Dana Coverstone NEW Dream: Lady Liberty Attacked

Pastor Dana Coverstone – YouTube Sept 8, 2020

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  1. Coincidence or not, a really odd bit from forty-seven years ago:

    “…I dreamed I was flying
    And high up above my eyes could clearly see
    The Statue of Liberty
    Sailing away to sea…”

    Paul Simon’s song “American Tune,” 1973.

  2. Are you eating cheese before bedtime Pastor Dana? Just wondering…….

  3. Nutenyahu said on record
    ” Palestine today tomorrow America ”
    and americans sit by as jew steal wreck their country and laugh about it
    i wish americans had guts, but we cant have everything i guess

  4. This man is making a ton of money, think about it. People who know more than me much more say the Bible says there is no Phrophets speaking today. People can have dreams ro visions i know some but nothing materializes. Guess we will see

  5. There can be no liberty in any nation where those who wield the power constantly subject the people to endless mass deceptions. Even if they justify the deceptions for the greater good as some of the elites and their networks of corrupted people are doing, and even if all of the people all of the time believe in those deceptions, there can be no true liberty or freedom. The reason is that and real free choice and proper judgement absolutely depend on the truth, which always comes down to the disclosure of the real facts.

    The statue of Liberty was designed by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi and completed and dedicated in 1886 in France, as a gift to the US. Bartholdi was inspired by a French law professor and politician, Édouard René de Laboulaye, who apparently conceived of the idea in 1865 after the US Civil War, not only to commemorate US the liberty of US independence from Britain in 1776, but also the later freeing of the slaves. “A broken shackle and chain lie at her feet as she walks forward, commemorating the recent national abolition of slavery.” (Wiki).

    What has always been the bug bearer of US freedom are its internal and conflicting ideas of liberty. Lincoln said during the Civil War that there were two kinds of liberty. Some people believed they should be free to use and exploit others as they wished, while the correct view was that you were free up to interfering with the rights of others.

    With the ruling elites who are behind the Covid plandemic, their idea of liberty is clearly that the later sort where they essentially believe that their power gives them a right to deceive and exploit all of those they can subject to their will.

    John Perkins aptly stated in the prologue to his 2007 book, The Secret History of the American Empire, “In the process of building this empire, we in the United States have managed to discard our most fundamental beliefs, those that in the past defined the very essence of what it is to be an American. We have denied ourselves and those we colonize the rights so eloquently expressed by our Declaration of Independence.”

    Truth and candor lead to trust and liberty while deception breeds only mistrust and tyranny.

  6. All of Pastor Coverstone’s dreams match what jew-wise people should expect. The pastor doesn’t seem to be jew wise, probably hasn’t read the Protocols of Zion, Secrets of the Federal Reserve Bank, jew-wise documents and websites.

    If Coverstone does understand that Jesus told the Jews they are the children of the devil (John 8:44) then he is quiet about it, perhaps to prevent being needlessly attacked.

    Coverstone said money was thrown to the people who are destroying the statue of liberty, symbolically destroying Christianity, freedom, and traditional America. That is why riot teams and Soros funded destroyers like BLM and ANTIFA are committing this evil – MONEY. Soros & Co are paying them to do it, just as bankster funded politicians are paid to shut down police and allow it.

    Jesus teaches that we should love our enemies and return good for evil. Being unaware of who their enemies are makes Christians more naive and innocent than if they were aware and knew the gross evils that Jewry does to destroy them.

    Its much easier to love people if you don’t know they are working all kinds of evil against you than if you do know. That is a big reason why so many Christians naively believe that Jews are wonderful. Another big reason is Jews Media propaganda.

    Statue of Liberty means Statue of Freedom although the Jews Media has used the word liberal to promote their evil so much that it gave the word liberal a bad rap. The destruction of the statue symbolizes the destruction of the freedom which Christianity brought, the freedom which drew so many people from so many other nations.

    The evil will get much worse this fall and winter, according to Coverstone’s dreams, which is consistent with bible prophecy in Daniel, Revelation, and other scripture regarding the time of the end, the end of this age, the end of Satan’s reign.

    The move to a Jew World Order led by the children of the devil and their father infers that Christianity will be laid low, will suffer more intense persecution, become hated, and go underground.

    When the power of the holy people has been completely shattered, then all these things will be finished. Dan 12:7 GW The ‘holy people’ are Christians who have God’s holy spirit. The power of the holy people was Christianity, before it was shattered.

    The song ‘American Pie’ 1971 by Don McClean was a dirge about the death of Christian music in America. Christian music was replaced by rock, country & western, soul, rap, hip-hop, and anti-christ themed music. The Jews Media spin is that the song was about Buddy Holly.

    Some American Pie lyrics –
    I went down to the sacred store where I heard music years before, but the man there said the music wouldn’t play. …The church bells all were broken.. ..I saw Satan laughing with delight the day the music died.. ..The father, son, and holy ghost they caught the last train for the coast, the day the music died.

  7. I remember the movie Planet of the Apes, with Charlton Heston & the closing image in this movie ??
    Yupp maybe it was a thing to come ?

  8. usss liberty attacked

    911 attack

    covid attack

    fires attack – the west side of amerika is up in flames

    antifa lighting fires everywhere

  9. I dream of trains and walking between train stops through unkept streets as life goes on. In amongst the workers on their way I observe the atmosphere of grey tones as nothing has colour, not even the faces. I visit my brother in an outer zone who lives in a converted council chamber with other humans almost gone feral. The council was centralised and is now regionally run by a central committee in an unknown location as they all are.
    I haven’t seen my brother in 5yrs it took that long to get a pass. His friends don’t like me, I dress clean and walk strong assuredly while they dress like antifa has had no new clothes in 10yrs.. He has no time for me, as he is in a hurry to buy something(hard drugs probably) at the street market in front of the run down converted council chambers he lives, and the market seems to be the only buying place and public square in this zone. I realise this is the last time I will see him. I give a hug, a God bless and best of luck then I’m out of there.
    Most zones are like this but I am lucky, I live near the coast 7 train stops away and people there seem to be getting some colour back in their faces. Security is everywhere and tech is NOT. I won’t tell you what my job is only to say I observe for the anti committee.
    I dream in sleep of dystopia a lot a whole lot. The things I’ve seen such as kids running amok through cities causing senseless destruction under the deep black cloudy night skies. The equality of poordom, unkept places with nature slowly reclaiming them. Zones empty with an air of ghosts who try to keep them alive in death.
    Trains, trains and trains and all dreamed of before I was 10yrs now 50. The most scary dream of all was the night I dreamed of the plastic people. Now that one stung.

  10. Its election time in NZ and the zio-lies are flowing thick and fast…..

    NZ is in partial lockdown right now and there are dramatic lies about “new outbreaks identified” with photos of NZers lining up for testing.

    OKAY….heres PROOF the Covid BS is all about CONTROL of the populace NOT the disease.

    While the crypto jewess Ardern is on the TV every
    single night with her horse teeth going full on tapping on about Covid and isolation etc etc…

    She has made mention of resuming the immigrant flood “for businesses to survive” pegged at a “low rate” of 1400 a month…….WILL THEY BE TESTED?..of course not….although the Jewish controlled news outlets wont be telling NZers that …
    TV3 (shortly to be sold off to the American Jewish controlled TV channel “Discovery”)…deliberately set out to DECEIVE NZers as to the immigration by concentrating on Vets who may be allowed in “from Northern Europe”….(actually less than 100).
    This was to MISLEAD NZers as to the REAL origin of the immigrants….mainly third world immigrants from most of Asia.
    So it seems the lying slag Ardern has intermittent concerns about isolation.
    This replicates the situation in Britain…while citizens of Britain are having their lives and incomes destroyed by the jew Boris Johnson….THOUSANDS of illegal immigrants have arrived across the channel….test free.THEY are immediately given benefits while former British veterans are homeless….on the streets.
    The British could make a very good case for an insurrection….because voting sure as hell will not make a blind bit of difference.
    The thugs at British Secret Police MI5 HQ will now be devoting much of their resources to targeting British citizens….ditto in America.
    ALL the news readers on NZs two main channels are Jews….OR deviants of some sort…lesbians and homosexuals.(Tober Obrien of TV3 has been in Israel and on her return to NZ was immediately promoted to news editor)
    ONLY Sweden has escaped all this lying bullshit….as to why….it is not obvious….YET.
    The media in NZ ALSO cooperates in duping NZers in other areas…..an artificial controversy is whipped up about a new tax rate for top earners….of 38% as though this is not advisable…..so the wealth class basically gets a free ride.
    NOT mentioned is the fact that Australias top rate is 42%.
    Australians are paid more and their food and housing is CHEAPER!!….than NZ.
    The rich in NZ never had it so good…..no wonder billionaires are buying boltholes in NZ at a cheap rate.

    There IS plenty of corruption in NZ but since the media refuses to report it…..”it doesnt exist “.

  11. Vespasian said “The British could make a very good case for an insurrection….because voting sure as hell will not make a blind bit of difference.”

    Very true, Vespasian. We can “threaten” to vote them out all we want, but ignoring the fact that election results are always decided in advance (because we’ve got no way of verifying the count), if we imagine just two candidates, and only three people were to vote, the liar that received two of those votes would then claim to rule “by the will of the majority”, conveniently ignoring all those potential voters who abstained because there really is no-one to vote FOR, and we’re not allowed to vote AGAINST any candidate.

    Btw, if you look carefully at some of the on-line images of that Ardern creature, you’ll find that, like “Michelle” (actually Michael) Obongo, it’s really a MALE.

    I sometimes wonder what it is about these male “trannies” that causes them to dispense with underwear when they’re dressed like women. Could it be that they WANT us to know what they really are?

  12. The Jews used the bait of liberty, along with brotherhood and equality, to fool the people into losing their wise leadership, the latter to be replaced by Jews. Who needs a statue sent by French masons?