Birmingham stabbings: Manhunt as one killed and seven hurt

News Commentary – Sept 6, 2020

The following BBC report on a series of random, apparently motiveless knife attacks in Birmingham city centre last night illustrates a new trend in BBC reports.
Even though there were a number of eyewitnesses to these attacks, the BBC pointedly avoids quoting any description of the attacker. Even more significantly, the police wont describe the suspect either.
Normally the police would issue a description of the suspect in the interests of public safety. Not in this case though.
A little research confirmed my worst suspicions about why the BBC and the police were so reluctant to identify the suspect. We’ll reveal more in the footnote.

Birmingham stabbings: Manhunt as one killed and seven hurt

BBC Online – Sept 6, 2020

Heavily armed police in Birmingham after the attacks. Click to enlarge

A knifeman who killed one man and wounded seven other people in a two-hour stabbing rampage across Birmingham city centre is being hunted by police.

The first stabbing was in Constitution Hill at 00:30 BST then the killer moved south, apparently attacking at random, officers said.

The stabbings did not appear terrorism related, gang related or connected to disorder, West Midlands Police said.

Murder inquiry detectives said they were hunting a single suspect.

The force urged anyone with CCTV or mobile footage to contact them…

Mr Graham said officers – some armed – remained across the city centre to reassure people.

He added they had received a number of descriptions of the suspect but would not be releasing any details at this time.

Continues …

Footnote – Sept 6, 2020

I had an uneasy feeling about the BBC and the police being unwilling to identify the attacker, even though they had several eyewitness descriptions.
A little research soon revealed the reason for this reluctance. According to Sky News, which quoted one of the eyewitnesses:
Bar owner Savvas Sfrantziz told Sky News he saw the man, who he described as “a black guy between 20 and 25, wearing a black hoodie with two white stripes on the front, black trousers and a black cap”.
Interestingly, the BBC also spoke to Savvas Sfrantziz but they ommitted to include this part.
Had the suspect been White the BBC and the police would have been quick to issue descriptions and with good reason. They help identify the suspect and assist in apprehending them all the more quickly. So why not in this case? Or does political correctness now take precedence over public safety?

CCTV image of Birmingham attacker. Click to enlarge

Of course, this could change and later reports may include fuller descriptions of the suspect. In fact stills from CCTV footage in the area now actually show the the attacker so the BBC and the police will be forced to be more forthcoming in their descriptions of the attacker..
Nonetheless, it should be noted the BBC and the police were both initally very reluctant to describe the suspect, even though they had eyewitness accounts.
Was their reticence politically motivated? Ed.

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  1. Communists like the BBC don’t let Whites have Race loyalty, and nor did Christianity. It is actually a good thing for our racism to be put through the mincer. The next job is to do this for the other Races. Any racial swagger is a sin. Of course any criminal is to be restrained, unlike with the current gov of satanist Jews.

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  3. What’s more to the point is who was he stabbing? Was it just anyone at random or just any white person at random? Have the anti white racist attacks started here now as well?

  4. The NEW Director General of the BBC is a crypto jew like the previous one.

    The NEW Director of Britains SECRET Police MI5….is a crypto jew,just like the previous director (Parker).

    THIS IS WHY….the BBC REFUSES to truthfully report the news.

  5. Birmingham drastically changed after the war. It was one of the major hotspots, after London, for mass migration of Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and West Indians. In fact, the troubles in Birmingham are more between the West Indians and those from the Indian subcontinent.

    Here, in the UK, blacks were very different from the American counterparts. Although they weren’t British (and obviously never can be, unless mixed) they were brought up with British values. West Indians, especially, before the yardie explosion, were God fearing who brought up their children strictly.
    And of course the violence, in the UK with blacks, started courtesy of the constant stream of American culture into the UK, mostly from Hollywood, then the explosion started with the black gangs, like the Bloods and the Crips of LA, the creation of Rap & Hip Hop, movies from black (racist) directors like Spike Lee and of course films that demonised whites in the many slave trade movies made of recent years.
    London drastically began to change in the 80’s.

    There are more Muslims of Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin in Birmingham than indigenous. There are more non whites in London, than indigenous. People really need to wake up to see that scenes like in the article are going to become more common place, especially with the rise of Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA in the UK. It’s not going to be just a case of them targeting people who disagree with BLM and ANTIFA, but eventually anyone who’s European.

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  7. The attacker ?? Must be a Swede, or a Norwegian, maybe a German of African appearance IMO ?

  8. Import the 3rd world become the 3rd world. How long before people on all sides declare all out war. You dont want that? All this pent up frustration is going were exactly?

    Sad to see a country being destroyed from within.

    I guess we will have to wait and see if this man is arrested and charged then given life.
    Now lets just reverse this and it was a White man doing that to a person of Color.
    The media would be denouncing White people as Evil.
    The only solution to all this is Truth and the absolute Truth, nothing less nothing more.
    How long can society go on like this.
    Me Not much longer.

  9. “Or does political correctness now take precedence over public safety?” It’s 2020, so YES, the cancer of political correctness and protecting savages absolutely takes precedence over public safety for the treasonous propaganda ministry and the cowardly police. Political correctness is a demonic toxic virus. Political correctness is a public menace and the enemy of truth and freedom.

    Where I currently reside, police and media still openly broadcast the race and physical characteristics of criminal suspects; a criminal is a criminal no matter the stripe. But I know that’s not the case in a lot of places. When my primary residence was in New Orleans, a black majority city, sometime around 2010 the shameful media stopped broadcasting the race of suspects in violent crimes, but only if they were black, as the media had no problem stating a suspect was white in those very rare cases in which the suspect was not black. And blacks committed A LOT of violent crime in that city. Sickening.

  10. Maybe because nobody stabbed anybody? As always a staged fake attack? Nils