchers do not want to touch it. There is a systematic ignorance.”

In the riot that took place in Malmö on August 28, an estimated 300 people burned car tires, shot fireworks and threw stones at the police. The riot occurred close to Rosengård, a so-called “vulnerable area”, populated mainly by immigrants. Video footage posted to social media showed the rioters shoutingAllahu Akbar and “Jews, remember Khaybar, the army of Mohammed is returning” — a reference to the massacre of the Jews of Khaybar by the Islamic prophet Mohammed and his followers in the year 628, in what is today Saudi Arabia. The Official Council of Swedish Jewish Communities released a statement in reaction to the riot, saying:

“Unfortunately, this is not the first time a crowd has chanted similar threats against Jews in Malmö. The Council of Swedish Jewish Communities takes this incident extremely seriously and calls on the police and other responsible authorities to prosecute those individuals who have thereby committed incitement against an ethnic group.”

According to Swedish media, the riot was a reaction to the burning of a Koran earlier in the day in one part of Malmö and the kicking of a Koran in a central square in the city by followers of the small Danish anti-Islam party, Stram Kurs. The leader of the party, Rasmus Paludan, has previously toured Denmark with his anti-Islam protests.

Paludan’s demonstrations frequently feature a “Koran stunt.” In it, he either throws a Koran around, burns it or puts bacon on it. Dan Park, a Swedish street artist, who has been convicted of inciting hatred against an ethnic group, had invited Paludan to Malmö to participate in a demonstration. Paludan was stopped at the Swedish border and denied entry by Swedish police, who told him that he was banned from entering the country for two years.

“We believe that his actions and freedom of entry would be a threat to fundamental societal interests,” said Mattias Sigfridsson, Malmö’s Acting Police Chief. Asked whether the decision did not go against the freedom of expression, Sigfridsson said:

“We see it as the opposite. We do our utmost to protect the democratic values ​​that exist. The public gathering for which we have denied permission today would have been a danger to safety and order at the event”.

“I think it is those who react to what I do, who constitute a threat,” Paludan told Swedish media. The decision to ban Paludan’s demonstration was upheld by the Swedish Administrative Court. It held that while the freedom of assembly and demonstration are constitutionally protected rights and that there is therefore a very limited scope to refuse permission to demonstrate, the threat from the demonstration was so serious that it justified banning him. The Koran burning that ensued despite the police decision happened in contravention of the ban. Three people were arrested and charged with incitement, reportedly for kicking around a Koran in central Malmö.

In the Gothenburg suburb of Angered, a criminal gang set up roadblocks and manned them with masked armed men who checked the identities of people driving in and out of the area. According to Berlingske Tidende, the roadblocks were set up by a gang centered around the Ali Khan family, who deal in financial fraud and other crimes. The clan has been reported to the police more than 200 times but the police have had to close almost all cases because the gang threatens the victims and witnesses to stay silent.

Also recently in Gothenburg, a teacher at the Lövgärdes School reported two armed men moving around outside the school and notified the police, but by the time they arrived the men had disappeared. When the teacher drove home from school later that day, he was kidnapped and beaten.

The leader of the main Swedish opposition party, Moderaterna (The Moderate Party), Ulf Kristersson, now says that he wants to make it a crime to be member of a gang.

“Several children have died only this year in stabbings and shootings,” Kristersson wrote in a Facebook post.

“This weekend, two boys were subjected to terrible atrocities in a cemetery in Solna for an entire night. On Tuesday, a teacher in Gothenburg was kidnapped and beaten after contacting the police.

“What we now experience almost daily is not normal — not for Sweden or for Europe. Almost all of us who live here know that. The development is destroying Swedish trust and cohesion, the violence is threatening the system. The criminal gangs terrorize entire residential areas and kill children and adults who happen to be in the way. They set up their own roadblocks and control people’s everyday lives. They are like Sweden’s domestic terrorists — and must therefore be met with the full force of our democracy. Pattern-breaking measures that really lead to change, not just adjustments in the margin.

“Sweden should start by making it a crime to be part of a criminal gang, in the same way that it should be a crime to be part of a terrorist organization. It would thus give the police new opportunities to act against the activities we have seen in Gothenburg in recent days, such as establishing roadblocks or arranging meetings in which various criminal gangs participate.”

In other news, the Västra Skrävlinge church in Malmö was recently vandalized seven nights in a row. Windows were smashed and statues broken, including a statue of Jesus that was smashed to pieces. The perpetrators are unknown, but the Sweden Democrats Party in Malmö has asked the Church of Swedish to look deeper into the matter, adding in a statement:

“Considering the vandalism of Västra Skrävlinge Church that we have seen and the systematic vandalism we see in our cemeteries, this is an area that the Church of Sweden must work with. Unfortunately, there is a grudge against Christian culture among certain groups and the Church of Sweden in Malmö cannot be passive while the Christian cultural heritage is vandalized.”

Judith Bergman, a columnist, lawyer and political analyst, is a Distinguished Senior Fellow at Gatestone Institute.



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  1. Sweden is a rolling NWO deep state experiment and I bet MI6 runs much of the trouble in Sweden. It is MI6 who started the European migrant problem with help from political puppets Cameron & Hague and MI6 have a role in supplying the huge numbers of expensive disposable (one-time use) boats that are used in the Med and the English Channel. So it stands to reason that if you start the new slavery & you want them to be effective in the countries chosen for them, these key migrants need to be active and this is what is happening in Sweden & the Swedish elite do nothing, they are in on it,.

    It doesn’t matter which country, which deep states are involved, everything is an experiment, a study in societal manipulation. Boris’s 6 rule is an experiment & it so strange, even funny, that no one believes it has a serious role in Covid prevention. The 6 rule is a study in control. Matt Hardon HanDcock (the lectern hardon) forced it through, according to the fake news. The truth is, they all (the cabinet) supported it, but very few wanted their names attached to the 6 rule.

  2. This sums up how society is controlled by the government and the police.

    They say that the Ali Khan clan is responsible for a lot of the violence, but all criminal proceedings fall through because of threats to the victims. Ok, so you get the police and the armed forces, to hit every location of where the Aki Khan operatives live, all at once, subdue them, lock them up, try them en masse then either execute them for their crimes and/or exile them back to the lands they came from.
    Job done.

    And it’s not getting done.
    The government of Sweden, is taking orders from its Jewish bankers to let the chaos continue. As I’ve continually stated, THIS IS PAVLOVIAN programming of society. The Swedes (along with all white peoples) have to realise they are 3rd class citizens, behind the 1st class Jews and the 2nd class non whites. They have to realise that they can be robbed, beaten, raped, enslaved and murdered by their betters.

    The police could have stopped this. The armed forces could have stopped this. I mean, what’s the point of having an armed force if it doesn’t defend the people? Because it’s not supposed to defend the people. The armed forces are mercenaries of the Jewish bankers, to attack the Jewish bankers’ enemies. They are, of course, all those who oppose Zionism and the creation of the Jew world order.

    And most certainly, they will be filtering more and more non Europeans into their police and armed forces, to get ready to subdue the Europeans, after most are dead when the covid vaccines wipes them out.

    If there were no police, there would be no Ali Khan clan, in Sweden. The residents of Sweden would be armed, but more so, they’d have dealt with the politicians, by executing them, should they have tried to have flooded Sweden with immigrants and allowed them the freedom to rob, rape and murder as they do today.

    The people in the west have a choice – remove the police and the armed forces, before they remove you. The only wall that stops justice being meted out on the traitor politicians are them. Once they’re removed from their positions of power, you then take the politicians, have a mass trial (obviously with the people in charge, not the judiciary as they’d have to be removed as well being part of the system of corruption) and find out who they’re working for and what their agenda is. The newspapers then write about the proceedings (of course, having removed all previous editors and journalists who will also face trial for treason), educating and more importantly INFORMING the public as to what’s been going on and in doing so, you create so much anger that the public arm themselves and start removing the wrongdoers from their society.

    Everything I’ve stated is 100% natural and HOW society used to deal with bad people. That’s all changed, because of the institution of the police force, who told you they would stop crime, when in reality they were here to destroy your communities, by promoting mass immigration and letting them get away with killing the indigenous.

    The police must go.
    The judiciary must go.
    The politicians must go.

    Once that’s done, it’s a simple case of putting immigrants onto boats and planes and sending them home. And then you find those responsible and we know (((who))) they are and try them for treason. When found guilty – public execution.
    People STUPIDLY believe that public execution was stopped for humanitarian reasons. Bloody idiots! It was stopped in order that the criminals in charge NOT be publicly executed!!! In the past, the reasons why public executions were so horrific was to act as a deterrent to anyone who had the idea of doing what the executed did. Therefore, not only do the treasonous politicians know they wont’ be publicly executed, they know they won’t even be arrested and tried for their crimes, because the police won’t arrest them and the judiciary won’t prosecute them.

    TAKE BACK CONTROL OF THE POLICE by removing the police (citizen’s arrest and lock them in a cell pending trial as they would do to the public).
    TAKE BACK CONTROL OF THE JUDICIARY by removing the lawyers and judges (again doing exactly the same as done with the police).

    The police are a gang. The judiciary are a gang. They both work for the biggest gang of all – the government who themselves work for a (((higher power))).

    People, you have a choice to either take back your society from the elite created police and judiciary or else they will kill you all. If you want to be stupid, as most of you are and continue ignoring the advice of people who are trying to warn you, then just do absolutely nothing and wait. Death will come to you sooner than you think and it will come as help from your government over the deadly ‘pandemic’ sweeping the world.

  3. These societies are much more Mammonite than Christian so the churches were not doing much good and some difficulties might make them more honest and see who they really need. Symbols of Christianity are not the thing itself, more like a simulacrum making it unnecessary (they think).

  4. The writer attempts in this hit piece to tar all Muslims with the same brush – which is not so difficult given the overly-negative and biased anti-Islam coverage in the msm. Islamophobes posing as journalists/writers in tandem with criminal political entities hiding behind positions of power would have a clear motive to exploit the current anti-Islam political climate and what better way to fool an aleady-uninformed public than by regurgitating the same old demonisation of all Muslims based on the criminals actions of a few.

  5. @Harbinger
    Extremely well said. I hope people outside of the choir are listening. Time to wake up to the fact that the heads must be removed before the body can be killed.

  6. I feel sorry for any citizen of any country that has had to deal with these illgeal immigrants.
    The politicians of these European countries have betrayed its very citizens that have built the country over time. Bringing in illegals that dont share your values, dont look like you, dont speak like you, dont act like you and certainly dont lpok like they will contribute much to the host country.
    Yes they have fled War. But im seeing 95% Male, whom knows if ISIS TERRORISTS have managed to make the journey.
    Who is paying for the boats, you is paying for the upkeep.
    I see illegals with Apple/Samsung Smart Phones.

    The Illegals on Lesbos burnt down the Refuge Refugee Camp and also prevented the Fire fighters from putting the fire out.
    Residents dont want them either. Tbey have restricted movements of these people, now they are sleeping anywhere,
    How long before they break into a house Rape the woman, clean out the safe?
    How Long?

    Im all for immigration just do it the right way.

    This will not end well.
    When these illegals arrive in Germnay France and the UK The Government’s give them housing, healthcare, education, car, money, phone, clothes. The whole 9 yards.
    Then in a few months or yeaes they then demand we change our way of life and want to implement what they escsped from.

    That is beyond wrong?
    Why come to a country that you want to change because you feel uncomfortable about the culutre of that country.
    This appeasement will end in Blood in the streets.

    Ive seen this problem close up, I write letters to Politicans, call late night radio. Send emails.
    And now they sre saying anyone that is for God, country, liberty, life, happiness, Rule of law, Truth, loyalry, integrity is RIGHT WING and potentially an Extremist.
    Ut the person that pushes 67 Genders, Pedofillia, climate change, Rebillion, Reverse racism is deemed a Brave Social justice Warriors.
    And it also seems that the White man is now the enemy.

    I called up Cable TV and canceled my Subscription. I said being white person i dont want to be giving money that could be helping to spread racism.

    2020 has been a tofal XXXX UP.

  7. Note to Sweden’s chief of police. It is no use molly coddling these gangs. Send in the army and arrest those who perpetrate these crimes and enrole them in the army. Subject them to hard labour within the army and ensure military law applies. It is useless and indeed submissive to do otherwise.

  8. I wonder if these riots are revenge plots organised by western elites who’ve seen Sweden’s approach to Covid fly in the face of their own fear-porn power-grab, that produced better results and exposed the lie about this dangerous bug thingy they’ve got going on?

  9. The mongrel Muslims are imported into Europe/America by ZOG to assist in killing off the white goyim & raping/mating dumb white women.

  10. It is so very obvious what is going on, but no one really wants to make an effort to see it. What we clearly see is inexplicable and baseless violence with groups bashing away at windows, statutes, innocent people, and and civil order they can find to cause a scene of chaos, with the media, police departments, and the government doing their best to ramp up everything to crisis proportions.. Yet, the numbers of rioters are not that great and in fact there are just far too many similarities with the Swed groups to the Antifa and BLM rent-a-mob junkies and gangs marauding around the US with paid airline tickets.

    This is clearly just one more aspect of the entire psyop, which in this case is not intended to deflect from any real Covid anti-psyop protests. Sweden does not have Covid protests because although they kept their Covid death numbers up to respectable NATO levels with 5.5 times the world average of alleged deaths for their population, they never had the lock downs like in other NATO nations. These riots are clearly not really against anything in particular except law and order, and Sweden being a completely bankster-cartel-owned nation is doing its bit, to help create a crisis of unrest sufficient to bring in the UN-Agenda-planned international police force to maintain order. It is all part of the Great Reset.

    If the perps were really prosecuted for the damage and given long stretches, very quickly the nonsense would end. If the cops also followed the money, as they are clearly not allowed to do, and the perps behind the scenes were exposed and prosecuted, it would all end overnight. But that will not happen because a “crisis” is being created to justify the establishment Agendas and a further growth in another tier of government just like with 9/11.

    The establishment can now only rule us by deception and fear mongering, which proves that they must be deathly afraid of us. We are the many and they are the few. They do not want assemblies or mass protests like with the Yellow Vests in France because that is real protest and very much like a spark coming too close to the highly combustible faggots of their corruption governance.

  11. So far they have got away with it all. I hear talk the talk but, no walk the walk.
    No one is doing anything about what is happening and what will happen in the coming weeks and months which isn’t going to be nice . All we do is talk about it and Analyse it and that’s not going to save us or change anything. All of us who read truth seeker are the aware but we are not enough to make a big change we need silent marches of the masses and I mean masses to let the government of soul sellers know we mean business.
    By the way and this is my take on this subject. The reason we have a continues inflow of asylum seekers you know those honed and toned young men who look like an invading army of marines is to bread the white race out and, its working.

  12. Bankster jews documented their plans in the Protocols of Zion to use terror, riots, and similar evil to make gentiles hate their governments so gentiles would want to exchange their government for a world government portrayed by the jews media as the solution to all problems.

    After the nations of the world have their governments subordinated under the global government, JWO, UN, it will be portrayed by the jews media as just what we need. Then there will probably be a brief period of peace while the banksters consolidate power. After that Christians and all who oppose the JWO will be targets for elimination.

    The evils that are happening to Sweden are happening to all the former Christian nations, the USA, England, Germany, France, Australia, etc. The projections of population reduction at http://www.deagel.com/forecast show former Christian nations will suffer more than other nations.

    Jesus wasn’t joking when he labeled jews as the children of the devil at John 8:44. No other people except Jews are obsessed with destroying Christianity. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion also expose jewish hatred of Crhistianity –

  13. THEY ( The Hierarchy Enslaving You ) is following the protocols and plans that were laid out over a century ago.

    Albert Pike “quote”
    “We shall unleash the nihilists and the atheists and we shall provoke a great social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to all nations the effect of absolute atheism; the origins of savagery and of most bloody turmoil.

    Then everywhere, the people will be forced to defend themselves against the world minority of the world revolutionaries and will exterminate those destroyers of civilization and the multitudes disillusioned with Christianity whose spirits will be from that moment without direction and leadership and anxious for an ideal, but without knowledge where to send its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer brought finally out into public view. A manifestation which will result from a general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and Atheism; both conquered and exterminated at the same time.”
    Albert Pike. Albert Pike (December 29, 1809 – April 2, 1891) was an attorney, soldier, writer, and Freemason. Albert Pike is the only Confederate military officer with an outdoor statue in Washington, D.C.
    Albert Pike’s Three World Wars – Fact or Fake? You decide for yourself.
    One of the things that I believe is very important when exposing the Luciferian conspiracy that runs through human history, is to separate fact from fiction.

  14. They wanted the public to never see The Protocols and hurriedly wrote a few books against them after Ford circulated them, and they got Lord Northcliffe sectioned when he called for an investigation.” The best-laid plans of mice and men…” They need financial and political influence because they have no power.

  15. We White Europeans, whether we live in Europe, the Americas, Australia or elsewhere need to fight back against this pervasive ANTI-WHITE psychological warfare. We can not win using the terminology of our enemy. We must adopt new terminology and metapolitics. At http://www.nowhiteguilt.org and YT Channel “NO WHITE GUILT” we are doing this and we have proof of concept. Please check us out and join our growing White Positive community. Please stop calling the Destroyers of Western Civilization by silly names like “liberals”, “progressives”, “socialists” and “leftists”. Call them ANTI-WHITES and their nefarious genocidal plans as “ANTI-WHITEISM”. This way we demonstrate that we Whites are the victims.

  16. I atended the BLM rally in london and we wish to thanks the Brighton young Homosexuals for dishing out teas and coffees and the Pedophile Info exchange for the banners
    Much appreciated

  17. I say shoot the lot or incarcerate them on a freezing cold Swedish island up in the arctic circle. And I’m being serious, not flippant.
    They do not belong in Europe, they are trouble where ever they go. But you can’t stop at the muzzies, there are several other ethnicities that don’t belong in Europe, they never build anything back home in the shit holes they came from and they don’t contribute anything in Europe. But we all know who’s behind the whole scheme. It’s gone too far now to be recovered but looking at Deagel.com’s latest population predictions for 2025 Sweden is predicted down 28% the uk 78% USA down by 200,000,000. The rest of Europe similar falls. They keep publishing these numbers, slightly revised but only a little. Maybe what rises from the ashes will be better. One things for sure, without white people the rebuild will look like an African shanti, they can’t even understand how to generate electricity , the white mans ju-ju . They can’t clean water. Still drinking from rivers. Yep. It’s over for this cycle of human lunacy

  18. To all my fellow keyboard warriors:
    And watch out for infiltrators. Easy to spot as they are usually the most eager to engage in violence.

  19. “We can not win using the terminology of our enemy.”

    Says someone promoting a site called “no white guilt”. Groan.

  20. Robert: very unfair to say that people who advocate violence are infiltrators. I advocate violence because you are wasting your time believing you can have real change by other means. All the other means are already infiltrated or will become infiltrated should anyone try to invoke change.

    There won’t be any significant changes, the sheeple are so brainwashed & preoccupied with things like the Covid ruse and all the problems that come with it.

  21. Some great commentary above, as usual on this website.

    “Diversity” and multi-culturalism NEVER work. For there to be any reasonable level of peace and stability in society, the members need to have shared values and a reasonably shared heritage. Allowing worthless degenerates from failed 3rd world states into more advanced or elevated communities ONLY degrade the societies and communities which they move on to pollute, destabilize, and ultimately destroy.

  22. Carl jones you are bang on I myself have often said that angry words will fall on deaf ears. It is not the talking but the doing. As much as I and I am sure many would like to be able talk down this malevolent lot I’m afraid it won’t work . The dye is cast and we all have been too slow and lenient to act. Now is the time for retribution on those that have over the months treated the human race cruel and uncaring. This must be for those who have died unnecessary because the way that they have been treated in this hoax pandemic and for those that will lose their lives because of all treatments conveniently put on hold such as chemo and other therapies. For all of those that have lost their livelihoods and for those made to live in isolation that has damaged them more then any virus could.

    We have nowhere else to go now other then fight for the right to live.
    I am not an infiltrator I am genuine and I am one angry human being that a group of soul sellers dare to carry out orders from those who care only to inflict horror on us.
    There is to be another freedom march towards the end of this month and I will be there.
    I will not go down without a fight and I will help fight for those who cannot. This does not mean violence but a supporting presence and, in great numbers is enough to let those know we we are not fooled anymore and we are not afraid.