Zuckerberg Declares Trump will not be Recognized President-Elect on Election Night

– Vows to Censor Election Information

Joaquin Flores – Fort-Russ Sept 9, 2020

Zuckerberg is very much tied for the title of ‘Public Enemy Number 1’, with Bill Gates and George Soros. 

In a disturbing round of interviews that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg conducted with two media outlets, he delivered an extraordinarily bizarre and outrageous message to the American public.

Zuckerberg came out in a a dystopian Farenheit 451 uniform, with a brutalist white utilitarian background, projecting as much corporatist power as his low-T neurosis-stricken self could possibly muster.

Facebook, he says, has the authority to censor an announcement by the President-Elect that he has won the election on election night. He cites that this is because it may take ‘days or even weeks‘ for the millions of unsolicited mailed-out ballots to be properly harvested and sent in by the post office, even as there has not yet been a determination that mailed-out ballots will be deemed admissible.

Zuckerberg Bribes the Post Office and Holds the Public Ransom to His Desired Election Result

To make sure the US Post Office knows which ballots to throw away and which ones to doubly-stuff, he has sent the USPS some $300 million while at the same time supporting an investigation into the Post Master General’s potential corruption, to make sure the Post Master gets in trouble if he doesn’t understand what that $300 million is supposed to purchase.

We know that ‘contact tracers’ and NGO employees alongside those staff employees of organized labor (who habitually act against the real interests of labor union members), will be engaged in mail-box stuffing.

Just think of how ‘brilliant’ this sinister plan is. Why worry about stuffing ballot boxes, when we can just turn  mail-boxes into ballot boxes? These are in plain site, in public, and not policed (for now), and anyone can stuff them full of harvested ballots with forged signatures or signed under the watch of an NGO, labor, or contact tracing employee.

Union Members Aren’t to Blame – They Deserve a Real Fighting Labor Movement

Again, this is truly sinister on many levels, because the actual members of labor unions do not want this, and labor unions have failed them for decades as these bureaucrats have become little more than corporatist functionaries of the DNC, and not genuine representatives of the working class. And yet they know that the public back-lash against this anti-democratic move will see the public’s attitude towards labor unions decline even further. Labor leaders are fine with this so long as the rotating door keeps spinning between labor and corporate management, think tanks, and beltway politics. These people are truly sick.

Z-berg continued to flex;

“What we and the other media need to start doing is preparing the American people that there is nothing illegitimate about this election taking additional days or even weeks to make sure all the votes are counted,”  Zuckerberg said during an appearance on “Axios on HBO.”

“In fact, that might be important to make sure that this is a legitimate and fair election,” he added.

Zuckerberg is like Gates – No One Elected them and they Speak Well Outside Their Field of Knowledge

Zuckerberg is not an elected official and is not an attorney. Yet the media allows him to express his legal and political opinion, and treat his publication – Facebook – as if it were a part of government, even though he cannot now skirt FCC and related regulations.

Zuckerberg says that his social network will be deploying a constant barrage of propaganda to convince the public that the vote is legitimate only when he says it has been determined so by the fake news outlets that comprise the National Election Pool.

Zuckerberg says that he is committed to using his publication to convince Americans that the candidate who declares himself the winner based on election night returns, will be censored on Facebook so that Americans do not have access to this  information on who the winner of the election is.

“So if one of the candidates in any of the races claims victory before there’s a consensus result, then we’re going to add some informational context to that post directly,” Zuckerberg said.

This term ‘consensus result’ is where the situation gets extremely murky, and Zuckerberg – visibly frightened and shook in both of his interviews – is probably aware that he is involved in election suppression and interference – a federal crime punishable by years in the penitentiary.

“I think this is important because there is, unfortunately, I think, a heightened risk of civil unrest in the period between voting and a result being called or after that, and I just think that we need to be doing everything that we can do reduce the chances of violence and civil unrest in the wake of the election,” he added.

The clip can be seen in its full context here:

There is a Color Revolution Coup Underway in the US Right Now

We have closely followed the Color Revolution underway in the US, which is a type of coup-tactic which does not rely on the military per se, although the ‘Spring’ stage – as in Arab Spring – normally involves military involvement and also is part of widespread civil unrest towards a failed state. The next phase of the coup  that the deep state has in the works to remove Trump from office is bending and breaking every imaginable law, in a country where the wealthy and powerful have long been granted a free pass to do just that. What we are seeing now is not the beginning, but the next stage of the collapse of a republic – admittedly a problematic one – but nevertheless a collapse towards something far worse for the lives of everyday working people.

Most of my analysis not on FRN on the nature of this Color Revolution strategy to oust Trump, was published on SCF and is listed following this hyperlink. 

In those works, we show how the failure of the DNC to deliver a candidate like Bernie Sanders or Tulsi Gabbard would have the result of creating a volatile social situation on the streets. I wrote these before the Covid-19 plandemic was delivered to the public as part of Event 201. But the basic economic mess by itself, prior to the scamdemic, was evidently going to create what we are seeing now.

Of course all of this was intentional. We should not be surprised that Z-berg is on about this election fraud. After all, he’s been a part of making sure that over one million Americans die from unemployment and healthcare related deaths, as the lockdown crime he’s perpetuated has cost tens of thousands of lives for every one percent increase in unemployment, and hundreds of thousands dead from lack of access to hospitals, sitting empty, reserved for ‘covid patients’.

So what if this election fraud will cause a civil war in which tens of thousands,  at least, will die. He’s fine with that, just as he was fine with the real covid deaths (unemployment, suicide, etc.)

Soros Election Integrity Group

Soros ‘election integrity’ group is behind the promulgation of this term ‘consensus result’, because they have defined it themselves. This is part of the ‘Transition Integrity Project’, which is composed of deep-staters, both neoconservatives and neo-liberals.

The US does not have a standing governmental body which declares the presidential election victor.

The ‘consensus’ that Zuckerberg refers to is the non-binding opinion of the ‘National Election Pool’, along with Reuters, which is like ‘Federal Express’ or the ‘Federal Reserve’ – as they are not federal – the National Election Pool is not national. It is a conglomeration of legacy news outlets. In other words, fake news. Reuters is owned by Canadian oligarch David Kenneth Roy Thomson, 3rd Baron Thomson of Fleet, so now he will be part of deciding who the public thinks is the president.

Trump is not part of the Club anymore

But haven’t these rapacious oligarchs been in charge of the electoral outcome all along? Yes they have, and therein lies the rub. For those undecided on the reality of the Trump administration as an ‘outside force’ separate from the oligarchy, now it should be clear.

If he was ‘part of the club’, then any other sort of natural disaster or foreign threat could be used to manufacture the present scenario if the police-state component was all that was required. If this was all a show, or if the only difference was policy or power for power sake, then anyone would be sane to simply wait him out another four years until 2024, and then get their own agenda on tracks again.

This means that those Trump is up against are in the fight of their lives, willing to stage a coup, mass scale riots, a fake pandemic, and a civil war just to remove him before he can do something to them. What that will be, and why that will be, is for us to find out.

All of these moves we see underway are not because the oligarchs did not have this power before, but because they always had this power and were able to conceal it under the auspices of ‘democracy’. Now that there is an executive branch of government not firmly under their control (emphasis ‘not firmly‘), they are flexing their muscles, and the corporatist mask of democracy has entirely fallen off.

Don’t blame the people of the left – Come Together

Of course the manufactured opposition to an outsider that is taking on endless wars and the deep state, would take on the veneer of ‘left wing’. This is not because Zuckerberg, Soros et al are ‘ left wing’, but because for five decades there has been a whole discursive framework underway which only allows left wing views to have public hegemony in all institutions. It is not the form that matters, not the ideological veneer that matters – but the substance – and the substance is the corporatist police state.

Soros, Gates, and Zuckerberg are psychopaths par excellence, and the truth is, as much power as they have, we have so much more, provided we stand together.

All of Gates money, for example, is only equal to about 3k USD per capita. That is why Americans must stand together at this critical time. The lessons we learn now will enable us for generations to come, to bring about a new era of freedom and prosperity, but only if we fight for it like our lives depend on it. Because they do.

A part of America was taught that socialism was the problem, another part that capitalism was the problem. This is a false  left-right dichotomy which was foisted upon the American people. The American system today is a behemoth, and uses all the worst parts of all the political theories towards the goal of oligarchic control. That is why it appears capitalistic to some, socialistic to others, and fascistic to others still. It is all those things, but none of those things.

This is the final moment, and the last generation that had the last  shreds of freedom,  before the coming storm. And now the storm is upon us. The decisions we make now will determine the future of our country and our world.



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  1. If this is true, Zuckerberg is going that extra mile for his sheeple flock. I don’t use Facef–k, I’m glad I was banned from Twitter… no loss there and so much more free(dom) time & I follow a tiny number on Insta, but nothing news related. Hopefully, Trump will pull the plug.

  2. Why are these people still alive? One bullet for each, that’s all it takes. I thought armed Americans were more aware than to let unelected megalomaniacs run the planet.

    This is what happens when your economic system allows some men to become richer than some countries. They take over the world. To those who called it the politics of envy when we said people should not be able to become so vastly rich, this is why.

  3. The former insider and researcher LC Vincent tells us that
    jew run USA wants joe biden, a secret jew in office
    joe is ga ga, he is senile and the jews have his visits to epsteins island to nob kids on him
    once hes in office it wil b exposed that he was a trojan horse to get in his running mate kamal aharris
    if this happenes god help america

  4. I’ve thought of a lot of outlandish scenarios per this Election…
    but NEVER, in my wildest dreams did I think a pencil-neck little twat like zukburger would decide would gets to be President! Too funny!😂

  5. One day, this sour-faced Suckerberg is going to be royally sucker-punched by the One Who does not suffer foul fools like him lightly!

  6. Zuck is a JEW. Jews have been at war with America for over a hundred years. The current events of the BLM and Antifa rioting, looting and arson are just tools of the Jews in their war on America. Jew dominated and controlled Wall St has totally ruined the financial system in the US. The Jew Federal Reserve has destroyed the middle class with low or nonexistant interest rates for most of the last 20 years. What Jews have done to the average American is clear reason for there to be NO JEWS in America at all. Sadly, most Americans are TOO STUPID to see what the Jews have done. As the bottom 90 percent
    of Americans wealth wise sink into despair and hunger, they will deserve their fate. A prime example is 911. Israeli Jews did 911. If you have not learned that in the past 19 years, you are a FOOL.

  7. What do they have in common….Gates,Zuckerberg and Soros….
    Its bleeding obvious ain’t it…THEYRE ALL JEWS!.

  8. “Don’t blame the people of the left – Come Together”

    On the contrary, they are VERY much to blame. Their control of the west, for the last 60 years has brought us to where we are. It is they, through their selfishness, their ignorance, their stupidity that has made the lives of people a living hell.

    “But Harbinger, you’re promoting divide and conquer” – we are already divided and very much conquered, by those in charge. And we ARE divided and conquered, because of the people, on the left, who promoted mass immigration, multiculturalism, feminism, civil rights, LGBTQ+, transgenderism, multiple genders, moral relativity and equality.

    The left has been waging war on the right (anyone right of them) who disagrees with their Marxist beliefs. They have proven themselves to very much be intolerant of anyone who opposes their views. Although I am very dubious of Peter Hitchens, in an interview he correctly stated that you cannot debate with people who hate you and the left, are so incredibly indoctrinated and brainwashed that they hate anyone who disagrees with the tenets of the left – feminism, LGBTQ+, mass immigration, destruction of the west and Marxist ideals.

    The left is your enemy and never, forget that. They sold out, pre WW2 to the bankers and the globalists, hijacked by the Jews to bring about the nightmare, Orwellian society we now live in. You NEVER forgive the traitors and you never give them quarter. The truth is there for the left to see, but they blatantly ignore it, through their arrogance, that what they promote is the truth, when it’s very much a lie.

  9. PLEASE read: “Trump is not part of the Club anymore”, AGAIN! That is precisely what is happening and if not taken seriously, will bring about the change that everyone threats. The forces of evil are at work to bring down the last vestibule of Freedom in the West. If the USoA falls, the rest will follow.

  10. So pleased to say that I never joined f*ce b**k. Sometimes apprehensions can serve you, and that place creeped me out from start. Go f**k yourself, Pukerberg

  11. Some hideous unsightly bizarre Jew is promoting the scam that voting matters & that the goy herd live in a ‘democracy’. These Prez ‘elections’ have been rigged since at least 1913 in the USA, when Jews instituted their Fed Reserve con & appropriated both Rep/Dem parties.

  12. It is very telling that NEITHER party has even mentioned the possibility of contactless voting, given that contact has been the no-no for months, and everything has been pushed contactless. It seems like the decision has been made, you are to mail it in. I have actually done that (years ago) and will NEVER do it again. Nor will I ever vote via facebook, to be fair, never really mentioned, but it seems likely in the future. What was the line by Lenin, it’s who counts the vote?
    Zuck trying to censor his way out of a Trump landslide without seeming to hi-jack, seems to attempt hi-jack. So he’ll tell you who won with a “consensus result”, maybe sometime.
    Stand-by to stand-by, it’s coming?
    ” preparing the american people ” that the postman won’t move assholes and elbows at the mere mention of a ballot, or that in this day and age, it could take longer?

  13. Zuck needs to suck on some more adrenochrome or maybe he ran out.Poor guy,must be tough trying to act all macho and u know u just that nerdy guy that nobody likes.

  14. Ditto what waw and Vespasian said. Zuckerberg is another billionaire Jew who has been given great wealth, power, and influence to use it as the bankster jews direct him – causing havoc with the presidential election in this case.

  15. Brother Nathanael, the good Christian Jew, called Zuckerberg’s wife his mail-order bride in one of his videos. If I remember correctly, it was the one called “The Devil’s Retirement Plan”.

  16. America has a lot more Jews than are in the official count .They often steal Celtic names. These many millions, if not paying much attention, will support any Jew, just assuming that he is of God i.e.whoever runs their mafia–Meyer Lansky, YHWH,,it’s all the same in their minds

  17. Brenda Blessed: Bro Nathanael is now a Christian and no longer a Jew! Remember, you can’t serve two Masters! Just thought to clarify that “believe”.

  18. Lil’ Zucky Is nothing but a piss-ant.

  19. Arrest this joker for treason

  20. The popular and unthinking use of the word “freedom” is a problem. It used to be understood that if you don’t serve God , you will be serving satan, probably in the form of your fatuous appetites.