Public Support For Sports Implodes As Leagues Embrace Black Lives Matter, Polls Find

Chris Menahan – Renegade Tribune Sept 9, 2020

Americans have gone from viewing the sports industry positively, on balance, to negatively in the wake of sports leagues embracing the divisive Black Lives Matter movement, a new survey found.

According to a Gallup survey conducted Jul 30-Aug 12, 2020, only 30% of Americans view the industry positively versus 40% who view it negatively, giving the industry an overall rating of -10.

In Aug 2019, the industry’s overall rating was +20, with 45% viewing it positively and 25% negatively. There has been a -30 shift in just one year.

“Democrats’ view of the sports industry has not changed significantly in the past year, while Republicans’ has slipped from a +11 net-positive score in 2019 to a net -35 today, and independents’ from +26 to -10,” Gallup reported.

“The sports industry’s image has also deteriorated more among women than men, and among older adults than those younger than 35. Sports has also lost more support from non-White than White Americans, but given the extraordinarily high ratings from non-White adults a year ago, this group continues to view the sports industry positively on balance today. That is not the case with White adults, who now view the sports industry more negatively than positively, and by a 22-point margin.”

Another Harris poll released last week found 39 percent of NBA fans say they’re watching fewer games.

“‘The league has become too political’ was the clear choice for the decline, with 38% of respondents,” The Harris Poll reported. “‘Boring without fans’ captured 28% of the vote while the NBA’s association with China caused 19% of sports fans to turn the dial.”

Game 7 reported last week that the NBA’s ratings are in “free fall.”

“Despite the NBA Playoffs being in full swing and all the games having actual, genuine meaning, TV ratings for the first round were down 27 percent year over year,” Game 7 reported Tuesday.

This article originally appeared on Information Liberation.


17 responses to “Public Support For Sports Implodes As Leagues Embrace Black Lives Matter, Polls Find”

  1. Black people across the board are realising that we have been used by the jews once again, there is talk from no less a person than Louis Farrakhan on how best to
    punish the jew.
    My own family lived in the southern states where the jew run big pharma tested vaccines and medicines on our people, they eve gave them syphilis to see how long it would be for it to spread.
    Jews you better run and you better hide because black folk are wising up to you

  2. The biggest mistake, any business/organisation can ever make, is to become political. People just want to buy your product. They don’t want to be lectured to on what they should be doing.

    When Gillette decided to commit business suicide by not just demonizing men, but white men who are, without a doubt, 80% of their customers I immediately stopped buying their product. More so, I looked to see whom the parent organisation was (Procter & Gamble) and stopped buying their products as well. And if I did it, you can guarantee that many men, all over the world did too. There is nothing Procter & Gamble, could ever do to win back my custom. As for Gillette, who?

    We all know what’s going on, (well most people who view this site) but what saddens me, truly, is the blatantly willful ignorance of people who can’t. More so, those utter morons, involved in sports & business and BLM who fail to see that in taking their stance, they’re alienating many people. They’re also putting a massive bullseye on themselves, showing to the world their political views. This will not bode well for them.

    The world’s population really is getting incredibly stupid. I have to state that the coming cull of billions can really only be a good thing. Those who survive, that is those who resist the vaccines and go off grid will be the ones who’ll fight for the freedom of mankind from the Jewish, world totalitarian state that’s now here. Those who die en mass, will be the idiots, the stupid ones, those whose lives revolves around gorging themselves on fast food, TV, film, pop culture and celebrity, including happily being brainwashed by the msm. For those who decry this statement, you fail to see that they are your biggest obstacle you’ll have to overcome. They’ll do their best to protect the system that’s going to genocide them and that means spying on you and reporting you to the authorities if you don’t wear a face mask/congregate with other people breaking lockdown rules.

    The wheels have been set in motion. The boulder has started to roll down the hill. What has been planned will take its course and won’t be stopped. The genocide of billions is inevitable. Do not worry about trying to help those beyond help. Seek like minded individuals, those like you who are fully awake to what’s going on and build. We are the threat to the elites, not the billions whom they’re about to murder. Forget about them. Move on. They cannot be helped and you’re only wasting your time trying to help them.

  3. However, I forgot to add,

    Those in control of this nightmare, know very well what they’re doing. BLM & ANTIFA have the backing and full support of the ‘change makers’.
    Of course, people will say: “but when the ticket and online sales revenue drastically plummets, they’ll change their stance….” – but will they?

    The way I see it is, this is yet another, strategy and more Pavlovian programming. Guaranteed, those who are boycotting the NBA and other sport’s leagues will be the older generations. You can bet your bottom dollar that the younger generations AND the LGBTQ+ will be 100% in support of all of this. And on that, there is also the reality that while the men’s teams plummet in support, the women’s will rise, as is the drive to being about sport’s equality and eventual mixed teams.

    This is not by accident. This is not a crazy idea by those in charge of the teams. All you have to do is look to see that most owners are either Jews or Christian Zionists. They know what the game plan is. It’s continuing cultural Marxism – forget the older generations, it’s the younger generations we want in order to sculpt their minds into what we want them to think.

    And finally, people will say: “but the loss of money, to these organisations and individual sportsmen will be colossal” – yes, but when you have Soros, with an infinite supply of money, coming straight from the Rothschild, who just tells the American Fed and Bank of England (or any of the other banks he owns worldwide) to print more money, money is therefore not a problem. They control the money supply and therefore the world. And anyway, hard currency is about to disappear, through the covid BS. The reality is, this will be an ample time to bring in digital currency with no backing. So, with everyone chipped, those who are good (obey the will of the elites) have extra zeros added to their digital bank accounts. Those who don’t, zeros are taken away. When money has no value, but those in control have 100% freedom to create it and only them. They can control whomever and whatever they want.

    It’s always been about controlling the young. The old will die off. It’s implanting the ideas that the elites want which is most important. The younger generations couldn’t be more alienated from adults as they are today.

  4. It’s very good that these sports decline. Interest would normally fade at about age twelve. TV increasingly infantilises the viewer and glamorises this process, as with the worshipped presenters. A slogan like BLM cannot happen if people examine words and sentences; matter to what? is the question, same as ” Yes we can” (do what?).

  5. Long ago I lost my interest in pro sports. Who wants to watch pampered millionaires playing for billionaires in an over-priced coliseum paid for by taxpayers?

  6. A fact most goyim are unaware of is that all these white gentiles (players/coaches) that are on these various Jew owned pro sports clubs/teams (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Premier League, Bundesliga etc) are all Roman Catholics…The bipedal apes may all be Roman Catholics too, but I haven’t researched if that’s completely true…you’ll see many black bipedals cross themselves though..Of course all the Latin players are Roman Catholics.

  7. These athletes making millions, if they really want to make a statement, donate a few bucks to the food banks in their area, feel sorry for those who have lost their jobs and businesses. Put your money where your mouth is, play your sport, get your millions and SHUT DA XXXX UP!

  8. Those who wants to rid humanity of an entire ‘tribe’ of people are, in my view, not far off the mindset of The Powers that Should Not Be who want to a cull of humanity, a difference being of discrimination. What about the Jews who don’t even practice Judaism, and just get on with their own lives… no bother. What about the millions of middle class Jews throughout the West who practice and live out the best humanitarian aspects of Judaism? These folk are not a problem! It’s the Zionist Jews that are a big f’king problem, along with and, NOT FORGETTING, Zionist CHRISTIANS and Zionist MUSLIMS! It’s not only not all about the Jews, and it’s not even about all Jews, it’s actually not about Jews at all… it’s about Satanists and psychopathic atheists!

  9. Dr Cray,

    Why would someone call themselves a Jew, if they didn’t practice the religion?
    It’s the same as a Christian – if you’re not a practicing Christian, you can’t call yourself a Christian, because it’s a belief system that has you adhering to its practices.

    The problem we have, in this whole debate, is who and what are Jews? The simply answer of who is a Jew and who isn’t is simply ONE WHO WISHES TO BE SO. And that’s really how simply it is.

    There is no racial Jew.
    They don’t exist.
    What came first Jews or Judaism?
    And if we take the name for Jew, coming from Judea, there were people in Judea, from all over that part of the world, as well as outside, courtesy of Roman slaving, along with trading. There were people who worshiped the Roman, the Greek, the Zoroastrian, the Sumerian, Mesopotamian, Canaanite, Germanic, Celtic and all sort of other religions most certainly.
    So what made a Jew, specifically a Jew? The simple definition is ONE WHO LIVED IN THE ROMAN PROVINCE OF JUDEA.

    And people will say “No, Jews have a distinct look. They have hooked noses, beady eyes…..” etc etc. Have you ever looked at Muslims, Christians and other religious peoples from that part of the world? Yes, they too have the same features, along with people from the Khazars (who do have a relation to the middle east).

    So, the question would be – why do these Jews, call themselves Jews, if they don’t practice the religion? I’ll tell you why Dr Cray. They call themselves Jews, because it’s a big club. It opens doors for people. It gets them into whatever industry they want and they hit the ground within running. Want to work in film? Want to be an actor? Want to be a male porn star? Want to work in Wall St? Want to work for a top law firm?
    The list goes on and on.

    I’ll tell you something as well that the concept of Zionism, or should I say people like you who say “it’s the Zionists who are the problem” is a smokescreen.
    ALL JEWS and I really mean this want a land for the Jews, because the religion of Judaism is ingrained within, along with being part of the collective. They’re like the Borg from Star Trek in the concept that no matter what, the Jewish people is the most important thing in their life and they’ll fight tooth and nail to protect it.

    What do you really think would happen if every Jew you met said: “sure, you’re right. We want this world all to ourselves. We see all non Jews as our slaves, our chattel, whom we have total control and authority over, with whom we can do as we please with, without fear of reprimand by any authority?”
    If they did, the jig would be up wouldn’t it?
    You see, Dr Cray, Jews have mastered lying down to the ‘T’. They are pathological liars, every single one of them and those ‘good’ Jews that you’re talking about are simply playing the waiting game. They’re there for one reason and one reason only – to make people like you believe that it’s not ALL Jews, but the Zionists. Zionism didn’t start with Theodore Herzl. It started with those who created Judaism and the belief that those who follow Judaism are ABOVE all others and that this world, is their world and their world alone.

    I don’t want to genocide anyone, but what I would do with every Jew is lock them away on an island and monitor it 24/7. I’d institute exactly the same new world order on them, as they are doing on us. I’d introduce a Chinese one child policy, drastically reducing the population down to a couple of thousand and they’d live on that island, never allowed out, until their religion dies out with them.

    Then again Dr Cray, well, you could just do nothing and accept your beliefs that it’s just the Zionists and let the Jews destroy 95% of the world’s population, which will certainly get a big boost when everyone takes the covid vaccination.

    I strongly suggest you stay away from the nonsense of Satans and Atheists. It’s got absolutely nothing to do with this fairy tale. It’s all about a people, who follow a religion, who want this world to themselves and themselves alone, with a few hundred million left over to be their slaves and do all the work.

  10. I have stopped watching sport since 1972 ,, Remember 1972 Olympics ??
    Now watching overpaid morons kicking a ball & being paid Mega $ & still winging about discrimination ?? Isn’t for me !

  11. Zionists run world commerce for their masters but are mainly subordinate to the order of Malta, SMOM, the warmachine of the Jesuit papacy. Their commanders run all the wars for their masters and they are not Rotchilds who really are of limited power. The grandmasters of the order of malta are the cardinals. The inquisition, supposedly ended in 1834, that led to the founding of America is an ongoing inquisition on white Christians that never ends, the Council of Trent stand to this day! Americans are heretics to the holy see, who controls all the lands on Earth, a vessel in a sea of space, and since the fake moon landings of 1969, the Moon. Many Iraqis were slaughtered by soldiers wearing badges of the Knights of malta, not jew. The Vatican is the synagogue of Satan. Know who your enemy is then you know what to do…

  12. Pro Sports? Piss on them all!

  13. Everyone should read what Albert Pike wrote around 1880 about getting all races/religions fighting each other. Time for everyone to wake up and come back together and take back our world from these fucking Clowns, up rise everywhere and resist these cunts(only way to describe them)…

  14. I’m sorry but, The more you use the system and gain the more equity the Crown has in you. Die on par is the only way you’ll beat them.
    How can anyone place themselves above Mr ju when they are death wishing in billions no matter how stupid you think those billions are. That’s typical western death junkie talk the planet can do without.
    We don’t discriminate between the births of the surrogates, we discriminate the results in growth, which Mr ju impedes and plays with, with joy.
    As for sport, what is natural about?. Watching a few little minor birds move on a family of plovers doesn’t get any better. Getting on a bus while your throat is a basketball from a tick and getting to a hospital getting through corona intake, to breath free again, now that’s sport.

  15. Freemason’s are responsible for inventing almost all sports “enjoyed” today by Pagans and Christians alike !

    Bread & Circus’s for everyone ! Kabuki theater.

    “Lucifer is the Light Bearer.” Freemasonry is said to be a search after light. Grand Lodges cannot directly tell Freemasons that Lucifer is God without scaring a lot of them off before they are sufficiently ensnared.

    Since Freemasonry teaches a false plan of salvation, Masons are not following in the teachings of Jesus Christ. 2 John 1:9 allows us to know that since they are not following in the teachings of Jesus, they do not have God. Freemasonry is classic paganism.


    The seven volume History of Freemasonry, by Albert Mackey, discusses various pagan gods and the people who worshiped them. Among those pagan deities featured in drawings included with the text are Ashtaroth, Abraxas, Vishnu, Dagon, Nergal and Baal. The text states:

    They were all Characters of human origin in the Mythologic ages designed as the Saviors of Men, each one emphatically the representative Christos, or Christ of his particular Nation; and the religious system designed to restore the lost and fallen race of Man.

    (p. 1721, vol VI)

    Think about this :
    Every time you use an “elevator” to rise above your fellow man you use a sigil of Satan symbolically to do so !
    The Masonic Ritual of Baseball

  16. But this is not new
    a jewish high level whistleblower named Jack Silver and an entertainer named Reuben Winetrop better known as Buf Flanagan gave many documents to Oswald Mosely, mosely knew what was coming and tried to tell the people.
    But a snow they just dont listen.
    Sport or more accurately football is the number one NWO distraction exercise
    ” dont look there look here ” the jews say
    Many talented English players are turned down to get ethnics involved
    the england team has only 3 englishmen the rest are black or foreign
    so can can they call themselves English ?
    Robert Maxwell Elton johm and the homosexual rusian guy all own football teams
    only a fool would watch it

  17. “39% of NBA fans say they’re watching fewer games,,,” My question is, how can anyone in their right mind watch even 5 seconds of that xxxx at all? What kind of retard finds the NBA to be the least bit entertaining?

    I was an athlete at a fairly high level; played multiple sports in high school then played 1 year of college football (American) then switched sports and played 3 years of intercollegiate hockey…I could only play one or the other at the time because the seasons overlapped. I even made a semi-pro hockey league on a whim 10 years after my last college game. I suppose I’ve competed on a higher level than many ever do. That being said, I really couldn’t give a rat’s ass about pro sports. Most of it has become entirely unwatchable. Then there’s the absurd irony of pampered moronic baboons complaining about “racial injustice” when they’d just be another xxxxxx in the hood if it weren’t for them getting paid millions from white owners and white fans to play a stupid game.

    Another thing I find completely absurd are the fans who are supposed to be grown men parading around in jerseys, strutting around like they’re part of the team when they probably could not even crack their high school squad, let alone college or pro. Pathetic.

    Anyhoo, good commentary above, as usual.