The True Disturbing Meaning of “WAP” by Cardi B

Vigilant Citizen – Sept 9, 2020

Cardi B’s “WAP” is considered to be a “cultural phenomenon” and is described by mass media as “empowering” and “sex-positive”. However, when one understands the meaning behind the symbolism of the video, “WAP” takes a dark meaning that is at the exact opposite of “empowerment”.
It doesn’t take a rap historian to know that WAP is not the first raunchy song in rap history. Over 30 years ago, 2 Live Crew released the highly explicit single Me So Horny which became a massive hit with teens across America. Soon after, major controversy ensued and, for the first time ever, a U.S. district court judge ruled this recording “obscene”.
The album was banned from sale in Florida and a lengthy legal battle ensued over the song’s lyrics. The decision to ban the album was later overturned on appeal. This final ruling – which was upheld by the US Supreme Court – was deemed as a victory for free speech. In the following years, the rap world saw a constant flow of raunchy songs, many of which were performed by female rappers. And nobody really batted an eye.
Fast-forward in 2020: WAP is unleashed onto the world. And everybody loses their minds. And, because it is 2020, people found a way to make this song about moist female genitals political and divisive. On one side, mass media gushed over the song (pun intended) with unlimited praise. Complex magazine called the song “the epitome of female empowerment” while the Los Angeles Times wrote that the song “carries a political weight that men rapping about sex doesn’t”. Not to be beaten in this golden shower of praise, the NY Times claimed that the song is “an event record that transcends the event itself”. Wow, that’s a lot of praise for a song called WAP.
On the other hand, some public figures frowned heavily on the song. James P. Bradley, a health industry executive who is running for a California congressional seat wrote that “Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion are what happens when children are raised without God and without a strong father figure” adding that the song made him want to “pour holy water” in his ears.
Tucker Carlson criticized the song on his talk show Tucker Carlson Tonight saying that “it’s aimed at young American girls – maybe your girls, your granddaughters and what is it doing to them? Can you imagine what it’s doing to them? The people pushing it clearly are trying to hurt your children”.
Comedian Russell Brand posted a video to social media entitled “WAP: Feminist Masterpiece or P–n?”, in which he discussed whether or not the song and the video were truly empowering to women. He asked if feminism means to “achieve equality by aspiring to and replicating the values that have been established by males”. He called the song “a sort of capitalist objectification and commodification of, in this case, the female.”
In short, lots of big words were thrown around to analyze a song that is called, once again, WAP. However, it appears that nobody actually sat down, intently watched the video, and took the time to decipher what it truly means.
Visual arts are based on symbolism. And symbols have the power to convey profound meanings that go beyond the limitations of words. Because, beyond the butts and the breasts, there’s a lot of symbolism going on in the video. And that symbolism is telling a story so vivid that it renders all the debate described above useless. The video is about slavery. It is about mind control. It is about sexual exploitation for the elite. It’s all there – but conveyed through symbolism.

WHO director-general Tedros Ghebreyesus with Chinese officials. This meeting is “presided” over by a massive statue of Shiva – “the destroyer of worlds”. What does this have to do with Cardi B‘s song? Read on …

Despite the apparent similarities between 2 Live Crew’s Me So Horny and Cardi B’s WAP, there’s a major, all-important difference between the two: 2 Live Crew was a group of teenagers signed to an independent label with a small budget; Cardi B is a major, global artist signed with Atlantic Records with a near-unlimited budget. In other words, she is being pushed by the occult elite. And, as seen in countless articles on this site, the occult elite permeates the work of its pawns with a specific set of symbols that tell a specific story.
The video of WAP is glaring proof of this. It basically sums up in the most blatant matter possible one of the occult elite’s most horrific obsessions. Here’s a look at the video.

Kali B

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7 responses to “The True Disturbing Meaning of “WAP” by Cardi B”

  1. I can’t understand why some women like the Jenner’s and presumably these two women implant themselves with excessive, unnatural curves then think it’s sexy. Like most men I like the curves of a woman but they’ve got to be natural curves. Not half moons.

  2. The only time I read about what’s going on in the msm/film/entertainment & sporting industries is on The Truthseeker. Music it’s on Vigilant Citizen, when it’s on The Truthseeker.
    I am a musician and chose not to get involved in the music industry. Ask me to name an artist in the top 50 I wouldn’t be able to, so no point in asking me of any of the ‘songs’ as I don’t listen to them. Haven’t even heard of this and certainly won’t be listening to it.

    But I know, overwhelmingly that it’s about the sexualisation of young girls. E Michael Jones has gone into the sexualisation of society and promotion of pornography in depth, showing how they are weapons to destroy society.
    The obsession of sex is now common place in the UK, where growing up it wasn’t so. By keeping people engrossed in sex, they don’t look to see what’s really going on in this world. It’s more smoke and mirrors. It’s also Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World scenario, where everyone is having sex all the time, but not having children, contrary to Orwell’s scenario of interaction between the sexes was firmly banned.

    Look at these women? They are hippos. Maybe not so much the one on the left, but the right is a lardass. In order to keep a good figure, you have to work at it. And of course, women don’t. They get fat and then complain that men are just fat phobic. I have never had any interest in having sexual intercourse with ANY fat woman. It just completely turns me off. There has to be an attraction and fat is not attractive, except to men with fetishes. As much as they’re pushing the fat women in society, more and more, many men still find them repulsive and rightly so. Fat women show that they are lazy. It shows that they are greedy. It shows they have no respect for their own bodies.
    As Bruce Lee said “Your body is a temple” whereas today, amongst women, it’s a dustbin.

    But again, it’s about the sexualization of the young. As we saw with the Jew degenerate, Senator Weiner, who wants to bring a 10 year age gap between willing homosexuals who want to have sex, this will also be brought into the heterosexual world. And the sad thing is, people think that sexual freedom is liberation, when it’s the complete contrary. They mistakenly think that having sex with another is ‘making love’. It isn’t. It’s simply mutual masturbation with both seeking orgasm and sexual gratification.

    When you realise that sex is there for one purpose and one purpose only – procreation, it does not take control of your life. You do not SEEK it constantly, in fact rarely if at all. You look to other things in life to spend your time with and certainly in my case, understanding about the world around me, why it is the way it is and who’s pulling the strings. When you’re obsessed with sex, your day revolves around going out to work, in order to make money, in order to by clothes to attract another for sex. You are nothing more than a zombie consumer. Your life revolves around ‘getting laid’ and that’s it.
    When you stop watching TV, you don’t miss it and you never return to watching it. It’s the same with pretty much everything, including sex. I’ve had one sexual encounter in the last 13 years and that was 7 years ago now. This of course leads to those, who like to attack me, to calling me an INCEL (involuntary celibate) and others like me. Of course, I have many opportunities, should I ever want it, but like I stated, I am not a slave to sexual desire. It has absolutely no control over me.

    Henry Makow, has correctly stated that heterosexual sex today is homosexual sex. That is, it’s all about the act of sex and not the reason for doing so. Homosexuals cannot reproduce. And you will find that amongst heterosexuals, it’s really no different. If anything is created during that time of lust, its most probably removed at an abortion clinic – young women really don’t want babies getting in the way of their careers.
    I’m approaching 50 now and really stopped thinking about sex 15 years ago. It just never had a grab over me, because I saw it for what it was there for – procreation. I pity people I know who are still desperately seeking it, in their 40’s/50’s/60’s & 70’s. And it’s these people who are utterly clueless, as stated, to knowing what’s going on in society.

    As stated, I don’t watch anything to do with the msm, TV, film, entertainment, music and sport’s today. I do watch far older movies and listen to older music, before the mass indoctrination programming started, but I dread to think how much it’s all fallen. I caught a glimpse of a music awards, from not that long ago, on Vigilant Citizen’s website and could only stomach 30 seconds or so. It was awful, absolutely appalling. I’m so glad I chose not to have a career in music and the entertainment industry.

  3. Well look at curvy Cardi B
    She paid a visit to the de-finery
    They pumped her with oil as you can see
    I don’t want her, you can have her
    She’s too fat for me!

    Any tit can be a phenomenon
    The forgotten list of losers goes on and on
    I’m full of love, yes sir, not hate
    But why’d you make your hair turn straight?

  4. Twerking is all because southern African desert people developed a sexual taste for what is extensive fluid retention needed like the camel’s hump. Until satanism, this was alien to us but is now in our (their) culture. The same camel women were beaten with sticks by the male, and today’s pimps never had to bring anything new, just Stone-age Africa. In GB, commercial radio blares songs where the performer is usually a woman insisting that her skills as a prostitute make her the pimp’s best bet. As for female empowerment , the centuries of Christianity that did empower us taught that vanity is a sin in either sex.The British easily defeated the Thugees.

  5. Megan Thee stallion is a Dude!
    Watch this video and have your mind blown.
    I dont care if your transgender Bay, Bi or tri.
    Its presenting a false image that i object to.

    Video here 1.1min long.

  6. The Negroidal Jews still pumping their deviant Negrophilia rap cacophony into the brainless heads of white females to mongrelize the White man into a mass of dysgenic detritus..

  7. I see very simply…
    WAP = Slut, whore !
    Not to approach within 100′ !