Protest against our new State of Fear is banned… by order of a Dead Parrot Parliament

Peter Hitchens – Mail on Sunday Sept 6, 2020

We have ceased to be a parliamentary democracy. There was no military putsch. Nobody passed an Enabling Act allowing rule by decree.
But the House of Lords and the House of Commons are now the Dead Parrot Parliament.
They are dead because they do nothing to hold the Government to account.
They are parrots because, when asked, they obediently confirm decrees Downing Street put into effect, sometimes weeks before.
We used to jeer that the so-called parliaments of Communist and Fascist states were mere rubber stamps. Well, we cannot jeer now.
The most shocking instance of this so far was the £10,000 fine imposed on the eccentric weather forecaster Piers Corbyn (brother of Jeremy) for his part in organising a protest in London.
That protest has, in my view, been wrongly portrayed as a mass of weirdos and conspiracy theorists.
No doubt such people, and worse, were there. But many went to it out of a feeling their liberties are fast disappearing under a strange new regime based on fear and panic.
The keen-eyed lawyer Matthew Scott, an experienced barrister, is among many neutral observers greatly disturbed by what is happening. You may not like Mr Corbyn, and I have my problems with him, too.
But he is in a fine and ancient tradition of troublemakers who have endured derision for standing up for what they think is right, so helping to keep us all free. They did not care if they were liked.
But what Mr Scott says is deeply worrying. The regulation used to fine Mr Corbyn – 5b of the Coronavirus Act – ‘was hastily made law the day before the demonstration was held.
It was introduced under an emergency procedure and was neither debated nor given even the most cursory scrutiny by any parliamentary process.
‘It permits the most junior Community Support Officer in the country to issue a Fixed Penalty Notice to the suspected organiser of a political event, demanding £10,000 to avoid prosecution and consequent financial ruin.
That protest has, in my view, been wrongly portrayed as a mass of weirdos and conspiracy theorists
‘Given its timing, even if it was not introduced with the purpose of targeting the organisers of a political protest against Government policy, it very much has that appearance.’
So a hugely important law, greatly shrinking the freedom of every Englishman, was made on Friday and used, in my view rather selectively, on Sunday. No Green Paper. No White Paper.
No First and Second Readings. No Committee Stage. No revision by the Upper House. No wait for Royal Assent. Just wham, thump, down goes the rubber stamp, and you must pay up!
Challenge this in the courts and you could end up with an unlimited fine and, ultimately, prison.
But there was not even the pretence of a trial, which in my view is a blatant breach of the Bill of Rights of 1689.
The police just grabbed Mr Corbyn, Belarus-style, and held him for hours before presenting him with an enormous bill.
Yet months of mostly Left-wing protest by Black Lives Matter, or against politically incorrect statues, went by with hardly a whisper of action. For it is one of the features of our new State of Fear that it acts with ferocity against anyone who suggests the fear is misplaced.
If you refuse to be afraid of a not-very-severe outbreak of disease which is largely over, you’ll have to be afraid of the heavy hand of the law.
In my view this would not be much better if Parliament had agreed to it. But it did not. As far back as June, the respected Hansard Society warned that the great majority of Covid-related laws had been passed using a ‘negative’ procedure.
This means Ministers are effectively issuing decrees. These become law unless Parliament actually finds the courage to vote them down within 40 days.
Where will this end? I cannot say but I think it unwise to wait and see.
In the Australian state of Victoria, whose laws are very much the same as ours, we may view the future. The people of Melbourne are now under a strict curfew and may only leave their homes for a short period each day, following a very small number of Covid deaths.
Last week, a pregnant woman, Zoe Lee-Buhler, living in the nearby town of Miners Rest, was handcuffed in front of her children, after masked police bearing a search warrant burst into her home. Her alleged offence was ‘incitement’ – that is to say supporting a planned anti-lockdown protest on a Facebook posting.
You want this sort of thing here? Then do nothing. If you don’t like it, write to your MPs, asking them what exactly it is they do for their generous salaries and benefits.
If Ministers can make laws without them, why should we pay them? Keep writing till you get an answer.


8 responses to “Protest against our new State of Fear is banned… by order of a Dead Parrot Parliament”

  1. If BLM is financed by billionaires like Soros then it’s not left wing, it’s the far right cleverly giving the impression it’s left wing, because people are that easy to fool. But if he gets the political system he’s trying to install don’t tell him to his face he’s a good commie, or for that egregious insult the good Nazi might have you clubbed to death.

  2. Bojo wants to break International law they say over Fishing rights etc with EU talks and Barnier the twit. There is no law as we see it now with Global Covid dictatorship. No law. Covid hoax is the proof and Melbourne is the sewer.
    Corbyn has a brain that is why they hate him, and if he is a commie then Communism is better than a police state dictatorship.
    So, why the feigned shock that they are breaking international law as well? They are breaking international law a thousand times a day, and human rights one million times a day.

  3. Deaths registered as due to coronavirus have been basically zero for over a month now. Checkout national Cv stats at

    But don’t expect your government to tell you that!
    They just say ‘cases’ are going up – that just means more people are being given the PCR test, and some % come out positive. That does NOT mean they are infected or ill.

  4. “If you don’t like it, write to your MPs, asking them what exactly it is they do for their generous salaries and benefits.” – Peter Hitchens on how to resist the Covid Scam.

    Ha! writing to the perpetrators of the scam ensures only that –
    1. Your covid complaint will go nowhere fast.
    2. You will be identified as resistance, if you put your name and address on your letter.

    For Hitchens to suggest this implies that he is one of them. Hitchens couldn’t be hooked up with the jews media via the Daily Mail unless he was a press puppet.

  5. Michael McNulty,

    Why, really, do you bother?
    And I suppose you’re going to say that Communism is extreme right wing?

    Look, it’s time you pulled your head out of your posterior and realised just what is going on.

    The old left, that is the left wing of the time of Kier Hardie and Ramsay MacDonald is NOW the right.
    The left wing sold out after the war. It was invaded by Jews, who set about promoting identity politics over national ones. They took the olive branch, offered to them by the bankers and corporatists (because they were Jews also) and decided to take their wealth and power, to promote their agenda while deciding to no longer attack the bankers and big business.


    The old left, whether you want to accept it or not WERE NATIONALISTS. All you have to do, to see what the left was, is look at when Enoch Powell united the Bishopsgate Fish market and Smithsgate Meat market workers, who saw what immigration and giving them jobs would ultimately lead to.

    You fail to see that you are, in fact, so indoctrinated that you truly do believe that the left’s NATURAL stance is to defend minorities. It isn’t. They brought mass immigration into the UK with the Windrush, followed by flooding it with Pakistanis and Bangladeshis in the 70’s. They then, through their control of the left, the msm, the militant socialists (who were really communists) started to promote the minority immigrants as having every right to be here and of course, those born in the UK were now British citizens.

    Enoch Powell said “we must be mad letting in some 50,000 immigrants” and he was right. London, Birmingham, Leicester, Luton & Slough now have a minority indigenous population. In the latter four cities, they’re majority Pakistani & Bangladeshi (Muslim).

    The left wing, pre WW2 is now what the right wing is. The right wing, pre WW2 (rule of aristocracy, feudalism, unscrupulous landlords and business owners) is now the left today. So you stupidly going on about this is right wing, shows how out of touch you are.

    The further left you go, you move eventually to communism which is the total control over all by unelected elites (feudalism essentially, but the Jews are the new aristocracy). The further right you go you eventually reach anarchy with no rule and rulers.


    It’s time you woke up and realised this instead of coming on here with your stupidity of saying that Soros is right wing and the bankers are right wing.
    Your political ideology that you follow sold out. You simply cannot accept this. It sold out in order to promote everything that wasn’t indigenous British, in order to destroy it from within. The left, today is now an alien owned trojan horse, that stupidly has its supporters in people like you, because it calls itself Labour.

    I will finish by saying that the left, pre WW2 were national socialists, no different to the national socialists of Germany under Hitler. The only difference is, there was NO need to call them NATIONAL socialists because everyone, in the UK, pre WW2 was a nationalists. The UK never had any immigrants. No one in the UK was trying to institute communism, as they were in Germany post WW1. The LEFT wing socialists of Germany under Hitler called themselves nationalists because they were uniting their nation to fight against clear alien invaders who were trying to destroy it.
    And stupidly, the left in the UK and the right, went to war against Hitler, who was no different to them, but they were lied to by their msm, controlled by the Jews, that they were the enemy, when the enemy were the communists of Russia, they called their allies.

    You speak like all the ignorant left wing today. Absorbed with your identity politics, supporting everyone in this world before your own, promoting the madness that non indigenous are British and that the real enemy, of people, is capitalism AND not the Jews.

  6. Michael McNUTTY come back when you have graduated Primary school!! Communism ‘which is what is being FORCED on us’ is Far Left!!!!! NOT Right and remember ‘I know it is hard for your tiny bigoted small brain to fathom’ It is a WORLODWIDE power grab from the eternal Loser Zionists

  7. Guy Fawkes ! Come back !! All’s forgiven …..

  8. “God Save The Queen the Fascist Regime…”

    Left wing, right wing, chicken wing !!! Who fucking cares?

    I class myself as a Nationalist and have done since I was a teenager. I am completely against Socialism (left wing) and Capitalism (right wing) due to the fact that they are both 2 sides of the same Jewish Supremacist coin.

    When the sxxx hits the fan, I’m not going to give a flying f!!! whether your left wing, right wing, black, white etc. All I’m going to be interested in is the colour of your soul and whether you’re for freedom or not.

    I’ve told people who I’ve known over 30 years that they are dead to me for believing this Jew World Order psychological operation nonsense and that they are now my ENEMY !!!

    About 4 weeks after this Talmudic pantomime started my Mrs read to me a suicide note on Facebook that a woman wrote because she couldn’t cope with it all and I sat there and cried my eyes out. Jeez, I’m crying now typing this because the contents of that note finished me off and I swore on my Mother’s grave that I would die fighting this Jewish Supremacist totalitarian nightmare !!!

    Every gobshite who has fallen under this Talmudic spell has blood on their hands. They have the blood on their hands of that poor woman and every other poor sod who has committed suicide. They have the blood on their hands of every pensioner murdered in care homes. They have the blood on their hands of every cancer patient etc. who has died etc.

    I have just typed this and now I’m sitting here physically shaking with rage and anger.