Report: Thousands of Africans Dying in Horrifying Saudi Detention Camps

Drago Bosnic – Fort Russ Aug 31, 2020

African migrants in Saudi dentention camp. Click to enlarge

Thousands of Africans have been trapped for months in horrifying detention centers in Saudi Arabia, driving many to commit suicide while others have died of heatstroke, according to a report. The Sunday Telegraph published cellphone images of shirtless, emaciated African men lying in tight rows on the floor in a bare room with barred windows.

One image showed a man who hanged himself from a window grate, while another showed what appeared to be a blanket-wrapped corpse in the middle of the room – a man the migrants say died of heatstroke.

“A young boy, about 16, managed to hang himself last month. The guards just throw the bodies out back as if it was trash,” one migrant was quoted by the newspaper as saying.

“Plenty of inmates are suicidal or suffering from mental illnesses as a result of living this for five months,” another stated, adding, “The guards mock us, they say ‘your government doesn’t care, what are we supposed to do with you?”

Most of the unfortunate men are Ethiopians who came to Saudi Arabia seeking to escape the poverty back home, some aided by Saudi recruitment agents or human traffickers. Other detention centers are said to house women.

When the coronavirus pandemic started, the Saudi government deported nearly 3,000 Ethiopians back to their home country, fearing they would act as spreaders of the virus due to their cramped living quarters. Another 200,000 were set to follow, some of whom ended up in the disease-ridden detention centers, the daily reported.

“We have been left to die here,” noted one migrant, who has not set foot outside the classroom-sized detention room since March.

“We eat a tiny piece of bread in the day and rice in the evening. There’s almost no water, and the toilets are overflowing. It spills over to where we eat. The smell, we grow accustomed to. But there’s over a hundred of us in a room, and the heat is killing us,” a young Ethiopian man was quoted as saying.

Other migrants announced that they are beaten daily with whips and electric cords.

The Telegraph quoted Adam Coogle, deputy director of Human Rights Watch in the Middle East, as stating,

“Photos emerging from detention centers in southern Saudi Arabia show that authorities there are subjecting Horn of Africa migrants to squalid, crowded, and dehumanizing conditions with no regard for their safety or dignity.”

“The squalid detention centers in Southern Saudi Arabia fall well short of international standards. For a wealthy country like Saudi Arabia, there’s no excuse for holding migrants in such deplorable conditions,” he added.

The oil-rich Wahhabi kingdom depends on migrant labor from Asia and Africa, especially from the Horn of Africa, to work in construction and fill manual domestic roles, mostly very low-paid jobs. About 6.6 million foreign workers constituted 20% of Saudi Arabia’s population in June 2019, according to The Telegraph.


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  1. I have lived and worked in Saudi Arabia in the past. I can confirm that they treat poor Africans and Asians horribly, often way worse than this article describes. They bring Asian women from various oriental Asian countries to work as housemaids, and then the male Saudi children and Saudi husbands in the family will continuously rape them and hold them as sex-slave hostages, prohibiting them from from leaving the country due to their “Kafala” sponsor/slavery system. The Saudis abuse, beat, and often kill the low-wage laborers from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Asia, and Africa for fun, and take pride in doing so. When I was there, an Indian women who was working as a housemaid and was subject to continuous abuse had her arm chopped off by the Saudi family who was holding her hostage. In order to save her life after her arm was chopped off, she jumped from 3rd floor window of an apartment building. All the while that Saudis are committing atrocious sins, they scream “Allah, Allah, Allah”, thinking they are somehow absolved from their daily dose of evil acts. They feel that they are superior to poor people, although they are often put in their place by Americans and other people with more powerful passports who unfortunately work/worked in Saudi Arabia. Saudi is truly a despicable country and people. And their true demonic and satanic nature, is far worse than the daily human rights abuses that they commit daily. I used to be a Muslim and I recently converted to Christianity, Saudi Arabia is a major reason why I left Islam.

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  3. I have learnt something horrific with this article and comment from The Anti-Satan, only God can put an end to this nightmare for people who only need to work. Evil is everywhere, and it must be stopped.

  4. The Saudis are the allies of the United States and Israel.

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  8. The origins of Islam do not bear much scrutiny, The early peaceful version got a few hundred followers, but the kill-everybody later version got millions. Arabian swagger now had a superficially noble purpose.

  9. Saudis treat anyone who’s not Saudi like dirt. My brother-in-law, an Egyptian and a Muslim, had a job as a chauffeur for a rich family in Riyadh. One night the boss’ son took one of the cars out for a joyride and had an accident which killed the driver of the other car. The family expected my brother-in-law to take the rap for the kid. He refused and was immediately deported. Despicable people the Saudis. There’s a saying in Arabic that Saudi Arabia is the best country but the worst people.

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