New Novichok Hoax

Nick Kollerstrom – Terror on the Tube Sept 3, 2020

Alexey Navalny, the latest of Putin’s opponents to be poisoned with Novichok. Click to enlarge

It is a matter of supreme importance for the US & NATO that the nearly-finished Nord Stream-II gas pipeline construction from Russia to Germany be derailed. Accordingly we now see a revamp of the UK’s 2018 ‘Novichok’ story. Again this deadly poison failed to kill its victim, again various other people around the victim are unaffected, again the NATO lab (in this case Germany) refuses to share its findings with Russia, even though a Russian hospital has very thoroughly analysed the blood – and found no such toxin. Again it all looks pre-planned.
Berlin insists its Bundeswehr [military] laboratory found traces of poison from the Novichok family. How come a NATO military lab is suddenly involved? The diagnosis was made by a German military doctor!
But, Russian scientists who were twenty years ago behind the ‘Novichok’ development – Leonid Rink and Vladimir Uglev – have dismissed the German claims. The two were founders of the Soviet Novichok chemical weapons programme and both worked until 1991 at the Volsk branch of the State Research Institute of Organic Chemistry and Technology in Shikhany, part of the Saratov Region.) “The symptoms are absolutely not similar,” Rink told media outlet RIA Novosti: had Novichok been used, Navalny would have had seizures, and he would have already died, instead of falling into a coma.
Had such a poisoning taken place, why would the Russian government have allowed the patient to be flown out of Russia?
Chancellor Merkel described Navalny as “the leading opposition politician in Russia.” (2 September)
Berlin has neglected bilateral cooperation mechanisms that would allow Russia to investigate the situation. Moscow claimed: ‘It seems that somebody restricts [the] German Justice Ministry, as well as [German] medical workers, from speaking to their Russian colleagues.’ We heard that before over the Skripal case.
Too late, Russia realised that it had been all pre-planned:
If the goal is to justify certain pre-planned ‘response measures’ announced earlier, it becomes clear why mouthpiece diplomacy, substitution of proper cooperation with an information campaign, public addresses to EU and NATO and mentioning of the OPCW are being used.
On August 20, a plane carrying Alexay Navalny made an emergency landing in Omsk after the blogger suddenly felt unwell on a flight from Siberia to Moscow.
Navalny was taken to hospital in a coma and was put on a ventilator.
On August 22, he was flown to Germany for treatment.
German doctors said on August 24 that they had found signs of Navalny’s intoxication with substances from the cholinesterase inhibitors group
On 2nd September the German Government issued a press release, saying ‘a special Bundeswehr laboratory carried out a toxicological test using samples from Alexej Nawalny. Thereby the unequivocal proof of a chemical nerve warfare agent of the Novitschok group was provided.’ On September 3rd the UK government echoed this, that there was ‘unequivocal proof’ that the Russian had been poisoned.

The Crackpot Tale with its Loony Logic

(by Kit Knightly, Aletho News)

· The State apparatus responsible for unnecessary and seemingly arbitrary acts of political murder decide to use novichok to poison him.
· This decision is taken in spite of the facts that a) Novichok totally and utterly failed to work in their alleged murder of the Skripals and b) It has already been widely publicly associated with Russia.
· Rather unsurprisingly, the novichok which didn’t kill its alleged target last time, doesn’t kill its alleged target this time either.
· Compounding their poor decision making, the Russians not only perform an emergency landing and take Navalny straight to a hospital for medical care.
· Despite Navalny being helpless and comatose in a Russian hospital, the powerful state-backed assassination team make no further attempts on his life.
· In fact, seemingly determined to under no circumstances successfully kill their intended victim, the Russian government, allow him to leave the country and get medical help from one of the countries which previously accused them of using novichok.
· To absolutely no one’s surprise, the Germans claim to have detected novichok in Navalny’s system.
· Vladimir Putin and the Russian government are immediately blamed for the attempted murder.
Trump Demurs on Blaming Russia    4 Sept.   NY Times
President Trump on Thursday reiterated his desire to “get along” with Moscow despite an international uproar over the poisoning of the Russian dissident Aleksei A. Navalny with a deadly nerve agent, saying that when the subject of Russia appears on the news, he turns it off…Instead, he boasted that he had kept the United States “out of wars,” and he pointed to his persistent efforts to thaw relations between Washington and Moscow. “It’s good that I get along,” Mr. Trump said. “If I get along with Russia, is that a good thing or bad thing? I think it’s a good thing.”


Nick Kollerstrom academic, researcher and author of such varied titles as 'Gardening and Planting by the Moon 2007: Higher Yields in Vegetables and Flowers' and 'Terror on the Tube: Behind the Veil of 7/7, an Investigation'.

4 responses to “New Novichok Hoax”

  1. I heard the BBC say that Germany sent a toxic sample to a UK military laboratory, but did not name it… Porton Down. Everyone knows the game. The US and UK deep states are desperate to stop the logical economic ties between Russia and the EU and China’s Silk Road 2 from Asia to the EU and Africa. Geography has been MI6s biggest problem for 20, maybe 30 years as Little Englander Britain, an Island moored off the coast of Europe, and little old Amerika, isolated by two huge oceans. I’ve always held the view that Merkel is a US/UK deep state asset, but the business forces in Germany want the US gone & they want Germany and the EU superglued to Russia along with the coming Silk Road 2.

    MI6 has become a crude incompetent operator & people don’t even need to read between the lines anymore. Merkel and some of the German deep state will try and play along with the MI6 script, but at the end of the day, Nord Stream 2 will open, because German business leaders are not going to be US slaves.

    At some point in the near future, the US and UK will need to go to the next level and start a hot WW3, or just become minor players, because the US dollar is teetering on the edge of extinction & when it goes, US living standards will plumet making today’s US social unrest look rather tame.

  2. @Carl Jones

    Excellent analysis. The banksteins are in the process of creating the EurAsian Economic Union, based on Halford Mackinders Heartland thesis. Total control from Lisbon to Vladivostok. The US/UK happen to be impediments so we are to be destroyed. ZOG doesn’t xxxx around.

  3. After the fiasco of Coronafraud and the millions of people whose eyes were opened to the dangers posed by western elites, they come out with this guff. Just as before when many people who were once doubtful of conspiracies are now conspiracy theorists themselves, many who believed the UK government’s Novichok story will take another look at it and realise how they were duped. Far from convincing western citizens Russia is dangerous, they are far more likely to bring them to that conclusion about their own governments.

  4. So ?? The Russian Guaido was poisoned personally by V Putin with Novichok ??
    Must be TRUTH ??
    If CNNNBCCBCBBCABCMSNBC & CIA, MI5, MI6, mossad say so ??
    They wouldn’t lie to us, wouldn’t they ??