What’s the worst that could happen?

Rixon Stewart – Sept 5, 2020

Cartoon that accompanied Rosa Brooks article. Click to enlarge

According to the Washington Post the worst thing that could happen in the upcoming presidential election is that Trump refuses to accept defeat. This he might do, writes Rosa Brooks a professor at Georgetown University, by claiming that the result were rigged.
“…Trump refuses to concede, alleging on Twitter that “MILLIONS of illegal ALIENS and DEAD PEOPLE” have voted in large numbers and that the uncounted ballots are all “FAKE VOTES!!!” Social media fills with posts from Trump supporters alleging that the election has been “stolen” in a “Deep State coup,” and Trump-friendly pundits on Fox News and OAN echo the message.”
If Biden posed a real challenge Brook’s proposal might be plausible. However, Brooks proposal completely ignores a recent reputable poll that shows Trump with a comfortable lead over Biden.
This is hardly surprising given that 77-year-old Biden has repeatedly exhibited alarming signs of dementia: forgetting where he is and what he was saying. For a man who will ultimately control the world’s biggest nuclear arsenal that’s a serious cause for concern.
More to the point, the Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows that 52% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance.
Forty-eight percent (48%) disapprove.….
Barack Obama had a 47% approval rating at the same point in his presidency.


Nor should we forget that right up until the results were announced in 2016, the U.S. media had widely trumpeted an election walkover for Clinton. Despite widespread media reports that heralded a Clinton win quite the reverse happened.
More importantly, it should be noted that this web site DOES NOT support President Trump or particularly trust him either. So I’m not writing this as a “Trump supporter”, but because there seems to be a concerted campaign to remove him from office, using whatever means possible.
To this end various elements are at work using a double-pronged approach. On the streets the ongoing BLM/antifa protests seem to be part of a loosely co-ordinated effort to wreak chaos, clearing the way for a new order: as in the Masonic dictum, order out of chaos.
While in the media it seems that some are intent on sowing the seeds pf disruption and doubt in the event of a Trump win. Like the Guardian’s Jonathan Freedland who like Prof. Rosa Brooks above, suggests that barring a “Democratic landslide” Trump will use whatever means possible, legal or not, to stay in office.
Freedland and Brooks are not alone in doing this. The New York Times and Facebook have also raised the possibility that Trump will dispute the election results. Is it a coincidence that all these liberal-leaning outlets are proposing that Trump could dispute the election result to stay in office?
In effect they are sowing the seeds of insurrection in the event of a Trump win. Preparing the ground, psychologically, for BLM and antifa activists to take to the streets to stage violent protests when the results are announced.
I would suggest that this all needs to be seen in the light Pastor Dana Coverstone’s “visions” of what’s ahead in the aftermath of the November election. I’m not going to try to interpret what his dreams mean; readers should draw their own conclusions but dark times could be in store.

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  1. Good article! Jews media hype about a contested election, rigged election, well before the election is even here, infers that the PTB want to use the election as a pretext for riots, anarchy, a jew coup.

    Covid is just a pretext for this madness from which the bankster jews plan to establish a Jew World Order.

  2. These claims about vote-rigging are all part of the ongoing civil war which started four years ago when Hillary Clinton and the Democrats refused to believe the hag was beaten and knowingly falsely claimed Russia helped Trump to win.

    The Republicans stole the election from Gore in 2000 and twice the Democrats stole the Presidential nomination from Sanders. Perhaps if both parties stopped rigging and look to states where the other side is weak, then work towards a legitimate count there, the results would reflect the actual votes being cast. They’re just too rotten to contemplate honesty.

  3. October crude oil fell 4.50% Friday Sep 4, dropping below $40 per barrel for the first time in recent weeks. This hints at reduced economic activity ahead.

    During the covid crash this spring the price of oil dropped below zero after all the storage tanks were full and dealers had to pay exorbitant fees for oil storage.

    The price of oil dropping by 4.5% in one day suggests the oil futures dealers anticipate another round of covid shutdowns are poised to drive down oil prices again.

  4. Good article. I see it this way, a criminal cabal was running the U.S. and if Donald J. Trump had not won the U.S. would now be in much bigger trouble. It might not be obvious to the general public but it looks to me that the only one who has taken up the fight with this cabal since John F. Kennedy is Donald J. Trump. That is why they want to utterly destroy him.

  5. Trump has from now until November to muster his forces. It will come down to a battle between good and evil. The corporate media NEVER covers what those forces might entail. All you get from the media is what they are going to do. All the Deep State Dems. are doing is creating mayhem intended to destabalise the country. The Dems. lack any sort of spirituality; they are Godless. This will be their undoing. The Covid “event” we are going through will not be a turning point like 911. Too many people were asleep at the wheel when that atrocity was carried out. Now there is a much greater collective consciousness at play. Things will not play out the way the Cabal intends. There will be a victory of the light.

  6. It’s all going Soylent Green in the states

  7. Is there going to be a debate between these two morons?

    Is Biden going to campaign. Is he capable of campaigning?

    Fair to say whoever wins America loses. Perhaps that’s a good thing, a few allies, Germany in particular might be able to shake themselves free.

    The pastor should keep his dreams to himself.

  8. No dreams or revelations required here. Trump is being promoted through all means possible. The fact that voters turn out to vote for the “lesser of two evils” means consent for whatever Trump and his malignant sponsors wish to propose.

  9. The FED-CIA-CFR have already chosen whether Trump or Biden will be the next puppet Prez. Voting is a scam, duping the goyim into imagining they have some power to select their ‘leaders’. All the major parties are owned by these Jewish banking families.This is how the political system works in all these ‘western democracies’.

  10. An observation: the riots, protests, ‘disruption’ & damage are in liberal Democrat cities and states. Portland is in Oregon which is a Democrat state. New York state has been democrat since 1988, 32 years & New York (city) has been decimated by the Covid scam and surging violence… sheeple are fleeing New York and these are democrat voting sheeple.

    California is a Democrat stronghold, but sheeple have been fleeing from this state for years and years, such are the woke failures, and the states who get these Cali migrants don’t like them. because they are mostly Republican states.

    Let’s wait & see if these deep state organised protests and riots suddenly tapper off in the second and third weeks of October. Some YouTube channels are openly accusing China of meddling in the US election… there are no limits to the bullshit. No US presidential candidate or sitting president is going to give China an inch & even if an inch were offered, I doubt the Chinese would take it.

  11. It is not what Trump will do, it is what true American patriotic Christians will do if the Satanic Bolshevik Communist Democrat Marxists win. That will signal the end of the USA. Better hope you live in a part of the US, like the South, or Idaho, Wyoming and Montana, where Satanist Khazars will have NO INFLUENCE. In fact, there will be not even one of the Satanists in those areas.

  12. As Keith Emerson said many years ago “America is pregnant with promise and anticipation but is murdered by the hand of the inevitable.”

    America could have been an example to the world, but failed many years ago, and is now doomed.


  13. George tells it like it is on Planet America:


  14. Dumb Americans – George Carlin


  15. There is no way Biden-Harris are going to win. There is NO WAY middle Amerika is going to vote for the Democrats when everyone can see they were behind the riots. Amerikans hate this shit, and dumb as they are, and they are really, really dumb, they are not going to vote for a party that loots, burns, and trashes their towns.

    And after seeing the non-stop hate for whites on CNN and the rest of the JEW MEDIA, you can bet that most whites are not voting for that Kumlaho black Indian who wants to take our guns and slaughter us. There is a lot of truth in that most white people are secretly racist, they will vote their own skin when they are scared shitless because in the deep recesses of their braindead minds they do not trust blacks and other people of color.

    Seeing the open hostility toward whites spewing non-stop from the evil Jew media, as dumb as they are, the middle of the road church going whites, now have realized that t their sneaking suspicions about those “other” people have been confirmed, and they won’t talk about but you can bet your sweet ass these nice christian folk are going to vote Trump with some will.

    Amerikans are buying guns right now with both hands bleeding. Ammo has quadrupled in price. They are scared – they saw how the government ALLOWED black and antifa thugs loot and burn. There is NO WAY IN HELL they are voting for Biden who has the fudge packing little shit BUTTEGG anti gun lunatic.

    This is going to be an epic election. Biblical. Cheating beyond measure. But Trump is going to win because the HAND OF GOD IS BEHIND AMERICA. Now all you Yukon haters might think I am some atheist, I am not, I see what the hell is going on like a shaman sees this, when that young man Kyle Rittenhouse with that American made black gun shot up those antifa pervs that was more than just serendipity, that is the SPIRIT behind America starting to resist this wanton evil that is trying to tear down the last bastion of freedom.

    There was a divine hand behind Rittenhouse. They tried to kill him and they failed. Those commie Jews who attacked him felt the sting of the .223 rounds.

    I point you all to George Washington’s Third Peril vision if you want to know how this turns out. America has a destiny and it is not communism. No way in hell are the Zionist hellions going to turn Amerika communist.

    Sure there are many very stupid BLM whites, liberal idiot whites, but with what is going down, Amerikans can sense their nation is in deep shit and they are going to vote for that fraud Trump because he represents law and order. Now that so many are without jobs, people are going to vote Trump because he represents more jobs.

    Trump is going to win by a landslide. Even if they crash the stock market, I bet Trump is going to still win.

    BTW I do not vote and I hate Zionist whore Trump who is causing massive harm by helping Israel bomb the bejeezus out of the ME.

  16. Sympathy for the swastika. NSDAP Germany had no great depression. We should be paying attention and finding out what they did. It is 100 percent relevant to today.

  17. Investment expert Mark Moss interviewed economic forecaster David Hunter yesterday revealing some pretty interesting stuff. Hunter sees the stock market “melting up” for a while before the election but coming down a number of months after. His prognostications for the entire economy beginning in about January 2021 are very grim. The bubbles will burst and in a year or so the inflation index will really start to register and rise but long before then we are in a depression.

    Moss and Hunter are straight shooters and are more interested in what is going to happen than who is to blame. There are of course a number of other factors at work these days which they did not openly consider and which no financial expert or economist has dealt with before making matters much worse and even more foreboding, such as the continuing Covid scamdemic with all of the deliberate efforts by our governments to shut down and harm the economy as much as possible. That is at least the way I see it. However, here are some more dots to connect in the unfolding plot:

    – We have the US election unwinding with what looks like the globalist forces trying to cause as much havoc as possible;
    – We have to keep in mind that the US dollar remains the leading world reserve currency and still much in demand if spite of the overworked US Fed keyboard spitting out the stuff in record amounts, and coincidentally it has also been announced that the US is likely to replace the paper dollar with the digital dollar beginning this January;
    – Then there are the various announcements from the World Economic Forum of their official launching of the Great Reset through our governments to take place sometime in January;
    – But we also learn that a second wave of the virus has been promised with the next flu season beginning sometime after this November;
    – Unless the pandemic planners know something from their many lab experiments before their release of the virus last year, there is absolutely no medical or scientific basis to say that any mutation or second wave of the virus will be any more lethal than the first, i.e. unless the planners have something much worse up their sleeves there is absolutely no reason for the continue shutdowns;
    – It cannot be repeated too much to say that the social and economic lock downs have proven to be totally unnecessary to protect anyone from the virus, and economically crippling making people increasingly afraid, insecure and dependent on government handouts, yet the authorities in every Western nation are continuing with them regardless of all the evidence, obviously for other reasons;
    – From this is it can be said that the authorities in every Western nations are pretext hungry to maintain the draconian control measures and we know that the reason has nothing to to with any risk from this flu, but to usher in the many changes announced by bankster ringwraiths Gates and Schwab.
    – Meanwhile bankster ringwraith George Soros and a number of globalist troll organizations are busy trying to cause as much havoc for the US election as possible, all with the consent of the globalist-supporting US Democratic Party.
    – The mail-in voting will be totally corrupted and rigged to the point that by January there will be utter chaos in the US as predicted;
    – With the people locked down by more state-induced pandemic fear, market bubbles bursting and the economy completely crashing, bank accounts being digitized, and complete political and economic confusion and upheaval sweeping the US, this will be the perfect storm for the bankster globalists to reach out for the intervention from the UN, which body in any case has been designated as the main force to impose all of the Resets which are revolutionary, socialist, totalitarian, as well as further pretexts for our virtual enslavement, and which we be utterly helpless to oppose;
    – This perfect storm in the US will effectively neutralize that nation allowing the bankster-backed globalists a free hand with the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

    Just a thought to cheer people up a little in these dark times.

  18. Trump will win in a landslide! No way America elects a communist Retard in Joe Dementia Biden.
    Not a chance.

  19. http://www.antifa.com

    Put that into your web browser and see where it takes you.
    It takes you directly to Joe Biden Presidential website.

    I’ve taken screen shots of it and forwarded it to News organizations.
    Nothing in return.

  20. How about 600 Jewish groups pledging their unequivocal support for BLM in The New York Times.
    What’s the worst that could happen?


  21. The comment below is copied and pasted from the Darkmoon site where Rixon Stewart’s article has just been published within the last hour. I am the author of the comment:

    September 7, 2020 at 12:21 pm

    This is an exceptionally fair and balanced article from the editor of Truthseeker which will win praise from both Trump supporters and Trump critics. It will please the Trump supporters in that it will alert them to the fact that Trump’s enemies are clearly out to get him by planning to disregard the election results if Trump wins:

    RIXON: In effect they [the Democrats] are sowing the seeds of insurrection in the event of a Trump win. Preparing the ground, psychologically, for BLM and antifa activists to take to the streets to stage violent protests when the results are announced.

    I don’t think anyone who is following the situation would disagree with that comment. It is spot on. Trump’s enemies are moving in for the kill, more or less planning a coup d’etat in the event of a Trump victory. Could anything slimier or more sinister be imagined?

    I personally suspect Soros and the Jews who think Trump hasn’t gone far enough in abasing himself before Israel. Trump, they feel strongly, needs to start a nice new war for Israel in the Middle East by bombing the hell out of Iran on their behalf! Not to mention Syria and Lebanon. Sabre-rattling in the Middle East ain’t good enough, Donald! You gotta prove your mettle by shedding some real rich Muslim blood on behalf of the Chosen People! 🙂

    On the other hand, Rixon makes it clear that he is not exactly a fan of Donald Trump’s, which makes his comment all the more objective and fair:

    RIXON: More importantly, it should be noted that this website [Truthseeker] DOES NOT support President Trump or particularly trust him either. So I’m not writing this as a ‘Trump supporter’, but because there seems to be a concerted campaign to remove him from office, using whatever means possible.

  22. I realize such revelations as the following serve more as an anti-climax to the spectacular array of Doom & Gloom accumulated above than as “new information”.

    Whitney Webb reported that “‘Bipartisan’ Washington Insiders Reveal Their Plan for Chaos if Trump Wins the Election” ( https://unlimitedhangout.com/2020/09/investigative-reports/bipartisan-washington-insiders-reveal-their-plan-for-chaos-if-trump-wins-the-election/ ). These and other secretive groups appear also to plan for chaos if Biden wins (see https://assets.documentcloud.org/documents/7013152/Preventing-a-Disrupted-Presidential-Election-and.pdf). Regardless, THEIR “non-transparency” seems rendered moot by obvious actual, inverted intention — to disrupt the presidential (s)election, to induce as great a degree of Chaos possible, and to proceed with the takedown of America without interruption.

    I see no reason, no excuse, for optimism. The Power$ That Be (TP$TB) will have THEIR preferred team in place, no matter which puppet attracts the “most votes”, the greater number of (s)electors, or both. We the (little) people, a herd comprised mainly of sheeple, snowflakes, seditious idiots, and the odd psychopathic bozo will come to love or put up with the NEW BOSS, same as the OLD BOSS, because NOTHING WILL HAVE CHANGED! Just one day closer to America’s death….

  23. Trump, Kushner, Adelson, Pence, and the rest of Team Trump are also in on the jew coup, the overthrow of America. Deep State dems and pubs are both in on it.

    Trump is just a front man, a puppet, like Obama, Biden, Clinton, and practically all top level politicians in modern politics. The uniparty, the establishment politicians, the deep state, are all in this together.

    The Jews Media and the puppet masters portray dems and pubs as opposed to each other but they are united in overthrowing America and whatever else their puppet masters direct.

    Tump, Pelosi, Schumer, Boxer, Feinstein, Leiberman, Schiff, Blumenthal, Pompeo, Pence, et al are all puppets controlled by the same bankster jews. Banksters would not have given Trump the publican nomination in 2016 unless he was their puppet.

    Trump could have sent the National Guard to shut down the riots but he didn’t. Trump could have ended US wars on mid-east nations but he didn’t, instead his first act after taking office was to bomb Syria. Trump could have called BS on the Covid Scam but he didn’t, etc.

    With their Jews Media, the banksters have almost all right wingers believing lies, deception, false flag events, swallowing the kool-aid, and thinking Trump is the real deal.

    Those who drink the blue kool-aid and watch CNN are led into the left wing. They see the illusion that Demonrats are good and Publicans are bad.

    Those who drink the red kool-aid and watch Foxnews are led into the right wing. They see the illusion that Publicans are good and Demonrats are bad.

    Only the very rare jew-wise person sees through these illusions and realizes that the world is run by very different people than what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.

    Banksters and their puppets are running this Jew Coup in ways so that if things go horribly wrong they can blame it all on covid, China, Russia, Iran, Christianity, Muslims, or another of their perceived enemies.

    The great majority of people have no hint that covid is just a pretext for closing businesses, shutting down food production operations, harvests, dairies, meat packing plants, causing food shortages, and economic collapse. Add George Soros riot teams and its the recipe for a coup.