UK’s MSM has slavishly obeyed the govt over Covid like the docile arm of a despotic state. I know, because I was part of it

Matt Drake – Russia Today Sept 9, 2020

The pro-lockdown cheerleaders in the mainstream media have been following No.10’s orders and wrongly branding all lockdown sceptics as nutty conspiracy theorists – but the tide is turning.

More and more people are coming round to realise lockdown has been a major mistake. Yet newspapers and TV, here in the UK at least, are still loyally hounding down dissenters and tarring each one as some sort of lunatic who needs, well, locking up.

Those sceptics who it was hard to place in a loony bin, such as Lord Sumption, one of the most brilliant minds in Britain, were simply ignored. When the former Supreme Court head wrote in The Times on March 31 that the UK was “sliding into a police state” after Parliament was granted unprecedented powers in the Coronavirus Bill (which was rubber-stamped with no debate in the Commons), did this liberal-minded intellect get heaps of press attention? No, of course not. It was palpably quiet. The mainstream media was simply not interested in any other narrative than the official, exaggerated danger of the virus.

The media has failed to do its job properly, unless that job is to be the government’s cheerleader-in-chief. Other than a few brave exceptions, the job of their reporters has been to report every (literal) cough and scare as a grave threat to life and limb, all the better to generate online clicks. Every new death, any new medical scare story, was quickly written up and thrown online with sensationalist headlines. The warnings by the likes of Jonathan Sumption, whose profession is to actually think for a living, that this was all damaging “hysteria”, were buried.

The modern press does not have the mental wit to take on an intellect like Lord Sumption. The rest of us have been easier targets.

The anti-lockdown protest in Trafalgar Square, London. Click to enlarge

When there was a relatively large gathering of lockdown sceptics at Trafalgar Square late last month, the media was far from kind. Many of the headlines were along the same lines as the Evening Standard’s: “Thousands gather in Trafalgar Square to promote coronavirus conspiracy theories at ‘anti-lockdown’ protest.”

Now, while there were some undoubted cranks in the crowd – including the keynote speaker David Icke, who believes that lizards control the world, and one man at the back briefly unfurling a fascist flag – was everyone there really a conspiracy theorist?

Conspiracy theorists are on the fringe of politics and mainstream society. But on the same day, over 30,000 protesters marched in Berlin – which the New York Times scoffed at as “bizarre.”

Does that mean conspiracy theories are becoming more popular? Or, more likely, maybe there were perfectly normal people attending these protests who are perturbed at the state of their country and who worry about such trifling matters as freedom and liberty. People who believe lizards are more likely to be found basking in the sun on heaths than sitting in Buckingham Palace or No.10.

People like Rose, who did not want to give me her last name but has attended all three anti-lockdown protests. She told me this week: “I’m very worried about the country and I am not a conspiracy theorist. I feel the government is abusing its power. Their actions don’t make sense over a few Covid deaths a day.

Most people who attended the anti-lockdown rallies are reluctant to give their names or even admit to attending, for fear they will be branded a conspiracy theorist – or worse, lose their jobs.

One man, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “I think David Icke made a lot of sense at the protest, but I don’t actually believe what he says the rest of the time. But according to the BBC, we’re all conspiracy theorists.”

Others admitted to not attending, despite wanting to, because they didn’t want to be labelled as a crank. Kayleigh Barnes, 27, from south-east England, said she wanted to attend the protests but couldn’t due to ongoing health issues.

She added: “I don’t believe in the 5G conspiracy theorists or that the Queen is a lizard. Covid-19 is real but the world just massively overreacted.”

The protesters either received no coverage at all or were painted as selfish conspiracy nuts. There was no neutrality.

Perhaps the protests would seem more ridiculous if the UK didn’t act like a police state. Piers Corbyn, brother of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, was grabbed, arrested and fined £10,000 for organising a peaceful gathering. Meanwhile, several other protests took place that day and their organisers were not bothered by the police. Mr Corbyn believes the order for him to be arrested came from “up high,” and it is hard not to believe that it was politically motivated.

Perhaps the smearing of protesters is politically motivated. After all, if people reading the reports were shamed into thinking they too were some irrational tinfoil-hat-wearer, or a criminal liable to an extortionate fine, they will be less inclined to want to attend any future protests.

Australian police and army patrol the streets of Melbourne, ready to apprehend anyone who violates the lockdown. Click to enlarge

Australia is fast becoming the go-to state for such despotism, in a terrifying foreshadowing of what may lie in store for Britain. Cops in Melbourne are storming into people’s homes to arrest those supporting protests, including a pregnant woman who broke down into tears in front of her children as she was arrested for “incitement” earlier this month.

Victoria Police said in a statement that anyone thinking of attending the protest she promoted could expect a “swift and firm response from the police,” in an obvious attempt to scare people into obedience.

Yet, The Guardian still focussed on the “conspiracy theorists,” who are now apparently “energised” by the lockdown restrictions. But why focus on them?

Like the folly of 2016, when the liberal media elite scoffed at Trump and Brexit supporters, they could very well be in for a rude awakening. How much more can people take being called stupid and mad by smug BBC, CNN and Sky News apparatchiks?

And yes, they are apparatchiks, because they are well and truly in the government’s pocket. From personal experience, as well as reports from BBC journalists, the government has had an inordinate amount of influence over the media, “suggesting” stories for them to cover if they enthusiastically toe the government line andgo easy on ministers while interviewing them.

While working for a certain mainstream publication in our scorching spring, when people were only allowed an hour’s exercise a day, my editors revealed they were asked by Downing Street to “hammer home the message” that people shouldn’t be enjoying the sunshine on weekends.

All reporters were told they were on no account to publish anything which could go against the government line. This was coupled with self-censorship, an editorial decision to not report on anti-lockdown protests so as not to “legitimise” their platform – while giving plenty of reporting space to Extinction Rebellion and BLM.

It has all the hallmarks of the sort of un-free press found in a despotic state. After all, what does totalitarianism really look like? For most people, they will think of the USSR, Nazi Germany or North Korea. The kind of brutal regimes that inspired George Orwell’s ‘1984’.

But another novel, ‘Brave New World’, written by Aldous Huxley many years before in 1932, foreshadowed a different kind of dystopia. A scientific dictatorship in which people blindly follow authority and actually love their servitude.

Like in the USSR, where dissenters were classed as mentally disturbed, today any dissenter is branded a conspiracy theorist. Their opinions are pathologies, not legitimate points of view to be taken seriously, about our de facto police state, or about the exaggerated threat of coronavirus, or about the appalling damage done to our economy and our health by lockdown. Instead, we are dangerous, eccentric heretics that only deserve to be jeered at, scorned, and pushed out of mainstream society, while the rest don their masks and applaud the police for cracking down on non-conformists.

Matt Drake is a British journalist covering news and film. Bylines include Spiked, The Spectator, The Telegraph, The Independent, Evening Standard, LBC, The Sun, and the Daily Express.


17 responses to “UK’s MSM has slavishly obeyed the govt over Covid like the docile arm of a despotic state. I know, because I was part of it”

  1. Matt Drake writes for a broad range print fake news, not, Often said that Russia Today (now RT) was a Russian Government propaganda operation & to be honest, even if this were true, RT did offer quite a balance between BBC fake news and RT fake news & one could extrapolate from that. But recent RT offerings indicate clearly that either RT has done a deal with the devil to keeps its UK & US licenses or RTs presstitutes have been got at with the MI6s fat brown envelopes. There is also the straight infiltration method, & I suspect it is a mix of all of them.

    Looking at the list of fake news publications and radio, this is pretty far rightwing drivel & before the right-wing readers get upset, I don’t know of any serious left-wing media content that has a slightly modest reach.

  2. The government’s exceptions to the new clampdown prove it’s all about social control of the general population. Groups of no more than six allowed unless at work or school or there’s a support bubble (a what?) No protests allowed unless it’s organised by a business, charity, government agency, philanthropic organisation or NGO–meaning those groups allowed to organise a protest have probably never organised a protest and likely never will.

    I think the get-out clause is that childish term ‘support bubble’. I think the privileged will use it to continue with life while everyone else is monitored by the police for compliance. But if you’re well-connected? “Yes, we can see you’ve got a support bubble. G’day, ma’am.”

  3. Thank you, Matt, for this brilliant reveal – not that we already knew about it, in part, but to be bolstered with more details is fuel for our fervour in damning the government goons and human-hating, hell-bound despots!

  4. I’ve just read on Yahoo!, this morning, that, according to YouGov, nearly two thirds of the population would support a 10pm-5am curfew to help stop a second wave of coronavirus. So how do we go about that? What about shift workers? People who work nights? What if you want to walk your dog? How many people took part in this so.called poll?

  5. All one needs to do is an online search to see what articles Matt Drake has written, his stance on many things and they will see that this man is a typical lefty.
    Absolutely no interest reading anything this man has to state.
    He’s part of the problem, not the solution.
    I think Matt Drake is probably waking up to the fact that the team he chose to side with, is going to lose and when the public realise (those who survive the mass vaccination cull) that journalists have been their indoctrinators and brainwashers of the public, very much responsible for Orwellian reality of today as nothing more than the lickspittles of the elites, then things aren’t going to bode too well for them in the future. In fact, were I a journalist, with my journalism footprint, plastered all over the internet, I’d be terrified.

    Matt Drake should have thought about what he was doing when he was writing his articles, instead off offering mea culpas in future articles. Everyone knows from a young age the difference between good and bad, right and wrong. Journalists, are no different, but the opportunities of high salaries, cocaine fueled parties and socialising with the rich and famous is too much of a pull for them. They look at the scales, their integrity on one side and journalism benefits on the other and always, firmly plant for the latter.

    Matt’s Drake’s time, like the rest of the journalists throughout the west, who have brought about this nightmare reality, through their lack, nay, absence of integrity, morals and ethics will come. He and his fellow quislings have absolutely no defense when judgement comes from the people who have lost so much.

  6. When you consider that the term “conspiracy theorist” was coined by the CIA to denigrate anyone who argued against the consensus narrative pushed by the corporate media, you begin to see propaganda at work. While many conspiracy theories have been proven to be false, far more have turned out to be true. CV19 is a giant hoax. Yes something was released which killed the old, vulnerable and those with comorbidities, but beyond that, the rest has been grossly exaggerated, and the public deliberately scared out of their wits.
    The Rockerfeller Lockstep document 2010, covers this years CV!9 events step by step, including a set timetable for the introduction of 2nd and 3rd waves. This whole thing was planned decades ago, and it heralds the arrival of the long awaited Global Government or New World Order predicted by George H W Bush all those years ago.
    That is conspiracy fact. The UK Government is fully on board. Prepare for more tyranny before this year is over.

  7. Matt Drake for those who missed it writes for RT

    This man brings up soulless reptilians but conveniently fails to mention and probably fails recognize the many other major crimes committed in this 21st century that David Icke has written about.

    Surely not… this COVID scam has been his wake-up call?

  8. A poll shows that increasing numbers of people believe in conspiracy theories, in fact more people than voted for Boris Johnson. The poll results were actually published by this website.

  9. Typical .. try to dismiss David Icke, I’m glad to say that David’s credibility is much more intact than Matt’s .. and by the way get the facts right about Berlin.. you’re a couple of 00’s short and you forgot to mention RFK junior’s presence as well as the 600+ doctors who were the main organisers.. Afraid you’ve a long way to go to Matt to rejoining the human race.. None of it is conspiracy theory, it’s conspiracy fact..!

  10. “MSM has slavishly obeyed the govt over Covid” Ha! Both MSM and govt have slavishly obeyed the Jewish Banking Cartel which owns the Jews Media outlets and puppet politicians who run govt.

    One way bankster jews cover their tracks is by using their Jews Media to blame bankster controlled puppets for bankster evil. Govt and mass media are the puppets being blamed in this Drake article.

    Governments are just puppets controlled by banksters via their puppet politicians whose campaigns are funded by banksters. That’s how banksters run the world.

  11. It is impossible for a mainstream publication to say anything true and important. Douglas Reed was at the Times and only discovered twenty years later that his knowledge had been nil. When he got some he was not welcome in Britain, let alone the Times.

  12. The only reason that David Icke gets attention now is because of his early BS that put him on the map internationally. What he is writing about now is the opposite of BS, in my opinion.

  13. ” ‘In fact, the death rate has not gone up whatsoever’ – that is so true! Absolutely no increase in normal mortality rate as all the fear-mongering gets worse.
    Well said by Peter Koenig. – Nick Kollerstrom”
    Amen to that.
    In Sweden the daily mortality rate from/with (including motorcycle accidents) Covid-19 has gone down from the apex of 115 on the 13th April 2020 to less than 1 from the 15th July 2020.
    Medically it is over in Sweden, but NOT politically. More mask-wearing is being mandated!
    Glenn Dormer family physician Uppsala, Sweden

  14. When RT picks up Caitlin Johnstone we understand all to well what’s going on. So what I get called a lunatic like I’m back in the school yard. Nothing new in that and just gives me joy these days. They(parlour bolshies) mean heretic and as a free thinker less conditioning as much as possible for growth, I can live with that too sweet.
    If I’m a conspiracy theorist good on them, it validates the time I take to seek the truth through the subversion as this article obviously is in it’s attempts to angst.
    David Icke is a throw off because he has never taken a blood sample from our makers. What a goose and operative he is steering people off course in the discovery of our origins. This means the egregore are fully aware of how we got here and will keep on hiding it for nefarious purposes. Truth is reality in witness so eventually this truth will be known to humanity. Funny when the electric kettle calls the pot black.

  15. It would be sad if David Icke thought he was God and believed we are all Gods.

    This is when David needs to realise he was created by a God who had no beginning and will have no end. I fear I have done God no favours by putting it in this hard to understand way.

    I wonder what David makes of Jesus?

  16. Please please – one CANNOT have a conpiracy theory. It is an oxymoron for gard sake. It is either a conspiracy or a theory. My take – this is government conspiracy knowing the the ferguson computer was found wanting and yet they continue with the lie about covid 19. Scientist have not been able to isolate this virus by using the scientific method – kochs postulates. Thus the covid 19 does not exist. Indeed the nobil prize winner for inventing the PCR test kit has said it is unsuitable for testing for covid 19 virus. Wake up sheeples, as Lord Sumtion has indicated we sliding into a dictatorship and the main media are complicit in this

  17. Matt Drake is a butthurt RT hack who is doubling down on the abuse of Icke by the contemptible Polly Boiko and George Galloway. Both attacked him at the start of the plandemic because their Russian paymasters had initiated one of the strictest lockdowns on the planet. Even now little Putin is rolling out a vaccine for a non-existent virus. RT has zero credibility.